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Nobody’s Perfect: Elon Musk

He’s the hottest man on the planet right now, buying stock in Twitter, saying things that even Trump supportors would applaud, and YET…he’s all on putting chips in our brains.

I have enough trouble with viruses, thank you very much Elon.

He’s on the front page this month everywhere! The Air Force guys LOVED him. He’s such a nice guy. And as we saw in Germany, not much of a dancer.

He wants to send us to Mars. To live in the desert. Right. No trees. Not much oxygen. Can’t wait can you?

Elon left the Communist China and moved to Texas and built a plant. His electric Telsa while not perfect, actaully does have a few fill-up places: most of them I bet in Wal-Mart’s parking lots. While Ford is making their electric cars overseas, Elon makes them everywhere. And he lives in a very tiny apartment, and has started his own school for his 8 kids, where there ARE no grades, but they can learn to put a car together by just doing it.

I ask God every night why I was not born his child. I HATED school. So far, no answer. I do like the fact that he says you don’t need a college degree.

He wants to put the homeless in Twitter’s empty building in San Franscisco, and Bezos agrees. How about that? His girlfriend loves communism, so what? He’s driving the Twitter company into doing serious drugs instead of their usual wine parties.

He loves Ben Franklin.

He is an egnima inside of a pocket of cheeze-its. I’m not sure what to think of the guy. Most of the time, he sounds so sensible. But I remind myself that so did George W. Bush when he was running agaisnt Bill Clinton. So do many famous people until you find out…who they really are.

This world is full of contradictions and WTH questions everytime somebody famous speaks. Confusion abounds, and that’s in THEIR favor. As Trump says: Keep them guessing.

Some people say he took over Twitter to get the algorims to be used for his idea of putting chips in everybody brains and hooking up to the internet. I think, that’s actually a motive we should consider.

Elon also claims he had a very rough childhood. I beleive him. Most successful people DO. I’m still waiting to hear what horror Bill Gates went through in HIS childhood to make him such a alien who should be sent to Mars with only an old IBM computer.

Let him start over.


I have my own theory about the guy that I won’t go into here, but this man, has his. Do we believe the wonderful adoration being fosted upon him daily, or do we take this information from THIS man and give Elon another look?

It’s probably one you have NOT heard.

Elon might be the richest guy on the planet next to Putin, but as you can see, he’s not perfect.

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