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Nobody’s Opinion: History Repeats Itself

For my husband’s Bday, we went out and came into the FLAT SCREEN BIG SIZE American Bing watching.

For the last week, we watched most all of the seasons of ‘THE VIKINGS.” on Prime.

It has sort of a Game of Thrones theme but with less fantasy.

Of course, there was a lot of sex scenes, your obligatorical ‘gay’ scenes, and Viking women fighting along side of the men, and I kept wondering how much of the history in it was based on reality. Then I found this video.

Who knew? Much of the series was based on reality. And to me, it also showed that Kings were always trying to get land. Expand their Kingdoms.

Tell me, what has changed? China wants the world, and will kill to get it.

Britian used to own most of it, they too have a long history of ruthless Kings and family members killing each other to inherit the monarchy. All Shakespeare–preprime. But he won’t get the credit.

America has ruled, for many a decade but now Russia is back in play, and killing the people who want to STOP the rulers from gaining access to power is still being played out on the global stage.

We have a new set of GLOBAL rulers who want the whole world. ALL of it. And old German Nazi guys, have gotten a lot of American billionaires to join in with them.

They want to erase ALL borders. Greed is STILL in the DNA of mankind.

In some of the last scenes, the foreshadowing of America is done with the eventual ending of the Vikings, when Christiainity took over.

The East wants to take over and conquer the West, with the help of Islam.

I went from watching “BLUE HAWAII” with Elvis today to the last season of Ivar the Boneless.

The sets were beautiful, and the costumes deserved an Oscar in themselves. The actors and actresses do a great job.

So, if you liked the Game of Thrones, and you find, like me, there is NOWHERE to go in your city but to a sports game or the park, or Walmart, the Big Screens are being put out there AT Walmart sure to keep you indoors and swallowing up the latest global messages.

But the Vikings to finally get their due?

Pretty Cool.

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