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Nobody Wonders: To Vaccine, or NOT to Vaccine…That is the Question

Nobody Wonders

So, here we are, once again, getting mixed messages on what we should do:

Rand Paul and President Trump are behind the vaccine, but if you listen to Kennedy, you are taking your chances of getting even sicker. There are many doctors that would NOT take the vaccine.

So, what are we to think? Or do? How does the regular Joe react? If your employer says that you must get the vaccine, what choice do you have?

Do we get the vaccine, because if we DON’T, the politicians will kept us wearing masks forever: Destroying the whole country? Will they make all those who don’t vaccine feel guilty for NOT saving the country?

Or do we get the vaccine, taking our chances that so that we don’t lose western civilization and then feel safe knowing that the world will be safe again. It’s been said that in the lab, the vaccine looks great, but then IF you are exposed to that virus again, your reaction is MUCH worse than it would have been had you not received the vaccine.

Nobody Remembers: Bill GATES said the next virus would be even deadlier. And that’s why I’m hoping that they don’t make this mandatory, although, it’s already going that way. Virus always mutate. AND…so far, they can’t even find a cure for the common cold, or pneumonia. How many people die of pneumonia when they are in the hospital?

You can’t go into a store now unless you wear a mask. Silly because, as Rand Paul said, the cloth makes are worthless. BUT, if you like me are on a budget, and you can only AFFORD Wal-Mart or Dollar General’s lower prices, then they leave you no choice. In my area, which IS on lockdown, we have little choice here. The big stores, or none at all.

And so, who doesn’t think that they won’t do this with the vaccine? You will not be allowed to “shop” without being vaccinated. Probably have to wear some kind of mark. Or a bracelet. Or maybe they will just check you out on Google. Somehow, I think that President Trump won’t say much about this.

But, I do believe that RFK is right. This is a global takeover that is so dangerous, it puts us all at their mercy.

Listen to Dr. Ian Lyne who says, vaccinating the whole world is criminal. Using us all as lab rats.

Nobody Wonders if President Trump can secure his right to the Presidency in the coming months, I imagine he will get rid of any kind of mandate. But right now, he has no other choice but to suggest the vaccine. It’s him against the deep state, who have joined with China to bring in their “reset.”

Nobody Thinks there is a much better way: Only the vulnerable should take the vaccine, if they choose it, and only those that would be in danger. The rest of us should be allowed to continue with our lives and our work.

We have a bigger fight ahead: The fight against the deep state elites should be fought all over the world. For if RFK Jr. is right…what the end result will be, is tyranny.

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