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Nobody Wins With a Carbon Footprint Tracker

Gee…isn’t Alibabab a Chinese company? Listen to how this unelected dweeb sounds like he’s talking to his five-year-old, trying to convince him how wonderful spinich is for you.

Okay. This is worse. This is how they plan to ‘sell’ you the wonderful app to be put on your phone, where YOU can monitor every little move you make, and it will be sent to the authorites who will at first, advise you, and THAN, if you eat that steak, FINE you. Or drive you gas-fueled car more than the allowence, first you will be warned, THEN you will be punished.

But…to put this all as some kind of exciting thing?

Can we all scream now?

This is what they do in China. THIS is what they want to do to every single person on the planet.

Let’s not let them.

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