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Remember: Obama Wanted a “Civilian Military.”

Nobody Wonders

How timely! What are the odds? The disaster at the border is so bad, it cannot be denied that it makes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look like two political people just out to get as many votes into the country as possible…but the kids being raped, the drugs pouring in, the buses of pregnant women being filled, and the airplanes taking the “illegal aliens”, two words Biden has now banned from the public, (so much for the first amendment” all across the county, thank GOD—Maxine Waters has come to the rescue. With her big mouth.

Asking for revolution once again.

The trial in Minneapolis is about to be revealed, and Al Sharpton has taken a jet to rescue the poor blacks from being blackballed by a jury.

This of course takes ALL the news off the border.

What a coincidence! All we need now, is to push those BLM riots and burning of our cities to make the border problem seem like small potatoes. And the democrats will get a twofer! Really, truly, they are brilliant.

Maxine of course, being the racist that she is, went to put fuel the fire, telling all the blacks to take to the streets, and of course, it’s all about the destruction of the United States. They burn the very city where the poor blacks live, making their lives even MORE miserable.

And why not? Maxine and Al are never to blame. It’s those white supremist cops, proving that all cops should be defunded and replaced with Obama’s own ‘civil’ warriors.

Remember this?

How long before Biden signs an executive order demanding a ‘Civilian Military” and gets rid of ALL police?

Anybody? If Obama is still running the show, sooner or later, his new “Gestapo” will be implemented.

This Nobody Wonders, what they will call it.

Probably, something it’s not…like “The People’s Corps.”

And it will be used to silence and attack, mostly whites. Let’s hope, I’m wrong.

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