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Who Benefits the Most From America’s Destruction?

Nobody Wins

Who’s really running this show of the takedown of America?

Democrats? Deep state? China? Multinational corporations? EX Presidents?

ALL of the above?

Or should I say, WHY? Who benefits the most? Nobody is winning here.

 Create chaos. That seems to be the ticket, doesn’t it?

Let’s see…let’s look at it from a “war room” standpoint:

As we have seen in history, the only way you can take over a country is by disarming its citizens. The 2nd amendment is now the next on the list of ‘MUST HAPPEN” in the Biden house of pain. He’s already taken his first steps of “You cannot MAKE your own guns.” And like on cue, the gun violence starts and he’s right back to the microphones, demanding action.

America is the last place on the planet where the right to be able to defend yourself is written into its Constitution. Outlawing guns is of the highest priority. Just about every body in the U.S. has at least one gun of some kind. SO…how do you do this?

Create the problem: (Alinsky, China) But getting rid of guns is not the first step. The first step is protecting the ‘ruling’ class who is afraid of what will happen to THEM.

That’s why, in my Nobody Opinion, they have started trying first, to dismantle the police.

It started with Obama and his attack on the police. The police who protect the masses. They have the most guns. Law and Order. President Trump knew what the left was going to be up to and he defended the police from the very start, and only got bolder with his support.

But now, the cry from the communists (which let’s face it, the left has become) has been to defund them. Accuse them every time they kill someone, especially if they shoot someone who is black. Try to start a race war. Let everyone start killing each other.

Divide and conquer has always been done to take over any country.

Excuse me if I think this is all part of the plan. All you have to do is watch the liberal stations like CNN to see the verbal attacks on the police and all people who carry guns.

Like how the attack on the poor policeman yesterday, when a policeman saved a young black girls life from another black girl who was trying to stab her. Lebron James, a basketball player, threatened the cop.  Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s mouth piece, cried “Stop killing our babies!” Black kids all carry knives don’t you know?

Too bad our GOP is so quiet on protecting our police. Only a few say much

Did X President Bush EVER say anything about the police? Nope. He’s still trying to fix his own sorry reputation in history.

In case you haven’t noticed, in all the police shootings, the ‘victims’ were all resisting arrest and are usually thugs and drug addicts, with arrest records.

Michael Brown

Instantly they are made into gods and goddess, after the sorry events. Pelosi even made George Floyd the new Jesus. The democrats bow down on bended knee to BLM.  

THEY are presented over and over as the good guys, the cops—always… the bad guys.

THIS is on purpose. If they can disarm the police and replace them with a ‘Civilian military” like Obama wanted, that military will work for the ‘state’ alone.  Much like the Gestapo in Germany. Much like the Chinses military in China. It’s already starting. The more loyal cops they can get to quit their jobs, the better.

And isn’t it convenient that all the National Guard is in Washington D.C. protecting the Congress, instead of in the cities or on the border where they are REALLY needed?

Now, we found out the Post-Office can-do police work.

Recently, the P.O. arrested a veteran’s conservative, dragging him out of his house. (He didn’t have any legs.) His web posts, were…conservative. Conservatives ARE usually the gun owners. Therefore, the more attacks on them the better. Now the P.O. is monitoring all conservatives.

OUTRAGEOUS: 15 New York Agents DRAGGED Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage From His Wheelchair Into Backseat of Their Arrest Vehicle in Florida (

(By the way P.O., what’s up with getting mail at 8pm at night?)

Chaos. Crime. It’s good for the plan.

Open the border up…and bring in the chaos. As President Trump has noted, the other countries are sending their worst…criminals, rapist, murderers. They are crossing the border and Biden is busing and airlifting them and placing them in all conservative and red states.

This IS a planned attack on our country.

More of them will go on killing sprees, attacking grocery stores. Release as many criminals from our jails as you can. Make the criminals the victims.

The more killing that is done daily, the closer Biden can get to outlawing guns completely.

Create the problem: come in with the solution…complete ‘gun control’ for the citizen. That’s what it will be called, but many creative steps will be taken to disarm everyone. Make it too expensive to even buy a gun. Red Flag laws will not permit even the locals to buy guns.

Crime is up in every city. Even in my neighborhood, gun shots are heard every night. Just since Biden became President, 11 people have been shot and killed on the highway near my house, just driving in their cars. This did NOT happen under President Trump.

But all you hear about on the main stream news is that blacks are being killed, by cops.

Never mind that more whites are killed by cops. And more blacks are killed by blacks. The purpose is to dismantle the cops.  

It is no longer safe. The cops are being filled with fear…from being killed themselves, or for being put in jail for killing someone else. They are leaving, retiring, and who can blame them?

Do they want a race war? You bet they do.

It’s the fastest way to gun control.

So, who is raging this war against America? (All of the above.)

Nobody Wins when a country’s guns are taken away.

Let’s make damn sure we keep ours.

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