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Sadly, this testimony given in Pennsylvania should have been broadcasted on every news station in America, and been in every newspaper. Rudy did an excellent job.

Our newspapers and Cable stations are controlled by just a few, and they are trying desperately to PUSH through Biden as our President.

Luckily, good Americans like this man are standing up and letting everyone know that the fraud committed in this election was overwhelming.

And by the way, the KRACKEN has been …released.

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The Great Global Lockdown

Nobody Flashes

You are not hearing about the many doctors that are outraged about what is happening with the politicians closing down the whole world, using the virus as an excuse.

This man is outraged, and what a better time to destroy Western Civilizations cherished holidays than Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s one thing to release a virus on the world. It’s quite another thing for the rest of the world to USE that virus to take away all freedom and liberty.

Is it me? Or is this becoming a fight between good and evil? While the Lawyers for Trump came out today, all you had to do was turn on your local radio stations or TV to have them make fun of them.

The visions of Lindsey Graham fist bumping Kamala on the floor of the Senate was enough to give me chills.

Obama is already touring the world and wanting the final nail: disarmament.

I didn’t see all of Rudy’s testimony today, but clearly, the evidence is more than overwhelming, it’s on a global scale, abhorrent.

Anyway, like Scarlett O’Hara said, I don’t want to think about this today…I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

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Our FBI, CIA, NSA, now used to Destroy America…

Remember ….Beattie says.

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Will the Election Be…Delayed?

Nobody Flashes;

Hurricane Sandy Could Have Profound Effect on Voting

—–Said the headline of Newsmax:

Remember when Rahm Emanuel said “Never let a crisis go to waste!” ? Well, the White House has to be truly excited by Hurricane Sandy. I can hear it already:

So many people were disenfranchised by not being able to reach the polls due to the Hurricane Sandy, therefore, certain states need to do a recount.

By executive order..of course. Obama CARES about your vote.

This might take a month or two months, depending. Obama could stay in the office way past his overdue date.

The democrats HAVE to win by fraud. They have been working so hard to get everyone to vote early, and NOT show up at the poles, because those votes, if illegal, can be easily registered for Obama.

“The state board of elections is already planning for extended hours in advance for absentee voting, and it’s now a priority, moved up to the same level as hospitals and police stations to have power restored,” said Gov. Bob McDonnell, a top Romney ally.

Yes, extended hours. That’s how an election here in Missouri was stolen in 2000. John Ashcroft was up against Mel Carnahan for the Senate, in a very tight rice, and Missouri was a pivatol state for Bill Clinton. Two weeks before the election, his small plane went down, and his wife took his place on the ballot. Bill Clinton practically RAN to the funeral to get the “pity” vote for poor dead Mel…it was quite a show. That very day the mantral “Don’t let the fire go out.” was repeated over and over to get his wife elected in his place.

On election day, the voting booths downtown St. Louis were allowed to stay open way past midnight for some lame excuse that they lost some votes…somewhere.

Of course, the democrasts bused in hundreds of blacks voters…and John Ashcroft lost. There was outrage here in Missouri over the “fraud” and abuse, and the stolen election–but due to Carnahan’s  death, George W. Bush just made him Ashcroft the Attorney General.

How propitious the act of nature was: Mel was behind in the poles, his plan crash delivered the state to the democrats.

Nobody Thinks that it’s Virginia that Obama needs, NOT Ohio. Virginia is going to be hit hard. I have friends that live in the area and they have told me there is not a day that seems to go by that Michelle or Obama are not campaigning there.  Romney has taken the lead in Virginia.

I also think it would be safe to assume that if all this actually comes about..and Obama declared the winner in a state he would have lost without the hurricane..due to extended hours, or recounts…or by so much destruction being done that the elections are called off for sometime…

You can be sure they have now MASTERED weather manipulation. It’s a fact that they can maniuplate hurricanes…but…would they do it to steal an election?  After all…you can’t cry “foul” when mother nature is to blame now, can you? And just think of how Presidential Obama can look “saving” his people.

Nobody Wonders: But I would like to quote Bill Clintons’ favorite President, FDR: Nothing in politics is a coincidence.

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