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Nobody Wins When Pneumatic Pelosi Talks

–Or if Nancy Pelosi stays in control of the House. She is one of the biggest criminals on the known planet, and for her to quote Jesus OR the Constitution, as she does constantly, when her own district has been suffering for years on the streets of her own city San Francisco, is beyond laughable. It’s also why the American people are SICK of being told how to behave. Especially by the hot air lips of Speaker Pelosi.

The theory that we should send $40 billion to Ukraine when our own children here will be starving is a good reason to get REALLY mad.

Since we watched billions of our own military and most important military base being given to the Taliban under Biden, whose to say that THIS money will even go to fed anybody but the Klaus puppet Xelenskyy and his merry band of Mafia Congressmen and CEO’s? And it goes through the State Department?

Oh, Hillay is protected. Good to know.

By the way Nancy, how about taking care of your own people? This money is being used to not only deplete our own military, but to make Nancy, and their hero in Ukraine, Miami Vice wannabe hero…Volodymyr, and all those in Congress who make a forturne off of war, richer.

Zelenskyy himself is worth over 33 million and has his own mansion in Miami. Uh. What’s a president of Ukraine doing living in Miami? Anyone?

We are not allowed to SAY what we wish for this lady, but I can tell you that is why they monitor every word we speak….it is any wonder she will throw you in jail and throw away the key?

God forbid they get their way and put computer chips in our brains….the thoughts and words I have about this woman would surely be…untouchable.

Just like she is.

Tell me, does Nancy have the Gospel of Matthew in her Ice Cream freezer? Must be there. Somewhere. Beneath the chocolate marshmellow strawberry.

Nobody Wins with this woman…and the sooner she is out of there, the better.

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