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Nobody’s Fool: Peter Schiff

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s a simple lesson many of us know, but nobody in the media wants us to think about.

Peter Schiff explains it in a few minutes.

President Trump knew this and was trying to bring manufacturing back to the country.

Why are the globalists so bound and determined to spend us into oblivion?


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Nobody’s Fool: Anne Barhnard

Nobody’s Fool:

Tired of Benghazi? Do you by now realized that news on ‘sex with a wimply looking General who falls in lust with a woman who has bigger abs than he has’ is going to go on at least another month?

Then take a trip with one of my favorite ladies: Anne Barhnard. She fills you in on why any gold you buy..needs to be xrayed.

Good to know. I will appreciate that knowledge when I save enough from my grocery coupons to buy an ounce…which will be….never.  Buy food. According to Anne, you’re going to need it more than gold.

(Thanks to Amfortas)

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