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Nobody Remembers: The Farmer’s Rebellion of 1740

Nobody Remembers

Hey! What happened to the American Truckers going to Washington D.C.? Notice they showed nothing ANYWHERE on ANY station…well, okay, a few pictures, but compared to the Canada trucker protest, it was crickets. The U.S. cleverly put roadblocks up in every state and really discouraged them…the whole thing sort of grew flat.

The brave Canadians showed the world that the people were REALLY pissed off. Truck protests started happening all over the world.

Suddenly, the mandates came down all over, and sports came back in a huge way, and no more talk about ‘protesting.’

Coincidence? Did you notice how quickly the media and the politicians reacted?

So, as I love to do,…let’s go back to 1740 in Boston. The people, much like today, were fed up with the aristocracy elite that put their boot on the necks of the local merchants. The then Governor Belcher wrote that the people “are grown so brassy and hardy as to be now combining a body to raise rebellion.”

1740: It was said that thousands of farmers would march to Boston on election day to join forces with the town Land Bankers.

2021: (Truckers everywhere drove to capitols to protests the current elites.)

1740: The embattled farmers, assisted by their urban allies, would then “force the currency of the Land Bank Bills” and demanded grain from the merchants;”


From the book SAM ADAMS, by John C. Miller


1740—What might have gone down in history as the Great Massachusetts Rebellion was nipped in the bud. Governor Belcher who had been busily ferreting out radicals, learned that certain extremists were planning a desperate attempt to beat down opposition to the Land Bank.

He struck quickly and hard. (Trudeau)

The leading conspirators were rounded up and jailed. (Jan 6)

Election day passed without a sign of the threatened uprising. But though the people did not openly revolt, they gave the Land Banders such an overwhelming victory at the polls that when the new House of Representatives met, Deacon Adams and other prominent members of the popular party were elected to the Council and were prevented from entering that aristocratic stronghold only by the governor’s veto. (One word: V.P. Pence)

There was no question that the Land Bank had the support of the vast majority of Massachusetts voters and that the leadership of the Boston Aristocracy had been completely repudiated. Yet just as the LAND Bank party was taking the reins of government in Massachusetts, it was learned that Parliament had responded to the pleas of Belcher and the merchants had had outlawed the LAND BAN BY EXTENDING THE Bubble Act to the colonies.


Just like in 1740, where the people were losing their farms, and the population was starving, now OUR world leaders have orchestrated famine, and starvation for the world

2022: Headlines:

Farmers Warn About Rising Food Prices – “Wait Until Your Grocery Bill Is Up $1,000 A Month”

PLANNED STARVATION: Grain Deliveries by Rail to Be Partially HALTED, Devastating Dairy Herds and Meat Operations Nationwide (

US rail carriers, we have learned, are right now declaring force majeure and cancelling contracts on their obligations to deliver hundreds of thousands of rail cars of bulk grains to cattle and dairy operations in America. Right now, tens of thousands of dairy animals face starvation within weeks, and grain supplies will be gone in many areas in just a few days. Importantly, if dairy animals are culled because of a lack of grain, it will take many years to rebuild dairy operations to the present level.

Say goodbye to affordable milk, cheese, yogurt and whey protein. Don’t forget this also affects infant formula.

This is all being done on purpose to create mass chaos and civil unrest, of course.

Ultimately, this means that dairy and meat operations in America are going to be significantly smaller in the coming years, which just happens to coincide with the globalist effort to banish all meat and animal products, to be replaced by “cultured meat” which is made from the cloned heart stem blood cells harvested from baby calves, by the way. (It’s not vegan. It’s insanely cruel.)


Our founders knew how easy it was for the people in power to become tyrannical. It seems the greed of men once in power care little about their “people” and more about money, power, and fame.

There is one big difference between 1740 and 2022. Fifty years from now, the truckers around the world who tried to protest the tyranny of the elites will not even be given a footnote.

That’s my nobody opinion: unless of course, the pendulum swings back with such force, the evil is destroyed.

And the evil is Biden and China: watch this from the brillaint mind of Tucker Carlson if you can.

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  1. Ha ha ha…a star was born in the deep oz of nuts. I love it! Finally!


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | April 8, 2022 | Reply

  2. Appropo nothing whatever to do with this post, guess what happened tonight on Oz TV?

    Well you can’t of course, so I shall tell.

    The pubic broadcaster here, the ABC, runs a quiz show called ‘Hard Quiz’, and in one segment questions are asked with a multiple choice format. So, this evening a question was asked about ‘A Star is Born’ and of a performance in Oz where a particular singer (I wasn’t paying attention as it was simply on in the background) sang along with a particular band. One of the suggested bands, of four choices, was…… (Drum roll)….dah dah…… The Coconuts !!

    Fame at last, Joyanna. hahahahaha


    Comment by Amfortas | April 8, 2022 | Reply

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