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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan Peterson on Population

People were shocked when Ion Musk came out and said we NEED more population. Here, Jordan agrees with him, and so do I. Jordan of course says it in his most wonderful way.

One of the reasons the elites are so bent on killing so many people is of course, they SEE that they will not have enough young people to do their “GREAT RESET.” Killing off the old is not just wishful thinking anymore. Covid killed mostly the old. Coincidence? I think not.

They have been flooding the countries where there are too many old people. And flooding them with the young. In Europe, it was Muslims and Africans. America, it was South American, Muslims, and whoever else wants in. It’s the reason they WANT open borders. Well, one of the reasons.

In the meantime, Jordan was such a big hit on Easter, I thought I’d post another rant by him.

Enjoy the mind of an educated man. They are so hard to find.

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