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I Want My, I Want My, I Want My Catalytic Converter…BACK

Nobody’s Opinion

Every two years here in Missouri, you must pay a fee to make sure you get an emissions test: And if your car fails, you have the expense of making sure it passes, or you do not get plates.

I tried to look up exactly when this started, but each state varies. Most people find it annoying and have always wondered if it was just another way for the government to make money. The EPA long ago forced all the newer cars to make the cars EPA efficient, but no matter. You still must take it to be checked, new or not.

So, what’s a climate- global- warming- democratic- screamer of “The PLANET IS DYING!” going to do when thieves from all across the country are stealing the Catalytic converters to make money?

Isn’t this more polluting than cow burbs?

Funny…I have not heard Biden, Harris, or Pelosi even MENTION this crime. They are stil on Jan. 6.


Catalytic converters are an emission control device that prevent carbon monoxide from leaking out of a vehicle’s tailpipe and into the atmosphere. Catalytic converters consist of platinum, rhodium and palladium metals, which run for $200 up to over $1,000 for rare pieces.

Investigates took an in-depth look into reports of catalytic converter thefts in the county and found the number jumped from 74 reported thefts in 2018 to 1,214 as of October 2021 — a 1,540% increase.


That’s the least amount they can get. In fact, the bigger trucks can bring you up to $10,000 a pop. In California, they don’t prosecute for this crime because it’s “property.” The crime is so massive, criminals are now going where the cars are like car lots: California doesn’t prosecute these crimes. They take a page out of the Soviet Union:


Soviet Union made self-defense illegal. This was part of a larger strategy to encourage crime against citizens, because the more the citizens are worrying about criminals, the less they think about the regime they are living in. They will even welcome more police oversight, because it is the only protection against crime they have. (Crimes against the state, on the other hand, were punished extremely.)

Here a manager of a car lot in California explains:


Ataya said catalytic converters are getting stolen from his lot faster than he can replace them “I have like maybe nine cars I cannot find cats for them. They’re just sitting. It’s a loss,” Ataya said.

He added that he’s paid $40,000 out of pocket to replace catalytic converters recently stolen from cars on his lot.

  • Thief steals a converter and sells it to a person for about $200
  • That person sells it to another person for $400
  • Person three sells the stolen converter on the market for an even higher profit, somewhere around the $1,200 range

“It’s very lucrative,” McCue said.

It only takes a thief a few minutes, sometimes even seconds, to steal a catalytic converter.

“The fastest I’ve seen is just over 40 seconds,” McCue said.

“They kind of look like a NASCAR crew because they jump out with two people. One lifts the car and the other one climbs underneath — and a minute, minute and a half later, maybe two minutes, there they go with your catalytic, and nowhere to be seen,” he said.

So ultimately, when it goes to the first, second, third person, they are not going to scrap yards here in Sacramento County. They are being shipped to people that just melt it, basically ‘smelt’ it is what they call it. 


NOBODY WONDERS: Who benefits from this? Who is BUYING this smelted material that they cannot get anymore?

The car manufacturers? Or the people who want to get us all off the roads? Nobody Knows, but it pays more than robbing a Walgreens, doesn’t it?

And yet, the democrats AND the Gop is pretty silent on the subject, but they can sure tell you, the future is electric.

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