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Killing Babies After They Are Born? Leaving Old People to die? Too Costly?

Nobody Remembers

I saw this happen to my mother. She had a stroke and three doctors declared she was ‘brain” dead and they wanted to take her off all life support.

I was in the hospital every day fighting for her. She was talking to me, she was not brain-dead, and if not for one-woman doctor from India, who agreed with me, they would have starved her to death, like Terry.

Years later, I wondered if the rush to get her to die was because they LOVED her healthy heart. When you watch a doctor punch a hole in the wall because he was denied it, you have to wonder, how many hospitals take heathy organs from stroke victims.

But, after what happened in Virginia last week, we now know, why the pro-life Catholic boys were so viciously slandered.

The liberals are showing their cards

The liberals have all been told, that on their “things to do” list, is basically, genocide. Obamacare was the start of it. Death panels WERE real. When a lady asked Obama if her 81 years old mother could get a pace maker, he said well, not at that age.

Kill off the old, and unprotected. Kill off the unwanted babies. Kill the unborn.

Sounds like a socially engineered genocide to me.

When I was growing up, life was precious, whether you were one day old, or 100. That was because as a moral nation, the thought of NOT treating even the old, was never even contemplated.

Because of Obamacare more people will die sooner due to the cost of treatment.

The attitude that the state should decide whether you live or die was seen clearly when the Bush brothers (Both George and Jeb) let the poor woman Terry Schiavo, starve to death.

Yes, they KILLED her. Her parents were going to take care of her.

It’s all about the money, and the NWO.

We STILL have Obamacare. The cost of ALL medical care skyrocketed.

Now, the democrats are back in power and abortion is being put front and center:

New York triggered an avalanche of outrage last week when it passed, and then celebrated, a new law allowing late-term abortions under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, the Empire State is not the only state to recently consider radical new abortion laws.

Allowing late-term abortions has also been on the legislative docket in Virginia and Rhode Island.

Killing babies AFTER they’re born, because what…you don’t want to take care of them if they are not up to perfection? Hitler did that.

How did the “right to choose” morph into the “right to murder”?

We certainly didn’t hear a peep from our Congress when we saw that Planned Parenthood was making a lot of money off those aborted babies, did we? No, Paul Ryan gave them MORE money.

Abortion was always murder, but abortion propaganda was so cleverly passed as a ‘right’ that Woe VS Wade became the law of the land.

So many abortions were performed that now, Western nations have to refill their numbers with foreigners. And destroying the family and the middle class assured the liberals there would be a lot of business in body parts.

Like I said: genocide with no fingerprints.


Face it: almost all the radical liberals from the far left now are so unhinged that they are publicly shouting for the deaths of anyone who is religious, pro-life, or a Trump supporter.

This whole subject disgusts me. The fact is, the people who run the world don’t want the population it has, so they have to think of how to ‘thin the herd’ in order to get the ‘master’ slave race they would prefer.

How else can you look at this?

To kill a child after it’s born, is just genocide. And they applauded it in New York.

That should scare the hell out of us all.


The fact that ALL the Jews in the world remain silent makes me wonder.
They might have the highest IQs in the world, but they are no different from Hitler. with their silence.

Besides, who had the higher IQ? Hitler, or the Jews?

The liberals are becoming the new Nazi Party, and God Help us if we don’t start protecting ourselves from their evilness.

(Sorry, I’m very upset about all of this, and the silence from Congress.)

But then again, when do they EVER do anything right?


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Nobody Wins

I’ve been waiting for this:Liberalism

Some psychiatrist (sorry, I lost the page due to a power outage) explains WHY liberals are #$&-up.

Personally, I’d put Glenn Beck in this category, even though he claims to be a conservative.

Whoever said “Liberalism is a disease is right.”

Frankly, I wish more psychiatrists would come out and explain Obama, and Hillary.



Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded,” says Rossiter. “Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”

“A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity – as liberals do,” he says. “A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population – as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and overtaxes the nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state – as liberals do.”

“The roots of liberalism – and its associated madness – can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind,” he says. “When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.”Liberal muslm

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Preston Smith Needs to Give His Speech at the Next Al-Qaeda Meeting. Let’s Buy Him a Ticket…

Nobody Wins …

If you want to see an elitists morons who thinks it’s cute to make fun of other’s religions and traditions, then you might want to fly down and catch the City Commission meetings in Lake Worth, Florida.

From WMD:

An atheist invited to give the opening prayer at a Lake Worth, Florida, City Commission meeting recently called on the “wisdom of Satan” and declared “if almighty Thor is with us, who can ever be against us,” a perversion of a New Testament verse.

“Though he mentions Satan, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, and even Jesus, it all comes down to the fact that he openly states that he wants people to ‘do good for goodness sake’ and he doesn’t want to hear about damnation or judgment.”

Right…talk about stupid. If only the world would just do good for goodness sake, then we can all get along.

He just explained Obama’s foreign policy in one sentence.

Can we send this guy to Al Qaeda? surprise four

Here’s his ‘prayer’:

Mother Earth, we gather today in your redeeming and glorious presence to invoke your eternal guidance in the universe, the original creator of all things. May the efforts of this council blend the righteousness of Allah with the all knowing wisdom of Satan. May Zeus, the great god of justice, grant us strength tonight. Jesus might forgive our shortcomings while Buddha enlightens us through his divine affection.

We praise you Krishna for the sanguine sacrifice that freed us all. After all, if almighty Thor is with us, who can ever be against us? And finally for the bounty of logic, reason and science, we simply thank the atheists, agnostics, humanists, who now account for one in five Americans and growing rapidly.

In closing. Let us above all, love one another, not to obtain mythical rewards for ourselves now, hereafter or based on superstitious threats of eternal damnation, but rather embrace secular-based principles of morality, and do good for goodness sake.

And so we pray, so what?


We have to pray because more idiots like this guy are running our country. (The Mayor, much to his credit, walked out.)

I don’t know about you, but I would have yelled something at the guy like, “Satan can have you!” or “Allah will cut your head off, and that will be one less moron on the planet!” “Go back to your cocktail hour!” “Mother Earth wants you to die!” “Get a haircut!” “Go trim a tree!” “Quick, there’s a nudist camp right outside!”

What happens with these elite idiots is that they read a lot of books on religion, see NO difference in any religion, and go through life looking at everything and everything pertains to them and the god they think they are, and they just don’t get it, because they really are—- just plain stupid.

Really. Brainless.

BECAUSE they allowed this idiot to talk, they have opened up Pandora’s box of idiots who want to make fun of Christians:  Next week– A Satanist.

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Peanuts, Makeup, and Other Thoughts about Labor

Nobody’s Opinion

Today…is Labor Day. I’m not laboring at all, which is the point of Labor Day. I’m just daydreaming about peanuts and makeup.obama golf

Peanuts. And makeup.

The theme for today is THOU SHALT NOT LABOUR! —so I’m just daydreaming. That is the new National Strategy laid down by our ‘President’, who, has not told us lately he is the “Commander-in-Chief” because he’s trying to get out of that job at the moment. He wants to be able to blame Congress should ISIS attack us at home. He’ll say it was because the Tea Party blocked immigration.

It’s getting all too easy to predict, isn’t it? Yes, I can bet you Obama is daydreaming today on some golf course.

But, back to our labor. (Just THINKING of Obama is a labor.)

Basically— Labor Day is a National Holiday invented by Congress to celebrate union workers. They did it to ‘appease’ the unions in order to make up for the ‘deaths’ of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and Marshals during the Pullman Strike of 1894. (Pretty interesting history there, check it out.)

Congress decided to take matters in hand and give the ‘workers’ their own day, making SURE of course, that it didn’t coincide with May 1, which is as we all know, is— Have a Happy Communist Day! What happened is that George Pullmans lowered the wages of his employees but demanded the same housing rent. They went on strike.Pullman striked

(Sound familiar?)

Work in America is not too good right now, is it? Illegal’s are flooding the country, taking the few jobs that Americans will not get.

America is falling behind the rest of the world, because many Americans can’t find good paying jobs anymore. China and India’s middle class is expanding, ours is shrinking. Too many people are flipping hamburgers. Our educational system –lets just say it—-It  SUCKS. Why else do you think Obama wants high wages for fast food workers? Due to their education, they are doomed to be in fast food the rest of their lives. They can’t do anything else.

Inventiveness is way down.

I’m thinking: Peanuts. Makeup.

According to the news today, we watch football and riot, and our President plays golf.

He doesn’t work either. Bush wanted us to “shop.” Obama wants us to.. to play golf. Or better yet…watch HIM play golf.

So—- the question on this American Labor Day is: Is the entrepreneurship of the American worker and the spirit that fueled this nation into greatness gone?

Are there any George Washington’s Carvers out there in Ferguson? Do you think he would be burning down a Quickie Mart?Kevin makeup

You won’t believe where I found the answer to that:

I was reading a makeup book yesterday, and found a passage, written by the author of the book, whose name is Kevyn Aucoin, which to me, describes perfectly, the real American spirit and WHY America has succeeded in the past while other nations lagged behind—it’s called imagination.

And America’s DNA has been built on it:

Here’s what Kevyn (who is gay) had to say about his success.

While the other boys in my school dreamed of traveling to the moon or winning the Super Bowl, I dreamt of glossy red lips and sparkling skin. By the age of eleven I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. My first model was my six-year-old sister, Carla, and my first makeup tool was a single tube of tangerine lipstick. Armed with my father’s Polaroid camera and endless curiosity, I enthusiastically began what was to become my career. The fashion magazines I collected had an endless array of talent to choose from, but I only had one girl on my roster, so I set out to create as many looks as my limited resources would allow. Carla became my guinea pig for haircuts, perms, homemade clothing, and endless hours of amateur photo sessions. Over the years she and I experimented with every look imaginable.

And THIS is my favorite part:

Through it all both Carla and I learned not to be afraid of taking chances, and in the process, I learned how to do makeup. We had no real teachers, only photographs from fashion magazines. I would tear out my favorite faces, and try to replicate them on Carla. Learning to do makeup through trial and error taught me that my ‘mistakes’ were often exciting revelations. I came to realized that rules and words like “never’ and “always’ were (and are) sure death for creativity. And while I believe that education is very important, I am grateful for my lack of formal training in makeup. The journey itself may have taken longer but along the way I discovered things I could not have been “taught.” For me, new and exciting ideas are most often created when chances are taken and rules are broken.

Invention. YES! Break those rules! America has been GREAT at it, starting with the invention of the greatest concept of a republic in human history: Our Constitution. ‘Never’ was not in our vocabulary. (Nor in Captain’s Kirk’s.)

The words of Kevyn would have applied to Tom Edison, who dropped out of grade school, the Wright Brothers, who had a bike shop, to Einstein, whom everybody thought was dense, and to George Washington Carver, who was a slave and ended up with hundreds of patents:George Washington Carver

In 1896, Booker T. Washington, the first principal and president of the Tuskegee Institute, invited Carver to head its Agriculture Department. Carver taught there for 47 years, developing the department into a strong research center and working with two additional college presidents during his tenure. He taught methods of crop rotation, introduced several alternative cash crops for farmers that would also improve the soil of areas heavily cultivated in cotton, initiated research into crop products (chemurgy), and taught generations of black students farming techniques for self-sufficiency.

America was all about, and always has been: imagination. Invention. Creativity. We NEED to reassert our hero’s.

The Individual, failing, making mistakes, getting up and trying again—-

Enough with the basketball players. The football players. The movie stars killing themselves on drugs. Our kids need new hero’s….inventors. The man. The woman. The lone individual.

Not the “You didn’t build this.” crap.

The good news: The American spirit is an idea. And it can be resurrected. Human beings don’t need to go to Harvard to think of the next cure for cancer. Simple people CAN do great things…if only the government will get out of their way.

Our government is literally choking the creativity out of us all. (Hi Homeland Security! Eat some peanuts!)

I certainly never thought I’d read one of the most profound statements on creatively from a gay makeup artist yesterday, but that’s what great about America still:  Somebody tomorrow could think of a way to take a peanut and invent permanent makeup.

Hey, I’m ready.

But getting rid of the progressive liberals? That’s going to take another George Washington Carver, and whoever that man is not going to be on the golf course. He’s going to working, every day will be labor day.

So, CAN America come back to the creative individual spirit that we once had?

Don’t ever say….NEVER.

Now swear….on your mother’s best peanut butter sandwich.

Albert Enstiane quote

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Nobody Wishes The Joy of Reincarnation to ALL Liberals.

Nobody WinsARianna Huffington

God…I LOVE synchronicity…I was trying to find a theme for my NOBODY WINS post tonight, and I thought I’d remark about this book I got from the library. It’s all about the new ‘theme’ that the liberal minds are trying to explore. You know….they are trying to destroy “god” by building the, “YOU are god” dearie— worship your own soul! “-–BS. And then, tonight I ran into this from Arianna Huffington:

Wherever I go around the world, I see the same hunger to live our lives with more meaning and purpose and less unnecessary stress and burnout. This is the goal of a new online course being offered by the University of Santa Monica, which I’m delighted we have arranged to offer free for HuffPost readers. Entitled “33 Days of Awakening Through Loyalty to Your Soul,” the class is designed to teach us how to nurture a sense of well-being, joy, purpose and fulfillment. Of course, there are going to be challenges along the way, but as the course’s founders, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, show, there are ways in which many of these challenging moments can in fact strengthen and reaffirm our sense of purpose and well-being instead of taking us off-course.

Good lord. That’s exactly what the author of the book I’m reading wants to do— Program our minds..but he wants us all to have a conversation on his website so he can carefully ‘guide’ it.

(No Joyanna, she’s REALLY just trying to help, you say? ah……) The storm before the calm

Well, I could certainly use less stress—– I was having trouble the last few weeks, (As you know, I have been too close to Ferguson) but alas, I forget the liberal bleeding hearts out in the world are suffering much more than I. They break out in hives if just one person is suffering over in India, or one immigrant child doesn’t like the food in Texas. This liberal stress usually last until they can still get their morning Caramel Cappuccino with double the nuts—for protein. Yes, the nut is replacing the hamburger for protein, haven’t you notice all the ‘protein’ bars? Soon…BUG Bars.

WAKE UP! Pay attention.

For those of you who don’t read, or who are not paying attention, the liberals for a while have been trying desperately to ‘unite’ the world in some kind of NEW religion, where everyone will feel happy, joyous, peaceful, serene in a world with no problems, no fighting, no wars…

They write science fiction about this utopia in books and movies— of course, it never ends well.Oprah A new Earth

Oprah took a stab at it..this new religion. She failed. Then everyone read her “THE SECRET” book, in which it says…”Follow your heart. Follow your soul. Everything will just COME to you!”

Hahahahaha…only if you happen to be in Oprah’s audience when she gave away the cars.

So, I’m going to post here, for sheer entertainment, what the New World Order of elite liberals are trying to do. They are trying to sell you communism wrapped in a NEW Earth religion.

Hey, if I don’t tell you, how are you going to NOT laugh?

The book I got this stuff out of is called: The Storm Before the Calm by Neale Donald Walsch. (see picture.)

First off: Walsch SWEARS that God…had a personal conversation with HIM, and told him what to do. There IS going to be an overhaul of humanity. Here’s some of the lessons god taught him:

  1. Nothing dies. (We are all reincarnated.) Therefore the soul is ALWAYS joyful to leave.
  2. We must take responsibility for our past. ( All western civilization should now suffer.)
  3. WE are creating earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. and global warming. This is all man-made.
  4. We must abandoned our traditions and ancestors in order to evolve.
  5. You are ONLY here to assist in the evolution of your species.
  6. The sixties were GREAT! (Mr. Walsch was obviously stoned and had a lot of sex after rock concerts.)
  7. Your life isn’t about YOU.
  8. Transfer the money spent on defense to feeding the world.
  9. If a person attacks another, it’s because he is suffering.
  10. We need a growth model based on given people more time to enjoy life, and less stuff.
  11. There IS no right or wrong. Religion is oppressive.
  12. Nobody is better than anybody else. (Unless of course…you LIKE the “old culture.” (That’s what he calls religions and our founders.)
  13. There is no such thing as misbehaving in the eyes of God. ( Bill Clinton has this down.) All sex is a joy. (He says nothing about rape, but if you want to screw your best friend’s spouse…feel free!)

You get the idea: smash down every religion, and know that YOU are god, and no one can judge you at all. Do whatever feels good. There IS no right, no wrong.Druge

And then he goes into economics. It’s pretty simple: Everybody in the world gives 10 percent of their income to the government. The state takes care of everything.

Which means, to Mr. Walsch, an end to the endless struggle for bigger, better, more. An end to discrimination. If people don’t want to work, that’s okay too. They can just…be. They will still receive the same thing as everybody else.

He calls this new economic system: Beingism. Yes, you can just sit and be lazy, have a lot of sex, in your trailer park.

BUT…if you don’t work, they will put your name on a list on the internet. There will be…INTERNET SHAME! (Millions will reincarnate to escape)

Okay…enough. You get the idea.

The progressives ARE communists. They know that they can’t call communism anymore “communism” because, historically speaking, it’s killed more people than capitalism.commie poster

And so, they will keep trying to come up with a new “religion,” to sooooooooth all our pains.

You can call it whatever you like: Go into the future with progressive “Beingism” communism, or try to rekindle the “old culture” ….and which one do you think is going to ‘evolve’ the species?

Yes, Mr. Walsch, said God SPOKE to him, and he’s on a mission…we all must talk, and teach the kids, what god REALLY wants.

So, when I read Arianna Huffington trying to sell the same “We are all stressed out dears, we need to find our souls.” I think I’ll keep my soul to myself.

I would rather go down to the crossroads–something tells me, I might get a better deal.

On a lighter note, if we go by “God’s” conversation, wouldn’t the liberals just all be better off reincarnated?

We DO want them to feel joyful now…don’t we?

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Nobody’s Fool: Dan Joseph

Nobody’s Fool

Liberals have repeated the morning democratic talking points so often, this man decided to put them all in a video.

Dan Joseph wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week, for putting the nonsense in humorous perspective.


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Nobody’s Fool: Wild Bill—Again.


Nobody’s Fool

I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Wild Bill so mad. The American People have always given generously of their time and money, and they send it to all corners of the earth.

Hear Bill tell you why the liberals are keeping Christmas gifts from reaching poor kids. It’s pathetic.

Bill wins my Nobody’s Fool award for the week…again.

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Five Minds for the Future is Five Too Many

Nobody Reads

Okay…I’m almost finished with Howard Gardner’s propaganda book on Harvard’s guide to Social Engineering called, “Five Minds for the Future” And let me say, I was doing pretty well, until the last few chapters…then this came out of me—–

It’s official: Harvard should be razed to the ground. And I think, I could have a say in this as I have a land deed, handed down in the family, where the first schoolhouse was built, which later morphed into the Harvard college. I’m not kidding. I’m ready to kick them all out. Henry Adams tried to warn us all about Harvard, but no, they didn’t listen. It should have been destroyed long ago, because almost every elite politician that has ever ruin a good thing has come from Harvard. The Skull and Bones have really lived up to their names.

Like a creepy liberal, Howard is not up front about his global intentions to brainwash the world. The first part of the book is mild, and nebulous, and he could just as well be talking about a trip down the yellow brick poppycock road—-and then…he starts creeping: Because the parent have to work, it’s up to the teachers to mold the children into model workers. Individualism is selfish. In fact, it’s up to the state institutions to mold these kids into ‘community and unselfish workers.”Howard Gardner


“In a New York City based program called Common Core, youngsters collect pennies from the community and then decide as a group how to allocate these financial resourced. Individuals with an entrepreneurial bents should be encouraged to build organizations that serve the common good, rather than more selfish ends, and that recruit and promote across the demographic spectrum.”

Yes! Get the little buggers to start taking money (that they don’t earn) and pass it around for fun! Howard keeps going—Students should ask themselves:

“What does it mean to be a lawyer/physician/engineer/educator at the present times? What are my rights, obligations, and responsibilities? What does it mean to be a citizen of my community/ my region/ the planet? What do I owe others, and especially those who through the circumstances of birth or bad luck, are less fortunate than I am?  Community service and other forms of giving are or should be an important part of the curriculum of any schools.”

Howard,….our kids are doing so much community service now, they don’t have any time left to do math homework. The only good community service does it prepare them to dig ditches for the Chinese engineers who will be their bosses someday.

Then he talks lovingly about his favorite leaders:

“On the one hand they have adopted the heart of socialist ideology, a society in which property is not aggressively accumulated, many goods are shared, and each individual works to the utmost of his or her abilities.”

Howard’s ability is being a very good communist…we see that now. Stalin would be proud!

In the end Howard goes wants the adolescents—-

“Unlike younger persons adolescents can readily imagine different possibilities, try out and see what’s its like to be to be a scrupulous or an unscrupulous lawyer, a dedicated or a self centered-citizen. No longer do they dress up as Mommy  or Daddy they envision themselves as a journalist or as a judge.”

Yes, they can also grow up to be just like an unscrupulous self-centered lawyer we all know that became President.

Mommies and Daddies just don’t rate anymore. So my dear readers…I must honestly tell you, that I am thinking about buying this book. It would bring me great satisfaction to gather a group of friends around the fire on a Saturday night, and burn it. I truly want to do my good deed for “community service.”

Howard. In fact…could you send me a copy for the good of the common core? After all, you do want to help the less fortunate, don’t you?

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Does an Education Stop With Your Degree?

Nobody Wins

Long ago, I had a band called Coconuts. And in that band was a guitar player named Eric Vieth. We were on the road a lot, and Eric and I enjoyed many a deep discussion about everything, while passing the time between ‘gigs.’  After the band broke up, I tried to stay in touch with him. In fact, we both had the same philosophy teacher in college.

I thought the guy was a fool, and dropped his class. Eric, became one of his best friends. (Yes…it started there.)

Eric went on to finish his education, and became a lawyer. He still works in Missouri as a lawyer. This is all just background, because last year, after many years of not talking to him, I looked him up on the internet, and found…that the “mind” I used to love talking to…is now, very liberal.

He posted this video on his FACEBOOK page. Eric, believes every single word this man says. Here’s what Eric posted:Eric Vieth

Bill Moyers on the Sabotage of Democracy. This is five minutes of must-watch sanity regarding Obamacare, including a cogent analysis of the tantrum being thrown by Republicans, as well as the danger this Republican stunt presents to all of us.

And you know what? My heart is very sad at this. In life, Eric’s has had a much more successful career than I. But when I saw this, I remembered how FAR I have come intellectually since college, because it was in college when I used to think Bill Moyers was just about the coolest thing around. And then I left college and read other things. I read the Founders. I read history. I paid attention to life.

I read all views, and saw that our universities grind out battalions of these sort of “emotional and illogical retards” as fast as the waves rushing in on a beach.

What I’m trying to say is, I can’t figure out why Eric never got passed idealizing Bill Moyers…like I did. I always thought he was as smart as me.

I’m sad, because I know, Eric is not a stupid man. All I can think of is that guys like Bill Moyers and those like him, talk in very authoritative tones (much like the professors) So, I guess it’s like liberals feel the professors know best. You’d best believe them.

You would THINK that a smart person would check it out. We are not a democracy. We are a Republic. The people have a right to defund Obamacare if they don’t like it.  It’s the way our system is supposed to work. But listen to Bill…the people want to sabotage democracy. They keep saying “YOU LOST! YOU LOST!” Well, that doesn’t mean we should put up with tyranny.

Damn right we want to defund it. Obamacare was passed on Christmas Eve, and NONE of the politicians even read it. And yet…people like Bill Moyers and my friend Eric are okay with it. They are even okay with all it’s faults.

And why shouldn’t they be? They are not effected by it. They live in the upper classes.

Eric is a lawyer. So…uh…what am I missing here?

Read Thomas Jefferson. Or…don’t you guys read anymore?

I would love to talk to Eric again, explore ideas, compare notes, wonder at the world like we used to do in old times—- but he thinks I am just an old married housewife who is…conservative and stupid. I know…his opinion of me shouldn’t matter. But…it still makes me sad, because when it all comes down to it…Eric is still in college. Eric is in many ways…still a child. I’m sure he thinks the same of me.

He may have gotten a degree…but his mind never went any further.

And I know, he feels very superior to me. Probably even pities me.

And that’s….sad…and you know what else is sad? I’m sure, there are thousands of others out there just like me, who has a very dear liberal friend, and misses having just a decent conversation. And think: Why can’t we have a conversation?

Why? Because they would lose all arguments, and they just can’t let that happen.

That’s what the democrats have destroyed. You can’t talk anymore to them. They are just…too obsessed with themselves, and their own ignorance. They have become…tyrants and don’t even know it.

So I ask myself…do I post comments on his Facebook page? …..

Do I really want to annoy him?


If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be…Thomas Jefferson.

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Nobody’s Email: Donate Your Money Wisely…

Nobody Gets Email:

Here’s a few things that are handy to know, next time you want to donate some of your money to good causes: Some of these organizations are just money making machines for the runs who run them. Be sure you pick the right one.

(Thanks to Pattie)


As you open your pocketbook for the next natural disaster, please keep these facts in mind: The American Red Cross President and CEO Gail J. McGovern received $995,718 in compensation. The United Way President Brain Callagher receives a $675,000 base salary along with numerous expense benefits. UNICEF CEO Caryl M. Stern receives $1,900,000 per year (158K) per month, plus all expenses including a Rolls Royce. Less than 5 cents (4.4 cents) per donated dollar goes to the cause.

Compensation of some Charity Leaders”

$406,345              CARE                              Helene D. Gayle            President, CEO

$380,609             WORLD VISION           Richard E. Stearns          President

$391,194               Save the Children          Charles MacCormack    CEO

$482,632              Nature Conservancy      Mark R. Tercek              Director and President

$417,171                Susan G. Corman                    Nancy Brunker          Founder/CEO

$426, 350             World Wildlife Fund     Carter S. Roberts President CEO


NOTE: Some of the most highly compensated are the environmental charities…

The Salvation Army, Todd Bassett receives a salary of only $13,000 a year. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!

The American Legion National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donation go to help Veterans and their families and youth!

The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth.

The Disabled American Veterans National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth.

The Military Order of Purple Hearts National Commander receives a $0.00 salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youths!

The Vietnam Veterans Association National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youths.

No further comment is necessary.

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The NEW Liberal Scientific Testing Subject: Drunks.

Nobody Wonders

Liberals are having a hard time lately. Here they elected a President who they were SURE was going to be the greatest living human savior next to Jesus: one that would finally deliver them from the evil, moronic, and stupid narrow-minded conservative people that they are finding out dominate much of the United States— and what happened? Every day, Obama screws up: Unconstitutional Health Care, long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, high gas price, and a wife who can’t stop taking vacations and ordering caviar and lobster for lunch, and he even started going to church!

This can’t be happening.

Obama and Michelle are acting like the very rich people the democrats complain about, and all the people who voted for him to “fundamentally change” the country, are finding out he wants to make their life miserable too. Many Obama lovers are also losing their homes and jobs. They are figuring out that the free lunch is not going to last forever. If only they could change those millions of conservatives out there, everything would be great.

So–somewhere in the la-la land of the University of Arkansas, a psychologist named Scott Eidelman, decided to prove once and for all that being a conservative means you’re stupid. He decided to ‘prove’ it with his liberal scientific method: Called–

The Liberal Scientific Method: Test the drunks at the bar.

” Researchers stood outside the exit of a busy New England tavern and offered to measure patrons’ blood alcohol level if they would fill out a short survey. Eighty-five drinkers agreed, expressing their opinions of 10 statements such as “production and trade should be free of government interference.”

And their conclusion from this very scientific method?

“Bar patrons reported more conservative attitudes as their level of alcohol intoxication increased,” the researchers report.

So they proves— what? That all drunks are conservatives? What if an inebriated Ted Kennedy had been asked those questions? This is the liberal scientific method of testing?
No conservative on the planet would suggest that you test drunks coming out of a bar and call it scientifically sound information, but that’s what makes liberals and conservatives so different from each other. Liberals aren’t afraid to experiment with anything: drugs, sex, gay marriage, gay military, and trillion-dollar stimulus packages given to companies making products that nobody wants. To them, it makes sense just to do it, no matter what the’s the ‘experiment’ that deserves the award , not the results.

Conservatives stick with the tried and true method of doing what has worked before. To a liberal, this is sheer madness…go figure. A conservative would build a skyscraper relying on what works: Steel, concrete, calculus, and planning. A liberal would say, “Hey, let’s just pile the stuff up and see what happens!” What building would YOU feel safer in?

So, what did Scott find out?

“Conservatism, which the researchers identify as “an emphasis on personal responsibility, acceptance of hierarchy, and a preference for the status quo” — may be our default ideology. If we don’t have the time or energy to give a matter sufficient thought, we tend to accept the conservative argument.”

By default, people are conservative? Oh no!

Think about this again: Conservatives will pick the common sense attitude, from information passed down to be true, (Even when he’s DRUNK!) rather than have enough “energy” to give the liberal’s idea much thought, because a conservative can tell you right off the bat that you can’t sell electic cars to a nation which runs on gas, (Even when he’s DRUNK!) and he didn’t waste any energy to even have to think about that no-brainer.

Obama, the liberal thinker, had to spent untold billions and god know how much brain energy to figure that out. And it still hasn’t dawned on him….that duh…it’s not going to work.

We have seen the results of liberal thought “energy” in our screwed up school system. Instead of using tried and true methods of building strong minds in grades 1-5, by grading everyone on mastering the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic–liberals decided to use their energy making sure all our kids all know how to recycled, believe in global warming, and understand the ‘diversity’ of their various sexual choices. Only half of our kids can now read, but that’s okay. At least they won’t come out of bars drunk and conservative.

Scott Eidelman decided that he only needed one bar to do this survey.

“Ideology is multiply determined, coming from many sources, including values, experience, history and culture,” the researchers note. (How diverse is one bar?) It’s unclear whether this rightward drift would occur in a population of strongly committed but cognitively overloaded liberals.”

Oh…so he just admitted it was a bar full of conservatives to begin with. Nothing like stacking the deck in your favor.

To be fair and scientific, he should have conducted another survey of Eight-five drunks coming out of the White House Press Dinner. But..then again, that would take common sense, something a liberal professor thinks is outdated.

“Research provides evidence that, when under time pressure or otherwise cognitively impaired, people are more likely to express conservative views”

So, Scott’s evidence of 85 drunks in a bar prove that only idiots are conservative. They’d never think of something so smart as wearing ‘hoodies’ on the floor of Congress.

The liberals are so freighted that the dumb conservative people of the drunken state of America, will never take the time and energy to become enlighten to the future of the liberal mind of the New World Global Taxing Order—What ARE they going to do?

They have just found out, that people are conservative when they get drunk or upset. So, if I were a liberal, I’d try to make sure I did not get a conservative drunk or upset.
In other words: Don’t piss off a conservative—especially when he’s drunk… he won’t change.

And if change is what you want…move to Kenya….all the drunks there are waiting for you to command.

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Knocking on the Atheist’s Door

Nobody’s Fool

“No John, ” I said to my friend as he was lying in the hospital bed. “You would be surprised to know that I’m not in disagreement with you…it’s just that, religion brings great comfort to so many people…you must know that?”

My 73-year-old very liberal friend, John, was getting so upset, that the beeper on the machine that was hooked up to his arms, started beeping. John shouted,  “That’s annoying!”and pushed the button hard with his fist to call the nurse. He had surgery the day before to replace a kneecap.

Add that knee surgery to his past triple bypass, gallbladder removal, prostate cancer, and diabetes, and you have a man who is not exactly in good shape.

But when he looks in the mirror, he sees a vibrant young stud. Always will. And I have NO idea how he pulls off that little trick. To me, he looks just this side of George Burns without the sense of humor.

You see, John had never gotten married, because, he …loved sex. Hooked on it in fact. When we first met(at a library computer class) he would brag about his past and all he would talk about was…sex…how many thousands of girls he had…bedded. He was 60 at the time. It was driving him crazy that it was getting harder and harder for him to pick up the usual two or three women he was accustomed to. To him, the good old days of four girls a night were heaven.

 To me, he was just a very lonely old soul. No wife, no children,…and he sold water faucets. Traveling salesman. Spending his life in cars. I would have crashed myself long ago into a ditch if I had been him, but he liked it. I can only imagine what he spent his money on, because all he had to show for his single life was a nice car and a condo.

I hadn’t seen him in ten years and within five minutes I was already getting lectured on the “weak” minded people who believe in god. Those people, like that damn Jerry Falwell, they have ruined the world..he said.

John is a very proud atheist. To him, anyone who believes in God is not as brilliant, or as strong as he is.

Strong was the word he used, and it was how he felt about himself.

“Well, Obama today is talking about God.”I said. “The Democrats are ALWAYS preaching in Churches.” Okay, I shouldn’t have said that. John is a liberal, and I was just about to find out…how he started down the path of how he became his wonderful enlightened liberal self.

It was in high school. He was only fifteen and he basically broke his virginity with a sixteen-year -old foreign exchange student from Sweden. It was there he learned how to look at the world. She taught him that what he was raised to believe in, was bull. This lead him to a life of hedonism that served the one purpose…himself, and his sexual needs.

Even though I have not seen John since I met him so long ago,he would write me emails telling me how lonely he was…searching for a woman. I had no illusions about it, his body was falling apart and there was no one to take care of him in his old age. John, was realizing that he needed someone to grow old with. 

He showed me a picture of his new Swedish girlfriend. She was a doctor, 62 years old. He had met her online, and she was in great shape and by all accounts a beautiful woman.

He even had a picture of her when she was sixteen. There was one picture that was not exactly the best, and it galled me when he said, “Oh..that’s a terrible picture.”

That’s a godless man for you. Ugly old man, making a remark about a sixty -year old beautiful face.

You see, John had never gotten married, because, he …loved sex. Hooked on it in fact. When we first met he would brag about his past and all he would talk about was…sex. He was 60 at the time.

And now, he finally found someone.

“She was just screwing around with me when she got my email.” he said. “I told her I knew her little village well, and she didn’t believe me. She thought I was lying.”

But for once in his lying life, John wasn’t lying. I can only imagine the hundreds of past trailing tears laying ribbons of despair after John was sexually through with them. When I reminded him that he must have lied in his life with so many girls, he said that was in the 70’s: Everybody lied.

Evidently this woman had been lied to, and was careful with her heart. John was truly surprised that she didn’t trust men.

“ people actually LIE in Sweden too” I said? “Is there an epidemic of lying that we don’t know about?” Insinuating that in his European utopia, people weren’t perfect.

John doesn’t get my sense of humor.

“Well John, I think there is some higher power.” I said, “Because there are things in this life, miracles if you wish to call them, that happen every single day and mathematically speaking, the odds are against it..without something else causing it.”

“For instance, what are the odds, that you would meet the perfect woman for you? One who doesn’t want to get married (he hates the institution)—who lives in the most beautiful town in the world, that you loved as a soldier, in a country which has high taxes (he thinks we need to be taxed more) who has perfect breasts (so important to him) and body. She’s your idea of the perfect blond, and on top of all that, she’s a doctor! You are in such bad shape, you’d be lucky to get a nurse for a girlfriend, but a doctor?”

“What are the odds that just by chance you would met this doctor on the internet?”

Well, I may not know calculus, but It doesn’t take much of a brain to see that the odds are like 1 million to 1, and if you saw John, you’d say, I was short a few billion.

To me, this selfish, moronic, and pathetic lonely soul lying in this bed was sent a miracle today by God. A real woman to finally love him in his old age. God is giving John one last chance of happiness. He should hurry as fast as a plane can carry him and go get this woman, and live his days out as a happy liberal in Sweden.

BUT…she has a son.

“Personally, I think he should not be living with her, after all, he’s 21.”

John, doesn’t really want the 21 year old around.

There you go.

God knocks on many doors…and some just don’t care to hear it.  Will John open door number One? Or door number two?

 I’ll let you know.

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Can We Blame Dick Cheney ONE MORE TIME?

Nobody’s Opinion

When you first watch this video, you might think that these guys are for real. Well, I’m here to observe that NOBODY could be that stupid. Comparing a Pinto to a Ferrari…even a five-year-old boy knows that’s a no-brainer. And Muslims are peaceful? No…these guys took the talking points of every single democratic pundit and literally threw up a short, but fun satire.

I need a bath.

Then again, the guy in the middle could be for real. They all look like virgins, so that would explain why they blame Bush for everything. I don’t know. I’m beginning to suspect that all liberals have a hormonal imbalance. What else explains a habit they have of parroting everything they see or hear on TV?

Wait…did I just dish half the human race? Sorry.

I’m having trouble being serous today.


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