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Do Woman AND Veterans Lives Matter?

Nobody Reports:

All day long the news reporters were shouting “A WOMAN HAS BEEN SHOT DEAD!” They made you THINK that a Trump supporter went nuts and shot a woman today in the Capital.

There was mayhem in the Capital and you gotta love the hypocrisy. For three yeas we have watched cops being killed, cities burned down, people shot and beat up, and not ONE democrats said a word. The Rinos didn’t say much either. But OOOOOOOOO>>.attack the scared Congress!


President Trump gave a great speech today. A speech of truth. And the crowd, despite all the roadblocks put in their way of coming…(Like no porty potties) they showed up. The election was stolen 80 ways till Sunday, and everybody knows it.

It’s true. He was upbeat, confident, and said he would NOT concede when he won. Great news.

And then, he talked a LOT about how Vice President Pence could help the truth, if he followed the Constitution and sent the verifications BACK to the state legislatures. But, Pence stood with the election fraud. He stood with the RINO”s. With his hometown best buddy, Paul Ryan. He stabbed the President in the back.

That might be a first. But, have you noticed? This seems to be a trend. I can’t beleive that Trump would pick all the people who would stab him in the back to be in his best cabinet positions.

Is that on purpose? Is there a game plan here?

Now, I was thinking today, if I have always thought that Pence would betray Trump. I’m positive President Trump knew what he was.

Despite what all the news is saying, Trump put a big sword into the Republican Party today. He made SURE that Pence would be the man who sent the democrats into office.

No patriot will ever trust Pence again, OR Bush, OR any of the republicans who went for Biden. Like ‘Boy Scout” Tom Cotton. Bush is going to Biden’s inauguation?

Ha. It takes one to know one. You know what? I think I dislike Bush more than Biden. Biden at least told us the election would be a fraud. Bush…well that’s another blog.

So, what will Trump do next? He knows he won. He know that the CIA, the FBI, the Justice Department, just about all of our institutions are lost, will he fight still to stay in office?

Or will he just expose the deep state and say, “I may be back in four years.” Which is silly.

Why should ANYBODY ever vote again? What’s the point, when the machines are rigged?

Nobody Knows, but no matter what, how sad this day is, when the criminals of America have sold us all out, and now plan to destruct us all. China has won.

They might find, we will not go silently.

And by the way, are we going to hear HOW this lovely woman was killed by a cop? Was it a mistake? Why don’t they treat her like they treated Floyd? She wasn’t armed.

I bet, she’s off the news in two days.

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