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Monkeypox! Just in time to save Hillary?

Nobody’s Opinion

Just when we were all hoping that FINALLY Hillary Clinton would be arrested and put in jail, when her own lawyer admitted she was the one behind all the Russia lies about Trump, and the movie 2000 Mules is playing all over the country proving that our election was stolen, IN comes the NWO to save her. Riding in like Knights on white horses to save the castle:

What appears as if out of nowhere to SAVE poor Hillary of the crime of the century?

MONKEYPOX! (Why is THIS not racist?)

Yes, the elites are all talking about it, ready to put the W.H.O. in charge of all nations, taking away all nation sovereignty to save the world against the horrible disease of MONKEYPOX.

Why worry about Hillary when their are LIVES at stake?

Here’s a few word from J.D. Rucker.


You know it’s coming. The sudden and well-timed monkeypox scare is spreading faster than an Elon Musk meme as the fearmongering puppets of globalist elites disseminate news of what appears to be the next Plandemic. This one is scarier because it makes people look like lepers, and there are few things scarier to narcissists in western society than having the appearance of sickness.

Many who refused to get the Covid jabs may consider getting the monkeypox jabs when they become readily available, which seems very likely at this point. It’s the perfect next phase in The Great Reset, partially because we’re not having to look to Big Pharma to create a new jab through another Operation Warp Speed. The jab already exists! YAAAAAY!


But wait, many doctors say that the vaccine may be worse than the disease.

That is, if the disease is NOT made in the lab, or just another result of the COVID vaccine. I’m sure that whoever received the jabs, will get sicker if they happen to catch the virus.

Somehow somewhere in Sweden during the gay parade, the monkeypox got a good head start. It’s been around Africa for years.

Something about the gay sexual lifestyle makes passing on a disease a great place to start.

The reality is so far: If you catch monkeypox, you might not look too pretty for a while, but they have meds that were developed long ago, that work well, and death is not usually on the list of concerns.

Unless of course, you have been vaccinated and suffer from a heart attack. Or have a monkeypox heart attack on the soccer field.

What we do know, is that if there are just a few cases in the United States, lockdowns will be coming, and Fauci will be out calling out “THE SKY IS FALLING!”

In fact, he’s on the radio this moment claiming we NEED more vaccinations or we won’t survive, and lockdowns WILL continue.

The fact that Fauci is still saying only vaccinations will be our answer to the world surviving anything in the future, is the reason that you should NOT get a vaccination.

In the meantime, NOBODY is talking about the criminal of our lifetime: Hillary Clinton.

You can bet that Hillary will be spending her summer in Ireland.

Timing is everything.

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