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Two days after Hillary came out and attacked Trump, well, Bill Gates just had to get his rather arrogant comments in, to show how “stupid” Trump is compared to his GREAT intellect. Oh yes, and he instructed Trump not to question the virus because well…Trump fell for it. ha ha ha.

He is so condescending here it’s almost impossible to not laugh.

Gates is a salesman. Son of a butcher man. He never BUILT Microsoft, he stole the tech from IBM, and has continued to make a fortune. With Bill, it’s follow the money. He knows what he is doing with all his lies, and now, plans to take over the world and control our every move. This is so blatently obvious to anyone that he’s become, enemy no one of the world with Klaus the German Nazi Schuab.

You can even tell he KNOWS when he’s lying. Watch how he flinches when he lies. Any poker player would say he must be pretty bad at the game.

Both Klaus Schuab and his buddy BILL Gates, need to be stopped yesterday.

Gates will be responsible for millions of deaths all over the planet, and yet, the system that the elites have set up will guard him forever..unless the populations of the world finally chase him into his bunker never to reappear again on any surface. Trouble is, the guys running Microsoft are just as bad.

The WAY he makes fun of Trump, shows an unbelievable amount of a super narcissistic mental state borderlinging on a socialpathic and very dangerous man.

He’s predicting a civil war due to the ‘false’ information and hung election coming up, (HE’s certain of it.) and so that means they already have their Soros machines and people training for the event to hang up the election again, and then start a civil war so they can come in and make MORE arrests of those horrible people who are trying to stop ‘democracy.’

News has come out that people in the Jan 6 jail are being horrible beaten.

Gates makes Hitler look tame. Hilter didn’t hide his hatred of Jews, and his wish to exterminate them. Gates has admitted to wanting to cut the population, (by billions) but he does it behind a high pitch child like smile and “It will be good for us all” flowery “I’m a messiah” talk that any psycholgist would cringe with alarm.

So, where are they? Where ARE these doctors?

They don’t want to lose their jobs either.

Stop this madman, somebody please.

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Nobody Wins

When just one man is allowed to own most of the farms in America, and wants us all to stop eating meat, and wants the world to ‘depopulate’ it’s not good.

He is topping Mao as the the ultimate lord of the Kingdom of death and starvation. Stalin would be jealous.

He is also very much involved with Monsanto. After you finished watching THIS, check out the link below (while you remember all the cattle being killed ‘in the sun’ recently) and the price of meat, ask yourself: Since Bill Gates can use shell companies to build his monoploy, would he also destroy other sources of food, by hiring out arsons? And he could also hide that he was involved in that?

It’s my Nobody’s Opinion that: Yes he would. After all the killing that was done with his vaccines, I’d say, this man is more dangerous than Hitler.

He HAS to be stopped.

Here is a list below of all the food manufacturing plants being destroyed across the nation:

UPDATED full list of food facility fires in the USA from 2020 – 2022 –

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Gates and Zuckface RESCUE the BABIES!

Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg Invested in Artificial Breast Milk Company – Slay News

Nobody’s Opinion

When you’re rich and want to bring America and the World into your megalomaniacal little house of horrors, you can pretty much do anything.

It was bad enough to know that not only were there food shortages, but formula for babies?

Wow. Now THAT’s cruel. But that’s what’s happening in America.

Destroy the family, get the woman in the work force so she can’t very well breast feed, destroy the manufacturing of baby formula and you have a WHOLE NEW MARKET. Gates and Zuckeface have joined together to make the formula that ALL mothers will be feeding their babies.

Gee, what a coincidence?


BIOMILQ received $3.5 million from an investment fund that is co-founded by Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Branson to “prevent climate change due to gases created in formula manufacturing.”


Oh…there’s that climate change U.N. reset demand again. Only steaks for the rich. GOT to get rid of those cow-eating, milk-drinking morons who are NOT drinking soda!


The Baby Formula shortage is also being compounded and exacerbated by the fact that the Biden regime has somehow found it to be a great idea to send pallets of American-produced baby formula to the Southern border for the babies of Illegal Aliens.


We saw this in Covid. Anyone who had Covid could come in the border. In fact, anybody with ANY disease could walk right in. Now we know, they are sending stockpiles of baby formula to the border. That working class and baby producing mothers are the future, not the American citizens that live here.

How else can you take this?


SECRETARY BUTTIGIEG: But let’s be very clear. This is a capitalist country. The government does not make baby formula, nor should it. Companies make formula. And one of those companies, a company which, by the way, seems to have 40% market share, messed up and is unable to confirm that a plant, a major plant, is safe and free of contamination. 


He goes on to say that American companies should NOT have monopolies on baby formula. (WHAT?) What do you mean? CHINA should get a piece of that pie? Come on Butthead. Is that what you mean?

In the meantime, Biden is as always looking in on it.

What’s happening is that this is all part of the global-green transformation of the planet, the U.N. and Gates agenda to get us all to eat only what they want us to eat. No meat. No baby formula, the more that get sick and die, well, so be it. Bill is still trying to be the richest man on the planet. It’s his ego. That’s why he is after Musk.

Our government is now getting baby formula from overseas (CHINA?) while Gates gets his baby formula on the shelves.

If I were a new mother, I would breast feed. Who KNOWS what’s in Gates formula? Find out quickly how to make formula before that information is censored.

After all, Gates has helped released the virus and came out with the vaccine, which made him billions. This is going to continue to redesign the human race, and make him even more rich.

Right now I’m watching how McDonalds gets people addicted to their product. We are a dying, and overweight nation because of how the Fast Food Nation has been designed. So says the documentary Fast Food Nation. So….

How do they get mothers hooked on formula?

Our dear lady Reallygraceful has an answer:

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Nobody Wonders About Everything Really.

Nobody Wonders

So, Bill Gates is being ‘taken out’ the usual way the elites take out ALL that they want to get rid of. They use the SEXUAL SCANDAL. Many rumors flying around…he was seen with Epstein, but so was Bill Clinton, and nothing has happened to him. Could it be that he was getting a bit too…mouthy? Talking about everyone not eating meat, and blocking out the sun, and vaccinating everyone on the planet. Could the big state think…well, he’s just a bit too…mouthy? Nobody Wonders why now? If they have known about this for years…why now? Are they afraid he is spoiling their plans?

 I happened to catch Joe Biden today on TV, at the Ford manufacturing company which is now full-fledged into making the electric cars and making all of America stop using fossil fuels and Joe was giving it his best RAH RAH RAH WE ARE AMERICANS! WE ARE BACK! Good union jobs are coming! When we all know NOBODY wants electric cars, and the only country that will make money is China. Yeah, we’ll ride them into battle with our electric tanks when China invades. Good god, it was too pathetic to watch. China now owns Ford. And China is enjoying every minute of this.

Nobody Wonders: If Obama really is running the country, and it was Obama that got the FBI, CIA, China, Zuckerface, and Dorsey and the democratic party to stage the coup to oust President Trump…is he now going after the Queen? Prince Harry and Megan have been offered the moon from Hollywood and the Obama’s and Oprah are their best friends. Obama has always hated England. What did they do? Get together on their yachts and talk about how Harry was going to destroy the crown since he couldn’t have it? Was he offered a global Presidency? You can’t see a webpage news site without Harry’s face at the top, as if he and his fake wife are not being pushed down our throats, Harry said our first amendment was “bonkers.” America is not going to accept Harry and his suffering bride, because we all still remember Harry at the party in Las Vegas sitting naked at a party. Does Obama really believe that America will fall in love with Harry and Meghan? And the parade tonight in Chicago where thousands are protesting the Jews ‘attacking’ the Palestinians…clearly, you have to wonder if Obama isn’t behind this too. Obama seems to be the man of the hour who is doing ALL of the elites bidding to destroy the country as fast as possible.

One more thing: Nobody Wonders one thing about the virus. I was talking to a guy today who had Covid, and he said all he did was lose his sense of smell. His fiancé didn’t catch it from him, which he found strange, but he had a friend who was not only young, but always worked out at the gym, was at the top of his health, and yet, he almost died.

Tell me, how does THAT work? If the virus is really a bio-weapon, could there be more than ONE strain released?

Nobody Wonders. Yeah….you might say, too much.

Will any of these criminals be brought to justice or has our technology made it impossible for them to be touched because they already have control?

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody Wonders: The Gates Divorce? WHY?

Nobody Wonders

Wow. Bill and Melinda Gates, the PERFECT super rulers of the world are…getting divorced?

Uh. Can we wonder….why?

Are we supposed to feel sorry about this? Heck no…not me.  We must wonder…why did it take her so long? They have three kids that very few people have seen, and by all accounts, they are old enough to take the blow. And since they had no prenuptial (Go ahead President Trump, remind Bill once again WHY that is important.) the kids will probably end up with more than the $10 million dollars that Daddy wanted to give them, as will his wife.

Who may I say, seemed to me to do most of the talking and was a perfect narcissistic match for him, which is why maybe they just both butted heads on too many subjects? If you think you are right because you are the smartest person on the planet, everyone must agree with you, period. Put two in the same room, and you have trouble.

Is Bill controlling? He once memorized every license plate number on every employee that worked at Microsoft so that he always knew what and where they were at all times, until of course, the company became too big for him to do that. So, ask yourself…if a man would do that…the next step is to be able to KNOW where every human being is on the planet, right?

It’s probably just a small tick of mental autism with him. You know I think there is something very wrong with his…reasoning, Bill doesn’t care how many people he kills, just how many he can get vaccinated.

While it’s reported that Bill is only the 4th richest person in the world, you have to argue that’s another lie. He hides ALL his fortune in his foundations, so he doesn’t have to pay taxes. He has his hand in ALL over the vaccines, and will make money on all of them. And as far as his control in other companies?

Please. I bet even HE doesn’t know the hundreds he has invested in.

So what caused this? Was it the fact that Bill has no problem with killing off half the planet? Or, was it the fact that he had rides on Epstein’s plane, and it wasn’t just to sell young girls Windows 10? Or was it because he wants to cut off the sun, and make EVERYBODY stop eating meat? Or maybe it’s because he wants to make sure he can monitor every single human on the planet with a ‘vaccine’ mark on their hands, so he can know whose been vaccinated and who hasn’t? Or, is it because he is starting to look like the most hated man on the planet?

How does that effect your ‘sex’ life? It always looked to me like it was a marriage of…business. She loved to control, and so did he. I’m sure her IQ scores were high, and so were his…and to a computer narcissistic nerd like Bill…well…in the words of Tina Turner…what’s love got to do with it?

Nobody Wonders, if the goals of Bill Gates is just more money. After all, the virus will ALWAYS mutate, and so Bill’s vaccines will ALWAYS have to be updated, every year. Or more. And while the governments are paying for the first vaccines, later YOU will have to pay, or YOU will get sick. They designed it that way. It’s the same thing they did with Windows…NEVER let a product last too long. You lose years of profit!

Follow Bills’ life, and that’s what you see. He’s a genius at monopolies.

His goal…to win ALL the money!

I don’t know. I don’t like either one of them as people, so it will be interesting to see if either one of them marry right away. Maybe she really WANTED to save lives instead of killing them. Maybe that’s where the big difference is.

Or maybe it’s just that she will have plenty of money and her own life, and is sick of his ‘messing’ around. Maybe it’s just that simple.

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody Reports: Gates to Run the World?

Nobody Reports

While Bill Gates is known as the mastermind behind Microsoft, what many people don’t know, is how he has been investing his billions in order to basically, take over control of the REST of the world.

In this video Russell Brand, asked good nobody questions on what this man has his money in, and if Bill Gates playing God is such a good thing. I did not even know how many ‘investments’ Gates has his megalomaniacal fingers in.

And like before, I wonder if there isn’t a bit of autism in his brain.

I am STILL trying to get over the fact that Bill Gates owns my trash collector company here in St. Louis. Which makes sense since for years, our BIGGEST export to China was…you guessed it…our trash.

One sign of real intelligence is to know right off…you don’t know everything. Gates evidently has not reached that level yet, but his money and power are now becoming a real threat to the planet. Mr. Brand is being kind here.

Any man who wants to stop the sun from shining is truly, suffering from dementia.

No one man should have the monopoly on the land on which our food is grown.

Is there NO one willing to stop this guy?

Nobody Wonders. But we do know…it won’t be China.

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Nobody Wonders About Massive-Scale Depopulation

Nobody Wonders

When a former VP of Pfizer comes out and says that the Gates Foundation promoting the vaccination program with such alarming ferocity is a concern, and THEN he says HE believes that these people may have the intention of ‘massive-scale depopulation.’

Nobody listens closely.


March 29, 2020 (America’s Frontline Doctors) –  Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, spoke with great urgency to America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) late last week warning that the drive to inject the largest possible portion of the population with experimental COVID-19 vaccines is “madness,” involves “evil,” includes “crimes against humanity” and may have the intention of “massive-scale depopulation.”

See the article here: It’s ‘entirely possible’ vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’: Former Pfizer VP | Opinion | LifeSite (


Add to that the fact that Dr. Peter Navarro on the War Room reminds us all that this alarm being cried out by the Biden administration to KEEP ON MASKING  is because, of the new Brazilian strains coming up across our border is much more lethal…Nobody Listens.

 It’s a mutated strain. A much more deadly strain. And this virus, is dangerous to not only those vaccinated, but the unvaccinated. And the vaccine makes everyone more vulnerable.

Nobody Wonders still: IF you wanted to take out the old, the sick, and the useless old eaters, and replace them with younger slaves for the corporate/CCP global government, what a brilliant way to do it. A virus, that mutates, killing millions, and then forcing everyone to get a vaccine that will kill more, keeping everyone in close quarters which puts more people in danger…it’s a win/win for the Gates Foundation.

 Open up the border and make SURE the pharma companies make a lot of money before it’s all over.

In the meantime, flood the borders. Make SURE you do not vaccinate or even check those pouring into the country on any disease whatsoever. In fact, give all newcomers free health care, free schooling for the kids, and free hotel rooms.

Piece of cake! Brilliant!

The fact that the democrats have been willingly ‘helping’ this virus to spread is more proof of the game plan. Nancy AND Fauci pretended in the beginning nothing was wrong. “Come on down to Chinatown!”

From putting Covid patients in nursing homes (Cuomo) to opening up the border for millions of the infected to come in (Biden) to all the international companies working to force people to wear masks (keeping them from developing natural herd immunity) And destroying immune systems of everyone by forcing them to wear masks forever and pour disinfectants on just about everything but your French Fries, further destroying immune systems, what could be a more brilliant way to ‘depopulate’ the useless meat eaters?

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. Or a duck depopulation conspiracy.

In the meantime Biden shuffles with Dr. Seuss, and Kamala laughs.

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To Vaccine, or NOT to Vaccine: That’s the question…and here’s MY Nobody answer.

Nobody Wonders

My husband and I were planning, like many people, a vacation in a couple of years. We haven’t taken a REAL vacation, flying somewhere, since 2005. Mostly, because of our pets. We have no one to leave them with, and the one time we flew to Las Vegas, we left our dog at a boarding place, and when we went to pick her up, we really got chewed out.

“She kept eating ALL the other dog’s food!”

Well, how was that our fault? I ask them why they LET her do it, and they didn’t say. (By the way, we left her food,) She was SO emotional and crying when we picked her up, and basically telling us off in dog language so loud it stopped trucks on the road, so we promised we’d NEVER do that again.

But, we figure she’s only got a few years left so, I always wanted to see the Redwood trees in California. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve wanted to see them since I was four and looked at them through my 3-D googles. (If you remember those contraptions, tell me what they were called) They had about 20 tiny pictures and you could just flick the side of the googles and get a new 3-D picture. I wish I still had one.

Anyway…we would have to fly. Time is precious. I’m not sure they will even have GAS for cars in two years.

Yesterday, United Airlines said that pretty soon, you will HAVE to prove you have been vaccinated against COVID, or you will not be allowed on a plane.  

WHAT? After reading all I have read on the Gates vaccines, (which are NOT vaccines) unless someone ties me down to a bed, and forces it on me, I’m not getting one.

I could write on and on about this subject, but to keep it short, Mrs. O, one of my readers, sent me some info that she had been reading off the internet. In the one article there was a VERY convincing video, done by a doctor that I think everyone should give a watch to.

Of course, it’s banned…so you will have to go to the link:

Here’s some of the info that goes with it:


The experimental injections being rolled out by Moderna and Pfizer are nothing similar to traditional vaccines. These mRNA platforms are an “operating system” designed to program human beings and turn their cells into efficient drug delivery systems.

Moderna is now going public with the real intentions behind the mRNA platform. The mRNA technology platform is similar to a computer operating system, the company admits. Scientists prepare a unique mRNA sequence that codes for a specific protein. Once injected into humans, this program is carried out in the individual’s body, at the cellular level. The mRNA platform is where Big Pharma merges with Big Tech, enslaving human beings to a controlling system designed to profit from their cellular and biological functions into the unforeseeable future.

The immune system may attack the program and its RNA fragments, leading to negative outcomes that could include molecular deficiencies, hormonal defects, etc. If the protein folding is disrupted, the proteins may never achieve their desired functionality, leading to partial development of antigens that never confer targeted immunity to coronavirus spike proteins. The body may turn on its own cells in the process, causing hyper-inflammatory responses and autoimmune issues that are the precursor to organ failure and various disease processes.

As these RNA “operating systems” are installed in human bodies, it becomes even more clear that drug companies are looking to genetically modify and own human proteins while controlling biological processes for generations to come. On both a psychological and physiological level, human beings are being branded like cattle as they submit to these mRNA software programs.


This isn’t the very well researched and much appreciated polio vaccine. Nope. It’s will enter our very DNA and god knows what damage they plan to do with it.

At the worst, sell all our DNA information to the Chinese.

Or, maybe that’s NOT the worst. I don’t even want to know what the worse is. Right now, many people are dying from it, but evidently that’s kind of like the dying in Chicago.

Not reported much, and nobody cares.

My dog is still alive, and now, every time we leave her, she gets SO emotional and cries at the top of her lungs when we come home, the neighbors think we beat her.

If they only knew, how we put our lives around her very happiness. We have trouble even leaving the house without her in the car, let alone going on a trip anywhere.

The point is, I am determined to OUTLIVE my dog. And if I get that vaccine, I might not.

Bill Gates is NOT Dr. Jonas Salk. He is a computer guy, and that’s what this vaccine has in it. DNA software.

Did President Trump know this? Well, you can be sure Fauci didn’t tell him.

So, Be sure to watch the good lady doctor in the video above, and then as they say on my not so favorite anymore News Station.

‘I report: YOU decide.’

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Nobody Wonders.

Bill Gates is on a “WE MUST GET THE WHOLE WORLD VACCINATED!” rampage, but getting people to accept a vaccine, which they have NO idea how it will effect, is hard.

So, since he thinks our problem is… we are all…stupid, he came up with this cute little display, that explains to the masses what he wants to do. Clearly, he thinks most humans have the intelligence of a three-year-old.

I almost laughed when I saw this: a global alert system and infectious disease first responders? Ha ha ha.. Look, he had someone make little puppet-like diagrams of his little ‘army’ of vaccinators.

It’s adorable.

I’ll talk about the ‘vaccine’ later on this week, but for now, it never seizes to amaze me how condescending these guys are who think they are “experts” and decide the average person is too STUPID to understand what they are saying, so they get their little ‘teaching’ boards, and talk to us as if we are…all morons.

Karl Rove does this too. He’s famous for it, never mind that all his predictions aren’t worth the cost of the board he is holding up. He kept adding the numbers up saying Hillary was going to win.

Right. And he STILL has a job? Being George Bush’s best bud has its perks.

Of course, they all stole this idea from Glenn Beck who used to draw all his ideas on TWO big blackboards, except, he didn’t talk down to anyone watching.

In the end, Bill always ends up saying “this will take a LOT of investment.”

Translation: YOU will pay for his big global ideas, not him. He’ll just make all the money off the ever changing virus, which will change every…6 months, so, I’m waiting for the Microsoft update vaccine 3.1. to evolve not only to a 4.0, but another great display of cute little people by Bill Gates.

I don’t know about you, but I wanted to blow some of his little cardboard people over.

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Nobody’s Opinion: Bill Gates Should be Locked Up. One Man to Control the world?

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay. This guy is going too far. Who the *$&% does he think he is?

ALL bars and restaurants to be closed forever? Masks forever? Every child now gets a computer and stops going to school? (Unless of course, your parents are rich enough to send you to the private ones.)

Four to six months will turn into: forever. Or at least until every human on the planet is vaccinated with Bill’s technological (And according to some experts, a dangerous) vaccine. Fauci just said that they KNOW the governments will be hard pressed to mandate the virus, but they didn’t have to mandate the masks did they? No, you just won’t be able to do a thing until you get vaccinated. The companies will do it all. Get vaccinated or you cannot buy, work, fly, or enter our buildings. Expect drones to put you in your place.

While Bill Gates gets rich selling all those computers all over the world, and vaccines, which you will HAVE to have every six months, more will die. And Americans will pay a high price for those vaccines so that Bill can get the REST of the world vaccinated.

To save US of course. Bill Knows. Isn’t he sweet?

I stopped trusting Bill Gates long ago. I’ve had exactly 13 computers with Windows, and they ALL crashed when I went to the Microsoft website to download the latest virus protection. I only went there because I got a message from Kim Komando or Microsoft that I HAD to do this.

After one, maybe two crashes, I thought it was me. After three, okay, another fluke. But 13? No, this is HOW he makes his money. It’s the new way for every product, DO NOT MAKE THEM LAST. You create the problem so that you can come in with the solution, and make ever MORE money. That’s how he became one of the richest men on the planet. Sure, they all do it. Apple 5, Apple 10, 12, 22, 203…etc.

Windows 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 1,222….

This man, is a criminal. He’s melomaniac walking on dangerous level of delusions. He has stated he wants to reduce the population of the planet.

He’s playing God, and thinks he is the brightest man on the planet. That ALONE tells you he’s nuts.

By the way, Wuhan has supposedly controlled the virus with herd immunity, NOT a vaccine.

And that’s not all he wants to do.

(Notice right before Bill tells a lie he gasps, or takes a drink of coffee, or touches his nose. You can always tell when he’s lying because he smiles…no matter WHAT the subject, and then goes on with his big lie. It’s like a poker tell. Bill is a huge liar.)

Bill Wants to stop the sun’s rays from getting to the earth.

THIS is…science? This is…tyranny! Insanity! The man is nuts. Hitler was nuts. Stalin was nuts, and yet, they’ve got the power now to brainwash millions into believing they know what’s best. And they WILL kill millions.

Nobody else on the planet gets a vote on whether we should stop the sun’s rays from hitting the earth? Really? We don’t get a vote. Does Bill OWN sunlight? Bill gets to decide to change the planet all by himself?

Good god, have the elites gone mad? Can’t they just let the earth alone? Has half the world gone nuts trusting this clearly deranged criminal?

This man is going to kill millions. All in the name of saving the planet.

If we want to save the planet, than Bill Gates should be put in a rocket and shot right into the sun. And then all his billions can be distributed to reopen all the businesses he has closed down in the name of Bill Gates. God II.

Or shall we just call him…Bill Beelzebub? After all, he was at Wuhan, and has threatened another deadly bio-weapon upon us all if we don’t comply.

Did I say bio-weapon? Where is Michael Crichton when you need him? Oh..that’s right. Dead.

No man should have that much power. No man. No man…EVER.

What can we do about Bill Gates?

This nobody prays that Bill’s plans for the planet will be stopped by good men, who know better.

In the meantime, we can ALL use our voices and fight against this madness.

Bill—-Windows is great. (Except for all the controls and propaganda on your news sites)

But you are NOT God. All the money in the world cannot buy you that position.

I suggest you talk to HIM about it. And leave the sun alone. Better yet, have China send you to Mars. Wouldn’t that be a better legacy for you?

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The New Normal? NO WAY!!

Nobody’s Opinion

I was watching a video on Twitter (go figure) when a young girl in England was talking to a crowd about ‘Operation Lockstep.” After listening to Bill Gates absurd interview on public television (channel 9) last weekend, where he talked about cow farts and global warming, how complicated it all was, as if ONLY a few on the planet could have the brains to understand it, which of course included himself, I was furious.

When Bill was asked about everyone having to lose their jobs, with the “new normal” he shrugged and if to say, well, so what? All with a big smile of course. I then realized that he really believes that the world WIILL bend to being vaccinated, by him. And the citizens of the world will bend to this new normal which the elites have all told us will happen.

One scary dude. If you, like me, are getting VERY suspicious about the whole WORLD being controlled by a simple virus, whole economies and jobs and freedoms are being decimated, even though very few but the old are dying from it, you might want to take a look at this:

This is NO normal virus.

From Operation Lockstep

Two months before the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, a group of experts (on the payroll of the Rockefeller Group, such as Bill Gates and Johnson & Johnson) conducted the pandemic simulation “Event 201”, which was organized by John Hopkins University in the US and came to alarming results. The aim was to test how governments and authorities would behave in the event of a global pandemic with “potentially catastrophic consequences” and what effects it could have. 

Let’s deal with certain facts. The Rockefeller family has been in the forefront of eugenics-the science of population control, since 1902.  In 1952, David Rockefeller’s eldest brother John established the Population Council. In the subsequent decades, the eugenics program developed, tested, and implemented various bio-warfare tools, as a means of controlling population growth. Since then, efforts at creating the necessary infrastructure, research bodies, lab testing and experimentations, have proceeded till the present day. Documentation has proved that biological warfare is a reality, and that the United States is in the forefront of this. Although other nations have the capability, to some degree, none is as advanced as the US is, in this field.

The Rockefeller Family first entered the oil business, in 1865, when it was only 6 years old. No other family knows the oil industry like them; in fact, they know it cold.

 Crude oil is processed in a refinery, and some of that is used as a basic feedstock in petro-chemical plants. These petro-chemical plants produce a variety of products, some of which are used as feedstock in chemical plants. These chemical plants, in turn produce a variety of products, and some of them are used as a basic feedstock to produce pharmaceuticals. So, in short, the family controls the global oil industry, as well as the largest chemical and pharma companies.

We are moving towards a totalitarian state of the world. This is part of Agenda ID2020 – and these steps to be implemented now – prepared since long, including by the coronavirus computer simulation at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on 18 October 2019, sponsored by the WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Yes, it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Missouri, and yet, our restaurants, Zoo’s, sports, are all closed. If we go to a store, we are not allowed in unless we have a stupid mask on. Many places are not accepting cash. Less people are dying, and yet the lockdown is greater and the first thing on OAN this morning was that the airline industry was going to lay off 80,000 workers. Airline travel may never come back. Accept it.

It’s the new normal. Only the rich will be able to travel and have a steak dinner in Paris.

The WORLD is locked down, destroyed, and it’s “The New Normal.” Even AARP is trying with every issue to get us all used to “the New Normal.”

Last week, President Trump said some very rich and powerful people were very mad at him.

For him, that’s the norm since he came down the elevator.

Now we can understand WHY they want to get rid of the Police, and put in social workers.

What if the people do not accept the NEW NORMAL? Will the police destroy our country in order just to feed their families?

Obama once said jobs would never come back to the U.S. President Trump proved him wrong.

That’s why, we should NEVER let the left steal this election.

We should NOT go quietly into their new normal. As far as THIS Nobody is concerned, they can take their “new normal” and stick it where the cows fart and the sun don’t shine.

I’m not going to, are you?


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Nobody’s Perfect: Bill Gates

Nobody’s Perfect

The stock market was all excited today about Bill Gates wanting to buy the Chinese app TicTok. Steve Balmer thought it was a WONDERFUL idea. Right away Microsoft’s stock went up 77 billion in Market Value.

Wonder why?

 “You have got to decide, do you want to obey the laws of the countries you are in or not. If not, you may not end up doing business there.” B.G. 

Bill has not only learned the art of waving his hands around to make his point, he is working HARD with the Chinese to now, get everybody on the planet vaccinated. Never mind that the vaccine won’t always work. Never mind it might take years. Never mind it will destroy all economies on the planet. BILL is really excited about it.

President Trump isn’t. TicTok is deeply embedded spy app for the Chinese military, and Bill has been working with them for years.

Microsoft has participated in the Chinese Communist Party’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference every year since its 2018 inception, an event that bolsters collaboration between Chinese government and military-linked companies and their American counterparts, chiefly Microsoft.

The Microsoft billionaire founded and chaired nuclear power initiative Terrapower which worked alongside China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), a Chinese energy company deemed a military asset by the U.S. government. It’s also wholly funded and administered by the Chinese government.

What emerges in the news coverage of the organization is clear to anyone not signed up to the NeverTrumper removal of the President: an entity linked to Soros, Gates, the Chinese Communist Party, and NeverTrumpers – collaborating to remove a sitting President of the United States, even if he wins in November.

So, why is Bill Gates working with the Chinese to overtake America?

Pretty simple. Look at the smile on his face: He ENJOYS being able to control the world.

Bill has worked on his ‘personality’ these many years since the video below was taken. This nobody thinks, THAT is the real Bill Gates. The ultimate melomaniac. Take a look at his eyes. By the way, I really miss Netscape.

A man, who became the richest man in the world, now wants MORE money.

He IS a clear and present danger.

Bill Gates was right when he talked about the “virus” in 2015, and both Bill and his bud Fauci have warned of another on the way…IF we all don’t get vaccinated.  And there are many reasons to NOT get a Bill Gates vaccination. Better to try your luck with Hydroxychloroquine.

Look at how easily he muses about closing down all sports. It means NOTHING to him.

(What’s the matter Bill…didn’t make your Little League Team?)

This Nobody Thinks, while we all use Windows, and it’s made our lives better, (except for the continual trashing of President Trump in it’s news headlines, Bill Gates should just stay OUT of our lives. In fact, we better start trashing him now. Tomorrow might be too late.

Bill Gates, hands down, wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the decade.

And by the way…did you know that Bill’s own kids are NOT vaccinated?

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Bill Gates: Take HIS Vaccine…OR ELSE…You might die.

Nobody’s Opinion.

Go ahead and listen to this: And I’ll translate.

What Bill Gates is using here in his “I’m such a benevolent man out to save the world fake face” is the usual line that ALL the democrats use: he is warning us that some in power will use this moment to make a lot of money off a vaccine, instead of doing what is right…Which is…making sure HIS company and HIS delivery system to the world gets the contracts and the government money. Because only Bill Gates can cure the world.

Beware of billionaires trying to save the world…with YOUR money.

He is very afraid of the wrong people getting the money that HE needs to finish his global monopoly on controlling the planet.

And what happens if Bill Gates vaccine does NOT get the U.S. backing from the President that he wants?

He pleads that millions more will die.

In other words, he threatens to release another virus more deadly. That’s how I read it.

Why don’t I trust Bill Gates you might ask?

Because I have about 13 computers that ALL crashed right after I updated on the Microsoft website.  It’s just the normal business model I know, but it’s just the WAY the man does this: Bill Gates truly is…a danger to the world.

Hey, I have talked to too many Presidents of companies who all insisted that you don’t want your product to last too long.

How many Window versions have we had? Just imagine…how many VACCINES will you have to get every single year to update just because sure as the moon is in the sky, Bill Gates’s vaccine will ALWAYS need an update. And in the end, we will all end up with the mark of the beast on our hands, and Bill Gates being able to say what job you can have, or even what kids can live with you.

Remember…Bill loves China.

By the way, I’ve I’d said before, Bill Gates, the WHO, and Dr. Fauci are all in this vaccine/virus fear control feast together.

Bill Gates should not have ANY say whatsoever what happens to treat us all. If HIS vaccine is so great, then why all the threats?

Because he knows that FEAR of the virus is working.

Truly, I am beginning to hate this man. He gives the name melomaniac a whole new meaning.

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Nobody Perfect: Except Bill Gates Thinks He Is

Nobody’s Perfect 

Watch Bill in this video above and the tweet below (if Twitter hasn’t taken it off)  and become aware that he is SELLING you his ‘opinions’

From the book: How to Sell Yourself by Arch Lustberg

Use gestures to punctuate what you’re saying and to help the audience visualize what you’re saying. Keep using your hands and your arms to make appropriate and genuine gestures. Don’t succumb to the temptation to hide them. You’ll also discover that by varying the hand you use to gesture, you’ll help yourself vary the gestures.

Okay: Bill is waving his arms around, he looks pretty ridiculous to me. There’s nothing natural about his arm waving.  Now picture President Trump talking. Notice the difference?

What is so very annoying is that Bill is attacking the U.S. here and protecting China, who he says only made some “mistakes”. He is really pushing that the whole world must now forever more, be under complete control, just like in China. The message: China is good. We should all be more like China. Don’t kid yourself. That’s EXACTLY what he is saying, despite his arm waving.

For many years now, I’ve been listening to all the big CEO’s of all the big companies make wonderful remarks about doing business in China, compared to the United States. To them, it’s a perfect system. Cheap labor. It makes me think of the old plantation owners of the South, except these plantation owners just moved to the slaves, instead of shipping them over here.

You don’t have to pay for medical care of your employees. And you only have to get one guy’s permission to set up camp, instead of hundreds like here in the United States.

All good and well, except that destroys people’s “freedom.”

Actually, these morons think just because they are billionaires, they see the whole world as theirs to design. And like the slave owners of old, they figure that they have the right to be at the top, because in their own minds, they think they know what’s right. Bill thinks because he gave us computer software, he now has the right to give us all vaccines!

Read here about how that’s going.

Right now, instead of opening up the country, all we hear on the news is “No! NOT YET! We will tell you what to do children.”

The reality to this nobody is that they’ve been working on a virus to “kill of the old and infirm” flood the western countries with migrants, cause a sort of Tower of Babel effect, and chaos, release that virus and come in to put in their complete control of the world: the world in which a few hundred men at the top control us all. They will take cars off the road, and restrict the movements of millions. Kill them off whenever they are getting too old and annoying. MAKE THEM OBEY.

That’s important. Scare them to death and come in with being their saviors.

Bill Gates might have given us some pretty cool stuff on our computers, but when it comes to running the world, and pushing his vaccines on us in order to control every single thing we do in the name of ‘saving’ us from future virus.

And this is even more worrisome. If Bill Gates’s vaccine is mandated throughout the world, you can be sure that every year you will have to UPDATE your vaccine, just like you have to update all his computer software systems. You will do it, or lose your freedom. Those vaccines might be good for life, but every CEO knows, you can’t make money if the product lasts forever now can you? What Windows system are we on now? Windows 21?

He has already decided the United States will be ‘little China.”

I don’t know what childhood horror made Bill Gates into the megalomanic he has become, but clearly, underneath that sweet high voice and waving arms, is a man of great mental delusions, who is no different than the old slave masters of old. The only difference is: His plantation is a lot bigger.

We need to all get out and enjoy the sun, in our usual fun way. And keep saying NO to Bill Gates.

Now, see what Mark Levine says…


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