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MOVIES: Do the Top Guns of The First Ladies, Mean We’re All Going to Die?

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“How can this not bother you?” I asked my husband. We were watching the 1995 movie Johnny Mnemonic with Keanu Reeves. In the movie, Keanu can upload data INTO his brain, and then download it onto the internet. What bothered me about it, is that Klaus Schwab, most of his elite buddies, and Elon Musk want to do this in about ten years to everybody. But this movie was MADE in 1995, which means, the elites have been working towards this reality for a very long time, and it dawned on me, that the movie was getting us used to the idea as being pretty cool.

“Nah, I just want to watch the movie.”

In other words, he KNOWS the movies are filled with all kinds of plots and scripts to influence millions of people, but he…doesn’t care. He figures he can’t do anything about it, so he doesn’t think about it.

It drives ME crazy as a loon. Because I do see what the movies along with our news has done to the millions across the planet. We are losing our rights, our Constitution, our cities, our wealth, our health, but HEY! Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

We made 2012 didn’t we? And about a few million other disaster movies to SHOW you how to survive.

Today I took a break from my work, and started watching on Prime the series called FIRST LADIES.

The FIRST ladies in the series are Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, Eleanor Roosevelt mostly.

The acting is superb, and that’s the problem. Too many people are going to believe that the moments in these scripts ACTUALLY happened.

The glorification and sheer lies coming out of it are pure mind controlling, and to me, scary.

For instance: Michelle Obama is presented as a VERY feminine woman, who is much smarter than her husband. She is the perfect mother and helped form Obamacare. Barack is basically a side kick. A Jokester. Michelle is the brilliant one.

There is a scene in which that famous line she said, “For the first time I am proud of my country.” In this movie she said it in front of an adoring crowd, NOT where she originally said it. With a banner behind her. That did NOT happen. When she first said those lines there were only a few people under a tent, no President banner behind her.

They of course, in the movie, made it seem like those dirty GOP took that quote out of context, and poor Michelle.

She is presented as smart, calm, a WONDERFUL mother and wife, and the subtle propagada presents her as…dare I say it? The next President.


Next are scenes with Eleanor Roosevelt, who really was much smarter than FDR, according this movie, and came up with all his famous speech lines. And she knew all about his “girlfriends” and didn’t care.

Giving Hillary a break. By the way, I READ that some movie was coming out about Hillary were she did NOT marry Bill. Ha ha ha …okay. sorry. I’m sure it’s full of BS.


HiddenLight Productions, which was founded by Hillary Clinton, Sam Branson and Chelsea Clinton, will produce “State of Terror.” Pritzker and head of film and TV Rachel Shane will produce the feature adaptation for Madison Wells.


This is obvious. Hillary. Hillary’s most famous mentor was Eleanor Roosevelt, whom she said she used to channel her ghost in the White House. The Clintons built a fabulous memorial to the Roosevelt’s which not too many people know about. Isn’t it funny how they don’t talk about that memorial much?

Of course, to be nice, they put in a Republican wife, Betty Ford. She was the woman who was driven crazy to become an alcoholic because of her ‘absent’ husband. Lots of digs at Nixon in it. And also, treatment of the black butlers in the White House.

She was racist, (According to the movie) but she did start the Betty Ford Clinic so she is admired by the “progressives” which Eleanor Roosevelt said she proudly was.

Hillary Clinton proclaimed she was a progressive, when she was running for President. Remember?

Johnny Mnemonic got me to thinking. Lately, due to the upcoming release of Tom Cruise’s new movie Top Gun (II), I was noticing that a boatload of Tom Cruise’s movies were being shown on the various networks. ALL of his movies in fact. Okay, that’s happened before a release.

But then Tom Cruise attends the Queen’s Jubilee in England.


You know me: So THAT’s why Cruise moved to Missouri. To be near the Stealth Bombers. So what? Does Tom work for our government, who will be expected to once again save England with our planes? Is this all about showing the enemies what WE can do? Why else would the Queen want him at her Jubilee?

They keep saying World War III is right around the corner. In fact, the globalists would love it.

I know. I know. I think too much. It’s annoying. But there is ONE promising thing:

The people are rejecting the gay stuff that being smashed down their throats.

Trying to change the very sex of men and woman? Uh…it’s easy to lie about Michelle, who I beleive could very well be a tranvestite. She’s famous…but the rest of the world?


The truth is: for YEARS most people have been thinking, like my husband, “Oh, it’s just a movie.” But, no. This Nobody swears that it’s MUCH much more. It is written to form the opinions and thinking of the vast millions who watch it. And it’s been going on for a VERY long time.

It’s all about mass control.

The First Lady is written to get us to all VOTE for either Hillary or Michelle for the next President. But the end of all this garbage, most people who don’t pay attention will think only THEY can save us.

And if the people don’t buy it? They we go to….

In flies…The Top Gun.

Or do we go here? Nobody Wonders. “Just a movie?”

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