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The History of Banks in America, and How They Control it All…

Nobody Wonders

I watched this video last night, and wondered, why we have never heard about some of these events? It’s being reported that not only are our children inferior compared to the rest of the word in math, so are our adults. Nobody Wonders if this absence of math and financial education in our schools is by mandate. The bankers that run the world, do not want the general public to be too smart in these things—–This keeps the rich at the very top, in continuing their greedy interests in secret.

We’ve all heard Ron Paul talk about the Federal Reserve: This video takes you through the banking history of the United States, and explains why the Federal Reserve it at the core of our problems.

While I believe there is more to the wars in the world than just simply greed, after I watched this film, I have to admit, that the first stimulus money…given out by then President  George W. Bush in his last days in office—- went to the overseas banking cartels. So by that measure, I take this video seriously.

Having said that, you will be surprised to learn, just how simple it would be to put the United States back on track….

If you can find the time…this is a very interesting, and I’d love to hear from anyone who can point out other ideas from it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Anne Barhnard

Nobody’s Fool:

Tired of Benghazi? Do you by now realized that news on ‘sex with a wimply looking General who falls in lust with a woman who has bigger abs than he has’ is going to go on at least another month?

Then take a trip with one of my favorite ladies: Anne Barhnard. She fills you in on why any gold you buy..needs to be xrayed.

Good to know. I will appreciate that knowledge when I save enough from my grocery coupons to buy an ounce…which will be….never.  Buy food. According to Anne, you’re going to need it more than gold.

(Thanks to Amfortas)

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