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Nobody’s Opinion: Bill Gates Should be Locked Up. One Man to Control the world?

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay. This guy is going too far. Who the *$&% does he think he is?

ALL bars and restaurants to be closed forever? Masks forever? Every child now gets a computer and stops going to school? (Unless of course, your parents are rich enough to send you to the private ones.)

Four to six months will turn into: forever. Or at least until every human on the planet is vaccinated with Bill’s technological (And according to some experts, a dangerous) vaccine. Fauci just said that they KNOW the governments will be hard pressed to mandate the virus, but they didn’t have to mandate the masks did they? No, you just won’t be able to do a thing until you get vaccinated. The companies will do it all. Get vaccinated or you cannot buy, work, fly, or enter our buildings. Expect drones to put you in your place.

While Bill Gates gets rich selling all those computers all over the world, and vaccines, which you will HAVE to have every six months, more will die. And Americans will pay a high price for those vaccines so that Bill can get the REST of the world vaccinated.

To save US of course. Bill Knows. Isn’t he sweet?

I stopped trusting Bill Gates long ago. I’ve had exactly 13 computers with Windows, and they ALL crashed when I went to the Microsoft website to download the latest virus protection. I only went there because I got a message from Kim Komando or Microsoft that I HAD to do this.

After one, maybe two crashes, I thought it was me. After three, okay, another fluke. But 13? No, this is HOW he makes his money. It’s the new way for every product, DO NOT MAKE THEM LAST. You create the problem so that you can come in with the solution, and make ever MORE money. That’s how he became one of the richest men on the planet. Sure, they all do it. Apple 5, Apple 10, 12, 22, 203…etc.

Windows 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 1,222….

This man, is a criminal. He’s melomaniac walking on dangerous level of delusions. He has stated he wants to reduce the population of the planet.

He’s playing God, and thinks he is the brightest man on the planet. That ALONE tells you he’s nuts.

By the way, Wuhan has supposedly controlled the virus with herd immunity, NOT a vaccine.

And that’s not all he wants to do.

(Notice right before Bill tells a lie he gasps, or takes a drink of coffee, or touches his nose. You can always tell when he’s lying because he smiles…no matter WHAT the subject, and then goes on with his big lie. It’s like a poker tell. Bill is a huge liar.)

Bill Wants to stop the sun’s rays from getting to the earth.

THIS is…science? This is…tyranny! Insanity! The man is nuts. Hitler was nuts. Stalin was nuts, and yet, they’ve got the power now to brainwash millions into believing they know what’s best. And they WILL kill millions.

Nobody else on the planet gets a vote on whether we should stop the sun’s rays from hitting the earth? Really? We don’t get a vote. Does Bill OWN sunlight? Bill gets to decide to change the planet all by himself?

Good god, have the elites gone mad? Can’t they just let the earth alone? Has half the world gone nuts trusting this clearly deranged criminal?

This man is going to kill millions. All in the name of saving the planet.

If we want to save the planet, than Bill Gates should be put in a rocket and shot right into the sun. And then all his billions can be distributed to reopen all the businesses he has closed down in the name of Bill Gates. God II.

Or shall we just call him…Bill Beelzebub? After all, he was at Wuhan, and has threatened another deadly bio-weapon upon us all if we don’t comply.

Did I say bio-weapon? Where is Michael Crichton when you need him? Oh..that’s right. Dead.

No man should have that much power. No man. No man…EVER.

What can we do about Bill Gates?

This nobody prays that Bill’s plans for the planet will be stopped by good men, who know better.

In the meantime, we can ALL use our voices and fight against this madness.

Bill—-Windows is great. (Except for all the controls and propaganda on your news sites)

But you are NOT God. All the money in the world cannot buy you that position.

I suggest you talk to HIM about it. And leave the sun alone. Better yet, have China send you to Mars. Wouldn’t that be a better legacy for you?

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