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Nobody Wonders

I wake up each day, and find myself wondering just WHO to believe. Everything in the news, and I mean everything, has to be taken with “Consider the source, and the motive.” in mind. I have been overwhelmed by the Orwellian nature of the U.S. Government. I always think it can’t get any worse, and it does.

Like many conservatives, I went to the Drudge Report in the morning, and trusted it. Drudge himself said that a Supreme Court Justice said they were coming after him. And sure enough, Drudge took a complete about face, into anti-Trump mode. Something I NEVER thought would have happened.

After all, how many of us, pass a certain age, one day wake up and say, “I don’t believe anything I EVER thought in my past…now I’m all on board for the left?

Ann Coulter did the same. A conservative by all her books, I loved the way she wrote and attacked the liberals with humor even. Ann wrote a book supporting Trump, and then wow…with the snap of her fingers she became one of his number one enemies.

When FOX news got rid of their biggest stars, Bill O’Reilly, I was like…whoa…what? Then, Roger Ailes. Now, FOX is starting to look like CNN. Newsmax has taken it over, but I remember Newsmax running a biography of Trump all through the 2016 election, and it was a rather damning piece. Newsmax, no doubt, will become the next FOX. Slowly they will start to say Trump should resign, while keeping a few money makers on tap.

There’s a pattern here: They get you hooked on the program (whether TV serious or movie, or News) saying the things YOU know are true, then slowly, they introduce the progressive mantras: Gays, blacks are oppressed, American history is bad, meat is bad, a borderless world is good, and only the ‘chosen few’, like past Presidents, know what’s good for the world. You would turn off the program if they started OUT with those messages, so it’s all done slowly.

Once we all believed in our Presidents, but Americans watched while Daddy Bush, Bill Clinton, Baby Bush, Obama and Biden, all gave away our country to outsiders and globalism, and they still are in the background working for their own families fortunes.

And Congress? Who can you trust in Congress? I can count them on one hand.

Even Rush…he is trying to promote himself again today, because many people are mad at his attacks on Trump’s lawyers. Would Rush dish Trump just to save his program? NO Joyanna…not Rush.

Hey, I listened to Rush everyday, and he was all for Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz did some really dishonest things, and both he and his wife are Wall Street. Remember when we thought George W. was a Texan? Yeah, how did that turn out?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ted is hoping for the Presidential run in 2024.

Would Rush give up on Trump just to save his radio program?

What do you think?

Sadly, I remember thinking that the ‘deep state’ had Princess Diana killed AND JFK Jr. And I think Obama was born in Kenya like his real brother says he was. I think this global game of control has been around for decades and the American people have been kept in the dark.

The political game is so well played, that the deep state picks who gets to run, and who runs the country. They plan for our future, and now, we will be controlled like we have never have been controlled ever before. We will all be vaccinated (or else we won’t eat or be able to travel) Even Hitler would have loved that control.

We the people have been left out for many, many years…until Trump.

Is it ANY wonder that President Trump is the only one this Nobody trusts anymore? And one day, I’m afraid to wake up and find they even got to him.

(I’m hoping not..truly.)

As the saying goes, “The Surest Things can Change.” Like I said, I don’t know WHAT to think, or who to believe. I understand this is part of the Alinsky method, to confuse you with so many lies you don’t know what is true, but when they control the internet, it’s hard. When you lock down and purposely destroy a whole country, it’s hard not to get discouraged.

This isn’t a civil war just in America, it will be a civil war with the people of the world against the deep state of global/fascistic communism.

And THEY have all the bombs. They won’t have to use any of them. It will all be done under the “We care for you!” mantra of fear and control.

So, what can we do?


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