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Does an Education Stop With Your Degree?

Nobody Wins

Long ago, I had a band called Coconuts. And in that band was a guitar player named Eric Vieth. We were on the road a lot, and Eric and I enjoyed many a deep discussion about everything, while passing the time between ‘gigs.’  After the band broke up, I tried to stay in touch with him. In fact, we both had the same philosophy teacher in college.

I thought the guy was a fool, and dropped his class. Eric, became one of his best friends. (Yes…it started there.)

Eric went on to finish his education, and became a lawyer. He still works in Missouri as a lawyer. This is all just background, because last year, after many years of not talking to him, I looked him up on the internet, and found…that the “mind” I used to love talking to…is now, very liberal.

He posted this video on his FACEBOOK page. Eric, believes every single word this man says. Here’s what Eric posted:Eric Vieth

Bill Moyers on the Sabotage of Democracy. This is five minutes of must-watch sanity regarding Obamacare, including a cogent analysis of the tantrum being thrown by Republicans, as well as the danger this Republican stunt presents to all of us.

And you know what? My heart is very sad at this. In life, Eric’s has had a much more successful career than I. But when I saw this, I remembered how FAR I have come intellectually since college, because it was in college when I used to think Bill Moyers was just about the coolest thing around. And then I left college and read other things. I read the Founders. I read history. I paid attention to life.

I read all views, and saw that our universities grind out battalions of these sort of “emotional and illogical retards” as fast as the waves rushing in on a beach.

What I’m trying to say is, I can’t figure out why Eric never got passed idealizing Bill Moyers…like I did. I always thought he was as smart as me.

I’m sad, because I know, Eric is not a stupid man. All I can think of is that guys like Bill Moyers and those like him, talk in very authoritative tones (much like the professors) So, I guess it’s like liberals feel the professors know best. You’d best believe them.

You would THINK that a smart person would check it out. We are not a democracy. We are a Republic. The people have a right to defund Obamacare if they don’t like it.  It’s the way our system is supposed to work. But listen to Bill…the people want to sabotage democracy. They keep saying “YOU LOST! YOU LOST!” Well, that doesn’t mean we should put up with tyranny.

Damn right we want to defund it. Obamacare was passed on Christmas Eve, and NONE of the politicians even read it. And yet…people like Bill Moyers and my friend Eric are okay with it. They are even okay with all it’s faults.

And why shouldn’t they be? They are not effected by it. They live in the upper classes.

Eric is a lawyer. So…uh…what am I missing here?

Read Thomas Jefferson. Or…don’t you guys read anymore?

I would love to talk to Eric again, explore ideas, compare notes, wonder at the world like we used to do in old times—- but he thinks I am just an old married housewife who is…conservative and stupid. I know…his opinion of me shouldn’t matter. But…it still makes me sad, because when it all comes down to it…Eric is still in college. Eric is in many ways…still a child. I’m sure he thinks the same of me.

He may have gotten a degree…but his mind never went any further.

And I know, he feels very superior to me. Probably even pities me.

And that’s….sad…and you know what else is sad? I’m sure, there are thousands of others out there just like me, who has a very dear liberal friend, and misses having just a decent conversation. And think: Why can’t we have a conversation?

Why? Because they would lose all arguments, and they just can’t let that happen.

That’s what the democrats have destroyed. You can’t talk anymore to them. They are just…too obsessed with themselves, and their own ignorance. They have become…tyrants and don’t even know it.

So I ask myself…do I post comments on his Facebook page? …..

Do I really want to annoy him?


If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be…Thomas Jefferson.

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The History of Banks in America, and How They Control it All…

Nobody Wonders

I watched this video last night, and wondered, why we have never heard about some of these events? It’s being reported that not only are our children inferior compared to the rest of the word in math, so are our adults. Nobody Wonders if this absence of math and financial education in our schools is by mandate. The bankers that run the world, do not want the general public to be too smart in these things—–This keeps the rich at the very top, in continuing their greedy interests in secret.

We’ve all heard Ron Paul talk about the Federal Reserve: This video takes you through the banking history of the United States, and explains why the Federal Reserve it at the core of our problems.

While I believe there is more to the wars in the world than just simply greed, after I watched this film, I have to admit, that the first stimulus money…given out by then President  George W. Bush in his last days in office—- went to the overseas banking cartels. So by that measure, I take this video seriously.

Having said that, you will be surprised to learn, just how simple it would be to put the United States back on track….

If you can find the time…this is a very interesting, and I’d love to hear from anyone who can point out other ideas from it.

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