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Today, I finally bit the bullet. I’m still in shock. Wait, I must lie down.

It was painful, but, I wonder, just how many other people are out there in Nowhere Nobody land who feel the same as me?

What happened Joyanna you might ask?

AHEM: I allowed my car and house insurance company to TAKE my monthly fee out of my bank account.

OH…the horror of it all.

I had finally found, after three days of talking to just about every insurance company on the planet, a decent quote, from an agent I liked.

This was a painful as letting someone borrow my car for the day. Someone like my recent girlfriend who just ran into a Walgreens Drug store with HER truck that had no insurance, and broke four ribs.

No, broken ribs I could put up with. But this?  To me, letting a company, or the government, or even a trusted relative (Are any of those left?) would NEVER, EVER, been allowed to be able to just stick their hand in the cookie jar and grab.

But the agent, AFTER I had agreed to go with him, and change from a company I had been with for over 40 years…said this: “Well, nobody sends out statements anymore, you would be charged. It’s just the way it is.”

I knew that was a lie. I love having that paper statement. You can go back and review, check secret taxes, and keep records back for years. They SAY you can do this online, but we all know how that goes. I have always paid by check, and my Fico Score is so high, I can walk into any car dealership have a car within the hour.

Two things I really AM proud of: I am ALWAYS on time, and I have always pay my bills on time. Do that all your life and it’s like saying you climbed Mt. Everest without stopping. At least that’s what it feels like.

Okay, I hear that no longer happens, unless you are a ‘minority.’ But I digress.

I know, I know. MILLIONS love this. I swim with an 89-year-old lady who says her sons set it up so that all her bills are paid automatically out of her back account every month. She LOVES it.

I have met lots of the younger people who think that it’s so cool.

“Don’t you realize that THEY can take whatever they want, and you have to TRY to get it back?” I tell the kids.  Besides that, this paperless push is so that every transaction goes online to continue to push us all into the cashless digital currency that THEY will be able to control.

Control. Yes. And another little ‘push’ I found out these last few days, is that they all sell this new invented discount you can get on your car: if you just put this app on your phone or this little gimmick in your glovebox so that THEY can tell where you are, how far you drove, and basically charge you more. Oh, it’s called a “safety” feature and I bet a lot of people get it just to lower their rates.

Useless. All they have to do is call my cell phone company. They track you EVERYWHERE.

I also found out that due to the many car accidents in Missouri (Also due to our horrible roads) MY car insurance rates is based, not on my record but on how many car accidents happened in Missouri. This line they give you that “If you have a safe driving record you get a discount!”

Lie. Right. All those bells and big discounts don’t mean a thing.

What else did I find out? All car insurance will go up next year because NOBODY HAS ANY CHIPS! Think your insurance is not going up? Ha. Start drinking now.

For YEARS I have fought the ‘great economic big bank bosses against this. After all, my bank account to me, has always been CASH. MY cash. YOU can’t touch it. Get your grubby hands out of it.

But not today. Today, I had a sweet-talking gentle salesman on the phone, my very tired husband on the other hand just saying, “Just let him take it” and the added cost of having a statement sent to me, seemed very unfair,  but the rate was the best I had received, and I was just plain worn out from the deep state and where it’s taking us all.

I broke.

YOU try talking to 10 different agents in two days.

We WILL be forced. They love to do it, and if you don’t take their “offer” YOU will pay.

I know. I know. It’s all coming. Chips in your hand, or your head, or you will pay a higher price.

It’s extortion! Extortion everywhere!

 Hey, I don’t even carry cash anymore, look how easily they got everyone used to NOT carrying cash, but debit cards! And then they want you to put everything you BUY on a credit card SO THEY CAN CHARGE YOU INTEREST!



REAL cash.

Someday, a dollar bill will be banned, and the paper it is printed on will be worth something.

Wait. Who am I kidding?

I’m stopping now. I feel as if I have committed a great sin.

Excuse me while I go to the gulag of “Let me just lay down and sleep it off.”

It’s not the end of the world, but for someone like me who fought this day all my life?

It’s pretty bad.

And that’s all I have to say about it.

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