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Nobody Cares “Are We Sheep?”

Nobody Cares

Frankly, I’m surprised that this is still on Youtube.

With all the elites trying to start a racial war here in the United States, and get rid of the police, you have to wonder…

Are they trying to push their communist agenda so fast that we won’t be ABLE to do a thing about it because we will be rendered helpless?

We won’t be able to travel, buy food, or really anything do unless we get a vaccine? Bill Gates will soon speak to all the leaders of the world about “climate change.”

As if he is an expert. Really, this guy is getting to be the next annoying dictator isn’t he?

I found this video, a bit too true for words, and yet, it’s still hard to believe isn’t it?

Global tyranny? Can they REALLY do that?

So far, it looks like it.

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