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Nobody Remembers: Empires can Collapsed

While we sit and watch Joe Biden and his band of despicable thieves destroy America, it’s almost too painful to watch, and Nobody ask: Will America survive? That’s depends on if Russia nukes Poland and China takes Taiwan before the upcoming elections.

The civil war that the democrats have been trying HARD to start, has petered out. Despite what you see on TV, the majority of the blacks in America DO NOT want a civil war. I live in a mostly black district so I’m among them every day. They’re not stupid. And they don’t like the millions of illegals coming across the border either.

Here is some history on Rome. Our founders studied all the ancient history…(They had an advantage of no Netflix) and that’s how they came up with such a great Constitution. It’s up to the American people to POINT to that document and say, “No, it’s the law and YOU must obey it too.”

I wait for that day. It’s coming first with the parents. Here’s a good history lesson, only to be followed on the other hand, a woman who has managed to keep intact her monarchy, as the longest living monarch ever.

I absolutelyLOVE this picture! I just LOVE it, and I’m glad it’s going all over the world. (See below)

What a fabulous life she has lead, after all, her kids were mostly a pain in the royal A….ss.

So, I figure, after all the grief her royal family has given her, she deserves this picture, and so does the rest of the world.

So Enjoy! What beautiful horses! And they match the color of her hair. We should all be so lucky as to live that long, and with such dignity.

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