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This Video Left This Nobody Speechless!

But, it was fun.

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Nobody Flashes: And Now a Word from the President:

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Was the YMCA a tool of the Brits to promote communism? Nobody Wonders.

It was wonderful to get some comments to yesterday’s blog. I thank you both. In fact, amfortas, you might want to skip this next ‘historical’ summation from an email I got.

You need to watch your blood pressure.

The people who send me these emails, are devout Christians, and Americans, so I take that into consideration before I read. I always consider the source.

So, were the two gentlemen from my last blog, terrorists spewing ‘disinformation’? Are they for real? Are they idiots?

One thing they are is persistent. I have gotten over a hundred of these emails, where they put up documents they found, and how THEY are trying to put the puzzle together, just like the rest of us.

I just think they are good people trying to figure out how the world got SO messed up. I give them points of good just for the effort. As you can see below, I pasted one of their emails and clearly, they have put a lot of effort into their thinking.

If you like conspiracies, you will like reading this one.

Are the documents real? Well, just as real as anything else we’ve seen, and most everything we hear and see from all the Western Leaders is full of lies and bunk. Who do you choose to believe? Poor people who have nothing to lose, or very rich leaders who are making trillions off the world and it’s misery?

One thing we DO know for sure: There HAVE been very rich and well-connected men striving for decades to form a one world government. And Prince Charles is at the top of the list of ‘global’ tyrants.

Sorry, I can’t stand the man. I couldn’t stand Obama. I can’t STAND tyrants of any kind. And I thank the Queen for living as long as she has.

It’s not a conspiracy, they have declared it in their sayings and writing. You’d have to be almost brain dead to not see it.

As for the QUEEN’s involvement? I truly think the Queen doesn’t get into very deep politics at all. She’s a lovely lady. Whatever has gone on behind her back all these years have been kept from her.

Let me be clear: We all love our countries. Americans love America: the Brits love their Queen, but…a woman with …uh how many castles? Really? Our country is just as bad. I swear, we do NOT need all these overbloated Presidential million-dollar libraries, money making cess pools of glory.

Obama’s is going to cost billions. Built right in the middle of the black slums of Chicago.

It’s gross. No more than gross. Nothing has changed in history, the rich elites just have more tools of power at their disposal, as we have seen in the last two years.

As for the emails I get from these people (who by the way are Christians) they do get interesting. I don’t believe everything I read, but I don’t dismiss it either.

Here’s one that even I had trouble swallowing: The YMCA…is an invention of the British. No, that’s REALLY far-fetched I tell myself…and yet? AND YET?

Trump plays the YMCA song at every ralley. Clearly, NOT his style at all. Of all the songs written he picks THAT one? REALLY?

President Trump really loves the Queen. He followed her around like a puppy dog last time he was President.

Obama, snubbed her, and clearly hates Britain because he’s a Muslim.

Out here in Nobody land, we can only guess what has gone on behind the scenes in the mansions and castles of the rich elites. I look for knowledge just about everywhere. And OOOOOOO…what we don’t know. The way the rich look at us pions: It’s very depressing.

So, I copied and pasted this email from the American Intelligence:

Read it, or not. To me it’s much more fun than reading the New York Times: And more than enough of it, could very well be true.

BRITISH CHATHAM HOUSE (WITH CFR IN LOCKSTEP) HID BEHIND THE Y.M.C.A. “INSTITUTE OF PACIFIC RELATIONS” TO CREATE THE UNITED NATIONS, MAO TSE-TUNG AND TURNED THE STATE DEPARTMENT FULL-ON COMMUNISTby Our SpiritCONTRIBUTING WRITERS | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | AUG. 06, 2021 | PDF | HTTPS://TINYURL.COM/5BAKFCNKFig. 1—America’s much ballyhooed “special relationship” with Britain is, in fact, our worst nightmare. If you doubt, consider that Sir Nigel Knowles is the lead trustee for the Prince’s Trust International and Prince’s Trust America founded in Malta in 2015. He has been chairman of DLA Piper for decades and is considered its effective chairman-for-life considering his intimacy with Prince Charles. Knowles is also a director of SGO Smartmatic/Dominion with former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Lord Mark Malloch-Brown who is founder and chairman. Smartmatic / Dominion / Hart Intercivic / ES&S / Optech / Sequoia / Scytl / Paragon / Premier / Diebold are all the rigged voting systems at the epicenter of the fradulent 2020 U.S. election. Vice Pretender Kamala Harris newly-minted husband, Doug Emhoff, worked for Knowles at DLA Piper. These interlocking relationships are clear evidence of conspiracy among these parties. If you think this Prince’s Trust information is scandalous, read on.Ever since the Rothschild-funded War of 1812 Britain has plotted through cunning, flattery and bribery to take back control of America.Remember, N.M. Rothschild used his 1812 war profits to pay off all British slave-owners in 1838, which started Barclays, HSBC and offshore banking that funded the Y.M.C.A., and replaced sodomized and raped black and brown slaves with yellow and white ones.When you hear “Rothschild,” also think British Pilgrims Society (which he co-founded), J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Raget Abys,* James W. Maxwell** and Cornelius Vanderbilt***—all Rothschild slavery-dependent banking disciples.*NIAID, NIH, CDC Anthony Fauci’s great great grandfather
**Microsoft Bill Gates’ great great grandfather
***CNN Anderson Cooper’s great great grandfatherWhen you hear about the “special relationship” between Britain and America, grab your Constitution and Bill of Rights and fight because you are being scammed. Any politician who says it, like Mike Pompeo, is either an ignoramous or in on the scam.Chatham House (London)* and the Council on Foreign Relations (New York) were created post-WWI (ca. 1919) to orchestrate the British takeover of America using Rothschild et al funding*Original name was the Royal Institute of International Affairs—one of many Pilgrims Society front organizations, like Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Atlantic Council, Club of Rome, Aspen Institute, Rhodes Scholarship, Schwarzman Scholarship, American Academy of AchievementThe cowards at Chatham House fronted their subtrafuge behind the Y.M.C.A.On Jun. 30, 1925, the Y.M.C.A. founded the “Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR)” hiding behind a pseudo-Christian veneer, but its true purpose was satanic.On Jul. 18, 1926, Pilgrim RCA/NBC David Sarnoff predicted that a deadly techno-virus would be used in future warfare.Chatham House slyly drove the IPR agenda to: (1) replace the League of Nations with the United Nations, (2) empower Mao Tse-tung’s emerging Chinese Communist Party via their control of the Soviet Communist Party (yes), and (3) turn U.S. State Department policy full on communistYou may be thinking: “WAT? British? Communist? Britain is a democracy!Wrong. That is the propaganda façade. The opposite is the truth, and has been for two centuries.Sadly, Britain is an imperial corporatist fascist state intent on controlling the world in a renewed British Empire where: (1) the self-anointed elitists live as lords of the manor, and (2) everyone else is either killed (depopulated) or caged in communist matchboxes where “you’ll own nothing and be happy” (Klaus Schwab, the “Great Reset”).Communism in all forms is a British creation to fulfill their macabre dream of world domination (Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam communism—all British directed to create endless opportunities for war and conflict to feed their bank and corporation profits)This march of the British jack boots through history must be stopped before they wipe out all of humanity in their cowardly hubris, God’s intervention notwithstanding.Our Prayer: +++ May the angel of death pass over you and yours in these perilous times. +++(Aug. 06, 2021)—Newly-discovered 1925 YMCA China documents reveal British treachery on full display in America.British Chatham House hid inside the Y.M.C.A. to: (1) form the United Nations (U.N.) in 1945, (2) propel Mao Tse-tung to power, and (3) make the U.S. State Department full on communist.Here are some of our shocking findings:The British Royal Society of International Affairs at Chatham House was formed in London by the Pilgrims Society in about 1919, along with its sister, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York;On Jun. 06, 1925, Chatham House formed the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) with Sir Ivison S. Macadam as head of the British IPR Council under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. as an ostensible “Christian” endeavor;Macadam then became the first Secretary and Director-General of Chatham House, thus being able to steer both the Y.M.C.A. (and its Chinese expansion) and the IPR from London;Both the Y.M.C.A. China expansion and the IPR were funded by Rockefeller, Carnegie, J.P. Morgan (Rothschild), IBM, GE and AT&T;Chatham House coordinated with Mao Tse-tung to created Chinese communism through Lenin and Stalin in Moscow (also Pilgrims creations) as go-between’s;The IPR/Chatham House formed the United Nations in 1945;The IPR by then had effectively seized control of the U.S. State Department’s turn to communism inside the agency.In short, the British created Chinese communism using Russian communists. In this way, Chatham House directed the entire “anti- and pro- communist” Cold War conflict for fun and profit, as well as for the takedown of America.How did they do it?THE BRITISH-AMERICAN SO-CALLED “SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP”The “special relationship” between Britain and America propaganda has been much ballyhooed all our lives.The talisman felt warm and fuzzy, so no one asked what it was or why it was special. Turns out, it is demonic. The details of this so-called “special relationship” only started coming to light in simultaneous FOIA releases in Britain and American in 2010.The phrase “special relationship” was first uttered by Winston Churchill on Mar. 05, 1946 with President Harry Truman at his side from the back of a train car in Fulton, Missouri during their victory laps for WWII—a war that they fabricated in the baths of the Y.M.C.A. under the banner of the “Institute of Pacific Relations.”Fig. 2Winston Churchill. (Mar. 05, 1946). Special Relationship Anniversary 1946-2016. US Embassy, London.What the U.S. and the world did not know for 64 years (until 2010 in NSA FOIA releases) was that on that very same day America had just relinquished sovereignty of its communications and intelligence apparatus to the British Empire in a “Top Secret Ultra” agreement now called “Five Eyes.”America agreed to share most all intelligence with Britain and British Dominion countries via London, most notably Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Few Americans, not even presidents, were told about this agreement, it was beyond top secret and those with knowledge of it could not even admit that it existed.Fig. 3TOP SECRET (Mar. 05, 1946). BRITISH-U.S. COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE AGREEMENT, NSA DocID 3678942, Ser. XILH, Box 47, TSC release approved Apr. 08, 2010, Executive Order 12958 et seq., p. 7, Sec. 5(a). NSA.BRITISH CONTROL OF AMERICAN COMMUNICATIONS BEGAN IN MID-1800 AND HAS NEVER STOPPEDTruth is, British control of American communications started much earlier, reaching all the way back to Samuel Morris and telegraphy (ca. 1832).The British never let go of their hegemony of global communications (and its antecedents of news and propaganda), because with it, their Rothschild bankers could use intelligence and propaganda to manipulate markets in perpetuity.This communications-propaganda control created endless opportunities for the British to corner the market on war and profit. To a British eugenicist necromancer, depopulation is icing on the cake.In fact, they learned they could lie their way into fake conflicts, then fund both “sides” of the real wars that they fabricated. Remember, real people died in these wars. Many more were maimed for life. Human creativity has been hijacked for the profits of insiders. This British penchant for perpetual conflict to control the world is truly satanic.THE “CLASH OF NATIONS” THEORY ENNOBLES ENDLESS SATANIC BRITISH PROFIT TAKINGWar-making and conflict is the ultimate profit-making business of the British government today, as well as their American and European sycophants.Sadly, these evil specters have created our laws and written our histories for hundreds of years. We are all slaves to it, black, white, brown and yellow.When Morse invented telegraphy (ca. 1832), the British stole it and created numerous cardboard cutouts to confuse the public. The Rothschild banks learned they could exploit it to manipulate markets by knowing or fabricating overseas news first.When Tesla invented wireless telegraphy (ca. 1890), the British Privy Council stole it for their cardboard cutouts Guglielmo Marconi and RCA/NBC David Sarnoff.When Farnsworth invented television (ca. 1927), RCA-NBC stole it and repeated the Morse claims confusion.When McKibben invented social networking (ca. 2000), his attorney James P. Chandler III, the State Department, U.S. Patent Office (run by Sir Geoffry Pattie, British Marconi-SERCO), IBM and DARPA stole it, created the IBM Eclipse Foundation give away, and they created a multitude of cardboard cutouts at Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, Oracle, Apple, Qualcomm, YouTube, Yahoo!, etc.—all so Britain could control social networking worldwide.We have investigated and written extensively on most aspects of this overview.However, a missing piece was the inner workings of how the Pilgrims Society carried out their hegemony after WWI to now.INSTITUTE OF PACIFIC RELATIONSWhile investigating the meteoric rise of the British-created Y.M.C.A. from 1844 around the world, we looked into their astounding and well-financed growth of the Y.M.C.A. in China.We found a nicely-illustrated and information-packed 30th YMCA China annual report that included a “Constructive Activities” supplement dated Dec. 01, 1925.Fig. 4—Constructive Activities of the Young Men’s Christian Associations of China, 1925. (Dec. 01, 1925). Annual and Quarterly Reports of the YMCAs of China, Korea, and Hong Kong, 1902-1904, Box 18, Folder 4, PDF p. 14. Univ. of Minnesota, Kautz Family YMCA Archives.However, the document contents read suspiciously like geopolitical propaganda, not like a Christian non-profit report.From its founding in 1895, YMCA China had grown with major donations from the Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Foundation and J.P. Morgan, among many, to 44,550 members, 42 cities, 201 YMCA facilities, 480 paid teachers, 3+ million program participants, $1 million income ($15.5 million today) and $3.3 million in property value ($51.2 million today).Fig. 5—Constructive Activities of the Young Men’s Christian Associations of China, 1925. (Dec. 01, 1925). Annual and Quarterly Reports of the YMCAs of China, Korea, and Hong Kong, 1902-1904, Box 18, Folder 4, PDF p. 2. Univ. of Minnesota, Kautz Family YMCA Archives.Stop and think. This is unnatural growth for a non-profit. Those funds did not come from workout and swimming fees.The document was hyping a literacy campaign named the Mass Education Movement. A young Mao Tse-tung was one of its organizers. The other remarkable thing about this document was the name dropping.Y.M.C.A. compared to Joshua leading the Israelites! They highlighted Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China (1912) who overthrew the Qing dynasty. He called upon the YMCA to be a Joshua to lead China!They also highlighted U.S. president Calvin Coolidge who called out the Y.M.C.A. as a labor feeder of young men for the “multitudes of great industrial establishments” and “service to the industrial class.”They also highlighted Wu Ting Fang, a British-educated attorney, former Qing minister to the United States, then minister of foreign affairs and acting premier of the PRC.They carried a bizarre quote by T.Z. Koo, national director of YMCA China, and later adviser to the Chinese delegation to the San Francisco at the founding of the United Nations in Apr. 1945.In a superb piece of anti-Christian propaganda that served to divorce the Y.M.C.A. movement from Christian churches, he said:”It understands [the Far Eastern mind] and might accept the Christianity of Christ, but it denies that the Christianity of Christ is the Christianity of Christendom.”Perhaps the best triple-speak in history?Then, Koo does a masterful job of offering the Y.M.C.A.’s unique flavor of Christianity to fill the gap and do the job in China that the Church and Christians have not.Later documents, a few conferences hence, discard any notion that the IPR has Christian aims. It all became British Chatham House geopolitical.“Into this situation the National Y.M.C.A. movement is injecting new life and leadership in the form of men capable of leading the thoughts of the students of China and its undertaking during these few years to meet this special emergency by emphasizing more than ever before the work in the student associations, not to impress upon the students their importance as individuals so as to lead them to undertake responsibilities beyond their powers, but to help them by guidance into serious discussion on international affairs, Christianity, science and religion, and to impart to them a larger faith in order that the proper view point [sic] might be attained together with vision and the requisite preparation for life.”In other words, in a masterful bit of word soup propaganda, Koo called upon China’s emerging revolutionaries to abandon their churches and follow the Y.M.C.A.’s new brand of Christianity, and heed the indoctrination, including the new Mass Education Movement (Leninist-Stalinist communist indoctrination and organizing).Yoo’s criticisms of Western Christianity must be kept in the larger context emerging from this research.The British Pilgrims Society, with heavy Rothschild-Carnegie-Rockefeller financing, financed the “God is dead” movement, along with liberation theology. They also fabricated the “social gospel” commun-ist strategy of the Salvation Army in 1890.Yoo was propagandizing against a bastardized Christianity created by his very Western Pilgrims Society British handlers!True Christians to this day have little idea about the nuts and bolts of the convolutions of the long game these devils are playing to destroy Christ’s message of love.THE Y.M.C.A. BECAME BRITISH CHATHAM HOUSE’S FULL-ON IPR COMMUNIST FRONT IN 1925Now the punch line of this article. The report then describes that from Jun. 30 to Jul. 14, 1925, the Y.M.C.A. founded “The Institute of Pacific Relations” (IPR).Fig. 6—Ray Lyman Wilbur, chairman. (Jun. 30-Jul. 14, 1925). Organizing Conference Record, PROCEEDINGS, Institute of Pacific Relations, Honolulu, Hawaii, pp. 1-2. Institute of Pacific Relations. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.Note: In this first meeting, Chatham House was fronted by Commonwealth participants from Canada, New Zealand and Australia, as well as “at-large” participants from Switzerland.By the Fourth Biennial Conference in Hangchow, China, Oct. 21-Nov. 04, 1931, Chatham House was fully disclosed as the British IPR Council, including the director of Chatham House, Sir Ivison S. Macadam. The “British Group” was identified in the 4th report as having been present at the Second Conference in Honolulu (p.12).Click here to read the full 240-page Summary of the PROCEEDINGS of the Jun. 30-Jul. 14, 1925 First Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.None of our researchers and consultants had ever heard of this group. For grins, we looked at what Wikipedia’s propaganda had to say. They totally obscure the YMCA’s founding role.That’s like red meat to a dog for AFI researchers!Every globalist information site jumped through hoops to downplay the Y.M.C.A.’s role. Some just ignored it.Here is the new history that is jumping off the pages of our research (following).The facts are unmistakable that Mao Tse-tung was taking British orders delivered through Lenin and Stalin in Moscow.Permit us to bottom line facts about the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR):The IPR founded in 1925 at a Y.M.C.A. conference in Honolulu. Had been in the planning since 1920, about the same time as the founding of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London) and the Council on Foreign Relations (New York).Funded by Rockefeller, Carnegie, J.P. Morgan (Rothschild, Thomas W. Lamont), IBM, GE (RCA, NBC), the usual globalist suspects.Organized into national IPR councils for United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, China, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Japan and Russia.The British Council was led by (Sir) Ivison S. Macadam, KCVO, Kt, CBE, CStJ, FRSE, FKC; subsequently the first Secretary and Director-General of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and a Knight of Malta.
IPR British Council, Sir Ivison S. Macadam Fig. 7.Chatham House is famous for its Rule that protects its members from liability for illegal activities by no note taking or meeting records.The YMCA called its British Council “Chatham House” and Royal Institute of International Affairs interchangeably.The Pilgrim and “settlement movement” (“social gospel”) promoter for Salvation Army and Y.M.C.A.MP Philip Whitwell Wilson, became handler for Vladimir Lenin.Whitwell Wilson also promoted the Chinese communist YMCA and the Mass Education Movement (disguised as Chinese character simplification) for the IPR. Mao Tse-tung came to power through the movement. Whitwell Wilson was also a Pilgrims organizer of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909.Through the Y.M.C.A. / IPR Mass Education Movement, Mao Tse-tung and the communists were brought to power in China. The much maligned Sen. Joseph McCarthy was indeed right: “Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity.” He had identified the IPR in his investigations.Fig. 8Ray Lyman Wilbur, chairman. (Jun. 30-Jul. 14, 1925). Organizing Conference Record, PROCEEDINGS, Institute of Pacific Relations, Honolulu, Hawaii, p. 40. Institute of Pacific Relations. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.Fig. 9Thomas H. Hardman, ed. pub. (Jun. 05-26, 1909). A PARLIAMENT OF THE PRESS – THE FIRST IMPERIAL PRESS CONFERENCE, 1909, Illustrated, with Preface by The Earl of Rosebery, K.G. London: Horace Marshall & SonNote that Sir Gilbert Parker was Director of American Propaganda, British War Propaganda Bureau, Wellington House in WWI (1914-1916).8. The IPR International Conference in 1945 was the “trial balloon” for the United Nations founding conference on Apr. 25, 1945. In other words, the IPR created the United Nations under the control of British (Pilgrims Society) Chatham House.9. By 1950, many in the U.S. Congress considered the IPR a front for world communism.Y.M.C.A. / Chatham House / U.N. Institute of Pacific Relations—an evident communist front organization used [in reality] to press communist policies at the State Department, support Russian Bolshevism and bring Mao to power in China [while being anti-Communist in propaganda]Fig. 10—S. Res. 366, Rept. No. 2050. (Jun. 27, 1952). Institute of Pacific Relations, Report, Patrick A. McCarran (NV), chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee, Hrgs. Jul. 25, 1951-Jun. 20, 1952, 81st Cong., 2d sess., GPO.10. Pilgrims Society member Dean Acheson was a central figure in the IPR-YMCA as well as the United Nations and the Marshall Plan. He was Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations and International Conferences (1944-45), Under Secretary of State (1945-47),  Secretary of State (1949-53).11. Among Congress’ 32 Conclusions about IPR, not counting the criminal indictment recommendations against IPR leaders were these:A chief function of the IPR has been to influence United States public opinion.Numerous “scholarly” IPR articles and books “knowingly and deliberately” wrote and edited in an attempt to influence American public opinion with pro-Communist content. Owen Lattimore and John Carter Vincent, American experts on China, were toasted by Soviet leaders: “Owen Lattimore and John Carter Vincent, American experts on China, on whom rests great responsibility for China’s future.The Institute of Pacific Relations has not maintained the character of an objective, scholarly, and research organization.A group of persons operating within and about the Institute of Pacific Relations exerted a substantial influence on United States far eastern policy.Official connections were in operations between the IPR and the Communist International.Over a period of years, John Carter Vincent was the principal fulcrum of IPR pressure and influence in the State Department.The IPR possessed close organic relations with the State Department through interchange of personnel, attendance of State Department officials at IPR conferences, con stand exchange of information and social contacts.The effective leadership of the IPR used IPR prestige to promote the interest of the Soviet Union (including making China communist) in the United States.Owen Lattimore and John Carter Vincent were influential in bringing about a change in United States policy in 1945 favorable to the Chinese Communists.During the period 1945-49, persons associated with the Institute of Pacific Relations were instrumental in keeping United States policy on a course favorable to Communist objectives in ChinaOwen Lattimore [IPR director; Editor of Pacific Relations; Roosevelt’s Office of War Information (1944); advisor to V.P. Wallace’s mission to Siberia, China and Mongolia 1944); chief organizer of the first United Nations San Francisco Conference (1945)].John Carter Vincent (Far Eastern Section of the State Department; IPR Trustee (1945); “influential in bringing about a change in United States policy in 1945 favorable to the Chinese Communists.We have provided some solid evidence to work with. Let’s get this conversation started!The China! China! China! and Russia! Russia! Russia! rhetoric now has context.They are both British kabuki theater to keep us from fixing the real problem, which is defunding all British interests in America immediately, starting with SERCO, QinetiQ, Crown Agents, Senior Executive Service, Vanguard, Fidelity, Blackrock, DLA Piper, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. These corruptocrats could not accomplish this hegemony without help from “attorney/auditors” to keep their two sets of books, so we must start shining a light on them, demanding they be disbarred, discredited, and prosecuted for their lies and misrepresentations to the public.CHURCHILL’S “IRON CURTAIN” PROPAGANDA WAS CREATED BY THE IPRWe conclude that WWII was a British scam to unify Russia and China as fake communist enemies against the Western world in order to fuel both sides of the “Iron Curtain” Pilgrims Society media propaganda conflict (Churchill introduced this term at the same “special relationship” speech on Mar. 06, 1946.)Who among us did not believe the anti-communist spin? Think of it. On the one hand our government was making noise for anti-communist policies around the planet while our State Department was fueling that enemy to be a better enemy—the fake “clash of nations.” It is hard for us as patriotic Americans to write this because it is obnoxious at a very basic level.The evidence is also unmistakable that the British Pilgrims Society coached Vladimir Lenin (before 1902) on the execution of Bolshevism in Russia. His coach was Pilgrims co-founder and settlement movement proponent MP Philip Whitwell Wilson. Wilson was also a Y.M.C.A. advocate; editor of the London Daily News; co-founder of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909; co-founder of the Empire Press Union; co-founder of MI-6, MI-5 and GC&CS now GCHQ and later New York Times.Before Lenin, the Pilgrims were coaching The Salvation Army on how to minimize their Christian salvation message into the “social gospel” of their settlement movement. The settlement movement emanated from the pen of homosexual philosopher John Ruskin to whom many founding Pilgrims were devoted. At the same time, these same people were following the necromancy, pedophilia and journalistic fantasies of Pilgrims co-founder W.T. Stead and his staff. The Salvation Army had moved its operations into many countries also populated by the YMCA.We now know that a favorite propaganda tactic of the Pilgrims is to fabricate and fund an enemy in the media where you then also finance their opponent. This maximizes profit taking and rids the world of more “useless eaters,” their inhuman term for you and me.We know from the IPR record that secret meetings were held in Moscow where participation was limited to the British (Chatham House), American and Chinese Councils.We believe we are uncovering that the British Pilgrims, through Chatham House with a cc. to the CFR, deployed the IPR as a go-between whereby both the Russians and Chinese IPRs were controlled from London. Their British Council big brothers sent directives for Russia and China Council minions.In this way, the Britain masked their control of both Russia IPR and China IPR.In other words, WWII was British kabuki theater to create a dual Russian-Chinese post-war communist threat in order to fuel a fake albeit lucrative Cold War against enemies of one’s own making.ULTIMATE BRITISH ROTHSCHILD PROPAGANDA: MAKE WAR AND PROFIT SOLELY FROM MEDIA LIES AND MANIPULATION OF PUBLIC OPINIONThis is more than just controlled opposition; this is fake opposition designed to drive America into anti-communist post war spending in Congress while the State Department helped Britain consolidate its control of America’s institutions following the Mar. 05, 1946 “Ultra Top Secret” “Five Eyes” mass surveillance agreement. (See above.)Why the trickery? America had banned surveillance of American citizens by our intelligence services, so the pro-Communist State Department relied on the “Five Eyes” British backdoor so they could use the information to steer public opinion and policy.Since 1978, Project Echelon secretly permitted spying on Americans. Even the espionage series Alias named their super computer “the echelon system” to condition Americans before Edward Snowden formally exposed the illegal program.”CAMBRIDGE FIVE” BRITISH SPIES: WERE THEY ACTUALLY QUADRUPLE-AGENTS RUNNING IPR MESSAGES AMONG LONDON, MOSCOW, BEIJING AND THE STATE DEPARTMENT?We ask readers to consider the strong possibility that the infamous “Cambridge Five” (1930-63) homosexual British spies may have, in fact, been quadruple IPR agents for the British, Soviets, Chinese and State Department Communists to coordinate IPR communications through Moscow IPR.
Donald Maclean (likely Pilgrims Society member through father Sir Donald Maclean), Guy BurgessKim Philby(Sir) Anthony Blunt and John Cairncross (MI6, GC&CS, Bletchley Park, ULTRA).Note: We have discovered the very strong possibility that the Enigma machine never needed breaking because IBM had the German cipher from the beginning of WWII. Cairncross may have been responsible to keep that treacherous Pilgrims Society/IPR secret from becoming known until they had maximized their profits from the war.The issue of Cambridge Five gayness is relevant in looking at the historical preponderance of homosexuals in the formation of the Pilgrims Society inner circle. There is an evident connection between British self-anointed elitist homosexuality and power mongering. The fact that a disproportionately large number of these people are Jewish is another fact to grapple with. By their own well-publicized admissions, their Jewish ness was ancestral and not out of religious conviction.Most, if not all, of the Pilgrims were gay or bisexual (e.g. Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Lord Rosebery, Rothschild, W.T. Stead, Lord Pirbright, John Buchan). In addition, the role of sodomy and rape in subjugating British slaves by the slavers appears to have become a sexual addiction (mistaken for homosexuality) to the self-anointed British elites who passed the sin and decrepitude down through the family blood lines. In other words, they personified evil.In short, we believe all the following conflicts were stage-managed by Britain, including the Boer Wars, WWI, Bolshevik “revolution,” Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Korea, Kosovo, Rwanda, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, 911, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, COVID.These were not random events, they were staged to move America toward reunion with Britain within a thoroughly communist British-created and -controlled United Nations.This is what we are seeing in these new facts. We encourage super sleuths to dig for more confirmation of this new reality that Great Britain is not, and never has been, a friend to any nation.Instead, the British elitists eminating from the Pilgrims Society and its Chatham House are profoundly sneaky attorneys, bankers, technocrats and globalists who slither around like reptiles to deceive and dominate their fellow man.The solution is straightforward.Pray for them, for they are lost souls in need of forgiveness and repentance.Defund their slush money. Take away their ability to bribe. Fire Senior Executive Service bureaucrats and replace them with no-nonsense engineers who will follow our laws in holding them accountable. Re-make a judiciary and State Department that is not treasonously enslaved to Chatham House.Also, pray for justice for their victims..

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Nobody Wins when They Censore Opinions..

Like this one: (Copy and paste in your search engine.)

If you want to know a bit more about Elon Musk, the Mike and Doug show have a really interesting take on just who he is.

These two guys have been banned from just about every media. You will have to copy and past that into your search engine because there is No WAY I can tweet it, or upload it to my blog. That’s how dangerous they think these two guys are. I just tried to tweet it, and Twitter told me it was dangerous.

(Hey! What happened Elon?)

For those of you who are wondering about how Mr. Musk has upset the whole world, these two guys have a different look at the whole situation, and a different view on Musk. (amfortas…you might want to see this.)

I must admit, I only watched the first 30 minutes, I plan to find the time to watch it all when I can. But the first 30 minutes will tell you quite a bit.

Nobody Wins when you can’t even share different opinions like in the old days. And since Musk bought Twitter, Biden has set up his own “disinformation” Czar to monitor AND CONTROL speech even further.

As it’s being reported: 1984 is here.

One more thing: I read somewhere that the timing of this was to get Trump’s ‘Truth’ network to fail. That also makes sense. Still, with all the fuse about how everyone is crying out loud about what will happen to Twitter, I will believe it when I see it.

If what these guys say is correct, then DARPA and the military complex is behind Musk, and so, it fits in line with the RINOS. Really, how else did this guy get all this money from the government?

Anyway, give it a watch. Especially my favorite Brit and Aussie readers.

These guys say England STILL runs the world.

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Nobody Knows at least SOMEONE who has died from Covid

Nobody Knows—

Just how many unreported deaths and damages have been done to millions of people from all over the world from the vaccines. While everyone’s attention has been directed to the fight of the billionaires, Musk VS Bezos, nobody is talking about the damage that Covid, the vaccines, and the hospitals have done to kill millions.


A few months ago, I was standing in an isle at Wal-Mart, when I overheard a middle-age overweight black man talking to a woman he knew:

“ALL of them died. My mother, my father, two of my cousins, and my sister got sick…” They were talking about the Covid, and how devastated he was that so many of his own family had died from it. He was close to tears. Not sure if they had been vaccinated, but nevertheless, it was sad.

Two months ago, we had an electrician come out to the house to put on a new electric meter. Also, black. The guy went into how he had been healthy all his life, worked many hours, sometimes up to 70 hours a week. He was always on alert. Never ever missed work or had any health problems in his life.

And then, he was told he had to get the vaccine. A few days after he got the shot, he just didn’t feel good, and he told his wife. She took him to a heart doctor.

“They found out I needed bypass heart surgery and right away, or I would die.” He spoke. He had blood clots and went through FOUR surgeries to get his heart fixed.

The funny thing is the guy doesn’t remember having chest pains at all.

Add to that…just a few days ago, I ran into a neighbor at a Dollar General. She looked so sad.

“Hey, here we are…shopping at the cheap stores!” I said with a laugh. She’s an older woman, and talked about her back pains and she needed an MRI but her Medicare wouldn’t approve it.

After a few exchanges I ask her if any of her family had caught Covid.

“Yes”, she said, and looked away with tears in her eyes.

She had lost four family members, but what really made her sad was her church.

Nobody came to church anymore. The pews were empty. And all the church seems to do now was hold funerals. She was going to one that afternoon. I could tell, she really missed her friends and was afraid her church would soon be closed since nobody came anymore. To the older people in America, church is not only their salvation to worship, but a very important part of their lives.

To China, the communists, and our democratic leaders, Covid was a blessing. Destroying the churches high on their list.

VP Kamala has Covid. Obama had it but didn’t suffer much. Told everyone he didn’t suffer because he has gotten all the shots.

Bull. I didn’t get any shots, got Covid, and only lost my smell. That was it. Obama, then started talking about Climate Change of course.

As I remember, we were lucky we didn’t lose President Trump to Covid. He’s a tough guy.

Meanwhile, what most people don’t read, is the stuff I get every day from various sites about the vaccines…

Like this:


Attorney Todd Callender to offer his latest intel on what he believes is about to take place on the pandemic front.

In his interview with Prather, Callender states that he believes people injected with mRNA “vaccines” (which aren’t really vaccines) were actually installed with nanotechnology carrying chimeric virus payloads that may include elements of Marburg virus. According to Calender, a broadcast from 5G cell towers at 18 MHz, for a specific duration and sequence, will cause affected cells to rupture, unleashing Marburg payload bioweapons into the blood of those who took the mRNA injections.

This, in turn, would instantly unleash a Marburg pandemic and produce a sudden rush of symptoms including bleeding out (hemorrhagic fever isn’t pretty), cardiovascular deaths, seizures and more.


And then there’s THIS:


41,834 DEAD 3.9 Million Injured Following COVID Vaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100%

1000% Increase in Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Following Pfizer COVID-19 EUA Vaccine for 5 to 11 Year Olds

UPDATE: A Jaw-Dropping 769 Athletes have Collapsed While Competing Over The Past Year – “Avg. Age of Players Suffering Cardiac Arrest is JUST 23”  (April 8 headline)

Professional Athletes suffered at least 890 Cardiac Arrests and 579 Deaths following Covid-19 Vaccination in the past year; & FIFA Football Deaths increased by 300%   (April 20 headline)

TOO MUCH TO IGNORE: COVID vaccines cause 16,633% more miscarriages compared to flu vaccines

FDA & CDC Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases Children’s risk of suffering Myocarditis by over 13,000%….”

7,500% Increase in Recorded Cases of Cancer Following COVID-19 Vaccines


Nobody Wonders…Really? The vaccines are safe says President Trump.

Nobody wonders just how many people KNOW people that have died from Covid, or the vaccine? How many babies were born with blindness or hearing loss? I am seeing massive video’s on this.

I have come to the conclusion that those numbers are like the Kennedy assassination:

All us nobodies, are on a do not ‘need to know.’ basis. They must be massive.

But we WILL know who will win the most loved billionarie on the planet contest.

Right now, it looks like Bezos, might have to buy Disney, to catch up to Musk.

I hope I live to see who wins.

(I bet CHINA beats them both to it.)

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Nobody’s Perfect: RFK JR.

In the last year, Robert Kennedy Jr. has been on a roll. He finally found a way to make the Kennedy name live on, with his attacks and truths about Comrade Fauci. He’s come a long way since 2020.

The vaccine AND the virus are doing a bang-up job on killing a lot of people. Thank you Fauci. And Robert has written an excellent book about Fauci. Or so, I’m told. I haven’t read it yet.

But, RFK Jr. is not perfect.

It was in 2020 that he was hanging his hat on the terrible global warming crisis. He was all in with climate alarm, and Trump was a bully, and basically China is great.

That was 2020. What happened? Is it because the Kennedy dynasty needed a great reset?

Looking back on history, his uncle, John F. Kennedy TRIED to be a good President even though the election was just as rigged as our last election, by all accounts, the democratic party no longer exists. The Kennedy, like the Clintons are U.S. royalty, but the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas pushed them into the relics of yesterday. That’s got to be tough.

The democratic party has been replaced by the socials/communist party. To be fair, JFK, despite his sexual addiction, look like a normal human next to Jimmy Carter or Obama.

And just to be fair, it’s not his fault he was born into that family.

HIs brother Ted Kennedy was a horror.

John Jr., if you read his magazine GEORGE which I did, knew BOTH parites and their corruption and he would have made a better President than his father, and the Clintons made sure he did NOT get into office. If nobody noticed, right after his death, TWO giant pictures of both Bill and Hillary appeared in the magazine.

It was as if, someone on the staff was giving a BIG hint. Or so I thought.

But none of the Kennedy’s that lived before, seem to have the passion that this man has. Probably due to the fact that he witnessed just too many assasinations in his own family…he figured, if they do it to him, than everybody will know the truth, so he just speaks it out for all to hear.

Or it could all be just about the money. These people LIVE off their foundations. Obama does. The Clintons do. They have big mansions and families to keep in the Hamptons. They find a cause and stick to it, and the democratic party is ALL about the planet dying from the climate. It how they pay their bills.

SAVE THE PLANT NOW! In other words, this nobody thinks they all have big money deals with China.

It’s hard to forget that RFK is a big liberal, but nevertheless, to his credit, he has come out with great force against the GREAT RESET and the vaccines. Not only has he exposed Fauci and the criminal corruption behind the Covid bioweapon, he dares to shout what’s going on to whomever will listen.

He notes that long ago vaccines used to contain only 3, now there are 72 vaccines that the kids have to get. It’s insane, and dangerous. He says the globalists are using the vaccine to take over the world.

And the proof, that he is right about the global coup? Watch below.

Listen to Klaus’s main adviser: DICTATORS REJOICE!

What more proof do we need that these men should be feared and stopped as sure as Hitler was.

He may be a liberal, but if he can fight this hard for something that is actaully worth fighting for, then I hope he succeeds.

RFK JR. Not perfect, but hey, keep up the great speeches.

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EMP…Coming Soon?

Nobody’s Opinion

The experts have been warning about this for YEARS. YEARS! Not only Missouri, but the whole country is vulnerable to an EMP attack, or a sun event. With senile Biden in the White House, and his puppet master Obama working for our enemies, what a better way to keep Trump out of power, and finally take down the country, and by way, get a lot of ‘useless eaters’ to die. Obama hasn’t given up the Presidency and he doesn’t plan to.

Of all the scenarios that I can think of: THIS is the one that scares me most, because our politicians have known about it for years, and they do nothing. NOTHING. It would only cost about 3 billion dollars to protect the electrical grids of the whole county, Hell, President TRUMP should have mandated it, and he did nothing.

And yet, we sent TRILLIONS of dollars all over the world, and can’t seem to find enough money to protect ourselves. What’s more important: Fixing our electrical grid or giving all illegals free IPHONES?

To me this means that the leaders at the top that run the world, have this planned. Bill Clinton tried to warn us in his last fiction books. For years we’ve been seeing movie after movie about how civilization would be destroyed and how whomever was left, had to try to manage on their own. Grow food again, etc. We think its just ‘entertainment’ instead of what it seems to be: Hey, we are telling you pions what’s coming and giving you hope that YOU could survive, if you just have some guns and learn to eat bugs.

Notice how the CONGRESS men in this video seem to care less about what that guy is saying. Tell me, how is Musk going to profit when there IS no electricity? He’ll at least have a way to Mars.

Or is there going to be a great ‘reset’ on the electrical grid? One where China can replace the US with solare and windmills? You can’t forget John Kerry’s recent remarks.

Perhaps many think this is just another COVID scare tactic. It won’t happen. But did you ever think that an elected President would be denied the White House and a puppet put in instead? Did you ever think we would have a President give BILLIONS of dollars to our greatest enemy on a midnight run to Iran? Did you ever think that a woman be put on the Supreme Court who can’t even define the definition of a woman? That Disney would go full blown pedophile crazy? That we would lose our jobs if we did NOT obey the CDC? That it would cost $100 just to fill up our trucks? That over half of our small businesses would shut down? That nobody in our government would EVER go to jail for outrageous and insidious crimes? That white people have been damned as the New JEW? That all our rights as Americans would be overran and dismissed and outlawed? Our constitution demolished? That our children be brainwashed? That China is being allowed to take over our country, and the world, because our own leaders have sold us all out? That you would stop drinking coke because ‘white’ people need to admit they are racist? That the media would become a state sponcered propaganda machine? That Transvestites would be reading books to kids in our libraries?

Okay. You get the drift. 1984 is here. Black is white. And Up is down, and truth is lies. We all keep thinking that our leaders would come to their senses, but…uh. No. Not happening.

And what’s really sad, is that they have connected us all to this internet upon which everything in our lives depend upon.

By the way, why use a NUKE, when you can keep all the buildings intact to replace with your own people? Chinese people. Pay attention. EVERY commercial now has an Asian in it. Like the other woke messages in all our movies, we are being conditioned to get used to China people being here as half the population. Just like we see gays kissing in every other scene.

Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, all have the capability to do this. All it would take is just one EMP over Missouri, where the stealth bombers are. Because Biden has let the invasion of the world come over in our southern border, weaken our military, our food supply, our oil supply (which he is draining now and giving to Europe) if you don’t do the math, than I’m sure, you are a proud graduate of the American public school system. We are being primed for the kill. That’s sure what it looks like to me. And by our own ‘senile’ President.

I’m waiting for somebody to ask President Trump this question, because to me, it’s the most important: Trump said he would build the wall. But, Congress stopped him from doing it. Is that why he says nothing about this?

President Trump: Will you MANDATE all electrical grids be shored up against an EMP attack?

Like the man said in the video above: that could be…forever, because guess what?

China makes all our transformers.

Whose bright idea was that?

Can you think of a better way to ‘save’ humanity’ with green energy? A quicker way?

Smell the roses now, (If you can, I STILL can’t smell after Covid.) because if the globalists get their way, most of the U.S. will smell like…garbage.

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Nobody Flashes Amazing People

It’s Sunday. All week long there is nothing but gloom everywhere, but…that’s because they WANT you to feel depressed, overloaded with despair, and hopeless.

So, I look for video’s that show the kindness, and sweetness, and goodness of man and women everywhere. Oh sure. We are helping the Ukrainians with food, clothes, homes, etc. but what about the veterans? Biden is now going to give illegals medical care before the veterans.

What a scumbag.

While the liberals are literally killing animals, birds, with their ‘green energy’ windmills and fires across the nation, one person at a time, good people are reaching out and helping them.

Here a woman saves a Amish horse that had been worked almost to death. (And WE thought the Amish would be kind?Hmmmm)

A good story to enjoy while we watch the spring arrive in our own backyards, don’t you think? I personally need to latch on to the humanity that is still among us all.


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Nobody Flashes FIRES…

It’s not just the West they are burning down, it’s our food.

This lady always puts it in perspective.

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Nobody Remembers: Empires can Collapsed

While we sit and watch Joe Biden and his band of despicable thieves destroy America, it’s almost too painful to watch, and Nobody ask: Will America survive? That’s depends on if Russia nukes Poland and China takes Taiwan before the upcoming elections.

The civil war that the democrats have been trying HARD to start, has petered out. Despite what you see on TV, the majority of the blacks in America DO NOT want a civil war. I live in a mostly black district so I’m among them every day. They’re not stupid. And they don’t like the millions of illegals coming across the border either.

Here is some history on Rome. Our founders studied all the ancient history…(They had an advantage of no Netflix) and that’s how they came up with such a great Constitution. It’s up to the American people to POINT to that document and say, “No, it’s the law and YOU must obey it too.”

I wait for that day. It’s coming first with the parents. Here’s a good history lesson, only to be followed on the other hand, a woman who has managed to keep intact her monarchy, as the longest living monarch ever.

I absolutelyLOVE this picture! I just LOVE it, and I’m glad it’s going all over the world. (See below)

What a fabulous life she has lead, after all, her kids were mostly a pain in the royal A….ss.

So, I figure, after all the grief her royal family has given her, she deserves this picture, and so does the rest of the world.

So Enjoy! What beautiful horses! And they match the color of her hair. We should all be so lucky as to live that long, and with such dignity.

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Nobody Flashes: Happy Hippo’s and Rhino

I’m taking the night off. Thought we could all use an uplift.

These guys are so cute. We turn to our animals for comfort don’t we?

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Nobody Talks to Insurance Agents…

Nobody Wonders

Today, I finally bit the bullet. I’m still in shock. Wait, I must lie down.

It was painful, but, I wonder, just how many other people are out there in Nowhere Nobody land who feel the same as me?

What happened Joyanna you might ask?

AHEM: I allowed my car and house insurance company to TAKE my monthly fee out of my bank account.

OH…the horror of it all.

I had finally found, after three days of talking to just about every insurance company on the planet, a decent quote, from an agent I liked.

This was a painful as letting someone borrow my car for the day. Someone like my recent girlfriend who just ran into a Walgreens Drug store with HER truck that had no insurance, and broke four ribs.

No, broken ribs I could put up with. But this?  To me, letting a company, or the government, or even a trusted relative (Are any of those left?) would NEVER, EVER, been allowed to be able to just stick their hand in the cookie jar and grab.

But the agent, AFTER I had agreed to go with him, and change from a company I had been with for over 40 years…said this: “Well, nobody sends out statements anymore, you would be charged. It’s just the way it is.”

I knew that was a lie. I love having that paper statement. You can go back and review, check secret taxes, and keep records back for years. They SAY you can do this online, but we all know how that goes. I have always paid by check, and my Fico Score is so high, I can walk into any car dealership have a car within the hour.

Two things I really AM proud of: I am ALWAYS on time, and I have always pay my bills on time. Do that all your life and it’s like saying you climbed Mt. Everest without stopping. At least that’s what it feels like.

Okay, I hear that no longer happens, unless you are a ‘minority.’ But I digress.

I know, I know. MILLIONS love this. I swim with an 89-year-old lady who says her sons set it up so that all her bills are paid automatically out of her back account every month. She LOVES it.

I have met lots of the younger people who think that it’s so cool.

“Don’t you realize that THEY can take whatever they want, and you have to TRY to get it back?” I tell the kids.  Besides that, this paperless push is so that every transaction goes online to continue to push us all into the cashless digital currency that THEY will be able to control.

Control. Yes. And another little ‘push’ I found out these last few days, is that they all sell this new invented discount you can get on your car: if you just put this app on your phone or this little gimmick in your glovebox so that THEY can tell where you are, how far you drove, and basically charge you more. Oh, it’s called a “safety” feature and I bet a lot of people get it just to lower their rates.

Useless. All they have to do is call my cell phone company. They track you EVERYWHERE.

I also found out that due to the many car accidents in Missouri (Also due to our horrible roads) MY car insurance rates is based, not on my record but on how many car accidents happened in Missouri. This line they give you that “If you have a safe driving record you get a discount!”

Lie. Right. All those bells and big discounts don’t mean a thing.

What else did I find out? All car insurance will go up next year because NOBODY HAS ANY CHIPS! Think your insurance is not going up? Ha. Start drinking now.

For YEARS I have fought the ‘great economic big bank bosses against this. After all, my bank account to me, has always been CASH. MY cash. YOU can’t touch it. Get your grubby hands out of it.

But not today. Today, I had a sweet-talking gentle salesman on the phone, my very tired husband on the other hand just saying, “Just let him take it” and the added cost of having a statement sent to me, seemed very unfair,  but the rate was the best I had received, and I was just plain worn out from the deep state and where it’s taking us all.

I broke.

YOU try talking to 10 different agents in two days.

We WILL be forced. They love to do it, and if you don’t take their “offer” YOU will pay.

I know. I know. It’s all coming. Chips in your hand, or your head, or you will pay a higher price.

It’s extortion! Extortion everywhere!

 Hey, I don’t even carry cash anymore, look how easily they got everyone used to NOT carrying cash, but debit cards! And then they want you to put everything you BUY on a credit card SO THEY CAN CHARGE YOU INTEREST!



REAL cash.

Someday, a dollar bill will be banned, and the paper it is printed on will be worth something.

Wait. Who am I kidding?

I’m stopping now. I feel as if I have committed a great sin.

Excuse me while I go to the gulag of “Let me just lay down and sleep it off.”

It’s not the end of the world, but for someone like me who fought this day all my life?

It’s pretty bad.

And that’s all I have to say about it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan Peterson on Population

People were shocked when Ion Musk came out and said we NEED more population. Here, Jordan agrees with him, and so do I. Jordan of course says it in his most wonderful way.

One of the reasons the elites are so bent on killing so many people is of course, they SEE that they will not have enough young people to do their “GREAT RESET.” Killing off the old is not just wishful thinking anymore. Covid killed mostly the old. Coincidence? I think not.

They have been flooding the countries where there are too many old people. And flooding them with the young. In Europe, it was Muslims and Africans. America, it was South American, Muslims, and whoever else wants in. It’s the reason they WANT open borders. Well, one of the reasons.

In the meantime, Jordan was such a big hit on Easter, I thought I’d post another rant by him.

Enjoy the mind of an educated man. They are so hard to find.

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Reagan VS Biden: The Bad news, and the Good news, and the Hope


Remember this moment? The air controller strike of 1981? President Reagan told them they would all be fired if they didn’t go back to work. Well, guess what? They got fired, the strike ended. Right now, we could use a President Reagan because Sleepy Joe is making sure that we all starve soon…


EMERGENCY ALERT: After Rail Carriers Cancel Grain Shipments, CF Industries Warns FERTILIZER Rail Shipments Now Being Halted During Spring Planting (

As you may recall, ten days ago I warned that rail carriers were declaring “force majeure” and halting shipments of grain to dairy herds and other cow herds across America. In that announcement, I also warned that this was an engineered collapse of the food supply, where rail carriers were essentially being ordered to drop certain loads in order to maximize the coming wave of food scarcity and famine.

Now, devastating news from CF Industries — one of the largest fertilizer producers in the world — confirms the engineered food collapse plan is being expanded to include fertilizer shipments.


What’s more important? Making sure the planes run on time, or making sure the world doesn’t starve to death?

Biden has done this. Put that in your mind, and read the article, then make sure you have enough food, maybe even buy another freezer because more pain by China Joe is coming…

Ronald Reagan would have stopped this in a heartbeat. So would have President Trump. And so would one other guy…Governor DeSantis.

And the good news is: What? Yes!


Florida Department of Education Rejects 54 Math Textbooks for ‘Attempting to Indoctrinate Students’ With Critical Race Theory, Common Core (


It seems the last remaining man with any power in office, is making sure the kids in Florida get a GOOD education.


The Florida Department of Education has rejected 54 math textbooks for next school year due to “attempts to indoctrinate students.”

The math texts reportedly contained references to Critical Race Theory, common core, and “social emotional learning.”


Well of course it did. So do most of the movies on our TVs. Netflick is FULL of political NEW WORLD ORDER propaganda all cleverly written into the exciting scripts.

But Ron DeSantis is on it. To see a man do this, brings back the common sense that we all once knew men USED to have. He stood up to Disney, Biden, and now the corrupt educational system.

Our kids can’t even sign a check book when they get out of high school, or know how to add and subtract. THAT is unacceptable and by design.

Math is SO important. By the time the kids get to grade school Sesame Street has already done major damage to their critical thinking, and math can remedy that. Pure math. There is no race in math. If you insert it, it is a crime. There’s no sex in math either.

REAL math was taught in school in Florida back when I was in 4th grade. My teacher was fantastic. BUT. When my parents moved to St. Louis some idiot introduced “new math” into the schools.

I went head-to-head daily with my 7th grade teacher about it and pissed her off so much she got me in front of the whole class and told me I was too stupid to understand it and gave me F’s the rest of the year. Ironically, my parents moved us to St. Louis thinking their children would get a better education. She ruined my love of math.

Ok, after her daily horror rantings, I lost all interest in math. So…

I became a musician; Music is also math. Ask any piano player.

Years later, thanks to the arduous work of Richard Feynman the nuclear scientist who worked on the bomb at Los Alamos, ‘new math” was taken out of all high schools because, Richard knew it was worthless.

Richard Feynman – Wikipedia

A ruling elite cannot have a thinking, citizen, especially when it comes to math. If the average person knew just how much his government was ripping him off, no fence around the white house would contain them.

But they don’t know. What they are allowed to know is that they can get a job, retire, and be happy. Now, they are being told capitalism is bad and the rich experts will take care of everybody because they are too stupid to run their own lives. And since they don’t do the math, too many of them accept that.

Why are so many so stupid? Because of the educational system in America and it’s time to change it back to REAL math.

If you know math, you know logic, and rhythms and common sense. Music is mathematical. The universe is mathematical.

Patterns are everywhere. Kids need REAL math. And we all know it.  

So, God bless the Governor of Florida.

We need all the good news we can get.

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