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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Shiva

Dr. Shiva presented his data at the Arizona hearing, showing the only way for Joe Biden to have statistically caught up with President Trump was if Democrat votes came in at 130% for Biden and -30% for Trump.

I got the above from the Gateway Pundit. One of the sites I visit everyday, as it started in my hometown of St. Louis, when the tea party was formed.

Rudy Giuliani was in Arizona today, presenting the evidence of fraud, but the republicans representatives could have cared less. As you can see, it was impossible for Biden to have won.

VERY few networks carried Rudy’s speech. In fact, I can hardly find it, but the report is the people listening to the evidence couldn’t believe it.

So, what WAS the biggest news of the day? Biden is picking his cabinet, which is FILLED with globalists set to destroy what’s left of America, and Biden has a dog, who broke his foot. And it’s a big police dog, right out of man who wants to invoke fear.

The good news? The truckers are planning to refuse to deliver the goods if Biden is put in office.

The bad news? That’s the bad news. The rich won’t suffer, but the people will.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is what America is all about. This intelligent man, makes Fauci look like Mickey Mouse.

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The Detestable Vice of Politicians Supporting Biden

Nobody’s Opinion

Charlie Kirk, a leading young conservative, was just on Pluto (NOT the planet, the News channel, although it would seem the planet is now very much under alien direction right now.) laying out how basically the progressive plan is to completely destroy the small businesses all over the United States, with the weapon they have engineered as Covid-19. Yes, DESTROY the whole dynamic economy of the Trump’s engine, and put all the power in the hands of a few…and the global ‘reset’ can begin…

ALL the big international mega companies have been excused from the lockdowns. The Wal-Marts, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, taking over the planet, working with our politicians who have been assured by THEIR leaders (Bush, Clinton, Obama) that this new diverse world will be a kind one.

For years, the American conservative, lovers of the Constitution, have TRUSTED their leaders. BOTH parties bring out the Constitution whenever they possibly can, to MAKE you trust them.

Who were we to doubt them?

But for generations, the citizens have had little say in the choices we have to pick from in our elections. They are picked by the top 2%.

Tell me. If you are a democrat, and hate Trump, would YOU have picked the elderly Joe Biden or even Kamala Harris to run against Trump?

No. More than likely you would have preferred Michelle Obama, or Bernie Sanders.

And as a conservative, did you EVER guess that Mitt Romney didn’t have a patriotic bone in his body and was all out for money, or that John McCain would have EVER won against Obama?

No. Both of them were lame ducks walking.

What I’m getting at is that NO citizen out in America picked these people to run. They were picked by elites. By the rich. It’s how we got the BUSH/CLINTON dynasties for over 40 years.

 Hillary ran against Trump, because SHE was picked as the next President. Except, the elite did not expect the America people to dislike her.

Now, with the overwhelming evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, America’s vote trashed by a secret coup orchestrated by past Presidents and office holders, the American people wonder HOW any GOP politicians could actually sit by and side with Joe Biden, thereby giving America over to the world and it’s own destruction?

Were they promised money? (Yes) Future jobs. (Yes) But, there IS something more, and one of our founders explained this ‘detestable vice’ long ago.

In the Federalists papers, No. 70, Alexander Hamilton wrote this:

Whenever two or more persons are engaged in any common enterprise or pursuit, there is always danger of difference of opinion. If it be a public trust or office, in which they are clothed with equal dignity and authority, there is peculiar danger of personal emulation and even animosity. From either, and especially from all these causes, the most bitter dissentions are apt to spring. Whenever these happen, they lessen the respectability, weaken the authority, and distract the plans and operations of those whom they divide. If they should unfortunately assail the supreme executive might impede or frustrate the most important measures of the government, in the most critical emergencies of the state. And what is still worse, they might split the community into violent and irreconcilable factions, adhering differently to the different individual who composed the magistracy.

Men often oppose a thing, merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike. But if they have been consulted, and have happened to disapprove, opposition then becomes, in their estimation, an indispensable duty of self-love. They seem to think themselves bound in honor, and by all the motives of personal infallibility, to defeat the success of what has been resolved upon, contrary to their sentiments. Men of upright and benevolent tempers have too many opportunities of remarking, with horror, to what desperate lengths this disposition is sometimes carried, and to the conceit, and to the obstinacy of individuals, who have credit enough to make their passions and their caprices interesting to mankind. Perhaps the question now before the public may, in its consequences, afford melancholy proofs of the effects of this despicable frailty, or rather detestable vice in the human character.

Yes, Alexander Hamilton didn’t use the word “deplorable” but instead called the likes of our progressive politicians detestable.

And now that the ‘people’ realized what has happened to them, that they HAVE no power and all their rights are being systemically taken from them, will they rise up and fight?

Does everyone realized they are being slow boiled like a big Maine lobster for the next rich man’s meal?

Nobody Knows. But this Nobody would say…uh…yes.

The real question is: How many people really care?

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CNN Reports…Oh-oh

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Matthew McConaughey: Schwarzenegger’ Volume 2

Nobody Flashes

Well, the democrats are damn mad about losing Texas, and they are not giving up, so they are bringing out the old tried and true game of “Get someone with a good old boy Texas attitude and all the patriots will vote for him!” to head up the state.

George W. Bush used that “Aw, shucks, I’m just a good old boy from Texas” charade when he ran against Bill Clinton, and it worked.

No, he was a frat boy from Harvard and the East Coast where Globalists are grown, and George is still screwing America.

Matthew McConaughey is everywhere on every radio station in these last few weeks, promoting his new book and letting everyone know that HE is literal and conservative and someone you could have a drink with!

They are pushing for him to be governor of Texas. Personally, I think he’d like to be President, but he’ll start with Texas.

All I have to say to Texas is: Remember Arnold! Arnold Schwarzenegger ran as a GOP republican and he was about as liberal as they came, as soon as he got into office.

COMPLETE turnaround!

He bought in a lot of China to California, and then trashed Trump, became a big ‘green planet’ climate ‘green energy’ pusher and after Arnold, California was on the road to complete ruin.

And Texas, if your listening, think VERY hard about putting a former movie star in the governor’s seat. Someone is working with Matthew to get him into a high position in government…and he will turn Texas into the same cesspool as California.

He’s almost as slick as slick Willy. In fact, he’s more entertaining. But listen to how he talks about being a ‘family man” etc.

Yep, he’s setting the stage.

Charm. It goes a long way. Arnold used it.

Ronald Reagan used it.

Trump uses it.

And THIS guy, is serious.

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Nobody Cares

Sadly, this testimony given in Pennsylvania should have been broadcasted on every news station in America, and been in every newspaper. Rudy did an excellent job.

Our newspapers and Cable stations are controlled by just a few, and they are trying desperately to PUSH through Biden as our President.

Luckily, good Americans like this man are standing up and letting everyone know that the fraud committed in this election was overwhelming.

And by the way, the KRACKEN has been …released.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nobody Flashes

Everybody have a blessed day!

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Trump’s Game…Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders

Confession: I never learned to play chess. I tried it once, but usually ended up curling up with a good book instead. Games of most any kind, never interested me, and chess took time, study, patience and hours of practice, that I knew. When video games came out, I was quite good at pong, and all the other Atari games. But…it was always a date killer when the guy I was out with, could never win. Forget the goodnight kiss, I was lucky to get a ride home.

 I was also good at Trivia, but it always pissed off everyone I played with. Nevertheless, I was terrible as sitcom questions like “Who killed J.R.?” Everybody knows that. I never watched Dallas, ever.

To escape from life, I read. It’s an addiction, truly.

I have written a few blogs about Monopoly. And how I always lost, UNTILL I realized I was playing without the “killer” instinct that everybody else was playing with. Loser problem solved.

And so that brings me to my ‘wondering’ today. Trump IS the ultimate winner. I bet nobody in Trump’s family could beat him at Monopoly. He ran against the most corrupt dynasties in the world, the Clintons and the Bushes, and all the others, and came out, the winner. Park Avenue was his. No contest.

Don’t even play.

He pissed a LOT of people off. LOTS of big egos in the world.

For four years, despite the great odds and attacks and the volumes of sheer insidious, viciousness from those who hated him, Trump STILL did more than the last four Presidents combined. (And set historical record after record)

Anybody with a brain knows he won his second term. The voting frauds are overwhelming.

It had to be to beat him. I wouldn’t doubt if even California went for him.

Trump brought us back from the brink of the ‘progressive’ agenda. Hillary would have destroyed us all.

The things he managed to do in his first term was nothing short of astounding. That’s why, the media kept it all quiet.

So— Nobody Wonders HOW he could have picked so many losers to put in control of so many important departments?

The list of losers that President Trump picked to fill important seats with is astounding. The list of those that he helped and who turned around and stabbed him in the back, is almost like a trip to Dante’s hell.

Nobody Wonders: WHY did he pick Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general? RIGHT after he was sworn in, he turned around and excused himself from going after the spying being done. So, why didn’t he FIRE him? Why keep him around for so long?

Nobody Wonders: After Mitt Romney was such an ass to him whenever he opened his mouth, why did he help get the man elected?

Nobody Wonders: And Comey. If Trump knew that Obama and Comey were spying on him, why didn’t he fire Comey sooner?

Nobody Wonders: And since even a common 5-year-old can see that Comey’s replacement, Christopher Wray is JUST as corrupt as Comey. Why not fire him?

Nobody Wonders: Gina Haspel, is one of the co-conspirators of the election fraud. Did he NOT have her checked out before he hired her? It’s like she’s just another Brennen.

Nobody Wonders: WHY doesn’t he fire Barr? Barr is useless. What’s he doing? What’s he done?

Nothing. He’s out protecting Tigers from redneck citizens.

Okay, I could go on, so here’s my opinion:

President Trump would NOT make such big mistakes. Come on. Really?

It could be, that this is his way of exposing just how deep and corrupt the global criminal network is. He has known about it for years, but the American people have not, because we have been controlled with endless propaganda.

President Trump is exposing them all.

Nobody now wonders, what’s Trump’s next chess move?

And you know what? I bet Biden, Bush, Hillary, Obama, have all decided that they have won the game.

I guess it depends on what game Trump is playing: Chess, Monopoly, or poker.

The question is: Why be President and make such bad decisions about the people you put to run your country?

Unless you play to win.

The global elite think they have him ‘trumped.’

I’ve read 8 of his books: One thing is for sure: President Trump will NOT go off the board, without a victory.

It’s just not in his DNA.

Unless of course, he doesn’t know who killed J.R. either.

Then we really ARE in trouble.

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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson


Paul Joseph Watson, thank GOODNESS, has not gone to the dark side, and I don’t imagine he will be like Tucker, and bend to the will of anyone.

He makes excellent points here…the world is being locked down, demoralized, ostracized, transformed, and the big black boot of tyranny is coming as fast as it can stomp on us all.

More people will lose their lives to drugs, and suicide than to COVID. They are making hopelessness and fear a daily dose for us all.

Sadly, this tech world filled with drugs and depression, is so against human nature, you have to wonder WHY these elites want us all to destroy ourselves.

Oh wait. They would like nothing better.

You know what I dream? I dream of another criminal tribunal where all the rich elites of the world who are pushing this extreme madness on us all, and the torture of such a good man as our President, being judged and sentenced by their own citizens.

Anyway, Congratulations to Paul Joseph Watson for making such excellent video’s week after week. I never miss them. He truly is, like Rush, “On loan from God.”

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This is Extremely Dangerous to our “REPUBLIC”


“MOVE.” That’s what my orthopedic surgeon said after my knee replacement last year. He said I didn’t need therapy, I just needed to go home and ‘move.’

So, I did. I joined a gym, and went swimming every day. And then, they closed the gym down…not once but three times. I had to do something, get some sun…MOVE. Not many places were open to move in.

My neighbor, who is recovering from cancer, agreed to go for walks. Every weekday we try to walk.  And of course, you HAVE to talk while you walk, and my friend never asks me a question or has an opinion about anything unless it’s about dogs. Gail, (not her real name) was concerned about my rantings of politics and loss of freedoms,…yada, yada…and getting sick of it, so last week, she had this advice:

‘Turn it off. They are just trying to divide us. And besides, we’ll dead soon, so what does it matter?”

Yes, she voted for Biden, by mail because of Trump’s tweets.

WHAT DOES IT MATTER?!! What do you say to someone who really doesn’t care about anything but her own little corner of the block.

Still…I find her lack of foresight almost frightening.

She had just finished telling me how she had been told that this year, their yearly family had informed them that both she and her brother (they live together) were NOT invited to the family Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, everybody else, who by way, have children, were going to Florida for Thanksgiving, but they didn’t want either one of them coming along.

Gail was pretty pissed off about it.

Gail, never married and has no kids. Her sister’s kids are the only kids in her life and they evidently love her like a grandma. It seems most every year, Gail holds the Thanksgiving at her home and being as she is from a big family, it’s something she looks forward to every year.

I’m SURE she blames this year and her family cutting her out of the Thanksgiving family dinner on Trump, NOT her family.

She saw no connection with politics and her family situation.

“Well, do you realized that YOU cannot buy food unless you put on a mask to go to the grocery store?” I said to her.

She could care less. A mask? So what? She really doesn’t go anywhere. She’s BEEN everywhere in her life, so the couch is okay with her.

I brought up freedoms. “You know, they will come after our guns.”

She could care less. She had never had reason to use a gun.

By this time, I realized she had been gripped by the brainwashing media.

You see, Gail, only watches her local channels. She only uses her computer to get on ZOOM to talk to her relatives.

And THIS is what she is being told: Trump is destroying our democracy.

You see, Gail thinks we live in a democracy, the majority should win. ALL our politicians of both parties can’t stop saying the word ‘democracy’ enough. They want the “republic” to die. What all our founders warned us about. Democracies NEVER last. Democracy is mob rule.

And if I showed Gail this video would she be alarmed?

No…and that’s the problem. She really doesn’t care one bit. As long as she can live to eat another day, and go to her church. Which by the way, she has to volunteer an hour of her day to attend.

Gail doesn’t really care anymore about her country. She doesn’t think anything will effect HER life. And Nobody Thinks, Gail isn’t the only American who has given up on it all. She has been bombarded with propaganda and bad news so much, she has given up.

Leave her alone, go away. I want my lovely chair, and dinner please.

Yes, after cancer, we can all understand…but…

That’s why the few that have not given up has to fight for them, because as Jesus once said, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.”

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Reset? RESIST!


I usually try to post something spiritual on Sunday, but as the “great reset” is being introduced to the planet almost as sure as a nuclear bomb hit, I decided instead to let the experts point out the truth that Bill Gates would say, are “The crazy conspiracy theories.” The tyranny attempts are overwhelming and too many people are NOT seeing it.

But some are:

So, the resistance begins…

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The REAL Patriots are Crying Out. God Bless This Man

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The Great Global Lockdown

Nobody Flashes

You are not hearing about the many doctors that are outraged about what is happening with the politicians closing down the whole world, using the virus as an excuse.

This man is outraged, and what a better time to destroy Western Civilizations cherished holidays than Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s one thing to release a virus on the world. It’s quite another thing for the rest of the world to USE that virus to take away all freedom and liberty.

Is it me? Or is this becoming a fight between good and evil? While the Lawyers for Trump came out today, all you had to do was turn on your local radio stations or TV to have them make fun of them.

The visions of Lindsey Graham fist bumping Kamala on the floor of the Senate was enough to give me chills.

Obama is already touring the world and wanting the final nail: disarmament.

I didn’t see all of Rudy’s testimony today, but clearly, the evidence is more than overwhelming, it’s on a global scale, abhorrent.

Anyway, like Scarlett O’Hara said, I don’t want to think about this today…I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

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NEXT: We Tell YOU How Dangerous White Americans Are

Nobody Reports


That’s the name of the new sitcom put on by FOX. It’s all about a high-tech guy, like a Steve Jobs, who is trying to stop an AI from taking over the country. Th AI is so intelligent it starts murdering people.

Well, who wouldn’t want to watch that? So we did.

Right away, this “AI” can release a virus that can kill the world. And the main characters, super smart guru’s of the Tech world, join up with the smart and brave FBI to stop it.

Let’s be SURE to polish the image of both at one time, shall we?

Everything is just a normal show, until, they bring in the White and very violent nationalists.

That’s right. A bunch of burly looking men, carrying American flags stand outside the FBI building in this week’s episode demanding to get a man who works for the FBI. They are VERY violent. And one guy goes into the FBI office with bombs around his stomach and blows himself up.

Trust me…this guy would NOT get into an FBI office. But somehow those white nationalists just walked in the front door.

They’re SO clever.

I’m sorry. I drive my husband nuts. One of the main computer guys in this sitcom, used to BE in this white super group of angry white men, wanting to kill and destroy. When they start bringing out the “all whites are racists” and all white men are REALLY the violent threat in our society, it pisses me off.

Funny, isn’t it? We just got finished watching over a million Americans with flags going to Washington D.C. to stand by our President.

Not a single window was broken. Peaceful. NO fights. And yet, ALL the network idiots were SO afraid…that crowd would get violent.

And then, night came, and the Antifa- BLM- flag burning, Trump hating, VERY violent communists came out and started doing their thing. Attacking white American people. Beating them up.

In the episode tonight, they had a white “nationalist” burning a cop car. I doubt if that has happened in the last decade.

So, Nobody Wonders: Does Hollywood and FOX TRULY think that they can pull a 1984 Orwellian fast- card full monty trick on the American people with an exciting television sitcom?

Retrain them to not believe their own eyes? Tell the story that the FBI KNOWS the main threat is Americans with Flags?

 Do they imagine that Americans are so DUMB, that they will be talking to their friends, or watching this program and the next time they see people marching with an American flag that they will think that Trump supporters are violent, just like on the NEXT episode they watched last night?


Before you know it, the AI threat and the virus it created will somehow be blamed on a President who acts just like Trump. A NAZI white President trying to get his people to commit violence.

Or maybe, this is just a cop-out to make people THINK that a machine could ‘invent’ and distribute a virus. Bill Gates and Fauci…did NOTHING.

Message: China didn’t do it!

Hollywood is really good at this very subtle indoctrination. But…there is only so much lying you can do before people KNOW you are lying.

Good thing you can still watch old movies. Cary Grant. A good old-fashion American movie.

Nobody Wonders: Will they EVER stop the propaganda in our news and movies.

Only when we stop watching them.

I haven’t turned on FOX since the election.

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The New World Order is Now the Great Reset

Nobody Wonders

James Delingpole explains the ‘great reset’ here. Most of us look around and can’t believe what is happening.

I cannot believed that in my lifetime, all the TV stations are acting as if Joe Biden IS the President, while massive voter fraud has been proved, and is getting stronger every day. It’s scary. This was NOT suppose to happen in our country, and yet, the great tyranny by world ‘elites’ is being implemented with great speed.

Today, all of St. Louis county (The surrounding suburbs and cities around the city itself) has been shut down again. ALL the restaurants will close. I’m not kidding about that. Many restaurant owners were on the local radio today, furious to be told, they cannot have anyone in their restaurant. They’ve been trying to stay open at 25 percent capacity since March. And now, they are being told, along with EVERY small business, you MUST shut down. Also, we join CA in less than 10 people allowed to gather.

Oh, but you can STILL go to Wal-Mart.

This will CRUSH the whole area.

NOW… people can jump across the Missouri river (It only takes 5 minutes) and no lockdown. Remnants of the BUSH family live there, so maybe there is some pull, still, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that a ‘virus’ cannot go across a river to the next restaurant.

This isn’t about a virus. It’s about killing all the small business. Destroying whole families. And yet, there is no more money coming to them.

Many will starve. Oh sure, you can go to the local library for your kids, but how about you?

Well, FAST FOOD is open! Which is another way they can kill you.

I’ll keep this post short, because I want people to WATCH the video above. It’s a good 30 minutes.

I plan to watch as many video’s of both these guys as I can.

It’s clear…tyranny is closing in faster than we can imagine.

I never thought I’d see it in America, but it’s here.

How do you stop it?

There’s only one man to follow, and you KNOW who that is.

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