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Rudi KNOWS Where the Corruption Lies

Nobody Flashes

To even think that this man, this great man who was the ONLY leader that gave us all comfort and stability on 9/11, is being harassed by the FBI and Biden, is proof that the administration that has taken over, makes Putin look like a “nice guy.” This is Russia communist tactics, is it not?

Here, Rudi tells us what happened. So many people were involved in Ukraine’s big money train, so many at the top of the democratic party, are still trying to hide their corruption. Rudi knows all about it.

Rudi is now being smeared. And of course, they did it on the day Joe Biden made his State of the Union speech.

So, you wouldn’t notice. But…it’s IS a big deal.

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January 6th: A Patriotic Day. Sorry Joe.

Nobody Remembers

After listening to Joe Biden’s remarks last night on how our “democracy” is under attack from the MOB that attacked the Capitol on January the 6th, and how those Americans are more dangerous than…anything else happening, I’m more convinced than ever that we truly NEED to resist Joe Biden, and all those tyrants in Washington D.C. who are acting just like King George. We might as well be living under a King.

Have we finally come full circle? Let’s look at January 6th from THEIR point of view.

Joe might as well be the reincarnation of King George. That “mob” that was outside the Capitol on January the 6th was there to protest a fraudulent election. A blatant “coup” by the democrats and their corporate sponsors. While Joe keeps suggesting that the crowd was a “minority” all reports indicted that over a million people were there that day. And for that many to show up in this poor economy was nothing short of a miracle. To this day, all video’s of the REST of the crowd has been demolished. It was a lie that so many were killed. In fact that only one killed that day was a Trump supporter woman who was just standing there. Joe keeps lying about that.

When the fence and the National Gurad went up so quickly, there was only one reason for it: The crooks in D.C. FEAR the American people. They KNOW what they did, and they are bound to shut us all down. AND, let’s not forget, I’m sure they get daily updates from the NSA telling them just HOW pissed off the American people are. I’m surprised any of them come out of their mansions.

As we all know, history in America has been rewritten mostly, and if you want to know the truth, you must get it from the very words of the founders.

So, let’s remember shall we? Let’s remember how the people of America reacted when King George and Parliament passed the Stamp Act:

Below is a remembrance from John Quincy Adams own words, on the REASON so many people in America were pissed off at their government : It started with the Stamp Act.


It was known that Andrew Oliver, the secretary of the province, had solicited the office of distributor of the stamps when they should arrive. The person appointed as distributor for the colony of Connecticut arrived, in the beginning of August, from England. The government party received him with an affectation of distinction, and, when he left Boston to proceed to Connecticut, his colleague, the distributor for Massachusetts Bay, accompanied him out of town. In the expectation of a press of official duties, Oliver had erected, near the custom-house, a building for a stamp office. Early in the morning of the 14th of August an effigy of Oliver was found hanging high in air, suspended to a branch of an old tree at the south part of the Main Street of Boston.

By whom it had been placed there never was known, but it soon gathered a crowd of persons round the tree. Hutchinson, as chief justice of the province, ordered the sheriff to remove the effigy, and, if opposition should be made, to report the names of the opposers, that he might issue warrants for their arrest. The sheriff sent some of his deputies to execute their order, but they were overawed by the determination manifested by the people assembled, not to suffer the image to be taken away. The governor convened the council, but they were in consternation, and declined interfering in the affair. He called the council a second time in the afternoon. Still, nothing was done. A crowd of people continued assembled around the tree till late in the afternoon, when the effigy was taken down, placed on a bier, carried in solemn procession amidst the acclamations of a large concourse of people through the long Main Street, and over the floor of the town-house, while the governor and council were in session in a chamber overhead. It was thence taken down to Oliver’s projected stamp office, which, in a few minutes, was levelled with the ground. They next proceeded to Fort Hill, upon which they kindled a fire, and burnt the obnoxious effigy to ashes. Oliver’s house was not far off, and was not spared by the enraged populace. He and his family betook themselves to flight. The fence before the house was broken down, sundry windows demolished and the furniture of the house was roughly handled. Hutchinson undertook to disperse the rioters, not only without success, but to the imminent danger of his own person. He finally effected his retreat—of which he says not one world in his “history.”

The next day, Oliver resigned his office of distributor of stamps: and gave a declaration in writing, and under his signature, to be communicated to the inhabitants of the town, pledging himself to transmit his resignation immediately to England and promising, with earnest asseveration, that he never would act in that capacity. In the evening of the same day the house of the Lieutenant-Governor and Chief Justice, Hutchinson, was surround and threatened. The multitude clamorously called for his appearance in the balcony, to make a declaration that he had NOT been in favor of the Stamp Act. One of his friends expostulated with the people in his favor, and finally assured them that he was not in the house, but had been seen going to his country seat at Milton: upon which they dispersed, without doing much damage to the house.

But twelve days afterwards, on the 26th of August, on the night of the day upon which he had returned to town, his house was again attacked, and destroyed. He and his family having scarcely time to effect their escape from the fury of the populace. The Houses of the register of the admiralty and of the comptroller of the customs without being absolutely destroyed was plundered, and rifled, and robbed by “That worst of tyrants, an usurping crowds.”

That these proceedings were sincerely disapproved and deeply lamented by Mr. Adams, there is evidence more unequivocal that that of attendance at a town meeting. He saw that the end of all popular movements of violence was destruction, and that they were ill adapted, under any circumstances whatever, to the furtherance of justice.


It’s this Nobody’s Opinion that the American people had had enough of the criminals that overtook the election with massive fraud, weaponizing all departments of justice, and destroying any trust at all in them. There were criminals of BOTH parties, who gleefully prosecuted innocent men all throughout the four years (and before) in President Trump’s four years in office. We were just fed up. Like their ancestors before them. The crowds that President Trump drew all over the United States were more than anybody in history could remember.

For years Americans watched a black President let mobs of Antifa and BLM roam through tout the cities and burn them. Cops were attacked. Killed. And the American people were told they deserved it. And now there is reverse discrimination against all whites.

How could this happen after so many Jews were gassed in the Holocaust? We were made to be silence when Obama insisted that Muslims helped found our country. Did you hear ANYBODY say: “PROVE IT!” No. Me Neither.

That was…insidious.

What happened in the Capitol was simple American people who wanted justice. The “mob” was instigated by a carefully planned ‘false flag” because the people in power MEAN to destroy and control the whole country. And they needed an excuse to further their plans to come down hard on all Patriots. There were many CIA false flags planted that day. Pelosi controlled the police, and they LET people in.

So, Joe Biden AND president George W. Bush are trying to make out January 6 as treason to the country. One of the most horrible days in American History.

Excuse my language but…Bullshit.

Over 300 people have been arrested from that day, for what? For the crime of just being there. Hutchinson didn’t have drones poor guy.

All the while, while, night after night, blacks and liberal whites are paid to go out and destroy and kill.

The elites at the top….are scared.

They are scared of what the American people might to…to THEM.

And when they control the courts, and elections can be stolen, and even Presidents don’t get a fair trial, Americans know, there IS no justice.

And THEY know, many have been buying guns.

You think they aren’t scared?

So, they keep saying that January 6, will be remember as an “insurrection,” They think if they just keep repeating it, it will go down in history as such.

Frankly, if those people had wanted to go in and kill those people, they would have.

What they wanted was justice, and they wanted Mike Pence to do the right thing,

He didn’t.

So, how will January the 6th be remembered?

As a day of patriots trying to plead with their government, and their government told them to go to hell.

Don’t let them rewrite it as anything else but that.. While it was a sad day for our country, which was betrayed by a Vice President, it was GOOD day for America. Let’s not let them rewrite it as anything but…what it was.

Patriotic Americans wanting justice.

We are STILL …out here. And they…know it.

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Joe: You Should Have Stayed in the Basement

Nobody Cares

Yes, I forced myself to watch Biden’s big speech tonight, and all I kept thinking was how weak, how embarrassing, how incredibly moronic the rest of the world must think of America…seeing Joe Biden’s great ‘reset’ to China speech tonight.

And the Congress looked like the idiots they TRULY are. Not a brain in the bunch. Mitt Romney was there. Ted Cruz was there. Mitch McConnell was there but looked like he knew he lost the country. Frankly, he’s toast.

Joe took credit for the vaccines. Trump did that. He also took credit for getting out of Afghanistan, Trump did that. In fact whenever he wasn’t sounding like a communist, he sounded like Trump.

Probably because they all know Trump’s was really elected and they were hoping American people would think Biden did all that stuff….like get the vaccines out.

Then Biden turned around and called the nation racist. While all the time saying we need free schools, free health care…and $5 trillion more dollars.

Nancy Pelosi kept talking to someone under her mask. Both Nancy and Kamala looked…terrible.

The coup has already happened. And everyone with any sense know it. To watch this pathetic example of the American government, I must admit…to me it WAS the end of America. They would have done better NOT to have let Joe make a fool of our whole country like that, but he’s not in charge anymore.

Neither is our Congress. We can only guess who is.

Tonight, right before the speech, my husband and I went out to get a chicken sandwich. We went to Popeyes…over 25 cars waiting in line. Okay…we tried KFC…about 16 cars…waiting in line. We traveled about 30 minutes and saw the same everywhere.

Then I realized. The restaurants are closed. Only the fast good places are open. But I have NEVER seen people waiting in such long lines just to get a chicken sandwich.

Never. Was it the moon? Was it the upcoming speech by Biden?

Or…is this the start of the great “RESET.”

I heard someone say that they will pass out trillions of dollars to make everyone think America is back, and then, when they are sure that Trump or AMERICA’s people will remain docile and obey, then the great depression will hit.

I must admit, the whole thing made me sick to my stomach.

How about you?

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Will Americans Submit to Being Punished if we are NOT vaccinated?

Nobody Wonders

Were you just as surprised as me when Joe Biden came out with some kind of ‘law’ that NOW, the CDC says that IF you are vaccinated you can now, go outside without a mask on?

I was. I didn’t know it was a crime. I never wear a mask outside. He talks as if he is giving us all now…permission.

Tell me: When was it a law that if you were not vaccinated you could NOT go outside without a mask on? What did I miss? The only reason people are wearing masks at all is because you can’t buy anything or go into ANY store unless you have a mask on.

That’s force. We are being forced to wear masks.

Okay. So we all obeyed. Thousands of people died in nursing homes and hospitals and were NOT allowed to see their families on their dying beds because…THEY MIGHT CATCH COVID!

Picture the scene: Grandma! I love you…they won’t let me come in because I might give you COVID!”

Grandma dies in front of their eyes. No one can touch.

“Well, at least we didn’t give her Covid…”

When Biden said maybe if we were good boys and girls and all got vaccinated, he might let us celebrate the 4th of July in our backyards with our friends, I thought he was a putz. Who made HIM king?

“We’ll see.” He said basically.

Already some businesses are making their employees now get the shot. We’ve gone from wearing the masks to I’m waiting for it: “You cannot enter this store unless you’ve been vaccinated.” Or…

“Sorry, we have to let you go because we can’t keep you if your not vaccinated.”

I was just listening to Glenn Beck who was explaining that all the banks want to go to digital money, due to the fact that the dollar will collapse, and then THEY can monitor every ‘dollar’ you spend.

And then they will be able to KEEP you from buying what they don’t want you to buy.

We’ve gone from masks, to closing down all businesses and schools, to isolation, and now to gain control of all money transactions.

Is that what’s coming?

Biden and his corporate/communist progressive in arms, clearly want to get to the China model: You either do as we say, (And we will know ALL that you do) or we can make your life miserable. That’s what they do in China.

In China, if you don’t wear a mask, you CAN be punished.

Nobody Wonders: How long before the United States gets to that point? The companies are already on board.

Will the American citizen submit?

Is Biden running our country, or is…China? (Okay, not a trick question.)

From Infowars:


The Communist Chinese government is punishing citizens in some areas of the country who commit COVID-related transgressions such as not wearing a mask in public by deducting 10 points from their social credit score and in some cases putting them on no fly blacklists.

Chicoms Hit Citizens With 10 Point Social Credit Score Penalty For Not Wearing a Mask in Public (

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Nobody’s Fool: Officer Calling LeBron

Nobody’s Fool

I love this! Enjoy.

This officer is really funny, but then again, it’s not funny what they are doing to our cops.

We MUST support our police…and fight back against the Obama/Biden trying to get rid of them all so that they can federalized all the police and make them into communist Gestapo’s.

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Nobody Says We NEED a Vaccine To Protect us from Dirty Politicians

Nobody’s Opinion

Germs. They are EVERYWHERE! OMG. What are we going to do? Run! Run! They are on all surfaces, in the air, on your stove, your toilet, your cellphone, in your mouth, in your spouses’ mouth, on the car seat, on your table, and OMG…do you use a sponge to wipe the table? You could be KILLING your whole family. They are, according to all the experts, like Fauci, and the CEO’s selling disinfectants…

EVERYWHERE! Germs…will kill you. Stay away from everyone.

(Unless of course, you are going to burn a city and loot, then you’re safe.)

You are GOING to get Covid if you do NOT get vaccinated. That’s what we are hearing on every cable station we turn on. You just BETTER face that fact.

And if you do get it, then every disease known to man will affect you even if you should be so lucky to SURVIVE Covid. If you just get it once, the rest of your life, you WILL be sick.

So, says… Dr. Natalie Lambert of Indiana University School of Medicine and Survivor Corps analyzed the long-term experiences COVID-19 survivors are having with the virus.

98 Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They’ve Had | Eat This Not That

What? What? Every disease know to man will affect you if you get Covid? (TELL me this isn’t a designer flu from Fauci, go on…tell me. AND YOU PAID FOR IT!)

In last month’s AARP newsletter, the most disturbing news of all is out:

Kids, spread the most germs of all.

Yes, according to former Chief Microbiologist for Lysol, Joe Rubino, kids have their grubby little germ-infested hands…EVERYWHERE! Kids get a lot of infections. Joe wants the old people to know, you are not safe, not anywhere. Germs last on surfaces for a LOOOOOOG time. And you, dear old person, will certainly die if you do NOT have that vaccine. Especially if you are babysitting your grandchild because mommy has to work.

Which translate: Stay away from your grandchildren. God forbid you should catch Covid from them. They could be carriers. Tell your children they can put the kids on Gates new Microsoft video visits!  Better yet, tell mommy to stay home and go on welfare and take care of those nasty little bug infested buggers herself!

THAT’s the ticket! Hugs through the internet! Stay safe!

Good god.

I don’t know about you, but after my father died, my husband and I took care of my mother. And we would both get whatever cold was going around that winter. Year, after year, after year, we’d all get sick.

Not my mom. She NEVER got sick. Really, we’d almost got tired of watching her eat her spinach and laughing at us. Why did she NOT catch the same colds we had?

It wasn’t fair!

Because she grew up on a farm, played in the dirt, lived a normal life, and NEVER, EVER, EVER, used disinfected to clean the house. Her immune system was tops.

Millions of years of evolution actually worked fine.

While the CEO” s of all the disinfections sprays and lotions are promoting unmitigated fear, blitzing us all with horror tales of death, what they are actually doing is destroying everybody’s immune system, and becoming multi billionaires.

And now, they are going to destroy the children’s immune systems on top of it. Little kids are being made to wear masks. Even though, Fauci (Why is it that the Germans’ always seen to be into genocide?) admitted in the beginning masks don’t work. In fact, YOU CAN GET SICK FROM THEM.

This isn’t science: This is insanity.

And they wonder why everyone is STILL getting infected?

It’s because, they are trying to kill us off.

I’m sorry. I still use sponges. I throw them out. I used to eat sand and my blanket when I was a kid. And I didn’t start using disinfectants until this madness.

I’m starting to cut back on them. All this disinfecting every single surface on the planet is just going to encourage all the germs to have a field day. They will evolve, and yes, everyone will get sicker and sicker, and sicker…and then, MORE vaccines will be needed, which don’t work, and—

Who benefits?

Mr. Rubino! He sees germs everywhere.  

Maybe that’s because this isn’t your ORDINARY germ. Fauci said so. The whole world is now dying…or getting covid. They are actually dying MORE from suicides, heart attacks, cancer and all the other diseases that aren’t being taken care of…


Gets killed by 1Percent.

Okay. Covid is real. It’s this Nobody’s Opinion that it was manufactured in a lab in Wuhan with the help of U.S. money and Fauci. But…it basically effects, like Rand Paul said, the old, unhealthy and overweight.

Everyone else survives, pretty much.

This isn’t the bubonic plague. It’s a virus designed to take out the sick, and the old. AND…to bring about total control since Climate Change wasn’t working for them.

Nevertheless…this germaphobia is being used to make everyone sicker than they need to be. And the masks and sanitizers will be destroying our immune systems. NOT a good thing.

The Florida Governor has it right. Let’s not lose our minds…and search for common sense.

Germs…are here to stay. Unfortunately, so are politicians.

Can someone please invent a vaccine to keep them from killing us all?

Just saying.

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Nobody Flashes Beethovan

Nobody Flashes

How can you NOT think of a God when you hear this? The genius who wrote it, the genius who made the piano, and the genius who got this emotion SO perfect. What a touch this man has!

I once read where Rubenstein said that when he played a piece he put his whole life’s experience up to that moment in time into it. And I’m afraid, we don’t see many do that lately.

This piece is…forever. Simple, and beautiful.


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Nobody Flashes the Wisdom of Thomas Sowell..

It NEVER gets old.

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Who Benefits the Most From America’s Destruction?

Nobody Wins

Who’s really running this show of the takedown of America?

Democrats? Deep state? China? Multinational corporations? EX Presidents?

ALL of the above?

Or should I say, WHY? Who benefits the most? Nobody is winning here.

 Create chaos. That seems to be the ticket, doesn’t it?

Let’s see…let’s look at it from a “war room” standpoint:

As we have seen in history, the only way you can take over a country is by disarming its citizens. The 2nd amendment is now the next on the list of ‘MUST HAPPEN” in the Biden house of pain. He’s already taken his first steps of “You cannot MAKE your own guns.” And like on cue, the gun violence starts and he’s right back to the microphones, demanding action.

America is the last place on the planet where the right to be able to defend yourself is written into its Constitution. Outlawing guns is of the highest priority. Just about every body in the U.S. has at least one gun of some kind. SO…how do you do this?

Create the problem: (Alinsky, China) But getting rid of guns is not the first step. The first step is protecting the ‘ruling’ class who is afraid of what will happen to THEM.

That’s why, in my Nobody Opinion, they have started trying first, to dismantle the police.

It started with Obama and his attack on the police. The police who protect the masses. They have the most guns. Law and Order. President Trump knew what the left was going to be up to and he defended the police from the very start, and only got bolder with his support.

But now, the cry from the communists (which let’s face it, the left has become) has been to defund them. Accuse them every time they kill someone, especially if they shoot someone who is black. Try to start a race war. Let everyone start killing each other.

Divide and conquer has always been done to take over any country.

Excuse me if I think this is all part of the plan. All you have to do is watch the liberal stations like CNN to see the verbal attacks on the police and all people who carry guns.

Like how the attack on the poor policeman yesterday, when a policeman saved a young black girls life from another black girl who was trying to stab her. Lebron James, a basketball player, threatened the cop.  Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s mouth piece, cried “Stop killing our babies!” Black kids all carry knives don’t you know?

Too bad our GOP is so quiet on protecting our police. Only a few say much

Did X President Bush EVER say anything about the police? Nope. He’s still trying to fix his own sorry reputation in history.

In case you haven’t noticed, in all the police shootings, the ‘victims’ were all resisting arrest and are usually thugs and drug addicts, with arrest records.

Michael Brown

Instantly they are made into gods and goddess, after the sorry events. Pelosi even made George Floyd the new Jesus. The democrats bow down on bended knee to BLM.  

THEY are presented over and over as the good guys, the cops—always… the bad guys.

THIS is on purpose. If they can disarm the police and replace them with a ‘Civilian military” like Obama wanted, that military will work for the ‘state’ alone.  Much like the Gestapo in Germany. Much like the Chinses military in China. It’s already starting. The more loyal cops they can get to quit their jobs, the better.

And isn’t it convenient that all the National Guard is in Washington D.C. protecting the Congress, instead of in the cities or on the border where they are REALLY needed?

Now, we found out the Post-Office can-do police work.

Recently, the P.O. arrested a veteran’s conservative, dragging him out of his house. (He didn’t have any legs.) His web posts, were…conservative. Conservatives ARE usually the gun owners. Therefore, the more attacks on them the better. Now the P.O. is monitoring all conservatives.

OUTRAGEOUS: 15 New York Agents DRAGGED Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage From His Wheelchair Into Backseat of Their Arrest Vehicle in Florida (

(By the way P.O., what’s up with getting mail at 8pm at night?)

Chaos. Crime. It’s good for the plan.

Open the border up…and bring in the chaos. As President Trump has noted, the other countries are sending their worst…criminals, rapist, murderers. They are crossing the border and Biden is busing and airlifting them and placing them in all conservative and red states.

This IS a planned attack on our country.

More of them will go on killing sprees, attacking grocery stores. Release as many criminals from our jails as you can. Make the criminals the victims.

The more killing that is done daily, the closer Biden can get to outlawing guns completely.

Create the problem: come in with the solution…complete ‘gun control’ for the citizen. That’s what it will be called, but many creative steps will be taken to disarm everyone. Make it too expensive to even buy a gun. Red Flag laws will not permit even the locals to buy guns.

Crime is up in every city. Even in my neighborhood, gun shots are heard every night. Just since Biden became President, 11 people have been shot and killed on the highway near my house, just driving in their cars. This did NOT happen under President Trump.

But all you hear about on the main stream news is that blacks are being killed, by cops.

Never mind that more whites are killed by cops. And more blacks are killed by blacks. The purpose is to dismantle the cops.  

It is no longer safe. The cops are being filled with fear…from being killed themselves, or for being put in jail for killing someone else. They are leaving, retiring, and who can blame them?

Do they want a race war? You bet they do.

It’s the fastest way to gun control.

So, who is raging this war against America? (All of the above.)

Nobody Wins when a country’s guns are taken away.

Let’s make damn sure we keep ours.

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Nobody Cares “Are We Sheep?”

Nobody Cares

Frankly, I’m surprised that this is still on Youtube.

With all the elites trying to start a racial war here in the United States, and get rid of the police, you have to wonder…

Are they trying to push their communist agenda so fast that we won’t be ABLE to do a thing about it because we will be rendered helpless?

We won’t be able to travel, buy food, or really anything do unless we get a vaccine? Bill Gates will soon speak to all the leaders of the world about “climate change.”

As if he is an expert. Really, this guy is getting to be the next annoying dictator isn’t he?

I found this video, a bit too true for words, and yet, it’s still hard to believe isn’t it?

Global tyranny? Can they REALLY do that?

So far, it looks like it.

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Remember: Obama Wanted a “Civilian Military.”

Nobody Wonders

How timely! What are the odds? The disaster at the border is so bad, it cannot be denied that it makes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look like two political people just out to get as many votes into the country as possible…but the kids being raped, the drugs pouring in, the buses of pregnant women being filled, and the airplanes taking the “illegal aliens”, two words Biden has now banned from the public, (so much for the first amendment” all across the county, thank GOD—Maxine Waters has come to the rescue. With her big mouth.

Asking for revolution once again.

The trial in Minneapolis is about to be revealed, and Al Sharpton has taken a jet to rescue the poor blacks from being blackballed by a jury.

This of course takes ALL the news off the border.

What a coincidence! All we need now, is to push those BLM riots and burning of our cities to make the border problem seem like small potatoes. And the democrats will get a twofer! Really, truly, they are brilliant.

Maxine of course, being the racist that she is, went to put fuel the fire, telling all the blacks to take to the streets, and of course, it’s all about the destruction of the United States. They burn the very city where the poor blacks live, making their lives even MORE miserable.

And why not? Maxine and Al are never to blame. It’s those white supremist cops, proving that all cops should be defunded and replaced with Obama’s own ‘civil’ warriors.

Remember this?

How long before Biden signs an executive order demanding a ‘Civilian Military” and gets rid of ALL police?

Anybody? If Obama is still running the show, sooner or later, his new “Gestapo” will be implemented.

This Nobody Wonders, what they will call it.

Probably, something it’s not…like “The People’s Corps.”

And it will be used to silence and attack, mostly whites. Let’s hope, I’m wrong.

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Nobody’s Fool: President Donald J. Trump

There is a REASON so many Americans loved Trump. He was one of us. Witness, this tweet:

And I posted the one below it, because I thought it was interesting. What we DON’T hear on any of our TV channels. Ten years ago, that would have made a big splash, but not now.

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The Pope, and the Great Reset of the Planet

Nobody’s Opinion

“All that part of creation which lies within our observation is liable to change. Even mighty states and kingdoms are not excepted.” John Adams,1775

Today I was reading the first chapter in a biography of John Adams. His son, John Quincy wrote the first half of the book, and instead of going right into the subject of his own father, he went into the WHY of 1776.

Not your typical beginning. But then again, JQA had not your typical mind.

It had a lot to do with the Catholic Church, and the universities in which individual thought and freedom took root. None of the Adams were very fond of the Catholics. What many people don’t realize is that the Catholic Church, was to our founders, pretty much of an abomination. They thought it was ostentatious. Pompous. A staged of dramatic theater. The founders preferred the simple worship of the common man. More to the real meanings of Jesus.

You don’t hear about it, because it’s so much a part of the global ‘reset’ right now, and because of the millions of Catholics around the world. Historians don’t dare touch the subject of the tyranny of the Catholic church throughout the ages. Like most institutions, it’s protected.

But, here is a bit of American history, well known, but not talked about much:

Adams reports that American’s first people were running away from the tyranny of the English Church, which, as he explains, was just a continuation of the Pope and the Catholic Church. When Henry the VIII wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and Thomas Aquinas and the Pope wouldn’t give it to him, he just basically, kicked out the Pope and made himself head of the Church of England. That religion was no different than the Catholic Church, Henry the VIII just made himself the Pope basically. He kept all of the rules of the Catholics of Rome.



“The King was substituted for the Pope as head of the church, and the Parliament undertook to perform the office of the ecclesiastical councils, in regulating the faith of the people.”

“When Luther first planted the standard of reformation at the University of Wittenberg, Henry the Eight, uniting in himself the character of a dogmatist and a tyrant, published a book against him and his doctrines.”


After his death, Mary his daughter restored the papal authority in all its despotism and all its cruelty. Elizabeth, the House of Stuart and Charles the First continued to use their “Church” against all who opposed it.



“The English universities were the cradles of the New England colonies: and the Reformation was their nursing-mother.”


 The Royals could not control the minds at the universities. And OUR Royals can’t control much of the American people today.



“In the struggle between the government to arrest the progress of the Reformation, and individuals whose spirit could not be subdued, the fury of religious persecution could be satiated with nothing less than death as the punishment of non-conformity.”

“One of these consequences was that the founders of these colonies were men of finished education and profound learning. Their form of church government was democratical.”



“There is nothing which so clearly marks the distinguishing character of the Puritan founders of New England as their institutions for the education of youth. It is in universities that the Reformation took its rise. Wickliffe, John Huss, Jerome of Prague, and Luther, all promulgated their doctrines first from the bosom of universities. The question between the Church of Rome and all the reformers, was essentially a question between liberty and power: between submission to the dictates of other men and the free exercise of individual faculties. Universities were institutions of Christianity, the original idea of which may, perhaps, have been adopted from the schools of the Grecian sophists and philosophers, but which were essential improvements upon them. The authority of the Church of Rome is founded upon the abstract principal of power. The Reformation in all its modifications, was found upon the principle of liberty. “

So, here we…fast forward to, 2021. The Pope now, is basically a communist and supported by all of the world rulers and elites, to help bring in a GREAT RESET, a NEW religion, where the subjects…obey.

The Vatican is soon to have a “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul” convention: —-Anthony Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, and Deepak Chopra are among the featured speakers at a Vatican conference being held in May on the interplay of mind, body, and soul in healthcare.



“Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul: How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health,” will take place virtually May 6-8.

It will feature the CEOs of large pharmaceutical companies, including Moderna and Pfizer, along with celebrities active in medical philanthropy, global health advocates, policymakers, physicians, and religious leaders.

The Vatican conference’s website lists more than 100 speakers including Kerry Kennedy, Cindy Crawford, John Sculley, Brandon Marshall, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, prefect emeritus of the Secretariat for Communications.


Yes, the Pope is now joining up with the other powerful people in the world to basically dictate what the people of the world will be at first, “asked” to do…and according by all he has said, it’s pretty tyrannical. From Climate Change to giving up our property…it’s very communistic.

From another report: A bold plan for Pope Francis, Bill Gates to save the world – MarketWatch


True, Pope Francis, Bill Gates and many other billionaires are already working on philanthropic projects of personal interest. Now it’s time to combine forces, see the world as one entity, search for common solutions. For as Ben Franklin put it during the signing of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

We reported on Pope Francis’ manifesto in a column last year, “Pope is an anticapitalism socialist—thank God.” The manifesto clearly articulated the pope’s mission on Earth. A mission to lead not just the church’s 200 cardinals, 5,000 bishops, 450,000 priests and deacons, not just the 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide and the 78 million in 17,645 American parishes, but also guide and inspire leaders of the world’s 196 countries and a population of more than seven billion that’s rapidly growing into an economically unsustainable 10 billion people living on the planet.


I must admit, I am not a fan of the Catholic church. While I can admire the beautiful songs, magnificent art, and traditions that bring about comfort to millions across the planet, I can’t for the LIFE of me see why so many millions do not see what THIS Pope will do to them and their lives. He does not follow the tenants of Jesus. He follows the tyranny that the Catholic churches that history have recorded. Like the democratic party, not all the popes were angels. Many of them, AND the Church itself, is as corrupt as any other big institution.

So this Nobody Wonders: How can you be a Catholic and NEVER talk against that insane Pope? How can you stay a Catholic?

Churches can be just as diabolical as tyrannical rulers. History reports this. The difference is, now, in 2021, there IS no place to run to.

The great thing about the Christian religion is that it does promote the kindness that Jesus taught. The Reformation was a step towards God and Jesus, not away from him. You did not need a priest to talk to God after the reformation. Or to be forgiven by another man who claimed to be your superior.

But now, where does one go? When half the planet of Muslims has NO reformation and are ruled by tyrants, and the other half, will be ruled by rulers who join up with Christian leaders to gather back control and take away all freedom…where? To Poland?

What happens when they take away God? We are seeing Christians being attacked everywhere. And now, Covid has shut down many a church. Wal-Mart is the new religion. More people go to Wal-Mart on Sunday than to church.

I once had to join the Catholic Church to get married, to a man who never went to church, but his family was Catholic. After he left me and my young son, we were both excommunicated, but not my first husband. He was almost as evil as they come, but he was allowed to stay in the church. I can’t tell you how much that pissed me off. No matter how many letters I wrote, it didn’t matter.

So, it was no surprise to me when I found out, what the founders knew long ago. Still, I know a lot of Catholics who love their church, and that’s a good thing.

Frankly, I would NOT belong to a church that was so hypocritical. I have known so many Catholics, who have sinned so much in their lives, and yet, are told, all they have to do is admit their sin and go on. It’s as if they had a “get out of jail free card” every Sunday. Swallow that wafer and whatever you did last Saturday night was forgiven.

Don’t commit the crime in the FIRST place I say.

I have read the Bible three times. And one Easter Sunday, I went to many Catholics churches in the afternoon, and THEY WERE ALL CLOSED. I just wanted to be close to Jesus, but the church didn’t let me.

Martin Luther was right.

So, what would Jesus say? This Nobody Thinks…he would NOT like the Pope.

That’s just my Nobody Opinion.

And by the way, Steve Bannon is a BIG Catholic. So are many of my Mensa’s friends.

And I will never get how they can ignore the hypocrisy of Pope Francis.

But they do. You cannot not talk against the Pope to them. If you know the answer to this, I’d love to hear it.

I hope I haven’t offended any Catholic with this. It’s just that, I think our founders got it right.

“Even mighty Kingdoms have fallen.”

Nobody Wonders, if Pope Francis is listening.

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Just Some Advice…Something To Think About…

Nobody Flashes: I have been putting off buying a new dishwasher for years…my motto has always been, if it’s not broke, why fix it?

But, after watching this, I must admit, since inflation IS coming soon, it might be wise for those of us who realized that things might get worse before they get better, should do what even the squirrels do:


It’s pretty long, but the first half is at least worth the watch.

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