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“Yellowstone” Will WOKE YOU UP

Here we go again. Sorry, this morning I read this in the headlines:


Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are set to star in Taylor Sheridan’s new “Yellowstone” prequel “1932” at Paramount+, Variety has learned.

The show follows the Dutton family in the titular year, a time of Prohibition, the Great Depression, and westward expansion. “1932” is a follow-up to “1883,” the latter of which told the story of the Dutton family as they made their way to Montana to found what would become the Yellowstone Ranch in the mothership series. “1932” was ordered to series at Paramount+ back in February. The show falls under Sheridan’s expansive overall deal with Paramount.

1932 will “explore the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home.” The upcoming prequel will be produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios, and Bosque Ranch Productions. According to Paramount+, 1932 is set to start streaming on the platform in December. (After Yellowstone, we’ll just have to hope it’s that simple.) Until then, we’ll look forward to hearing Mirren and Ford’s best western accents.


It’s just one more thing about this subject of brainwashing the conservative masses into accepting the Great Reset being forced upon the world, and how they are doing it.

With the kids, it’s the schools. With the adults, it’s your RUKU or SONY TV Netflick, etc. series.

Today in the entertainment news it was released that two of the greatest “liberal” Trump hating movie stars were going to join the very popular series starring Kevin Costner called “Yellowstone” which I hear if VERY popular.

Evidently, I haven’t seen it, but I imagine Costner is the REAL man, that America is used to and the character deals with reality and no BS, much like the Kieffer Sutherland character in the TV series
“24” that all the conservatives INCLUDING Rush Limbaugh were GAGA over.

That series, as you may not know, had a black President who was the most honest and strong character of ANY President in history, which I believe helped Obama win the Presidency…it helped Americans want to vote for him, thinking they would GET the “24” fictional president.

History showed otherwise.

So, now in comes two very famous liberal actors who will no doubt give performances that will make them look VERY anti-woke, but THEN the subject lines?

Pandemic? Depression? Draught?

All the subjects that the Great Reset will make sure you will get a complete brainwashing realized through your favorite characters, that you must believe in global warming, isolations, and become very frugal.

I got hooked on “24” like everybody else. And still blame that series for so many people voting for BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, because they had been taught to believe that a black man, who spoke so wisely, (no matter the lies) that he would unite and lift us all.

Ha ha. Okay I didn’t fall for it. I knew by his NAME he was trouble. But millions did, and he STILL is in power and destroying us.

And I’ll get off this subject of mass manipulation, and move on at least for a while to other subjects I promise. It’s just been bugging me this week.

I just think it’s brilliant and sinister how the entertainment and political movements are joined at the hip, and I wish more people would pay attention to reality and NOT to their favorite TV sitcoms. We have been sort of forced to stay at home and watch TV, haven’t we?

After all, Obama was NOT the man we all thought he would be, was he?

What’s the old quote? Pay attention to what they DO, not what they say.

Let’s hope more people start. And that’s by maybe not ignoring the messages you are being send by your favorite TV sitcom actors.

Remember, As Bob Dylan said in a song. “Everybody’s got to SERVE somebody.” And they serve the masters that own them.

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