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I read the GREAT RESET by Glenn Beck.

Now I’m reading the GREAT RESET By Alex Jones.

While Glenn tells you the present ‘reset’, Jones gives you the background for the Great Reset takeover and just how long ago it was planned. And it started with the Trilateral Commission with President Jimmy Carter, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski father of Mika on MSNBC.

Barry Goldwater was against their Trilateral Commission take over the world plans:

“In my view, the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power—political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. All this is to be done in the interests of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. Populations are treated as nothing more than producing and consuming units. No attempt has been made to explain why the people of the Western world enjoy economic abundance.  Freedom, spiritual, political, economic—is denied any importance in the Trilateral construction of the next century.”


They took over and developed China, and are using it to make us all into slaves…today it was revealed that our FED is going to make us all into ‘climate’ slaves to control what we spend, how much we spend, and who will be punished for not obeying:

From Federal Reserve announces major ‘pilot exercise’ for ESG social credit score system (

“Six of the nation’s largest banks will participate in a pilot climate scenario analysis exercise designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage climate-related financial risks. Scenario analysis—in which the resilience of financial institutions is assessed under different hypothetical climate scenarios—is an emerging tool to assess climate-related financial risks, and there will be no capital or supervisory implications from the pilot.”

In other words, The Fed is working with the big banks to monitor their ability to comply with the ruling class’s preferred enviro statist technocratic tyranny.

They will not doubt use the disaster in Florida as a testing ground for this.

As Klaus has said, “We have a very small window to do what we have planned.” To them, it’s now or never.

I’m going out on a limb and predicting that due to the fact that SO many people are waking up, and the hundreds of new conservative websites prove it, there will be a grid disruption and the internet will be taken down. Or maybe even the grid.

After all, Florida was a state they needed in the election.

These people really don’t care how many die.

They will blame it on Russia.

I go with the fictional book that Bill Clinton wrote last year, in which HE sort of predicted this. Too many voices are against them killing off humanity and reseting the world to their own fortunes.

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If the American Revolution Had Never Happened, Would we all be living in Utopia?

Hmmmmm. How’s that Revolution going? If only the oligarchs who owned the ships and the plantations had paid their 2c tax. It was to help pay for the Royal Navy to protect them after all…… from the French. But no, they had to conspire with the French, didn’t they. How things change and remain the same.—amfortas

Nobody’s Opinion:

This was a comment from my Ausie friend, amfortas, on a recent post that I did last week, which basically was expressing how messed up America is right now. Newsflash-— before I start…so is England, France, Australia and Canada, Sweden, etc…anyone who keeps up with the news should know that. Amfortas never admits that the rest of the West and ALL their governments are in dire shape, not just the United States. Which means, to me I’m seeing all of this ‘Great Reset’ as a danger to the world,…amfortas?

Did you get vaccinated? You should be GLAD we won the American revolution. We came back and helped you defeat Hitler. England was almost destroyed. Sheer geography was on our side.

Funny how God works, isn’t it? God’s timeline is not on our timelines is it? (I’m beginning to think amfortas likes to bate me into great rants for YOUR education.) Are you amfortas? Playing devils’ advocate?

I think, God was on our side at that point in history. God knows best, I think you would agree. He helped us survive so we could come back and save the “Mother” country.

Yesterday I found this video from Dick Morris who expresses the historical fact that YES amfortas…England AND Americans (although at the time they were British subjects) fought in that war, and kept the French out of America. Not that they would have known what to do with it.

At that time, we were one people. France and England had been enemies LONG before the 7-year war. And anyone who has read Shakespeare and read about Cromwell knows that. The domination of the British Navy throughout the world in history is certainly familiar with the power that England once commanded. And then one by one, England’s empire deminished. The biggest being India, and the recent insanity: Hong Kong. A very small country has trouble keeping a bigger country in line.

What? Did you expect Trump to save Hong Kong? Who signed that ridiculous treaty? Oh, that’s right…England. Losing Hong Kong was a major blow to the West.

But it wasn’t just the taxes that drove the Americans to fight England. No, it was the Oligarths of the British governors that drove the Americans to fight. What…you think that only America had Oligarths? Compared to England we were paupers.

Like our own government now, British oligarths controlled the legislators the cities, the townships, and one by one, controlled who owned the land. And they took their orders from rich men overseas who were not even near the continent.

Basically, they started treating their own ‘citizens’ as a colony…like India. A great depression (due to inflation) was being suffered in the days leading up to the revolution. (Oh, those bankers) The British caused their own hatred in the colonies.

Arrogance has destroyed many a dream of power. And we are seeing that now at DAVOS. Their day WILL come.

That’s the trouble with “rulers” of all governments: The ‘elites’ take over, and find a way to rig the systems for themselves. Greed is in everyone’s DNA. Instead of trying to find a genetic code to make us all sick and die by destroying our immune systems, they should be finding the code to curtail the demand for power. (Fat chance)

Christianity was suppose to curb that tendency, but the VATICAN just couldn’t help itself. The Catholic church was another reason for the revolution, but that’s another blog.

It’s not reported much, but the American revolution was much about survival and trade. The British had a monoply on all trade, and even though Hancock was a diva, he wanted ‘free trade.’ He wanted to be able to ‘trade’ with the French, and Britain had a monopoly on it all. Britian became a dictatorship. And by the way, Hancock was trading ‘illegally’ too in those days agaisnt the patriots. Like a rich man, he was certainly very…BRITISH. And it wasn’t just the 7-year war that drained the British coffers now was it?

Americans wanted ‘free trade.” The freedom to sell their products anywhere. The British put a heavy boot on that. THEY controlled trade. The distance between the two countries didn’t help that matter much.

Once the British sent in the ‘troops’ to quell Sam Adam’s “mob”, and the Brits priced their tea so high the Americans couldn’t afford it, that started the Boston Tea Party and it took off from there. The ‘elites” (one of whom is “KING CHARLES” of England,) now want us all to stop eating meat.

(Wait, I’m having my tea and crumpets break— with a few crickets..I’ll be back.)

Yes, we got into a ‘trade’ war, long before the revolution.

You’re right amfortas: not much has changed. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what country you live in, people CRAVE freedom. You could say THAT is in everyone’s DNA.. And freedom was craved by the little people in America who didn’t like it taken away. It wasn’t just John Hancock, it was the traders in New York, and Philiadelphia…Britian had a monoply on trade. Sam Adams was telling everyone to start making the products here in America to get out of the King’s unfair yoke. Just like we are being told to buy “AMERICAN” products now. China now makes most of our stuff. And the world is depended on big monopolies that use the slave labor in China to get them all rich and that will be hard to tame.

Actually, it was trade that made slaves out of the British colony of America. Remember, at the time England had a good foothold on the slave trade also.

So, being mad about the Americans joining up with the French in the American Revolution, seems a bit late to the historical playbook of humanity’s folly’s. We were…just being smart. When push came to shove, the people here wanted to drive their OWN destiny, and the French were only too willing to help.

As John Adams once noted, America was used to freedom, England being too far away to dictate what we should do on a daily basis. Until the 1760s. And then England wanted MORE money from us.

America defeated the greatest Navy in the world at that time. WE WON. And England’s very own arrogance helped in that matter. We won the revolution, and if not for Americans, England would be speaking German. (So would the French.)

We paid our debt to our ancestors in England MANY times over with thousands of American lives.

So what is England speaking now? What’s the most popular name in London?

Muhannmed. Amfortas…what’s your view on that? (I’m waiting)

Instead of being upset about old historical events in Western Civilization, the demise of the children of the British Empire (Both in England and America) should be more of a concern. America and its citizens have saved the world time and time again, England too has had a great hand in bringing countries out of poverty, and yet, she still carries that thorn of ‘IF ONLY” in her heart. In the meantime BOTH rulers of England and America want to erase all ‘white’ people from the planet so just their own lily white asses survive in their one world government plan.

It seems, we are joined again as one country. And none of the leaders of the U.S. or England are really driving the cart.

Nope. It’s those pesky Germans again.

White people are NOT easily ruled. Therefore, white previlage is being outlawed.

Sad to say but it’s true: once America goes, so goes the world to China.

But getting back to the everending story of amfortas being upset that WE WON the revolution in 1776.

If America had stayed under the thumb of Kings and Queens would history have been different?

I think that’s the thing that perhaps bothers amortas the most.

The one thing that America produced was a better Constitution, and that came out of that great revolution, which lead the biggest creative boom in the history of the world. And would that same outcome had happened under a Queen or King?

Nobody Knows. Freedom ruled for many years. Now, American Presidents act like Kings of Old England. Our Constitution is no longer followed by our own leaders. England isn’t free either.

Freedom is the ticket to ALL creative ideas, which promotes happiness and progress. And power in a few hands always comes to slavery.

Logically speaking, both the Americans and the British people should join together to fight the tyranny that is coming their way, and the tyranny that leads them at the top of their country.

We are, in the history of the planet, brothers and sisters in arms. Americans cheered the Canadians who stood up to Castro’s son. We will always cheer freedom fighters, at least the oldest of us.

So, once again amfortas…have some tea, and crumpet! And a glass in your bar of the finest ‘ale’ me lord, because the next revolution might not even be ours.

I’m beginning to think you just like to ‘get’ under my patriotic skin in order for me to EDUCATE everybody right?

And I thank you for that.

We might just be the side witnesses, to God’s great plans.

I just hope, the next revolution is a peaceful one. I hope, God has his angels working on a good plan.

In fact, I’m counting on it.

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Killing off the West: Klaus’s Plan– A World of Slaves

Nobody’s Opinion

An explanation of the history of this blog: Just for some background…

Back in 2000, I started blogging. First on Blogger, then on Townhall, and then on WordPress. Like many busy women, trying to find the time to blog was never easy, so I did it late at night because my days were too full of just taking care of business: mine and everybody else’s in the family.

Back then I saw the horror that was coming to us. I first started noticing it with the change in National Geographic, a magazine I had read since I was a kid.

I saw it before most people because I was just going along in my life, working, taking my son to all his sports activities, when one day my son came to me and said, “Mom, I can’t fall asleep before 5a.m.” And he had to get up at 6 a.m. for school. He was worried because he was falling asleep in school.

That started a whole learning curb for me. I fought doctors, the school systems, neighbors, you name it, it was then I discovered that our government was almost a dictatorial system that parents had NO control over. Teachers looked down at the noses at me. I found out that most of them really didn’t care how MUCH the kids learn, just that they would make it to tenure. And yet, the school bent over backwards to help the black kids that didn’t even live in our school district yet were allowed to attend.

The teachers got summers off, got their computers paid for, didn’t teach the classes, and basically had cushy jobs. The higher up just collected BIG salaries and did nothing. If you complained, they COULD and DID take it out on your kid.

 Not only the schools, but nobody I wrote letters to in government ever answered. Except one: Laura Bush. But that was because I handmade a gift for her and the President, she had her secretary call me to thank me. Okay. I was flattered. Because my mother had suffered a stroke from watching President Clinton lie on TV, I was SO very grateful to have the Bushes in the White House.

Sadly, they turned on America too.

Mostly, I saw that the normal person like me had NO say whatsoever in their daily lives. I was so depressed and shocked that citizens in America were just ignored, that my mother suggested I read the Adam’s papers…after all, they were our ancestors.

And THAT was even more of a shock. I found out all that they should have been teaching in school About that time, Tom Hanks came out with the movie series on John Adams. I learned as much as I could about the family, and my own connection to them, and in the process, realized just how very very far from freedom the country had come.

As Joe Rogan said recently, a quote said before but now I saw was true, most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Around the year 2000, I saw my beloved National Geographic go CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMIST. I read in the library that America was to become a “service” economy. WTH I thought? What’s that? The information age was upon us all.

My mother ran a union printing shop—they went on strike, and most of the business left St. Louis. Unions started killing manufacturing. Cars, clothes, shoes, you name it, the unions drove those companies to China.

LBJ put the blacks in Ghettos. Unions were killing the jobs and the bosses said, “Screw them, we’ll just go overseas for the cheap labor.”

What happened? The government just took over the “union” jobs. I’m not sure HOW many people work for our government, but you could cut them in half and things would be better.

What could I do? I was so upset that I wanted to start a website where everybody, all us NOBODIES could state their opinions, complaints, and come up with ideas on how to get our freedom back.

BUT….I wanted this to be in not just in America but all over the world. Imagine a site where you could go and click on a country and find out what the CITIZENS of that country were thinking? Now, we see them on the streets protesting, but not many interviews them, it’s handpicked to be…watered down. You only see, what the stations which are totally controlled want you to see.

I wanted to find at least one person in every country, to gather information about what was happening in their country and make a website where the world’s people could get together, and the best minds could fight this GLOBAL takeover by the rich and elites. I had high hopes for one gentleman, who didn’t want to do it, and so, after meeting up with the FBI and BILL CLINTON, my little blog went from getting over 40 comments a day to, SURPRISE! Maybe 3 people looking at it.

Yeah, I know. My friend who posts what she ate for lunch every day gets over 40. Clearly, for years I thought I was doing something very wrong. Now, with the revelation of how Google can put anyone at the bottom of the search engines, and they can censure anyone they want, it became clear to me.

Until one day, I was observed by the FBI. Then, I went to the bottom of the Web. I’m still there. Even though you can Google me, since then I have learned they have ways of keeping you…small. Twitter does the same. So does Facebook.

Clearly, the web threw me into the hell hole of no traffic. That’s why I’m so grateful for the few people that do read me.

It’s been a long haul. Life came in: both my parents had massive strokes, and I quit my job as an entertainer to take care of them. My son’s sleeping problems never went away. Like many now, I lead a life of quiet desperation. I have watched my city, my neighborhood, my country, and now the world go into, as Biden so annoyingly put it: A DARK WINTER.

ONLY NOW, does the world seem to be waking up to what has disturbed me for too many years.

Since the Elites have managed to release a deadly virus and threaten us with another one (GATES) and NOBODY can arrest them or hold them accountable because they have bought off all the top leaders, I’m hoping that the world will not end in digital slavery.

Good people are fighting everywhere…the trouble is: This takeover has been planned for a LONG time, and since they made us all a cashless world, the banks, our food, our water….our very health will be in their hands, and THEY KNOW IT, and plan to not let a good crisis go to waste.

Bill Gates has threatened us with another disease. They will not stop until they get everyone tagged, and monitored, and controlled.

They want war in Ukraine to further destroy our economy.

Who will arrest Bill Gates? Nobody Knows, but we must keep fighting, because as they have said in their own words, there are just many people on their planet.

Right now, we NEED a divine intervention. THIS nobody is counting on it.

Looking back, I wish I could have had the resources to start that website. I think if there was one place on the internet where ALL the people of the world could go and voice their opinions, maybe solution to the problems would actually happen. If I did it today, I would need powerful allies in the news.

So, I just continue to rant at night, and pray for answers and hope.

And by the way, here’s an article I grabbed some paragraphs from: The NAZIS Weren’t DEFEATED.

I think you, like me, might find it interesting:


The Nazis Weren’t Defeated… They Went Underground and Now Run CANADA and the WORLD, Pushing Eugenics and Depopulation Agendas – Truth. Based. Media. (

The Third Reich never really ended. Although Hitler himself was destroyed, the Nazi regime of the 1920s / 30s / 40s simply went underground and morphed into a global movement of infiltration and influence that’s now emerging as “globalism.”

The World Economic Forum is the training ground for modern-day Nazis, who include national leaders Macron (France), Merkel (Germany) and Trudeau (Canada). Notably, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, named Chrystia Freeland, is the granddaughter of an actual Nazi collaborator and propagandist named Michael Chomiak.

Understand that the “vaccine” mRNA depopulation scheme now being pushed on the world is nothing new. It is merely the continuation of the Nazi eugenics program of the 1930s / 40s which sought to exterminate certain ethnic groups in the name of “progress” for humanity. Today, the same effort is now underway in an expanded context, where the targets are now predominantly Caucasian-dominated nations across the planet. Note that Africa has seen very little in the way of vaccine uptake, and Africans aren’t dying in huge numbers from vaccines. The mass vaccine deaths are taking place in so-called “white” countries across Europe, North America, Australia, etc., while many nations such as India are offering their Understand that Fauci is just the modern-day rendition of the Nazi eugenicists of the Third Reich. He’s nothing new, just evil recycled.’*****

Be sure to read it all if you can.

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Nobody Gets Email: The Rothschilds

Nobody Knows

Nobody doubts that there are families that are behind the scenes controlling the world’s economy. And one of the families that have been kept secret for decades upon decade are the Rothchilds.

Nobody knows much about them, but American Intelligence, has done a lot of research on them, and so, I just wanted to share it, because WHAT? Do you think I have the time to do this kind of research?

No, I have gumballs in my driveway, and my snow blower, does NOT do well with them. (Okay, it’s an excuse, but it’s a good one!)

So, believe it or not, the Rothchilds are the forebearers of the “GREAT RESET.”

You might need to grab yourself a drink:

(Thanks to the American Intelligence people for the email and all the great stuff they do.)

Fraud 1: Lord Victor Rothschild (1910-1990)—the butcher of biotechnology—ordered the Rothschild Archive in 1973 to lie about the real family name: BacharachFraud 2: The Rothschild pretend to be Palestinian Zionists descended from the 12 Tribes of Israel when in DNA fact, they are descendants of ethnic Khazarian Jewish-converts who were semi-nomadic pagans from the steppes of Eurasia (ca. 650-969)Fraud 3: The Rothschilds were/are secret Frankists who abandoned Judaism, follow the Kabbalah and believe certain elect persons are exempt from moral law “since we cannot all be saints; let us all be sinners.” Sins like incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality are their sacraments. (Explains why Jeffrey Epstein and Sir Jimmy Saville had no remorse.)Fraud 4: Rothschild Frankists brokered German gold, then loaned it to England in 1776 to hire local Hessian soldiers to fight for Britain in the American RevolutionFraud 5: Rothschild Frankists loaned 15 million UK pounds to finance the British to burn down of the White House in 1814, then teamed with their secret agent Alexander Hamilton to finance the First Bank of the United StatesFraud 6: As satanic Frankists, the Rothschilds live double lives posing as Crypto-Jews, Crypto-Christians and Crypto-Muslims (conceived while in prison for the debauchery of him and his followers in Częstochowa, Poland, 1760-73) while financing both sides of war among their banking customersFraud 7: Rothschild and his broker brother-in-law Sir Moses Montefiore brokered the loan to Parliament from 18351838 to compensate for the loss of slaves by British bankers—founding the offshore British banking system used to this day to finance war and debauchery worldwideConclusion: Fraud unwinds contracts once the victim becomes aware of it. All Rothschild offshore bank accounts must be seized to pay reparations for the damages that their frauds have foisted upon the world(Feb. 16, 2022)—In the decades surrounding America’s Declaration of Independence in 1776, Europe and the Middle East were also battling demonic principalities and powers working to pull humanity into the abyss.See Ephesians 6.Our latest discoveries explain much about the old money behind:Bioweapons, British hegemony, Communism, Corporatism, Credit, Debauchery, Depopulation, Eugenics, Frequency weapons, Hollywood, Jeffrey Epstein, Lawfare, Mass Surveillance, Mind control, Money, Monopoly, Patent theft, Pedophilia, Pharmacide, Pilgrims Society, Promiscuity, Propaganda, Sir Jimmy Saville, Socialism, Spies, The Bank for International Settlements, The Bank of England, The City of London, The U.N., The Vatican Bank, Transhumanism, Washington, D.C.In about 1751, Jacob Frank (1726-91) claimed to be the Jewish messiah as the reincarnation of an earlier messianic claimant Shabbetai Tzevi (1626–76). Jacob was the founder of the antirabbinical Frankists, or Zoharists.Jacob Frank held that certain elect persons are exempt from moral law. This sect abandoned Judaism for a “higher Torah” (Jewish Law) based on the Zohar, which was the most important work in the Kabbala, the Jewish mystical movement. Hence its members are also called themselves Zoharists.Jacob Frank was a proponent of an antinomian anarchist approach that rejected all the prohibitions and restrictions of Jewish law, including the laws of incest.Frankists  were master infiltrators. They were masters of living a double life. They practiced sexual orgiastic ecstasy as a sacrament.After Jacob Frank was imprisoned for thirteen years in the fortress monetary of Częstochowa, Poland, he decided that he and his followers should, on the surface, convert to the predominant religion of their region. Then, they should secretly continue their debauchery with his messianic blessing. In business that meant say whatever it took to get the deal even if it meant breaking those promises when expedient.Sabbatian Frankists are well documented in the Encyclopedia Judaica and in the writings of Israeli academics.In a nutshell, these groups practiced incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality and were otherwise depraved. The Talmud states that the Messiah will come only in an age that is completely guilty or completely innocent (Sanhedrin 98a). From this epigram, the Frankists would declare, ‘Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.’” They ran afoul of Christian and Jewish rabbinical tribunals alike, including the Inquisition.Coincidentally (?!), with the benefit of hindsight and current geopolitical events, a number of heretofore unconnected threads come together at this time in history.Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Bacharach) (1744-1812)Nathan Mayer 1777-1836 EnglandJames Mayer (1792-1868) Paris, bullion, specie 1812, Napoleon; married nieceJacob Frank (1726-1791); wife Eva Frank (1754-1816)Frankist messianic, orgiastic apostasy (1751-)Hell Fire hedonist club for the aristocracy including John Wilkes, ancestor of John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln’s assassinRothschild-financed German Hessian soldiers (1776-1778)Hyam Salomon (1740-d. 1785), Rothschild agent in America; First Bank of America (1781); Rothschild co-agent Alexander HamiltonSecond Bank of the United States (1816-1836); Rothschild co-agent Alexander HamiltonSEMINAL ALIGNMENT OF GOOD AND EVIL FORCES IN THE WORLD (1740-1820) CENTERED ON THE ROTHSCHILDS TREACHERYFig. 2Rothschild Demonic Profligacy. (Compiled Feb. 14, 2022). Critical 18th Century Years When America Emerged to Counter a Satanic Global Takeover That’s Still in Process. Anonymous Patriots.They kept their enemies confused by refining the art of saying the opposite of what they really think.If a Moslem was coercing them to convert to Islam, or a Christian to Christianity, or a Jew to Judaism, they converted without resistance, on the surface, while maintaining their Sabbatist beliefs and immoral practices secretly. Sound like Bohemian Grove? Epstein island? Marina Abramovic?Frankists seek redemption through ritual sexual ecstasy and moral opposites.Whatever the Ten Commandments taught, they did opposite. Don’t kill. They killed. Don’t steal. They stole. Don’t commit adultery. They swapped wives. Don’t lie. They lied. Don’t sodomize. They sodomized, especially children. Don’t mistreat children. They were pedophiles. And so on. They were a belief system of opposites, much like our maddening self-styled elitists today.This Rothschild family heritage was certainly worth hiding. British Lord Victor Rothschild did just that in 1973.In 1973, British Lord Victor Rothschild ordered an official family timeline. This occurred just after The Rothschild Report (1971) to the UK Parliament recommended a complete overhaul of research and development investing by the British government with a focus on computers, communications and biowarfare.The Rothschild Archive Timeline opens with:”a detailed Rothschild family tree was commissioned which traced the family back to ‘Uri Feibesh’ in 1450.”Dubiously, “Feibesh” should be spelled “Feibesch.” Why misspell it? (Thwarts searches.)Remarkably, neither the misspelling “Feibesh” nor the correct spelling “Feibesch” appears anywhere else in the Rothschild Archive!This opening statement is an evident lie, not just sloppy editing.The year “1450” is also wrong. Numerous genealogies show that the Rothschilds ancestry includes:Uri or Ori Feibesch (Fajsch) Zu Bacharach (1475-1588) from Frankfurt, GermanyPrior to Uri, the ancestry trail goes cold.Why would the Rothschild Archive not disclose Uri’s full name, including “Bacharach?”  The Bacharach family is a rabbinical dynasty in Frankfurt, Worms, Poland. Remember Lord Henry de Worms, Lord Pirbright? British Privy Council, Lord Rothschild collaborator. The Wellcome Trust. Biowarfare.For context, the Frankfurt Jewish community was just being established then.We  first note that Wikipedia participates in this Rothschild misdirection. Their “Frankfurter Judengasse” page states:“It is likely that Jews were amongst the earliest inhabitants of Frankfurt.”Even a history novice knows that Frankfurt is a Stone Age city (ca. 3000 B.C.)!!!World Guides states: “The first mention of Frankfurt in official history records dates to 794 AD. It was noted that Franconovurt, or ‘City of the Franks’, was the meeting place for an important ecclesiastical council of Franconian noblemen led by Emperor Charlemagne (Charles the Great).” This is confirmed by City of Frankfurt resources that further states: “Frankfurt, as the location of the most important north-south river crossing in Germany… has been inhabited since the later Stone Age (c. 2000 B.C.). Until the Romans arrived (Emperor Augustus, 63 B.C. to 14 A.D.), the area had been controlled by various Germanic and Celtic tribes.Why does Wikipedia misstate Frankfurt’s history so ludicrously? Evidently it is because most drive-by “historians” will believe it. We see it as misdirection about Frankfurt’s true history and the central role of the Rothschilds in world corruption.The Jewish Virtual Jewish World  traces the earliest Jewish communities :Evidence of a Jewish community in Frankfurt, a city on the Main river in western Germany, dates to the 12th century. At that time, a small group of Jewish merchants from Worms settled in the town, and quickly flourished and grew wealthy. Jews had been in Frankfurt prior to this period as well, but never as official residents – Frankfurt had long been a market town, and [Khazarian] Jews visited to trade there as early as the tenth century.Uri was the son of father Eichanan Ben Zur Bacharach Zur Roten Rose (1496-1550) and mother Fogele Rose “Tzipora” Bacharach (born Worms Haas-Grotwohl) (1505-1550). Eichanan had alias names Elchanan ben Uri, Han, Hon, Hane, Elkan, Elchanan Bauer.Eichanan was the son of father Uri Feibesch (Fajsch) Zu Bacharach (1475-1588) and mother Zu Bacharach (nee Zur Roten Rose (ca. 1496-1550).ROTHSCHILD DELETED “BACHARACH” FROM THE FAMILY NAMELord Victor Rothschild dropped the “Bacharach” part of Uri Feibesch name? This is evident fraud.We will not delve further into the Bacharach family name other than to say it has been a family with a strong rabbinical heritage.The change from “Barcharach” to “Rothschild” is suspicious since the Bacharach name would normally be retained, and since Mayer Amschel would otherwise have thought so little of his Bacharach family heritage as to name it after a house instead!CRYPTO-ROTHSCHILD BACHARACHS INFILTRATED THE U.S. GOVERNMENTNotably, many Bacharachs emigrated to America in the late 1800s. Three Bacharachs are notable in the British Pilgrims Society’s infiltration of the American government as crypto-Rothschilds (N.M. Rothschild and his son Walter were co-founders of the Pilgrims Society and tight allies of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Alfred Milner, Henry deWorms and Sir Harry Brittain.)Benjamin Bacharach (1865-1936), banker; merchant; pres.;Beth Israel Synagogue, Atlantic City.Isaac Bacharach (1870-1956), arrived Atlantic City 1881; banker; businessman; Councilman, Atlantic City (1907-13); Republican; State Assembly (1911); Congress (NJ-2nd, 1915); House Ways and Means Committee (1915-36); sponsored Federal Declaration of Taking Act of 1931—Eminent  domain seizure of public lands permitted (the ability to seize public assets to back Rothschild loans).Harry Bacharach (1873-1947), arrived Atlantic City 1881; Postmaster, Pres. McKinley, 1901; reappointed by Teddy Roosevelt 1905-1909 during the ramp up of British Marconi Wireless in the U.S. in the run up to the first World War; Mayor, Atlantic City (1911-15, 1916—19, 1931-34); Chairman, NJ Public Utilities Commission Member; Water Policy Commission; Banker; real estate developer; founder, Jewish Community Center, Atlantic City (1924-25); Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children (Longport, New Jersey)CONCLUSION—CALL TO ACTION:The Rothschilds have totally hidden their real family name “Bacharach,” their depraved Frankist religion, and their Khazarian nomadic roots. Then, they moved in their crypto-Bacharach family Fifth column into America in the exodus of their fellow Khazarian Jews from Odessa and climes in the 1880s.Their sinister promotion of British Zionism and a new world order in conspiracy with the Pilgrims Society must be evaluated in a whole new light.Are the Jews of the 12 Tribes of Israel actually their spiritual enemies since they are only crypto-Jews at best?The fraud and treachery of this family is off the charts.Now the Rothschilds must be unwound and prosecuted as satanic oppressors of humanity.Other posts that we made during the week of this research:Kharzarian documentsUnmasking Israel-Abraham Burla – Global ExterminatorThe Missing Link of Jewish European AncestrySir Walter Rostow, the Russian Khazars, and the British Pilgrims SocietyGlobal Genocide By King of the Jews – Israel-Abraham BurlaOur Spirit | February 16, 2022 at 9:17 am | Categories: Americans for Innovation | URL:
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Nobody Cares

It’s clear: Davos welcomes with sycophantic and pathetic arms, their pick for the new Overlord of the world— Xi Jinping.

EVERYONE at Davos this year, came out kissing the lord and master of the New World Order: Xi Jinping.

While I’m familiar with Gates thinking HE is running the world and redesigning it like we are all his little play toy things, Nobody Wonders if Gates is so narcissistic that he thinks China will let him LIVE after they have used him up for the Global Road to Tyranny that Gates, Fauci and Nazi impersonation Klaus are so happy about.

I have never listened to a speech by Xi Jinping. I got 18 minutes into it and almost fell asleep. It was a speech that Obama could have given, or Biden, or Pelosi, which means, corrupt tyrants everywhere all sound the same. They try REAL hard to sound SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sincere, filled with promises and false lies, and yet, we all know that China released the virus and spread it around the world to destroy the economies of the world in order to bring in the GLOBAL world government. And that they killed millions and MADE millions while doing it. And he had Fauci and Gates and Zuckerfact to help him do it.

I got tired of hearing him say “GLOBAL”.

The question is: Gates, Fauci, Davos, our big CEOs all love this guy, because they don’t want ANY people in any of the world to have freedom.

They want it ALL. ALL the money, ALL the power, and if you think these horrible men even care about you or your life, or the planet, then I have another Windows version of 3.0 to sell you.

We don’t have to go into the damage that China and Gates have done to the world. But the fact that all it takes is a slick lying salesman to sell you your own death, and make it sound wonderful, well, I find it it rather—


History tells us, BOTH these guys need to be stopped. And add that nutcase/NAZI Klaus with them.

And we thought Hitler was bad.

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The Elites Want YOU…to obey.

Nobody’s Opinion

This was put up in Australia last December, 2020.

Yep. Couldn’t have stated it better myself, and it’s plain as day what the few elites at the top have done.

The Great reset is communism at the bottom, crony capitalism at the top for a handful of elites and their families. And it’s been their plan for many decades, it’s just now put into overtime.

But…in order to get to this utopia for the rich, they had to destroy the United States. And the help has come from our very own American Presidents and their banking buddies.

There is a video tape that I watched last week, where 3,000 engineer, experts in every field, gave witness to how the buildings on 9/11 were professionally brought down with explosions. Most everyone with a brain that watched those buildings fall on 9/11 felt that was the truth, and YET, all news networks reported the lie, that the planes did it. Also, you might recall, there were no families who got on TV and told the world that their loved ones were on either ONE of those planes from Boston. A bit strange, don’t you think? And the attention went to the other plane, shot down…oh, excuse me, taken down by Bush, saving the White House. Come on, there was NOTHING left of that plane.

Building 7 was demolished, it’s been proven. Of course it was…lots of FBI records in that building.

We went to war and millions lost their lives, and Bush kept it up.

Our own government has been lying to us for decades upon decades, and we don’t even know it.

Fast forward to the election of 2016, and Hillary lost to Trump. We now find out that they have been able to rig elections since the election of George W. Bush VS Gore. That’s when the electronic voting machines took over. Hillary was ‘promised’ the Presidency, and got really mad that they didn’t cheat and win for her, but it goes to show, the elites didn’t want her in. We can only guess why.

But Trump was bringing America back. Not good.

Enter Fauci and Gates who released the virus onto the world, AND the vaccine (Gates patent 060606) which will kill millions, and especially those that are old and sick.

Hitler looks like a moron compared to this group of Nazis.

The elites didn’t want Trump either, which is why they put Biden in. The fact that they stole the last election, and Trump walked away, shows that millions of people will not even vote in the next election.

We have become, Russia. China…a whole new fallen country.

Now, anyone who has done their research, like Sarah Palin, knows that the vaccine is NOT a vaccine. It contains nanotech, which will give the 5G towers soon to be placed everywhere in the world, the power to track just about everyone. Forget leaving your cell phone at home folks, it won’t matter.

The plan to get rid of cash and the dollar is coming soon. You will have a chip in your hand and LOVE it as much as you love your debit card.

Which brings us to the great reset. Is President Trump PART of this madness? He put all the biggest RINOs he could find in his cabinet. Why? Will he now be put back as President to lead us all into another World War?

God FORBID…could he have been part of the script? Let’s hope not.

In the meantime, they are destroying as much of America as they possibly can, from the military, to our schools, to our food supply, to our medical care..

And FIRES. Floods and Fires everywhere. That’s WEATHER war. Not every fire is started by lighting or outdated electrical grid. That’s to set us all for more control.

Not to mention, there is an attack on all white people. If you are white, and unvaccinated, you ARE the new Jew.

General Milley, and the FBI, AND the CIA consider YOU. YOU. YOU. YOU white person, to be the ultimate enemy.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but think about it.

These people are…like Hitler before us, like Stalin, like Mao…completely nuts.

All that I’ve said here has been revealed in video’s all over the internet, but they ARE hard to find. They are not allowed on Facebook or twitter, or Instagram…or on your local news.

This Nobody Wonders—

How many people are too far gone in their own ignorance to even be able to believe it? And How many people like this man above, will fight until the end to stop it?

Nobody Wonders.

But, lately, Australia, hasn’t been looking so good.

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The Pope, and the Great Reset of the Planet

Nobody’s Opinion

“All that part of creation which lies within our observation is liable to change. Even mighty states and kingdoms are not excepted.” John Adams,1775

Today I was reading the first chapter in a biography of John Adams. His son, John Quincy wrote the first half of the book, and instead of going right into the subject of his own father, he went into the WHY of 1776.

Not your typical beginning. But then again, JQA had not your typical mind.

It had a lot to do with the Catholic Church, and the universities in which individual thought and freedom took root. None of the Adams were very fond of the Catholics. What many people don’t realize is that the Catholic Church, was to our founders, pretty much of an abomination. They thought it was ostentatious. Pompous. A staged of dramatic theater. The founders preferred the simple worship of the common man. More to the real meanings of Jesus.

You don’t hear about it, because it’s so much a part of the global ‘reset’ right now, and because of the millions of Catholics around the world. Historians don’t dare touch the subject of the tyranny of the Catholic church throughout the ages. Like most institutions, it’s protected.

But, here is a bit of American history, well known, but not talked about much:

Adams reports that American’s first people were running away from the tyranny of the English Church, which, as he explains, was just a continuation of the Pope and the Catholic Church. When Henry the VIII wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and Thomas Aquinas and the Pope wouldn’t give it to him, he just basically, kicked out the Pope and made himself head of the Church of England. That religion was no different than the Catholic Church, Henry the VIII just made himself the Pope basically. He kept all of the rules of the Catholics of Rome.



“The King was substituted for the Pope as head of the church, and the Parliament undertook to perform the office of the ecclesiastical councils, in regulating the faith of the people.”

“When Luther first planted the standard of reformation at the University of Wittenberg, Henry the Eight, uniting in himself the character of a dogmatist and a tyrant, published a book against him and his doctrines.”


After his death, Mary his daughter restored the papal authority in all its despotism and all its cruelty. Elizabeth, the House of Stuart and Charles the First continued to use their “Church” against all who opposed it.



“The English universities were the cradles of the New England colonies: and the Reformation was their nursing-mother.”


 The Royals could not control the minds at the universities. And OUR Royals can’t control much of the American people today.



“In the struggle between the government to arrest the progress of the Reformation, and individuals whose spirit could not be subdued, the fury of religious persecution could be satiated with nothing less than death as the punishment of non-conformity.”

“One of these consequences was that the founders of these colonies were men of finished education and profound learning. Their form of church government was democratical.”



“There is nothing which so clearly marks the distinguishing character of the Puritan founders of New England as their institutions for the education of youth. It is in universities that the Reformation took its rise. Wickliffe, John Huss, Jerome of Prague, and Luther, all promulgated their doctrines first from the bosom of universities. The question between the Church of Rome and all the reformers, was essentially a question between liberty and power: between submission to the dictates of other men and the free exercise of individual faculties. Universities were institutions of Christianity, the original idea of which may, perhaps, have been adopted from the schools of the Grecian sophists and philosophers, but which were essential improvements upon them. The authority of the Church of Rome is founded upon the abstract principal of power. The Reformation in all its modifications, was found upon the principle of liberty. “

So, here we…fast forward to, 2021. The Pope now, is basically a communist and supported by all of the world rulers and elites, to help bring in a GREAT RESET, a NEW religion, where the subjects…obey.

The Vatican is soon to have a “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul” convention: —-Anthony Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, and Deepak Chopra are among the featured speakers at a Vatican conference being held in May on the interplay of mind, body, and soul in healthcare.



“Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul: How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health,” will take place virtually May 6-8.

It will feature the CEOs of large pharmaceutical companies, including Moderna and Pfizer, along with celebrities active in medical philanthropy, global health advocates, policymakers, physicians, and religious leaders.

The Vatican conference’s website lists more than 100 speakers including Kerry Kennedy, Cindy Crawford, John Sculley, Brandon Marshall, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, prefect emeritus of the Secretariat for Communications.


Yes, the Pope is now joining up with the other powerful people in the world to basically dictate what the people of the world will be at first, “asked” to do…and according by all he has said, it’s pretty tyrannical. From Climate Change to giving up our property…it’s very communistic.

From another report: A bold plan for Pope Francis, Bill Gates to save the world – MarketWatch


True, Pope Francis, Bill Gates and many other billionaires are already working on philanthropic projects of personal interest. Now it’s time to combine forces, see the world as one entity, search for common solutions. For as Ben Franklin put it during the signing of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

We reported on Pope Francis’ manifesto in a column last year, “Pope is an anticapitalism socialist—thank God.” The manifesto clearly articulated the pope’s mission on Earth. A mission to lead not just the church’s 200 cardinals, 5,000 bishops, 450,000 priests and deacons, not just the 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide and the 78 million in 17,645 American parishes, but also guide and inspire leaders of the world’s 196 countries and a population of more than seven billion that’s rapidly growing into an economically unsustainable 10 billion people living on the planet.


I must admit, I am not a fan of the Catholic church. While I can admire the beautiful songs, magnificent art, and traditions that bring about comfort to millions across the planet, I can’t for the LIFE of me see why so many millions do not see what THIS Pope will do to them and their lives. He does not follow the tenants of Jesus. He follows the tyranny that the Catholic churches that history have recorded. Like the democratic party, not all the popes were angels. Many of them, AND the Church itself, is as corrupt as any other big institution.

So this Nobody Wonders: How can you be a Catholic and NEVER talk against that insane Pope? How can you stay a Catholic?

Churches can be just as diabolical as tyrannical rulers. History reports this. The difference is, now, in 2021, there IS no place to run to.

The great thing about the Christian religion is that it does promote the kindness that Jesus taught. The Reformation was a step towards God and Jesus, not away from him. You did not need a priest to talk to God after the reformation. Or to be forgiven by another man who claimed to be your superior.

But now, where does one go? When half the planet of Muslims has NO reformation and are ruled by tyrants, and the other half, will be ruled by rulers who join up with Christian leaders to gather back control and take away all freedom…where? To Poland?

What happens when they take away God? We are seeing Christians being attacked everywhere. And now, Covid has shut down many a church. Wal-Mart is the new religion. More people go to Wal-Mart on Sunday than to church.

I once had to join the Catholic Church to get married, to a man who never went to church, but his family was Catholic. After he left me and my young son, we were both excommunicated, but not my first husband. He was almost as evil as they come, but he was allowed to stay in the church. I can’t tell you how much that pissed me off. No matter how many letters I wrote, it didn’t matter.

So, it was no surprise to me when I found out, what the founders knew long ago. Still, I know a lot of Catholics who love their church, and that’s a good thing.

Frankly, I would NOT belong to a church that was so hypocritical. I have known so many Catholics, who have sinned so much in their lives, and yet, are told, all they have to do is admit their sin and go on. It’s as if they had a “get out of jail free card” every Sunday. Swallow that wafer and whatever you did last Saturday night was forgiven.

Don’t commit the crime in the FIRST place I say.

I have read the Bible three times. And one Easter Sunday, I went to many Catholics churches in the afternoon, and THEY WERE ALL CLOSED. I just wanted to be close to Jesus, but the church didn’t let me.

Martin Luther was right.

So, what would Jesus say? This Nobody Thinks…he would NOT like the Pope.

That’s just my Nobody Opinion.

And by the way, Steve Bannon is a BIG Catholic. So are many of my Mensa’s friends.

And I will never get how they can ignore the hypocrisy of Pope Francis.

But they do. You cannot not talk against the Pope to them. If you know the answer to this, I’d love to hear it.

I hope I haven’t offended any Catholic with this. It’s just that, I think our founders got it right.

“Even mighty Kingdoms have fallen.”

Nobody Wonders, if Pope Francis is listening.

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Nobody’s FOOL: Glenn Beck and The Great Reset

Glenn Beck, explains in his most unique way, (Karl Rove eat your heart you out billboard copy-cat) what Bill Gates, the United Nations, and the Biden administration has in store for all of us.

Basically: Tyranny.

If you have time, be sure to watch it. Glenn, once again, connects the dots like nobody else.

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Nobody Wonders…Why Now?

Nobody Wonders

I’ve been busy, so, I do have to ask, what did I miss? Why is this classified stuff coming out now? Because Graham kept it under lock and key? The FBI too?

Why did the President not just send in some undercover agents to get it?

Why now? We all know what happened, and this is not exactly news. So…I must admit, I think, since EVERY conservative knows what happened, this will just be yawed at.

The News will be…LADY GAGA! TOM HANKS!

Yeah. Okay. I’ll be watching a movie.

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Nobody Flashes Warnings of Orwell…

I just came across this on my Saturday afternoon browsing…

Thought a few of you might be interested.

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Nobody’s Opinion: It’s Not to Save Anyone–It’s To Smash Small Business

By now everyone has seen this video. And anyone can see that this woman does not matter, to the mayor of Los Angeles. He issued a typical political BS statement saying that he feels sorry for the woman but the hospitals are full…blah…blah…blah..

The rich elite dictate lockdowns to the masses, while they are NEVER locked down.

The truth is, this is not only happening in California but in almost every democratic city in America, restaurants are being shut down and destroyed by the minute with ‘lockdowns.’ As if to punish everyone until President Trump is finally out of the White House.

Pelosi is pretty much to blame for these poor small business owners. The President and the Senate have been wanting for months to send relief to all small business owners relief, but the democrats in the House and all the governors have kept whatever money they GOT in their bank accounts, and refused to come to a deal unless their cesspools of cities are bailed out by the rest of the country. Nancy wanted TRILLIONS.

She knew she wouldn’t get it, so what’s the game?

The plan is clearly, destroy the American economy. Especially the two biggest economies: New York and California. Wall Street is in New York, the tech companies in California.

Here in St. Louis, hundreds of our favorite restaurants have been destroyed forever. No meat for you!

The U.N. suggest bugs and weeds. Seriously…look it up.

You cannot tell me this is all by chance, no, this is intentional. Already the U.N. said that in 2021 millions will starve. They blame it on Covid, but we all know that Covid is just the excuse.

The ‘elites’ want to depopulate the planet. Think I’m kidding?

Put business in only a few multinational companies…which are controlled by the few billionaires at the top. Basically facism on steriods and you have the New World Order.

Billionaires that will soon be: Trillionaires will control us all.

To the Bill Gates of the world, the world needs to be shut down, and rebooted. Just like a computer.

Really, that’s how they look at the world.

President Trump sounded confident yesterday in his speech in Georgia. Let’s just hope, he is the genius many of us think he is, because in the new world of China/U.S. communisms, only the very rich will be able to eat steak, and at their favorite restaurants.

President Trump is right. The rest of the world will be lucky to even…eat.

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Reset? RESIST!


I usually try to post something spiritual on Sunday, but as the “great reset” is being introduced to the planet almost as sure as a nuclear bomb hit, I decided instead to let the experts point out the truth that Bill Gates would say, are “The crazy conspiracy theories.” The tyranny attempts are overwhelming and too many people are NOT seeing it.

But some are:

So, the resistance begins…

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Nobody’s Opinion

Well, we ALL know what this is all about, don’t we? The new global ‘reset.’

Already I’m seeing more Chinese in all the commercials. There’s the token black, token Muslim, the token liberal white woman, the young black woman, and now the Chinese man, woman or baby. IF a white man appears, he is presented as stupid, or the new baby buggy walker.

Ok: Confession. I turn OFF the commercials sound when they come on and just notice what ‘race’ is in it. Blacks, white women, Gays, wimpy WHITE men, Muslims, Latinos’ and now Chinese. Last time I saw the stats, the white population was still the dominate race in America. Not that I mind other ‘races’ in commercials, I just don’t like how the globalists are controlling us all with socially correct engineering. They control EVERYTHING. And the cherry on the top of the mud/Tower of Babel Sundae is the media claiming that Joe Biden won.

And oh BOY! Right away, loving articles of Queen Elisabeth appear in AARP, and the news that Hillary will be U.N. Ambassador, (Can’t wait!) and newly married Harry and his black (who really is half white) wife is coming to the White House!

Hillary will be taking care of the WORLD as U.N. ambassador:

Bend over U.S.A.

And I’m NOT going to stop writing about having to watch people puke and pee in all my TV movies and sitcoms.

That’s HOW they are, ‘demoralizing’ us all. We are…just dirty animals.

But really, look at any of the people that REALLY control the world. Most of them are ugly, and look like they haven’t bathed in weeks.

Take them out of their royal mansions, and we could put them in poor mans’ clothes and your regular Wal-Mart shopper would be more appealing.

And speaking of U.S. Royalty….

Tell me, why didn’t George W. and his Daddy get their teeth fixed?

ARLINGTON, TX – OCTOBER 31: Former United States Presidents George W. Bush and George Bush Sr. are seen on the field prior to Game Four of the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark on Sunday, October 31, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Sorry, I’m off subject, It’s just that THIS global ‘reset’ has GOT to be stopped.

They plan to use fear to control the world. And the biggest fear: Is them.

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Wow…At least ONE Catholic leader has brains…

This statement of warning written to President Trump from the Archbishop Vigano:


“The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt. The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups. Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated.”

Viganò’s discussion of “The Great Reset” is not a conspiracy theory, it’s an openly stated goal embraced by World Economic Forum globalists like Klaus Schwab, who asserts in his new book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, that the world will never return to “normal.”

The Archbishop says “The Great Reset” will be activated “between the end of this year and the first trimester of 2021” and will be justified via more lockdowns in response to a second and third wave of the virus.

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