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Nobody Wonders…Will He Leave in Defeat?

BREAKING NEWS: Trump warned – act now or go down in history as the president who handed America over to communist China

BREAKING NEWS: Trump warned – act now or go down in history as the president who handed America over to communist China –

“We need Donald Trump to stand and protect the country,” he said. “This is the Constitution at work, to protect America from domestic and foreign interference. And we have both right now. This is a military operation at this time to protect America. It takes a strong leader to overcome that. It takes a General Patton type of stance, a General McArthur, a General Eisenhower…This is a crucial time in American history. The next four days are going to be providential, there’s no doubt about that.”


Nobody Wonders

For the many patriots who are now realizing, after seeing the vast military in ALL our cities…and that the staged coronation event at the White House last week, was just a step to do THIS insanity…it’s like following a play.

A play in the communist takeover of a country. Never in our history has this happened.

And Obama, will come in with his Stevie Wonder, and all his parties, and ALL of his old cabinet is now, ready and in place.

How come nobody is taking about this? Obama lead the coup, and now, he will be BACK in the Presidential seat…guiding Kamala or Joe. EVERY single person who worked for him BACK in place., but Hillary.

She will probably get the U.N.

If it plays out as planned as in history, there just might be some kind of attempt on Joe Biden’s life Wednesday, (by a Trump supporter of course…NOT.) and that will issue in the confiscations of all guns in America.

This seed is already being planted by the media. DANGER! DANGER! WHITE PEOPLE MIGHT KILL JOE!

(See video below)

Give me a break.

As we have watched over the years of Obama, so many events seemed a bit planned, and in every one, Obama tried desperately to take our guns.

So did Bill Clinton after the Oklahoma City bomb.

They couldn’t do it, so force is the only way. And they HAVE force out on all the capital streets. 75,000 Chinese Troops are in Canada, 150,000 are in Mexico.

Waiting to be used.

I must admit, many of us are praying that President Trump has some kind of surprise up his sleeve. We Know Mattis and other generals have been helping plot all of this, but we also know, and pray, that Trump has generals too.

Having listened to Trump these last four years, we are having a hard time believing that he is just going to walk away, but then again, many, like me, believe that JFK was killed, AND his son. Princess Diana was killed, and they were all done to make it look like an accident.

The Deep State is global, and will kill anyone who gets in their way. Anybody who reads the news knows this is true.

Therefore, what has the President got to lose? EVERYTHING. His life and the life of his family will be in GREATER danger once he leaves office. Better to stay IN, we say. BUT…

What happens if he really does just walk away?

Then, this nobody thinks they may have already threatened many of his family with death. And it’s a very REAL threat. They might have someone right now.

It’s not a choice I would want to make. It’s one thing for a President to take the risk, it’s quite another for a man to sacrifice his whole family, and his whole life.

Are they that dangerous?

Yes. We will become…China. If they can do this to a President, they will do this to us all.

The great purge will begin.

So, if the President goes quietly into ‘that good night” of defeat, let us remember that he WAS the last American president, and the greatest.

He would want to be remembered that way.

In the meantime, the only choice we will have is to be like Jesse James. Lie, steal, and bury those guns patriots!

If Hillary Clinton can swear “I don’t recall” a million times, so can we.

As Joe Biden has said. “There is a dark winter coming ahead.”

We should all know, by Thursday.


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Do Woman AND Veterans Lives Matter?

Nobody Reports:

All day long the news reporters were shouting “A WOMAN HAS BEEN SHOT DEAD!” They made you THINK that a Trump supporter went nuts and shot a woman today in the Capital.

There was mayhem in the Capital and you gotta love the hypocrisy. For three yeas we have watched cops being killed, cities burned down, people shot and beat up, and not ONE democrats said a word. The Rinos didn’t say much either. But OOOOOOOOO>>.attack the scared Congress!


President Trump gave a great speech today. A speech of truth. And the crowd, despite all the roadblocks put in their way of coming…(Like no porty potties) they showed up. The election was stolen 80 ways till Sunday, and everybody knows it.

It’s true. He was upbeat, confident, and said he would NOT concede when he won. Great news.

And then, he talked a LOT about how Vice President Pence could help the truth, if he followed the Constitution and sent the verifications BACK to the state legislatures. But, Pence stood with the election fraud. He stood with the RINO”s. With his hometown best buddy, Paul Ryan. He stabbed the President in the back.

That might be a first. But, have you noticed? This seems to be a trend. I can’t beleive that Trump would pick all the people who would stab him in the back to be in his best cabinet positions.

Is that on purpose? Is there a game plan here?

Now, I was thinking today, if I have always thought that Pence would betray Trump. I’m positive President Trump knew what he was.

Despite what all the news is saying, Trump put a big sword into the Republican Party today. He made SURE that Pence would be the man who sent the democrats into office.

No patriot will ever trust Pence again, OR Bush, OR any of the republicans who went for Biden. Like ‘Boy Scout” Tom Cotton. Bush is going to Biden’s inauguation?

Ha. It takes one to know one. You know what? I think I dislike Bush more than Biden. Biden at least told us the election would be a fraud. Bush…well that’s another blog.

So, what will Trump do next? He knows he won. He know that the CIA, the FBI, the Justice Department, just about all of our institutions are lost, will he fight still to stay in office?

Or will he just expose the deep state and say, “I may be back in four years.” Which is silly.

Why should ANYBODY ever vote again? What’s the point, when the machines are rigged?

Nobody Knows, but no matter what, how sad this day is, when the criminals of America have sold us all out, and now plan to destruct us all. China has won.

They might find, we will not go silently.

And by the way, are we going to hear HOW this lovely woman was killed by a cop? Was it a mistake? Why don’t they treat her like they treated Floyd? She wasn’t armed.

I bet, she’s off the news in two days.

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Nobody Wonders…More Fraud Already?

Nobody Wonders

Today the big BRIBE: Joe said that if everybody in Georgia voted for the democrats they would instantly get the 2,000 checks. Better than BEER! We starve you, make you sick, take away your job, but wait…and wait…until JUST The right moment to give you the $2,000 that the Senate wouldn’t give you.

Bribes, extortion, cheating…whatever happens tonight all the above is being committed. Whatever happens, and getting all caught up in it requires a drink or two, so I’m going to bed.

But tomorrow, we shall see…Will President Trump have the final surprise?

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Nobody Knows: They Want to BREAK Us

Gee, here it is: the first day of January. 2021. The glaziers are actually growing in size. Last night Obama was on Jimmy Fallon’s EXACLY at midnight, to sound sweet and demure and not understanding why Trump won’t leave the White House quietly. Between Obama and some big-butt black women shaking their butts all over my big screen, I turned it off.

Obama’s America. Gays, lewd sex, where all whites are racists, Trump is Hitler, etc, etc. and China! China is wonderful.

Obama is grabbing his power back. I guess Georgie Jr. is happy to cut brush on his ranch. (Sorry, George, Reagan you’re not.)

It was sleeting here last night so the usual neighborhood cannon fireworks lasted only a few minutes…everybody was inside, and the sight at Times Square was. Pathetic. News Years Eve was brought in and hosted by Transvestites’ on every channel.


In the meantime, in Wuhan, it was Party Time! It was almost to say, “WE DEFEATED THE AMERICANS!”

Today, I was listening to a replay of Rush in what might have been his last days on the radio, and he was trying his best to defend his position. Which is…all about preserving the Republican Party, not Trump. He has a very thin line to walk…he supported Trump with great gusto, but…since Mitch McConnell and Mike Pense are bailing, Rush is trying to save…in HIS mind, the country. Where Rush has it wrong is that the republican party is no longer respected. Period. Their leaders, Graham, McDonell, have conceded already to Joe Biden.

And if you think your boy Ted Cruz is going to bring us all back, you might want to…think again.

Rush, like Dinese, was strong on why we must DEMAND Voter I.D. Right. Once the democrats control the White House and the Senate than that will NEVER happen. Besides, Trump won the most votes in American history and the rich elites just rigged the election.

The proof is overwhelming.

Looking at it from Rush’s point of view he probably thinks the Republicans can come back strong with Ted Cruz running in 2024. But what’s the point of elections? If they even get voter ID they can just hack the machines.

It’s all pointless. Sorry Rush. You came to the rescue too late in the game. The globalists now see you as a fossil of the past. They really hope, you will be dead soon and they will finally be rid of you.

They were HOPING that the virus would get the President. Somewhere in some war room, you can be sure they plot every single day on this.

Does anybody in our country TRULY believe that Congress will pass a Voter I.D. even if they get RID of Trump?

(Laugh here.)

The fact is: If enough brave men in Congress do NOT stand behind Trump’s win, then never again in the history of the United States will our votes be counted. And the country WILL go down. The destruction has already been too widespread.

Joe Biden said a great darkness was soon to engulf us all, and you know what? I believe him. Remember, he admitted that the election was rigged. The very fact that everybody dismissed this and treated it as a joke, shows you just how $*%& we all are.

Every single player in Washington knows what went down. And until the moment that President Trump actually leaves the White House, Covid will be used to punish everyone beyond our limits. They will keep us in fear with the great virus that will never die, and we will all have to take the vaccines, and do as we are told.

They mean, to break us.

NOW is the time for great leaders to come out of the woods, and step up to the plate.

Let’s just hope it’s not too late.

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How Many Are Drinking the Kool Aid?

Nobody Knows

The left is saying that capitalism doesn’t work anymore. Most of the people professing this are the young, without children, and out of hope for their futures. They blame Trump. They blame republicans, and white people, forgetting that they are actually punishing themselves because most of them are…white.

No, capitalism doesn’t work anymore they are being told: The free market doesn’t work anymore…unless you can buy votes with it. Then, it’s a GOOD thing. Well, buying votes is just SO American, isn’t it?

It doesn’t happen in China! China doesn’t need voting!

Like cheating, it’s been going on since the beginning of time, they are telling the ignorant. And so it has. But it’s okay ONLY when the progressives do it and it’s the excuse they give for the massive fraud we see in video’s right in front of their eyes.

Funny, logic is not common anymore.

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Nobody’s Perfect: The American Media, GOP, and the Chinese Ruled Traitors That Now Control Us…

When it comes to blatent stupidity and undeniable proof of the fact, that our top politicians are no longer under American citizen control, you have to wonder, why, both these statements were treated with complete ignorance by the media and GOP, and mostly ALL of our politicians. Nobody talked about it.

To this Nobody it seems, that both Obama and Biden were telling us exactly what happened, not only in November, but in Obama’s election too. They were telling the truth, the rest of our government was acting as if they were just joking.

Out of the mouths of the traitors….It was all rigged.

Imagine…just imagine, President Donald J. Trump saying what Obama said. Both Biden AND Obama admitted, on tape, exactly what happened in the election. In face, they say it in plain English.


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It’s All Who You Know…Rule by One Vote

The Democrats can’t win by elections, so they cheat. We all know that now: Run old Joe, and then fill in all the old globalists power people who have held great positions for decades. Biden is filling them as fast as he can say “You know, that thing!”

Nobody Knows

These traitors have prepared their road to power and worked each and every day to get rid of Trump and America…and it’s ALWAYS done illegally.

Sydney Powell has been a Patriotic woman leading the charge…she’s been brilliant, but no matter. Even though the evidence of massive fraud is everywhere, it doesn’t matter…because the cards are already stacked in just the right places: If one judge (as we saw Roberts do in Obamacare) wants to ignore evidence, you can show Joe Biden actually telling China the U.S. is all hers, on video, and a judge will rule it…no big deal.

If that judge is corrupt. Tell me…what kind of future does that leave for us?

For instance the judge that put herself into the position of hearing Sydney’s case is this lady:

Pamela Pepper

From American Intelligence CAT people:

270% of the total population voted in one Wisconsin County

Sydney Powell filed Wisconsin Election Fraud Complaint on Dec. 1, 2020

Feehan et al v. Wisconsin Elections Commission et al, COMPLAINT with EXHIBITS 1 to 28, filed Dec. 01, 2020, Case No. 2:20-cv-01771-PP (Judge Pamela Pepper), 396 pgs. (E.D. Wis. 2020). (32 MB). Fully searchable, including Exhibits.

Wisconsin Chief Judge Pamela Pepper assigned herself to hear the Sidney Powell election fraud case! (Chief judges assign the dockets in the court they manage)

Judge Pepper has massive relationship conflicts with organizations currently censoring news of the election fraud against President Trump, including:

Time, Facebook, CNN, NYT, Washington Post, Snapchat, Instagram, Sheryl Sandberg, and organizations and people directly associated with Dominion/Smartmatic, like Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (see below), and many more:

Judge Pepper is a current advisor to C.A.R.E. whose directors are loaded with Trump haters, including USAID, Morgan Stanley, Merrill-Lynch, Marsh McLennan, Gibson Dunn (Facebook), Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center, Yale-China Assoc., Walmart, Honeywell, DLA Piper (Kamala Harris’ husband’s firm—Doug Emhoff), CNN, Obama National Security Council members, C.I.A. External Advisory Board, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Aspen Institute, Oxford, Harvard, Morgan Stanley, Skadden Arps (J.P. Morgan – Hillary Clinton’s go-to firm), Brookings Institution (Larry Summers, Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook), Wall Street Journal, NYT, Washington Post, Financial Times, Fortune, Foreign Affairs (CFR), New Republic, McKinsey & CompanyHarvard Business ReviewVanity Fair, London Times, PwC (large Clinton Foundation donor), Motorola, World Bank, DTI Telecom (Canada), Instagram (Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg), (Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg), Lehman Bros., London School of Economics (communism), McCain Institute, Georgetown, Columbia, Deloitte & Touche, Kellogg Foundation, General Mills, Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationUNDP (Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, former Chairman (see below—Pilgrims Society), Federal Reserve of Chicago, Booz Allen (C.I.A.), Snapchat, Time Magazine, Oxford Rhodes Scholar (Pilgrims Society), etc.

We can all guess what Pamala will do. She SAID she would recues herself, but fat chance.

Today we saw proof, on VIDEO, of fraud in Georgia. They let all the vote counters go home, and 5 people locked the doors, dragged out boxes from underneath desks and just started pushing them into the machines.

Nobody Knows who GOT that tape and managed to get it out to the right people, but I bet that person is scared right now. But this nobody would LOVE to give him or her a big, fat, kiss.

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Nobody Cares

Sadly, this testimony given in Pennsylvania should have been broadcasted on every news station in America, and been in every newspaper. Rudy did an excellent job.

Our newspapers and Cable stations are controlled by just a few, and they are trying desperately to PUSH through Biden as our President.

Luckily, good Americans like this man are standing up and letting everyone know that the fraud committed in this election was overwhelming.

And by the way, the KRACKEN has been …released.

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The Great Global Lockdown

Nobody Flashes

You are not hearing about the many doctors that are outraged about what is happening with the politicians closing down the whole world, using the virus as an excuse.

This man is outraged, and what a better time to destroy Western Civilizations cherished holidays than Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s one thing to release a virus on the world. It’s quite another thing for the rest of the world to USE that virus to take away all freedom and liberty.

Is it me? Or is this becoming a fight between good and evil? While the Lawyers for Trump came out today, all you had to do was turn on your local radio stations or TV to have them make fun of them.

The visions of Lindsey Graham fist bumping Kamala on the floor of the Senate was enough to give me chills.

Obama is already touring the world and wanting the final nail: disarmament.

I didn’t see all of Rudy’s testimony today, but clearly, the evidence is more than overwhelming, it’s on a global scale, abhorrent.

Anyway, like Scarlett O’Hara said, I don’t want to think about this today…I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

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Our FBI, CIA, NSA, now used to Destroy America…

Remember ….Beattie says.

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Will the Election Be…Delayed?

Nobody Flashes;

Hurricane Sandy Could Have Profound Effect on Voting

—–Said the headline of Newsmax:

Remember when Rahm Emanuel said “Never let a crisis go to waste!” ? Well, the White House has to be truly excited by Hurricane Sandy. I can hear it already:

So many people were disenfranchised by not being able to reach the polls due to the Hurricane Sandy, therefore, certain states need to do a recount.

By executive order..of course. Obama CARES about your vote.

This might take a month or two months, depending. Obama could stay in the office way past his overdue date.

The democrats HAVE to win by fraud. They have been working so hard to get everyone to vote early, and NOT show up at the poles, because those votes, if illegal, can be easily registered for Obama.

“The state board of elections is already planning for extended hours in advance for absentee voting, and it’s now a priority, moved up to the same level as hospitals and police stations to have power restored,” said Gov. Bob McDonnell, a top Romney ally.

Yes, extended hours. That’s how an election here in Missouri was stolen in 2000. John Ashcroft was up against Mel Carnahan for the Senate, in a very tight rice, and Missouri was a pivatol state for Bill Clinton. Two weeks before the election, his small plane went down, and his wife took his place on the ballot. Bill Clinton practically RAN to the funeral to get the “pity” vote for poor dead Mel…it was quite a show. That very day the mantral “Don’t let the fire go out.” was repeated over and over to get his wife elected in his place.

On election day, the voting booths downtown St. Louis were allowed to stay open way past midnight for some lame excuse that they lost some votes…somewhere.

Of course, the democrasts bused in hundreds of blacks voters…and John Ashcroft lost. There was outrage here in Missouri over the “fraud” and abuse, and the stolen election–but due to Carnahan’s  death, George W. Bush just made him Ashcroft the Attorney General.

How propitious the act of nature was: Mel was behind in the poles, his plan crash delivered the state to the democrats.

Nobody Thinks that it’s Virginia that Obama needs, NOT Ohio. Virginia is going to be hit hard. I have friends that live in the area and they have told me there is not a day that seems to go by that Michelle or Obama are not campaigning there.  Romney has taken the lead in Virginia.

I also think it would be safe to assume that if all this actually comes about..and Obama declared the winner in a state he would have lost without the hurricane..due to extended hours, or recounts…or by so much destruction being done that the elections are called off for sometime…

You can be sure they have now MASTERED weather manipulation. It’s a fact that they can maniuplate hurricanes…but…would they do it to steal an election?  After all…you can’t cry “foul” when mother nature is to blame now, can you? And just think of how Presidential Obama can look “saving” his people.

Nobody Wonders: But I would like to quote Bill Clintons’ favorite President, FDR: Nothing in politics is a coincidence.

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