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Common Core: All Will Be Equal in Stupidity

Nobody’s Opinion

The other day, I switched the news to Channel 9, public broadcast, as I do once in a while just to see what the progressives are doing. There was an old guy talking, I THINK he was a democratic Senator, and he was talking about the lawbreakers on the Bundy farm…and then he said something that was absurd.

“THEY HAD GUNS!” Yes, he was astounded that people in the United States came to face the government with… guns.

Now…what he didn’t say was that the big armored military SWAT teams blazing with their AK47s machine guns were there first.

Clearly, the government coming in with 200 armed militia is not the way a government should bargain with one lonely farmer about his overdue ‘taxes.’

But…the Senator’s face, his emotion, his outrage at the lawbreakers…well let just say the facts did not matter. To him, you DO not question the United States federal authority—-an authority which by our constitution is suppose to represent the “people’ not Harry Reid.

So, when I saw this video the other day, I thought of the very deceitful tactic of ’emotional’ attack that the democrats use all the time.

They want to teach that deceitful tactic to all children. Great.

As you see, Common Core is all about socially engineering a generation of progressive robots. Kids who will never be able to think for themselves.

And then, there’s the math. Here you see two examples of common core math.Common-Core-Math-ProblemCommon-Core-Subtraction

This all reminds me of the many ‘pleasant days’ I have spent with teachers. It started in Kindergarten, when my 4-year-old was flunked because he couldn’t tie his shoe laces.

“But, I’ve ALWAY brought him Velcro! Why tie, when you can, in two seconds, flip and be off. Velcro is a wonderful invention! Why have shoe laces? ”

I had to teach him how to tie his shoes and wear tied shoes like the rest of the kids. OR…no first grade.

I also had to teach him addition, subtraction, his multiplication tables. In fact, later on he was punished by teachers because he did NOT use his calculator but did all the math in his head.

God forbid the plebeians figure out what the elites are doing. One smart kid could crush them with logic one day.

Can’t have that.

I met English teachers who had never heard of Edgar Allen Poe. I met math teachers who couldn’t do percentages. I met history teachers who took taxpayer’s paid-for vacations to D.C. every year. The ONLY teachers I got along with were the shop teachers, which is understandable. If you don’t do real math in shop, you could lose a finger.

And so, I guess it’s come to this. Thanks to Bill Gates, our kids will grow up to be progressive morons. The Chinese and Indians will take all the future American jobs, which will be cheaper for Microsoft.

Here’s the really bad news: 45 states and Washington, D.C. have already agreed to implement the full Common Core . Good thing they will be stupid, because god forbid they do the math on Obamacare.
Yes Common Core–the utopia where, no answer is a wrong answer, and black can be white, and up can be down, and war can be peace…and black grades will be equally right with the Chinese and the white kids.

Finally— an answer to the progressive prayer: All will be equal in stupidity.

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Nobody’s Fool: Susan Kimball

Nobody’s Fool

This video hits a VERY personal note to me. This speech was given in front of the Missouri legislature, and as you can see by the very FEAR of this teacher in coming forth about Common Core, she is afraid she will lose her job. And she is right to be afraid. Our educational system in Missouri (and I suspect most other states) is a top-down dictatorial sewage of corruption.

I know: My son showed up to his high school in his senior year, and was told he couldn’t attend. He needed a doctor’s excuse to come into the school.

To make a long story short, he was suffering from a disorder called DSPS, (Delayed Sleep Phrase Syndrome) and instead of working with us, the school, just kicked him out.

Illegally. They are NOT allowed to kick any kid out of school without a trial.

I went through all the channels, from the local school board, to the educational board in Jefferson City, to the governor of Missouri, because my son had done absolute nothing wrong but be sick.

I even went to the top lawyer here, Brown and Crupen (Yes, the ones who Glenn Beck says is so honorable) and that man just heard my name and started screaming at me.

Screaming “You don’t have a CASE!’ How did he know what I was even going to say?

He was on the school board payroll.

I then went to the Post Distract, who was interested in the story, (good kid kicked out of school) but then the reporter, wouldn’t return my phone calls. They too, bow to the state.

My son was not let on the school grounds. I read in the paper that one of his friends was caught selling drugs on school grounds, he got a few days suspension. Over 1100 black kids who didn’t even live in our district, got to go half days. My taxes paid for THEM.

The proud day a parent feels when their son graduates, was deprived of us. His prom. His friends. His senior year.

So why did they kick him out? WHY? I told him he had no choice but to get his GED.

He scored so high on the GED test he got a scholarship, but that’s a whole other story.

I was threatened and harassed, so many times by so many school officials, and all this for a kid who not only had always had top grades, but had never even had one mark on his record for anything.

He WAS in the top ten (IQ) of his class. (And that’s what I think is the problem.)

Two years later, (after my son had been property diagnosed at Washington Universally sleep clinic) they school sent me a letter and said my son could come back.

They had been collecting money for his attendance—all that time. They just said he quit. (lie)

So I was that woman. I know what she is feeling. She knows what is happening to the kids, especially the good kids, the smart kids, and it’s an abomination. The people placed in the school administrations are Gestapo’s. And they all get big bucks. Notice how they did not let that woman talk long?

If you have a child in school, you now must teach him at home as well. Especially math. They have screwed up math so badly IT’S ALMOST A JOKE.

There are still school in the U.S. that are good, but the majority, especially in democratic regions, are run like military and they are destroying whatever brain you child might have.

And the parent is powerless. Now…the teachers will be too. Common Core is a joke. It’s control, and money for big corporations, and the new surveillance state.

Damn you Bill Gates…

Please watch this, and know, that the threat is real.

I know, I learned the hard way that the corruption goes all the way to the top.

So Congratulations Susan Kimball. You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week. Thank you for being brave and standing up to the Common Criminals and for all kids everywhere.

(And yes, I’m STILL pissed off at what they did to my son.)

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Nobody’s Fool: Karen Lamoreaux

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s a real woman, that will make you cheer…Karen Lamoreaux makes her statement on Common Core so succinct and damning that she leaves the school board speechless. I’ve found school boards all over the country to be one of the main problems of our sad and sorry educational systems. They are filled mostly with people who are political hacks—- at least in my town. Most of them are dumber than greasy doorknobs.

So— don’t miss this outstanding Nobody stand up for the kids of America, by putting her considerable superior intellect into warrior fashion.

Bravo Karen! Take a bow.  You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week.

(h/t Glenn Beck)

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It’s Sunday! Time for the Messiah!

Nobody Gets Email

“Thank God, and our lord and savior, Barack Obama!”–Jamie FoxObama as Messaih 2

THIS…is an audio version from a Common Core book being used in our schools. You would have to laugh about how Obama’s alcoholic, Muslim, Marxist, woman beating deserter of a father is updated to be a strong man of courage from Harvard that Obama wants to be like. You could laugh at little Barry worrying that the world was filled with poor people and it broke his heart. You could laugh when his mother told him to grow up to be honest, be kind, and be fair.

You COULD laugh, if you had not been paying attention to Obama every single day.  Yes, George Washington cut down the Cherry Tree, and Obama played basketball with a gift from his father.

Oh…and grew up to become—the world’s messiah.

Another strong message in this is that little boys want their dads to stick around, and be in their lives, but HEY! You got mom!  Seventy percent of black kids live with single parent moms and grandmothers. Obama…was just like you!

(They leave out that mom left him to when he was ten.)

This stuff is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start.  Somehow the fact that little Barry was a crack addict and a cross-dresser, didn’t even get a Obama messian 3paragraph.

When I think of this propaganda called Common Core, I can’t help but think of my friend Ruth. As some of you know, Ruth (who is my neighbor) grew up in Hitler’s Germany.  And when she was telling me the history of Germany she had to say, “Well, the Jews WERE taking all the money!” Even though she lived through the bombing of Dresden,…even though she escaped a Russian prison camp by digging her way out with her bloody hands, and even though she was made to pick up all the dead Jews, write down the numbers on their wrists, and bury them—even after all that…. she still blames..

You guessed it: The Jews. That’s how brainwashing takes place: You have to get them when they are young.  Ruth was taught about Hitler every single day in school.

Now—-don’t get me wrong— Ruth is a dear person. I truly believe that Hitler’s ‘Common Core’ had brainwashed her completely,—so well, that she to this day, didn’t think Germany was at fault. She knew the horrors that Hitler committed but I have never really heard her say a bad word about him. It’s just not in her. She was taught that Hitler was the Messiah, and it’s just too entrenched in her mind—

Ruth married an American soldier, mostly because her father wanted her too, and she has been in America most of her adult life. She knows the horrors of socialism, she is a very strong conservative, and she knows that the Nazi’s and the socialists were wrong…but…she still doesn’t blame the man most responsible. Living in Freedom, she saw the problems with the system of socialism, but still…she just can’t bring herself to blame Hitler. Obama as Messah one

So, no matter how badly Obama destroys the country, the kids in school will NEVER blame the man who grew up to save the poor people of the world, against those evil people with money who want to starve everyone. As we see time and time again….Obama is NEVER to blame for anything.

Like Hitler, Obama wants to be a God.

Obama is STILL the President.  None of the kids should be made to read this trash in school— but it’s Sunday.

And you might want to ask the question…

“Do YOU know where your Messiah is today?”

(Thanks to Freedom Outpost. Read article here.)

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Five Minds for the Future is Five Too Many

Nobody Reads

Okay…I’m almost finished with Howard Gardner’s propaganda book on Harvard’s guide to Social Engineering called, “Five Minds for the Future” And let me say, I was doing pretty well, until the last few chapters…then this came out of me—–

It’s official: Harvard should be razed to the ground. And I think, I could have a say in this as I have a land deed, handed down in the family, where the first schoolhouse was built, which later morphed into the Harvard college. I’m not kidding. I’m ready to kick them all out. Henry Adams tried to warn us all about Harvard, but no, they didn’t listen. It should have been destroyed long ago, because almost every elite politician that has ever ruin a good thing has come from Harvard. The Skull and Bones have really lived up to their names.

Like a creepy liberal, Howard is not up front about his global intentions to brainwash the world. The first part of the book is mild, and nebulous, and he could just as well be talking about a trip down the yellow brick poppycock road—-and then…he starts creeping: Because the parent have to work, it’s up to the teachers to mold the children into model workers. Individualism is selfish. In fact, it’s up to the state institutions to mold these kids into ‘community and unselfish workers.”Howard Gardner


“In a New York City based program called Common Core, youngsters collect pennies from the community and then decide as a group how to allocate these financial resourced. Individuals with an entrepreneurial bents should be encouraged to build organizations that serve the common good, rather than more selfish ends, and that recruit and promote across the demographic spectrum.”

Yes! Get the little buggers to start taking money (that they don’t earn) and pass it around for fun! Howard keeps going—Students should ask themselves:

“What does it mean to be a lawyer/physician/engineer/educator at the present times? What are my rights, obligations, and responsibilities? What does it mean to be a citizen of my community/ my region/ the planet? What do I owe others, and especially those who through the circumstances of birth or bad luck, are less fortunate than I am?  Community service and other forms of giving are or should be an important part of the curriculum of any schools.”

Howard,….our kids are doing so much community service now, they don’t have any time left to do math homework. The only good community service does it prepare them to dig ditches for the Chinese engineers who will be their bosses someday.

Then he talks lovingly about his favorite leaders:

“On the one hand they have adopted the heart of socialist ideology, a society in which property is not aggressively accumulated, many goods are shared, and each individual works to the utmost of his or her abilities.”

Howard’s ability is being a very good communist…we see that now. Stalin would be proud!

In the end Howard goes wants the adolescents—-

“Unlike younger persons adolescents can readily imagine different possibilities, try out and see what’s its like to be to be a scrupulous or an unscrupulous lawyer, a dedicated or a self centered-citizen. No longer do they dress up as Mommy  or Daddy they envision themselves as a journalist or as a judge.”

Yes, they can also grow up to be just like an unscrupulous self-centered lawyer we all know that became President.

Mommies and Daddies just don’t rate anymore. So my dear readers…I must honestly tell you, that I am thinking about buying this book. It would bring me great satisfaction to gather a group of friends around the fire on a Saturday night, and burn it. I truly want to do my good deed for “community service.”

Howard. In fact…could you send me a copy for the good of the common core? After all, you do want to help the less fortunate, don’t you?

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Nobody’s Perfect: ANYONE Who Dares to Question Obama’s Common Core

Nobody’s Perfect

I’m not feeling well today because of a major tooth infection, so I’m just posting this: It’s too important. It shows the tyranny of teachers, who now work for the government.

This poor man was arrested for asking a question. The bullies of the NRA, are now Obama’s Gestapo. They wanted to give him ten years in jail.

The man is right. Any parent or adult who puts up with this…is an idiot.

He was later released because somebody had the good sense to video tape this and put it on YouTube, otherwise he would be in jail. Nevertheless, the elite liberals will not admit they did anything wrong:

It was clear that Mr. Small violated the rules of the meeting and disrupted the meeting. It was also clear that the officer acted appropriately and did have probable cause to make an arrest on both charges,” the state’s attorney’s office said in a statement. “In the interest of justice, further prosecution will not accomplish anything more. Therefore, the charges have been dismissed.”

What? This means you violate a meeting if you ask a question, or disagree with Obama’s Common Core?

And that officer clearly assaulted the poor man, who had every right to ask a question and state his opinion. This is Nazi.

This is uncalled for.

This is despicable.

It’s bad enough that they are making idiots out of our children, but to attack the tax- paying parents who resist the NRA Gestapo?

Wake up. Wake up.

Did you notice, that a black person was speaking and the guard was black?

I did.




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Taking Control of the Future Slaves…

Nobody Remembers

Today, Glenn Beck was elaborating the horror coming to our schools called Common Core. There’s lots on the internet about it, and on his site, so I’m just going to make an observation about what Glenn was saying.Common Core one

Basically, our kids are going to be tested, studied, and put in the holes that the government thinks they should fit in…and this Nobody Thinks this has been going on for many years…they are just now getting the technology to put it on steroids.

Here’s a story from personal experience:

When my son was the fifth grade, life was pretty tough for him. Since my husband left us when he was one, we lived with my parents who watched my son while I worked at night.  My father took over the role as his dad growing up, and they spent many a weekend on the golf course together. So when my father came down with a brain tumor, my son had to watch him die slowly, at our house.

It was not easy for him…or any of us.

One day, I had a parent teacher conference. The teacher was concerned about things at home she said. Not that he was doing bad in school..he wasn’t. His grades were good. But she said, she was concerned about something that he wrote.

“Well, I’d like to see it.” I said.

“No…that’s not for you to see. The parents aren’t allowed to see the kids diaries. You see, every day, we make the kids write about their lives in a diary, and everything they say is confidential.”

So…every single day they were spying on our kids home lives…even back then. And she wouldn’t tell me one single thing. Common core two

Obviously, my son was upset about his grandfather dying. And the fact that she would not let me see his diary, meant that I couldn’t help my son. Kids don’t always tell their parents everything because most of the time they are trying to keep their own parents from thinking bad things about them. My son wasn’t stupid, he knew he wasn’t the only one in the family suffering, so he keep his thoughts to himself.

But…I was furious at that teacher and the fact that they were basically making rats out of all the kids.

This happened around the year 1997…the years Bill Clinton was in office.

Clearly, the school systems have been placing kids where they THINK they should go…giving them the subjects they think they should be in, instead of allowing the parents and the children pick what subjects they want to take.

They have been collecting data for years. The parents lost their rights a long time ago. And now Bill Gates is going to give the PTA’s millions of dollars to implement their big spy-seeking engineering programs. We should all be furious.

What Glenn Beck, and Michelle Malkin are talking about is more than any of us dreamed would happen. The state will decide everything— to what college your child can go to, to what sports he can play, to what jobs he will get in the future.

The teachers are well becoming Gestapo’s.

It’s social engineering…just like the Nazi’s of old.

The Chinese are going so far as to create super DNA children, they have no problem with it.

Just because they have the technology to arrange your whole child’s life, desn’t mean they should do it.

So, just how long has this been going on?

Somebody should ask the teachers.


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Common Core..or…Common Communism?

Nobody Wins

Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch are backing a new thing called “Common Core” to be implemented in every school. Kentucky tried it, and the students report cards fell by 30 percent. Computers will do the grading.Bill Gates and common

Sounds like fun right? Does a parent have any say in this?

(Laugh here.)

“It was well understood by states that they would not be eligible for Race to the Top funding ($4.35 billion) unless they adopted the Common Core standards. Federal law prohibits the U.S. Department of Education from prescribing any curriculum, but in this case the department figured out a clever way to evade the letter of the law.”

Glenn Beck was pointing out that CORE is basically brainwashing kids into the communist system, and downplaying America’s role in history.

Bill Gates make you take an IQ test before you work for him…so, I guess he’s running out of high IQ’s. As usual, he wants a chance to ‘help” our deplorable school system, and while he’s at it, collect some vital information to sell.Common Core

 “Common Core amasses large amounts of personal information about students. Michelle Malkin cites research by Joy Pullmann of the Heartland Institute, who discovered a report by the Department of Education revealing that Common Core’s data mining includes “using cameras to judge facial expressions, an electronic seat that judges posture, a pressure-sensitive computer mouse and a biometric wrap on kids’ wrists.”

I have my own horror stories related to my local school system that I’ll tell on some other blog, but…the main problem, is that the school system has been transformed, not into an efficient way for our kids to learn the basics, but a way for growing union bureaucracy to give jobs to mostly women, who never having the fear of being fired for doing a bad for teachers.

And a bad job, they ARE doing: Here’s a few facts from Bill Bennett;

The average salary of U.S. public school teachers rose 45% in real dollars from 1960 to 1995. According to U.S. manufacturers, 40% of all 17-year-olds do not have the math skills and 60% lack the reading skills to hold down a production job at a manufacturing company.

In Florida, it takes six times as many people to administer a federal education dollar as a state dollar: 297 state employees are responsible for $1 billion in federal funds while 374 employees oversee $7 billion in state funds.

40% of public high school science teachers have neither an undergraduate major nor minor in their main teaching field and 34% of public high school math teachers did not major or minor in math or related fields.

Average per-pupil spending in U.S. public schools rose 212% from 1960 to 1995 in real (i.e. inflation-adjusted) dollars.

Currently, average black and Hispanic 17-year-old children have NAEP scores in math, science, reading and writing that are equivalent to average white 13-year-old children.

American 12th graders rank 19th out of 21 industrialized countries in mathematics achievement and 16th out of 21 nations in science. Our advanced physics students rank dead last.

So, is it any wonder that Mitt Romney wants to get people from other nations to come over to the U.S. to work? We are not going to have any kind of educated population, but that’s exactly what the Democrats want, isn’t it? Common Core isn’t going to work any better than Race to the Top or Leave No Child Behind. BUT…the government will know more than you EVER will about your own child.

Unless you start complaining and soon.


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