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Nobody’s Opinion: It’s Not to Save Anyone–It’s To Smash Small Business

By now everyone has seen this video. And anyone can see that this woman does not matter, to the mayor of Los Angeles. He issued a typical political BS statement saying that he feels sorry for the woman but the hospitals are full…blah…blah…blah..

The rich elite dictate lockdowns to the masses, while they are NEVER locked down.

The truth is, this is not only happening in California but in almost every democratic city in America, restaurants are being shut down and destroyed by the minute with ‘lockdowns.’ As if to punish everyone until President Trump is finally out of the White House.

Pelosi is pretty much to blame for these poor small business owners. The President and the Senate have been wanting for months to send relief to all small business owners relief, but the democrats in the House and all the governors have kept whatever money they GOT in their bank accounts, and refused to come to a deal unless their cesspools of cities are bailed out by the rest of the country. Nancy wanted TRILLIONS.

She knew she wouldn’t get it, so what’s the game?

The plan is clearly, destroy the American economy. Especially the two biggest economies: New York and California. Wall Street is in New York, the tech companies in California.

Here in St. Louis, hundreds of our favorite restaurants have been destroyed forever. No meat for you!

The U.N. suggest bugs and weeds. Seriously…look it up.

You cannot tell me this is all by chance, no, this is intentional. Already the U.N. said that in 2021 millions will starve. They blame it on Covid, but we all know that Covid is just the excuse.

The ‘elites’ want to depopulate the planet. Think I’m kidding?

Put business in only a few multinational companies…which are controlled by the few billionaires at the top. Basically facism on steriods and you have the New World Order.

Billionaires that will soon be: Trillionaires will control us all.

To the Bill Gates of the world, the world needs to be shut down, and rebooted. Just like a computer.

Really, that’s how they look at the world.

President Trump sounded confident yesterday in his speech in Georgia. Let’s just hope, he is the genius many of us think he is, because in the new world of China/U.S. communisms, only the very rich will be able to eat steak, and at their favorite restaurants.

President Trump is right. The rest of the world will be lucky to even…eat.

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  1. And sadly, there are MANY people, especially the older ones who are retired and on SS, who are scared to death. I know many in my own neighborhood.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | December 8, 2020 | Reply

  2. I read somewhere today that LA hospitals expect a 90% occupancy in ICU for flu patients so this 85% is below normal for the hospital. These people pull numbers out of their ass.


    Comment by Debbie Pow | December 7, 2020 | Reply

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