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Nobody Reports: Gates to Run the World?

Nobody Reports

While Bill Gates is known as the mastermind behind Microsoft, what many people don’t know, is how he has been investing his billions in order to basically, take over control of the REST of the world.

In this video Russell Brand, asked good nobody questions on what this man has his money in, and if Bill Gates playing God is such a good thing. I did not even know how many ‘investments’ Gates has his megalomaniacal fingers in.

And like before, I wonder if there isn’t a bit of autism in his brain.

I am STILL trying to get over the fact that Bill Gates owns my trash collector company here in St. Louis. Which makes sense since for years, our BIGGEST export to China was…you guessed it…our trash.

One sign of real intelligence is to know right off…you don’t know everything. Gates evidently has not reached that level yet, but his money and power are now becoming a real threat to the planet. Mr. Brand is being kind here.

Any man who wants to stop the sun from shining is truly, suffering from dementia.

No one man should have the monopoly on the land on which our food is grown.

Is there NO one willing to stop this guy?

Nobody Wonders. But we do know…it won’t be China.

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