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Jordan Peterson’s MEAT Diet

Nobody Knows

Jordan explains his new diet below. Meat. Every day. Every meal. The elites are going after him NOW. They want us all to eat bugs, and if that isn’t what we want to do, why…lentils!

Here’s the thing: The elites are doing all they can to destroy the beef, chicken and pork markets. They are putting farmers out of business.

While we may have met many vegans, it’s a fact that sooner or later vegans lose a lot of things…including toenails.

Protein IS the food of mankind. Some say, that human brains GREW bigger when they started eating meat. Have you SEEN the foreheads of Neanderthal man? Ugh.

But Bill Gates, and the NWO want us all to get off of meat and eat: bugs.

Why? Because protein makes you strong, healthy, and in the best shape to fight back.

It’s to weaken humanity further. They want to be the only people to eat steak.

I am going to try Jordan’s diet. I don’t know how far I will get. I’ll let you know.

His honesty in this interview proves why he is so popular.

BRING ON THE BEEF, I say! *Good luck being able to afford it.

You can bet the rich eat steak everyday. The rest of us…well, let’s just say Peanut Butter is a big seller.

In the meantime, the destruction of our food supply system goes on:


We are supposed to believe that what we are witnessing is just one “tragic accident” after another.  We aren’t supposed to see any sort of a pattern, and we aren’t supposed to ask any questions.  Last month, I wrote an article about 16 mysterious fires that have happened at important food industry facilities in the United States since the start of 2022.  Unfortunately, this trend has continued since that time.  In fact, there have been more “accidental fires” in recent days, and I believe that the American people deserve some answers.

On Saturday night, a “massive” fire erupted at a commercial egg farm in Minnesota.

We are being told that the structure that burned down contained “tens of thousands of chickens”


In the meantime, check out the picture of what they are giving the kids in Wales…

Bug sandwiches: YUM!

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Home Depot: Honor the Veterans? Uh…not Quite

Nobody Knows:

My husband and I were out getting supplies for our garden today, when for the first time in my life, I saw a man, coming out of a gas station, with a pistol on his side. At first I thought he was some kind of G-man or cop, but then I saw his wife, she looked poor. Both of them were reloading their small car, an old Dodge Dart, and putting into the back a cooler, and a small suitcase. My first thought was “smart guy.” because he was all of about 120 pounds, and I doubt if he could beat up most of the men in North County St. Louis.

Was he from another state? Passing through? Had he read that St. Louis was the murder capitol of the United States? He’d be right on that account, although I still think they leave the South Side of Chicago out of all those stats. Clearly, they hold the record for most murders.

That’s why I don’t believe any stats I hear anymore.

He was tall, maybe in his early thirties, but he certainly wanted everyone to SEE the gun on his hip.

We have open carry here in Missouri, but I never see anyone with a gun on their hip.

Right after that, being Memorial Day, we were working on putting down some new mulch on our ‘soldiers’ statues. We went to Home Depot because they give a military discount. I can tell my husband loves it when the cashier says, “Thank you for your service.”

In the garden center, they only had ONE girl working the checkout, and the waiting line was over 17 people, with big buys of flowers etc, which means a good 30 minutes in line…we had a lot of work to do, and it seemed everybody else deceided “Hey, we can’t afford to do much else, let’s garden today!” With the price of gas, it was no surprise that so many people did NOT leave for the three day weekend. They were going to fix up the backyard and probably drink.

I suggested we go to the Menards across the street, where they always have at least 5 checkers. And you wonder, “WHY does Menards have all those checkers and Home Depot does not?”

“Good idea.” said my husband the vet.

We had a small purchase of garden light bulbs, and went inside the store, where there was only ONE checker, also. That’s also odd, I thought.

Now, remember, it’s Memorial Day. We got behind another gentleman who was a vet, and the lady said he couldn’t show his “card” anymore, they would only honor the military discount if he had a APP on his phone. Because it was a big hassle to GET that card in the first place…we felt a bit insulted.

WHY do this “Hey, you won’t get a discount until you put the app on your phone” on Memorial Day when millions of veterans were probably shopping there? You really can’t hold up the line trying to figure out HOW to put that app on your phone now can you?

Too bad sucker.

“That’s okay.” said my husband. “Screw that. I just won’t shop here anymore.” he said as we walked out of the Home Depot big doors.

We went to Menards, and got our mulch. And I wondered how so many stores can keep bowing to the GREAT RESET of their CEO’s and continue to stay in busniess?

Or, are these CEO’s promised big paychecks to go along with the drive to RESET the economy?

Nobody Knows. But I thought back to that guy with the gun. The veterans in America are many, and they KNOW how to use a gun. But, you never hear of a veteran walking into anywhere and killing anyone.

No, they just kill themselves. Suicides of the vets are about 22 a day.

Are they TRYING to make the veterans mad?

Biden is giving the money slated for the Veterans to the illegals. On top of that the illegals all get IPones and Credit Cards filled with hundreds to spend.

But now, veterens will need an APP for Home Depot discount. Why not give them the same Credit Card filled with hundreds of dollars like the illegals get?

Good luck with that.

Something tells me Home Depot might regret it. It might seem like simple slight, but they might be surprised how many Veterans will just stop shopping at Home Depot. They were proud to show their license with their picture on it marked “veteran.” They take that moment away with an ‘app.’

The vet in front of us was mad as hell too.

Will they do a Netflix and honor the veterans again?

Nobody Knows. But, I doubt it.

Oh, and by the way….when it comes to guns, this guy below, said it all: And no holding back.

Nobody Wonders: If he was a Vet.

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Thanks to ALL Who Served and Serve

Forever. Grateful. Forever Honored. Forever we thank you, forever.

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Nobody Flashes: One Good Dog

As you all know, our dog Zippy died earlier this year. I miss her everyday, and miss seeing her little face at the door when I come home.

I see on my Ring video’s that so many dogs are wandering around the neighborhood…lost. Or abandoned.

But his guy got a home. How can you not LOVE that emotion?

I always contribute to the shelters that DON’T kill dogs. I’m not a big fan of the “Humane Society.” I found them to be a multi-million dollar business, sort of like planned parenthood. I had a very bad experience with them once, and I’m afraid it colored my perception of them.

Always look for the little shops that really care, and do not kill the animals.

Anyway…this is a happy ending. What would humans do without their beloved dogs? (Or cats, or birds, or whatever?) They bring love when the world is unforgiving, and god is in them all.

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Nobody Reports

Elon Musk, gives dire warning.

Even though, he says linking computers to human brain, is okay.

Make of it what you will…I would listen to his warning here, simply because of the oligarthy that is now ruling us all and plans to do even more.

Most of them are just sick.

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Nobody Reports: Sue the Teacher’s Union

Repeat, Wash, rinse, Repeat, Wash, rinse, uh wait. The democratic talking points are ALWAYS repeated word to word, day in, day out, and every democratic is always saying the same thing.

What happened yesterday?

This was suppose to be the great day of destroying what was LEFT of our police forces, and it was spoiled by a young kid who walked into a classroom and killed all the kids in it, and two of the teachers.

What? Destroying the police has ALWAYS been top of the to do list of Obama, and he wasn’t ABOUT to let some school shooting get in the way of making George Floyd’s day a national memorial:

Well, I didn’t love George Floyd. Maybe he was a nice guy. Nevertheless, Biden signed another “Police will never engage ANYBODY from doing anything.” bill into law, which is why in every school shooting from before and into the future we will see police RUN to the school shooting, and…stand outside. They stood outside at Columbine. For four hours. By then, every kid in the classroom, including the two killers had been shot.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Just ask Princess Diana…who waited for about the same 4 hours dying in the backseat of her limo.

Oh wait…we can’t ask her…she’s dead. Sorry.

All over the news we are hearing how we should not make judgements about the police, or politicians, or even the kid who had a mother on drugs and was clearly trying to shout out to someone to help him.

No, it’s all about “Americans STILL have guns!”

The democrats want to ban all guns of course. Why, Biden said even our Founding Fathers wouldn’t allow someone to have a cannon! (Not true, but pretty funny.)

Instead of talking about the fact that SOMEONE left the back door open and the kid just walked in. Or that they didn’t have any teachers with guns.

I remember not even being able to walk into my son’s gradeschool without signing in, even though they knew me, and this was WAY before Columbine or Sandy Hook.

Why was the back door not locked? Will they blame the teachers for leaving the back door open, probably for THEIR own convenience? Or the principal?

Uh. No. Like politicians, they are SPECIAL. They don’t believe in guns.

But even though Obama and Biden had their big momentous signing for George Floyd spoiled, they used this opportunity, while everyone was talking about gun control, to pass another Biden executive order to say that NO school can stop any kid who thinks he’s a girl, walk into any bathroom or shower in any school and use it with the other girls. Something tells me the ‘queer’ girl is not going to go into the boys room.

If Biden finds out that any school does not obey his order, he will take away their lunch programs.

The kids…will starve. King Biden has spoken. So let it be written. So let it be done!

As for all the parents whose kids were killed? I would sue the government for not protecting their kids.

If all these black parents whose kids have been killed by ‘white’ cops can get millions, why can’t the parents of kids killed in school? Why? It’s a governments job isn’t it?

Are not our schools paid for by our taxes, just like our police?

The people whose kids are killed at school, should sue the Teachers’ Unions. Maybe they’d start getting serious.

After all, those parents trusted the schools to protect thier kids. And after all, Biden has told the teachers that when those kids are in school, those kids are theirs.

Time they protect them, at least, since they are doing a poor job of teaching them anything.

Maybe they should start teaching the kids to protect themselves, against teachers who can’t.

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Nobody Wonders If the Bush Prank WAS a Prank.

—Is this video REAL? Or just another PR Stunt?

The defeat means the Bushes, at one time a major force to be reckoned with on par with the Clintons, for the first time in 40 years have no family member holding political office.

Nobody Wonders

I already had started on this post yesterday, when I woke up and found that this video of X President Bush was upstaged by the mass killings of little grade school kids and two teachers in Texas.

Ahhhh. Texas. Elon moved there. Land of the Cowboys and Illegals, and the Bush dynasty.

Beto O’Rourke, who has promised to take every gun out of everybody’s hands, used that moment to blame it all on the Republican Governor. Of course he did! That’s what democrats do. They blame the GOP for whatever crimes THEY commit.

Still, I was ecstatic at the GOOD news: Jeb Bushes son, lost in the election:

George P. Bush lost to Ken Paxton, who was endorsed by Trump…but wait a minute…is Paxton still connected to the Bushes? Probably. I’m still trying to figure out why all these Rino’s are winning.

Okay, so let’s rewind back to this embarrassing video (see above) made a few days ago by George W., where it was told he had no idea he wasn’t talking to the REAL President of Ukraine, Zelenskyy.

NOBODY NOTES: He was a President for 8 years for goodness sakes.  I don’t believe he could be THAT stupid. I think this was a PR piece to promote the US into getting into a war with Russia, while at the same time, trying to brush up George’s horrible historical reputation that must be driving him crazy. The praise for him on the video, was to say the least…nauseating.

Will George Bush Repent for the Iraq War? Will Anyone? › American Greatness (

To call Zelenskyy the new Winston Churchill is an insult not only to England but to every American who had relatives who DIED in WWII. And Bush does that.

He continues to embarrass us all by coming out and putting in his two sense, and continuing to push the United States into War. He pushed us into the Iraq war, now he wants to push us into war with Russia.

It was bad enough he started this whole ‘merging’ of South America with us.


The last time Bush made headlines, it was for an open-borders book he’d written, inspired by the experience of being raised by Mexican servants.

Oh, yes, and the time when he equated the January 6 protesters with the 9/11 hijackers who slaughtered 3,000 people in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., on his watch.

Even his old pal Henry Kissinger has sided with Trump, knowing that Putin will use nukes, but the Bushes don’t care now do they?


Veteran US statesman Henry Kissinger has urged the West to stop trying to inflict a crushing defeat on Russian forces in Ukraine, warning that it would have disastrous consequences for the long-term stability of Europe….


You think George W. cares about Europe? Ha. His family owns almost a whole country of lands down in Paraguay. Where there is PLENTY of water just in case global warming comes and he can make another fortune.

And just THINK about how much money Cheny, and Bush will make on rebuilding Ukraine:


Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg told the UK Guardian this week while in Europe that the U.S. backs a plan to rebuild war-torn Ukraine after Russia withdraws with a “Marshall Plan” that will involve billions of dollars in aid.


Yeah, forget building the United States. Bush is still looking for his place in history as ‘rebuilding the world.’

But the worst part of that video, was the mentioning of American bio-weapons factories that were ‘shut down.” Word has it, that the Monkeypox was juiced up in those labs. A better version that could spread. Just the fact that Bush mentions this is proof that this ‘interview’ was a ‘get out of jail free’ card for the insidiously guilty X President, just in case it gets back to him that he was part of those labs.

To which I must admit: The American people continue to be doped by such blatent propaganda crap.

It’s no coincidence that it was told in the news that ‘HORROR” they caught a man who was ISIS living in Ohio, and that man was going to try to assassinate George W. at his home in Texas. They caught the man, and all the ISIS member in on the plot.

But the guy who just shot up and killed all the little children in Texas?

Well, that guy said he was going to do it, on Facebook. He put out all kids of signals for all to read.

But hey, those kids were just not important, THEY were not an X President.

And besides, the killer liked to dress up in skirts. Nobody on the news DARES mantion that do they?

Me? I just want the Bushes to go away. Haven’t they done enough damage?

Haven’t they all? Despite the crowd seeming to boo Trump at the debates (Remember Trump told you they were all paid by the Bush organization) Trump became President, because the American people KNEW he was telling the truth.

Let’s hope we see that man again…

Sorry George. Your historical record is not going to change no matter how many stupid video’s you make. Nothing will make us forget what you put us all through.

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Nobody Wins With a Carbon Footprint Tracker

Gee…isn’t Alibabab a Chinese company? Listen to how this unelected dweeb sounds like he’s talking to his five-year-old, trying to convince him how wonderful spinich is for you.

Okay. This is worse. This is how they plan to ‘sell’ you the wonderful app to be put on your phone, where YOU can monitor every little move you make, and it will be sent to the authorites who will at first, advise you, and THAN, if you eat that steak, FINE you. Or drive you gas-fueled car more than the allowence, first you will be warned, THEN you will be punished.

But…to put this all as some kind of exciting thing?

Can we all scream now?

This is what they do in China. THIS is what they want to do to every single person on the planet.

Let’s not let them.

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Nobody’s Fool: Dick Morris

Yes, Joe went to South Korea, gave a speech, and nobody understood a word he said, including him.

Here Dick seems to have an optimistic view on whether China takes Taiwan. He doesn’t think so.

To that we might say: as all the globlists agree: It’s now, or never.

Dick says the lockdown in China is hurting them, so WHY did they lock down if they wanted this lovely takeover of the world to be successful?

Nobody Knows, but Dick is always an optimist.

The rest of us are going with the cartoon. Besides, for the last year China has told the world they WILL take Taiwan and anybody standing in their way is toast.

And Biden, will do nothing but talk a big game, and eat ice cream

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Monkeypox! Just in time to save Hillary?

Nobody’s Opinion

Just when we were all hoping that FINALLY Hillary Clinton would be arrested and put in jail, when her own lawyer admitted she was the one behind all the Russia lies about Trump, and the movie 2000 Mules is playing all over the country proving that our election was stolen, IN comes the NWO to save her. Riding in like Knights on white horses to save the castle:

What appears as if out of nowhere to SAVE poor Hillary of the crime of the century?

MONKEYPOX! (Why is THIS not racist?)

Yes, the elites are all talking about it, ready to put the W.H.O. in charge of all nations, taking away all nation sovereignty to save the world against the horrible disease of MONKEYPOX.

Why worry about Hillary when their are LIVES at stake?

Here’s a few word from J.D. Rucker.


You know it’s coming. The sudden and well-timed monkeypox scare is spreading faster than an Elon Musk meme as the fearmongering puppets of globalist elites disseminate news of what appears to be the next Plandemic. This one is scarier because it makes people look like lepers, and there are few things scarier to narcissists in western society than having the appearance of sickness.

Many who refused to get the Covid jabs may consider getting the monkeypox jabs when they become readily available, which seems very likely at this point. It’s the perfect next phase in The Great Reset, partially because we’re not having to look to Big Pharma to create a new jab through another Operation Warp Speed. The jab already exists! YAAAAAY!


But wait, many doctors say that the vaccine may be worse than the disease.

That is, if the disease is NOT made in the lab, or just another result of the COVID vaccine. I’m sure that whoever received the jabs, will get sicker if they happen to catch the virus.

Somehow somewhere in Sweden during the gay parade, the monkeypox got a good head start. It’s been around Africa for years.

Something about the gay sexual lifestyle makes passing on a disease a great place to start.

The reality is so far: If you catch monkeypox, you might not look too pretty for a while, but they have meds that were developed long ago, that work well, and death is not usually on the list of concerns.

Unless of course, you have been vaccinated and suffer from a heart attack. Or have a monkeypox heart attack on the soccer field.

What we do know, is that if there are just a few cases in the United States, lockdowns will be coming, and Fauci will be out calling out “THE SKY IS FALLING!”

In fact, he’s on the radio this moment claiming we NEED more vaccinations or we won’t survive, and lockdowns WILL continue.

The fact that Fauci is still saying only vaccinations will be our answer to the world surviving anything in the future, is the reason that you should NOT get a vaccination.

In the meantime, NOBODY is talking about the criminal of our lifetime: Hillary Clinton.

You can bet that Hillary will be spending her summer in Ireland.

Timing is everything.

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Can The Average America AFFORD a Vacation in Dubai?

I watched this to see WHO engineered these marvels and…no surprise here: Americans.

Which makes me think of the Bush family, who had such close ties with these guys.

Nevertheless, a lot of famous ‘liberals’ vacation there.

In the meantime, summer is coming, and many people won’t even be able to afford to leave their houses.

This shows if anything, WHY the elites don’t care about America.

Follow the money.

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Nobody Flashes

FINALLY…some real humor! And on youtube no doubt.

I thought his was not only a great Satire on Pelosi and Biden, but also a great way to make fun of all the commericals we see every day on our TVs.

So, enjoy the funny moments, and then, wonder about how they plan to put a chip in a pill and make us all take it to let THEM know, we are their slaves on the Tweet below.



Okay, go back and watch the FIRST video again. It might help.

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War: Always THEIR ‘Get out of Jail Free’ Card

Biden gave Ukraine, $40 billion. Just hours later, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the United States would be sending an additional $100 million in arms.

What? Not enough Trans or queers are signing up to help out? Not enough men left to fight for other countries that just serve to destroy us?

The RINOS and the Democrats are drumming up war. And by all accounts, it is here, the other shoe has just not dropped yet.

This has been going around the internet all week: And you might ask: How does this man sleep at night?

George W. Bush. The Globalist who lost a war.

How many trillions spent? How many lives lost? How many wives and children without fathers?

How many mothers without children? What? They needed a NEW war?

Was this a fraudian slip? Or…was Bush trying to say that HE was ordered to go into Iraq?

Nobody Knows.

Nobody Knows.

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Brain Damaged Politicians

What is it with the democrats? They LOVE to put brain damaged politicians into office. This week, a democrat had a stroke, which may I remind the readers, ALL strokes damage the brain, and still was elected in the primary.


HARRISBURG, Pa. — Days after a stroke sent him to the hospital, John Fetterman easily won Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary, notching a major victory Tuesday for his party’s left flank. The big question is which Republican he will face in what will be one of the most competitive Senate races this year.


In Merritt’s textbook of Neurology, under the symptoms of Neurologic disorders, under the subject of Dementia, it says this:

Dementia is characterized by progressive intellectual deterioration that is sufficiently severe to interfere with social or occupational functions. Memory, orientation, abstraction, ability to learn, visuospatial perception, and constructional praxis are all impaired in dementia. In contrast to patients with delirium, subjects with dementia are alert and aware until late in the course of the disease.

To which to say, Biden has suffered TWO strokes and is clearly cannot think much at all, as the whole world is witnessing. And he HAS the nuclear buttons. Are they watching him 24/7 we wonder?

So, the question is: Are these brain damaged democratic politicians being fairly elected? Or has our election system been so compromised that the democrats can purposely PLACE brain damaged politicians in office, so to make them easier to control?

We just seen it happened in the last Presidential election. Biden gets worse every single day.

Nobody Wonders, how many more brain damaged politicians have been ‘elected’ that we don’t know about? And WHY are there not more neurologists speaking out about it?

We are running our country with morons? Brain damaged idiots?

Sadly, that is the case.

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