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It’s as if he never left: He just took a vacation…

Nobody’s Opinion

Sure, yesterday, like millions around the world, I wanted to see if President Trump would do what EVERY conservative pundit was telling him NOT to do in his speech at CPAC tonight: Declare he won the election, and say he was going to run again.

He pretty much did both. Looking younger than he even did in 2016, he was his old self: Funny, charming, truthful, uplifting and not changing one little bit of his policies about America, it was as if he had never left the White House. And really, we all knew he won, and that’s a fact now.

While he didn’t actually say for sure that he would run for President, it was clear to everyone watching, he most likely would.

Still, there is that problem of voting machines. Voting fraud. Could it happen again? The Democrats are sure enough not going to fix it, and they could do just about anything you can imagine to keep him and us from voting. And they would have to take over the democrats in the next elections to fix the problem.

In the meantime, what new tricks are they going to think up? They can’t impeach him anymore…they will certainly try more tax and sex scandals, but so far, Trump has survived them all. So, what does that leave them?

EMP attack? Make Puerto Rico a state? Flood us with so many people there will be no way to prevent fraud?

Keep the dominion machines? We can only imagine.

If Trump does get in, does that mean he could serve TWO terms?

There’s a long road ahead, but when I heard the St. Louis Blues Hockey Champions song…”Gloria” right before he came out, I thought to myself…now THAT’s a winner.

President Trump, is back. “He’s still standing, better than he’s ever been, looking like s true survivor, feeling like a little kid.”

As Elton John would sing,….Yeah yeah yeah!

Now, let’s get Jim Jordan as Speaker. He is just great.

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Bruce Springsteen Would NOT be Welcomed in My Home Town

Nobody Flashes.

Wow. The “Born in the U.S.A.” bozo is once again trying to revive and make a lot of money of —what most Americans feel he thinks of them today, us “Suckers”, because HE thinks we are so stupid that we will buy his sincerity act that he gives a DAMN about any of us. Who thought up this commerical…Obama?

He cares about us for one reason: keeping his face important so he can keep collecting the money.

They had to take this commercial off the air, because he got a DWI, which, by the way, he got out of…because he’s rich, he’s liberal, and if you believe ANYTHING he says, then maybe you should buy his latest album.

I never owned his first one. He had a few good hits, but that was it. He lived off those early hits all his life.

Standing next to the church and all the visions of middle America in this commercial would be fine, if it was Trump doing this. But it’s not. It’s the VERY hypocritical and over-the-hill guy who supports Obama and is now doing soppy broadcasts with ‘the great one.” You know, trying to get those people who are stuck on their guns and religion to accept Obama’s third term.

Sorry Bruce. Putting yourself in middle America and pretending you are a cowboy, uh…well…I don’t believe it. We had four years of George W. Bush pulling off that act. We don’t buy it anymore.

You support the very President who hates America, and said some pretty nasty things about the very President who DOES love America… so pardon us if we don’t all come to the middle, just because you said so.

BORN in the U.S.A, made Bruce a millionaire, as did his other famous hit, “My Hometown” where he laments the coal mines being shut down and his ‘hometown’ dying, somehow, Good old rock-n-roller Bruce Springteen never put two and two together because it was the party of democrats and progressives that he now comes out and supports whenever possible, that shut down those hometowns all over America.

But then, you knew that Bruce, right?

Much like FOX, he knows that the money really lies in the America people who love their country, because THEY ARE THE MAJORITY STILL.

Which is: It’s OUR way or else. Putting Springsteen on a lonely highway in the middle of America is suppose to bring you back into the fold. The elites TRULY think they can sell you anything…even love for your own demise.

Must be nice to get a DWI, and have it excused. If you or I got a DWI, we’d pay big fines, and have our license taken away.

So, Mr. “Born in the U.S.A” can sing all he wants. Just not on my home town. It’s filled with Obama lovers, and your music is not welcomed here.

But,, we do have a lot of Jeeps.

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Uh…Cyber Attack or just Biden’s election?

My husband called me today from work this morning, and said that Bank of America’s whole system was shut down. It was costing everyone millions of dollars in loss. Nobody could use their debit cards, credit cards, and most of the fast food places, had signs up saying “Pay in cash.” Here in St. Louis, this went on all day. Evidently, it was national.

Nobody Reports.

All through the day I searched for the cause, as it was National. But…NOBODY was reporting it. None of the internet sites were saying a word.

Was this a cyber attack? Nobody Wonders.

I don’t know about you, but I find this VERY disturbing. They have put us all on NOT using cash, and making us a cashless society, and then, you can’t get to your cash. That’s bad enough, but to have nothing on the news about it?

More than disturbing.

Evidently, you could go to the local BOA bank and GET cash, but this is just another example of how well the media is covering up everything they can.

Nobody Wants to know, what happened? Will we ever know?

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Nobody’s FOOL: Glenn Beck and The Great Reset

Glenn Beck, explains in his most unique way, (Karl Rove eat your heart you out billboard copy-cat) what Bill Gates, the United Nations, and the Biden administration has in store for all of us.

Basically: Tyranny.

If you have time, be sure to watch it. Glenn, once again, connects the dots like nobody else.

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Nobody Knows The Truth About the Bush Family

Nobody Knows—-

About the REAL the Bush family. The history we’ve been allowed to ‘swallow’ has been well controlled, just as the news is being controlled now. We all know the history that we all grew up with, with two Presidents who represented the head of the GOP party for decades. Men who held themselves to be ‘above’ petty politics. Stoic. Well respected.

All the while, what they did in the background was…shocking.

Both Bushes, daddy Bush and his son, started their political lives by getting elected in TEXAS. That’s another blog. But that’s not where their roots are: They are and still are, rooted in the East. No matter how many movies showing George W. putting his boots on, his money came from his family the real and powerful backers, and bankers.

The Bush who paved the way for both George H.W. and his son, was none other than Senator Prescott Bush: H.W.’s father.

Prescott Bush made his great fortune, suppling weapons to Hitler, all through WWII–well, let’s just say that put Prescott Bush in the top 1percent of his time. And not just a few guns, pretty much the whole army. How did he manage this?

Prescott was business partners with the Wall Street international investment bank of Brown, Brothers, & Harriman, one of the most powerful political forces in the United States during much of the 20th century, and for many years the largest private bank in the world. Prescott was managing partner of this bank. When the U.S. entered War War I in 1917, Prescott’s father, Samuel P. Bush. became chief of the Ordnance Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board. He had no background in munitions. (Can you say Hunter?)

Samuel Pryor Bush, along with Percy Rockefeller (The Bush oil connections is another blog) supplied machine guns and Colt automatic pistols, and millions of rifles to Czarist Russia. In fact they sold to both sides. They got together with the Brits and poured money abroad and were never scrutinized by any electorate back home.

This gun running still goes on today. President Bill Clinton, gave North Korea Uranium for his nukes, and helped China gain the military capacity to hit any city in the United States with nukes. Hillary sold uranium to Russia. Obama armed Iran, Isis,…and John McCain was in on that deal too.

Our Presidents and politicians, it seems, have been selling arms to our enemies for decades without any repercussions at all.

But back to Prescott: The Harriman bank re-started Germany’s steamships. It would become the largest private shipping line in the world. It was called Hamburg Amerika. It continued for 50 years, all through the wars.

Then Harriman and J.P. Morgan merged.

Later the Nazi army was equipped by Flick, Harriman, Walker and Bush, with materials stolen from Poland. Their lawyers, Allen and John Foster Dulles, handled the Nazi transactions. The Nazi were all armed with American guns. All of this, including submachine guns and revolvers were shipped by Prescott and Harriman.

John Foster Dulles, who was in on this treasonous act, would later be U.S. Secretary of state. And tell me, how MANY of our politicians that commit treasonous acts get awarded BETTER jobs, higher pay, and Nobel Peace Prizes? Even today, this is the norm.

For instance, Cuomo just get some kind of reward after sending thousands of Covid seniors into nursing homes. An Emmy. Yep.

Even though on Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City, all this being conducted by Prescott, nothing happened to him. Most of the records of arms related transactions were burned “To save space in the National Archives.”

Remember: Oklahoma city had FBI records, Building 7 of 9/11, had FBI records, and here in St. Louis, where the Bush family had started, that government record building burned to the ground.

Starting to see a pattern here?

The Bush history has really been polished over, but not many people know how passionate H.W. was about Planned Parenthood and the march to curtail the global population. He is the one who started using our tax-payer money to fund the rest of the world in Planned Parenthood, an organization he loved. I only mention this because truly, this New World Order of the Elites from Harvard, Yale and now, international corporations, started oh so long ago.

George W.’s daddy, H.W., first ran for Senator of Texas and lost mainly due to the fact that his opponent in that race, Yarborough, who was a native Texan unlike George, made it known that George had the backing of the Eastern Bankers and the CFR.

The Council of Foreign Relations:

From “Power Behind the Government Today”


From it’s inception has had an important part in planning the whole diabolical scheme of crating a ONE WORLD FEDERATION of socialist states under the United Nations…These carefully worked out detailed plans, in connection with the World Bank and the use of billions of tax-exempt foundations dollars, were carried out secretively over a period of years. Their fruition could mean not only the absolute destruction of our form of government, national independence and sovereignty, but to a degree at least , that of every nation in the world

“The New World Order, we see, is really nothing new.” (1992)

In his unarthoized book by Webster Griffin, the authors make this statement:


We offer this book in those who share our profound horror at the concept of a return to a single worldwide Roman Empire as suggested by Bush’s “Pax Universlais ” slogan.


Once again, As we see happening right before us, these plans are being implemented. Prescott was Hitlers banker. Prescott was married to “Bunny” Harriman, daughter of Averell Harriman, and they all were elite Yale Skull and Bones members, along with Rockefeller who was in the same class. This is the Old GOP that we see now, the RINOS trashing President Trump.

Skull and Bones, of Yale and Harvard, are the places were the powerful bankers, Presidents, politicians, and oligarchy of the world have hatched, all the while, hidden from sight has been their real agenda: To control the world.

They believe, (Along with Bill Gates) That the world has TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Hitler got his “population control” ideas from Planned Parenthood.

And it’s now, come back with a global vengeance. Bigger than Hitler’s plan. And if you think that this ‘conspiracy’ is just that,…

Read this: From a fictional book written in 1981. It will, shock you.

Was he trying to warn us? Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody Reports: Pray for Tiger

Nobody Reports

The world woke up to the sad news that Tiger Woods was in another car crash. Right away, the reporting was…’changed’ and it looked very suspicious to say the least. My thoughts were…”What? Did they take over his car and try to kill him because he’s a Trump supporter?”

Sorry, I always go to the power because they are getting so blatantly evil these days. Too many people in history—FAMOUS people, have died from car crashes, plane crashes, etc. I think people are killed for political reasons all the time.

Call me a nut, I really don’t care at this point.

Going off the road, in a simple 40mph lane, then all of a sudden, major flipping and almost death like? Uh…Tiger is smarter than that …and after we all witnessed the car lying in the ditch, smashed, we prayed that he just would be alive.

Sadly, it gave FOX news and CNN the most ratings they’ve had since the election. They played the event and made money off of it all day long……….but tonight, I thought it was strange that most websites went back to the usual politics. Hardly any mention of it at all even though the world watched it for hours.

Being the suspicious person that I am, I thought, what are they doing in D.C. that they DON’T want us to see? The trial on what really happened in D.C.?

And the stuff they were saying: “Tiger was going to fast, he was late, driving a car he was not familiar with, maybe a coyote ran in front of him, he was tired, almost hit another care getting out of the parking lot….yada…”All speculation of course, but most it came at the end of the day that Tiger was really at fault.”

Hey, I’m surprised they don’t end up blaming President Trump for his crash. After all, Tiger, by all looks of it, really liked Trump. And I liked this video. Thanks to President Trump for coming out to console us all.

Anyway, let’s hope the surgeons were good, and Tiger will be back in the future, even it’s it five years from now. He will still be a ‘young’ man, and have a lot to offer the world. He could still win that last tournament.

He truly is…one of a kind in this world.

His talent wasn’t on loan from God, he earned every single minute of it. The AMERICAN way.

The world loves you Tiger, now, get better.

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Nobody’s Fool: George Carlin

Since I’m going to be presenting a few facts about the Bush family this week, I thought this skit from George Carlin would be a PERFECT warmup.

This is a great rant by Carlin, where he has the politicians ‘excuses’ and language down to such a degree, you will listen and go..”How long ago was this recorded? Nothing has changed.”

George Carlin was Nobody’s Fool…and his comedy was based on the hypocrisy he saw everywhere.

Listen, and enjoy. No doubt more than a few politicians will come to mind. (About 95%)

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TEXAS…The Last Stance Against CHINA.

Last week, we saw a once in a lifetime event happen in Texas, the one state left besides Florida that holds on to it’s ‘republican’ roots. It was hit, with an event, that no one thought could ever happen. Freezing temperatures that was so severe the electrical company, the one with the new fancy windmills that actually froze over with ice and stopped working, was certainly the reason that millions were left in the dark. Without electric. Without water. And in many cases without food. Proving of course, the windmills are a joke.

It was so cold that one Texan actually froze in his lounge chair. One woman, died with her daughter from monoxide poisoning in her car.

Over 40 people died in this disaster, and Texas was BEGGGING for Biden to help. President Trump would have sent help in a heartbeat as he always did. Not Biden. He was playing Mario Carts up in Camp Davis. The one man who could have sent help didn’t, waited to pick and choose which counties he would help.

SenatorTed Cruz, left his cold house and went to Mexico. Was he just on ‘vacation?’ Or was Cruz having a very important meeting about his upcoming run in 2024 with some Mexican big wig? We don’t know.

You all KNOW I don’t trust Cruz.

But, who do you think the media attacked?

So, why did Biden NOT help Texas? While Bill Gates was out saying it wasn’t windmills fault, why, they work in the Artic! (He must have taken time out from his interviews to look that up.) The Texas government, mostly lead by the GOP, was totally unprepared and incessantly embarrassed.

So the democrats did their usual: Don’t let a crisis go to waste: blame the OTHER guy—their official motto.

The great state of Texas was brought to its knees.

THIS nobody finds it easy to believe it could have been a ‘weather’ attack by HARP and the Chinese/democratic/globalists connections, the fact is, this is GREAT news for China.

China recently purchased over 100,000 acres of land in West Texas. They built a wind farm near U.S. military Like Fort Hood, Fort Bliss and Lackland Air Force Base.


Plunging prices have wreaked havoc on Texas oil companies struggling to avoid a wave of bankruptcies that has ravished the industry during the past five years, leaving them ripe takeover targets for rivals from China and elsewhere.

The companies’ vulnerability to foreign buyers raises the risk that the U.S. might lose control over valuable oil-producing lands in the Permian Basin, a swath of land in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico that helped the country become the world’s largest crude producer amid a shale boom.

Isn’t that what the globalists want? Complete shutdown of all U.S. oil production?


Clearly, China has launched it’s attacks against the whole of Western Civilization.

So how did this happen? Well, the GOP is very guilty, and only RINOs would do this. They did NOT fix the electrical grid of Texas…like all politicians, they just put it off.


REVEALED: Texas Establishment Republicans Blew Off Securing Electrical Grid Since 2015 – National File

Texans never voted for anyone in ERCOT. What are the people of Texas supposed to do about ERCOT?

The chairman of ERCOT doesn’t even live in Texas, but Minnesota.

Oncor, the electrical provider of Texas, is owned by Sempra Energy, headquartered out of California. The sale to this company was authorized under the purview of the Texas legislature.

So what have Texas legislators been working on instead of securing the Texas electrical grid?

Dade Phelan, instead of looking at serious issues, has instead been focusing on “diversity” and the genitals of his appointments serving on house committees as being some kind of grand achievement.


Just this morning, My favorite Brit, Nigel Farage, made a video saying that the Chinese now owns most of the schools in England, and are promoting and brainwashing the English children to the communist Chinese government coming soon.

Here in America, we have sat by and witnessed our two biggest states, with the biggest economies, have been completely destroyed, by democratic governors. Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Newsom in CA, and Cuomo in New York, have done EVERYTHING they could to destroy those economies.

Think: If you were going to destroy the United State in order to take over the world, you’d have to destroy the economy of the United States. Release the virus, put the top politicians in your pockets, and take out the big boys first. They used the machines to get rid of Trump, put in their favorite American puppet, and you are almost there.

Take out the biggest money makers: Both New York and California, will not likely ever be the same.

But there’s Still Texas. They MUST get TEXAS. Not only for the electoral votes, but everybody is moving there and TEXAS just might succeed from the union, which would start a new civil war.

Sadly, TEXAS…has a history of belonging to the globalists. Keeping Texas out of China’s hands will take men as brave as those at the Alamo. Which brings me to…the Bush Family: Not exactly the Daniel Boones of our times.

I was cleaning out my library last week, and found a book called the “Unauthorized biography of George H.W. Bush.” If you want to know how we got to this mess, by all means try to get a copy.

At the same time, I just watched the movie,”W” last week. It’s no coincidence that this movie is very high on Netflick’s list. I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Here’s a scene from the movie…Brolin does George W. so well, it’s almost scary. In fact, the whole movie is just another rewrite of history, but mostly put out to bring the world back to believing that George W. was a good old Texas American boy!

Don’t let this scene fool you. Just watch. And remember, everything you read and hear…is suspect to propaganda.

The Bushes…and Texas. OMG. Have we been fooled. This week, I will write more on what I learned.

I know this was a long post, and I went from Texas to China to Bushes, but I swear, there IS a connection. I’m just setting it up…for more tomorrow.

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Holy Mother, Hear My Cry…

Nobody Flashes

Two of the greats…and a plea for the incessant sadness of our times.

On a Sunday.

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Do We Now Have to Go To Another Country to Get Our REAL News?

Nobody Flashes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see this kind of reporting on our LOCAL news stations? Every morning all we get here is “COVID, VACCINE, COVID, VACCINE, TED CRUZ WENT TO CANCUN, COVID, SHUT-DOWNS, COVID, VACCINES WILL BE HERE SOON, Just wait…but call first…and hey, this guy almost died! But no! The nurses and doctors saved the 29-year-old who won’t walk for a year….it’s a miracle!

And then back to….covid, vaccine, covid, vaccine…

Usually some news about blacks killing other blacks, and car accidents, (which have increased due to the lack of FUNDS for the snow- plowers)

We’ve had the usual snow and ice here, which is normal for February, but what is really amazing is every local channel news station kept saying “MO-dot (That’s the state snow-plows) have been working hard ALL NIGHT!”

They LOVE to praise those brave men out in the middle of the night..making the roads safe.

Except, nobody has seen them? Where are they?

You get in your car and you don’t see them ANYWHERE. That’s because they seem to all just perform for a few minutes for the local weather reporters in their cars…who follow them with BRAVE and wonderful sayings…and then they all go home, and binge watch Netflick like everybody else.

The illegals can’t get here fast enough to take these snowplowing jobs away from these hard-working American men.

Okay, I’m ranting.

Enjoy the video, I did.

Thank you…Australia.

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Nobody’s Fool: Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe

Nobody’s Fool

James O’Keefe is just great. He’s bold, and smart, and here he catches Zuckerface to admit that the vaccine is NOT a vaccine….and by his own words, you can bet he will not risk taking it.

But he can censor ANYONE and chastise them all, on his FACEBOOK platform to put up the truth about the vaccine. As you will see, he breaks his own rules.

James O’Keefe is NOBODY’S Fool……EVER….I love this guy.

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Nobody Remembers…Always and Forever, the Great Rush Limbaugh

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Nobody Wonders About Steve Bannon

Nobody Wonders

I can’t help it, I wonder constantly about not only where they come up with some of the headlines on the internet, but which ones are lies, or not?

For instance:

Nobody Wonders: Bannon Believed Trump was suffering from early-stage dementia: Book

In this article, it seems Rosen, of 60 minutes, said that Bannon told HIM that Trump was mental, and they should take him out with the 25th amendment.


“I think, in Steve’s mind, if I had to do the analysis of it, he would have been very happy to see Trump disappear from the scenes either through the 25th Amendment, resigning or whatever, and then he would step in and fill and fill that gulf and carry the mantle of the Trump followers. But he was delusional about it,” Rosen said.


Right. Steve Bannon head of MAGA? Uh…he looks like an old hippie who got too stoned on the freeway to a Stones concert. Sorry. He may be brilliant, but you need more than that to lead a country.

Being as I watch the War Room, usually every day, I think Rosen might have been right about Steve’s ambition. Clearly, Steve has taken up the “MAGA” banner and it really does seem to the viewers that he is taking up the movement and wants to be the leader. Nevertheless. Why come out with this now? Why didn’t they come out with it then?

Will Bannon refute this? He will lose a lot of viewers if he doesn’t. And besides, to say that Trump had dementia was pretty far-fetched. Clearly, America watched him talk for two hours at a time, entertaining huge crowds, right before the election, something that not even Bannon could do now, so, Nobody Wonders if this isn’t just another way to make SURE Trump does not come back into office.

Nobody Wonders: Headline: Steve Bannon Wants Trump to Run for Congress in 2022 and replace Pelosi as the Speaker.

This was pretty confusing:


Speaking to a group of Boston Republicans on Saturday, Bannon laid out a longshot plan for Trump to return to Washington, D.C.—but not directly to the White House, The Boston Herald reported. Instead, Bannon wants Trump to run for a seat in the House of Representatives in 2022 and then manage to take the role of Speaker of the House away from Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi of California.


Okay. WHAT? I was listening just today to Bannon on Voice of America and some caller suggested this very thing, to which Bannon said, no…he couldn’t see Trump doing that. Even if JQA did it, it was just not Trump’s style

So, which is right? Did he say it? Did he not?

After the first paragraph then the writer quoted this:


“Trump is a disruptor, but he has a long-term vision because I absolutely believe in the marrow of my bones that he will be our nominee in 2024,” Bannon told the GOP group in a speech. “He’ll come back to us. We’ll have a sweeping victory in 2022, and he’ll lead us in 2024.”


Okay, which is up? Who is putting out this stuff? I need to eat a cookie and think about this. I might as well ask my dog.

When Fox screwed up on election night, many of the Trump supporters went to Newsmax. Then recently, NEWSMAX went ballistic on the Pillow Man, when he talked about the election steal. The reporter got up and walked away. So— we went to Bannon, and the WAR ROOM.

So that’s leaves us with OAN and THE VOICE. But, then you go online and the headlines are ALL different.

Who can you really trust in the news anymore?

Nobody Wonders…but I do NOT trust anything I read. As with the famous words of Donald J. Trump:

I trust my gut. (Which might be leaky and I’m do to die soon, according to the internet.)

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Nobody’s Perfect: Turtle-Butt Mitch McConnell

Nobody’s Perfect.

Old Turtle breathe has came forth to try to save the GOP last week. He wants Trump hounded until he can be hounded no more. Sued in law courts up until the day he dies. He wants to bankrupt him. Hurt him till he is dead in the ground.

I TRIED not to watch this, because it’s hard to watch another rich, buffoon lecture the American people WHO HAVE PAID HIS SALARY for too many years, making him and his China affiliated wife billions, about how he plans to destroy their favorite President. He forgot it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” not Mitch the leader of the Senate.

The interpretation? WE, the American people have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to attack the Sacred halls of the Capital. Destroy your own cities, we don’t care, but don’t you DARE attack us.

Gee Mitch. You can site the Constitution all you want, but you forgot the REASON we left Merry Old England, the reason freedom loving people formed a bond, and wrote that Constitution you keep quoting…and what Thomas Jefferson, said–

EVEN IF TRUMP HAD NOT SAID A WORD…the American people have a RIGHT to be angry. Especially after the last decades of being berated by elite overpaid criminals that run in the halls of our government.

We have a right,giving to us by our founders, to resist tyranny and to destroy a government that we don’t like.

Sorry…maybe somebody should tell you to read the Declaration.

Mitch has NO integrity. His hatred of President Trump was so great, and his conviction was adamant that President Trump was guilty beyond all doubt as we see in this traitorous speech,—AND YET, while he pretends to be all high and mighty, he voted NOT GUILTY twice, during both impeachments.

BECAUSE…he’s not guilty!So..IS he guilty? But you wanted to keep your job? Which is it Mitch? You can’t have it both ways and expect to be taken seriously.

Mitch is part of the DEEP STATE/Bush/Harriman/British New World Order. He is employing the same “psychological warfare’ put together by Allen Dulles and the secret services so long ago, on the deep state resort of Juniper Island in Florida, where Prescot Bush and the Dulles brothers, and the Harriman bankers formed the beginnings of the ‘deep state’ CIA to conduct extensive propaganda campaigns and mass psychology experiments in the US.

As Eisenhower, JFK and Truman warned us, this deep state are entranced in every nook and cranny of our government. And these men are NOT elected.

Notice, the ‘fine’ words McConnell uses here: He uses the SAME brain-washing words as Hillary: “Myth. Conspiracy. Secret Coup.” Trashing Americans RIGHT to follow a President they loved. I was especially taken by Mitch’s disgust to see Trump’s flag being carried.

REALLY? Here it is again Mitch:

Sadly, this propaganda is working. I talked today on the phone with an old friend from Naples. I told her I posted the piece about the grocery store in Naples, where people don’t have to wear masks.

“THAT MAN IS Despicable!” She yelled. “He has a TRUMP flag outside his door!” And while she admitted that Trump did some good things for the county, She shouted, “He is a PIG!”

“Why?” I asked.

She didn’t like the way he talked about women to Billy Bush.

I Ttied to explain to her that the conversation was re-edited in translation. But she wouldn’t listen. Then she said,

“Well, all Presidents do good things and bad.”

“Okay. What did Obama do that was good?” I asked.

“Oh, I can’t think of what right now.” She wanted to hang up on me.

So there you go, I had to call her back. And talk about her little life. Get her mind off of Trump. Her hatred of Trump comes from the pain she still feels in her heart about her husband leaving her for another woman…because she was fat.

She hates all men. She just doesn’t see that her pain in her own life is clouding her judgement for ALL men.

But, who was I to tell her?

But back to Turtle face. Does he really think that people would drop Trump and listen to his lies? Did Mitch ever once denounce the burning down of our cities, pushed by Obama AND the democrats? Did he ever stick up for the rule of law and Trump getting his day in court, like every other citizen?

No. Well, not too long ago, SOMEBODY beat the guy up, and we all know…it’s wasn’t President Trump.

Americans, are just being Americans. They’ve BEEN free, and they don’t like being told what to do, and that the only man from the GOP party who ever kept his word was President Trump.

Turtle-butt should just go back into his shell. Retire. Get out of dodge. The more he attacks Trump, the more powerful he makes him.

Is he THAT clueless? .


And that’s why Mitch McConnell wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for being the biggest ass on the Senate Floor.

Congratulations! Mitch, your are helping millions of Americans remember their Declaration of Independence, written by our founder, Thomas Jefferson. Without men like you, being so vindictive, nobody would probably even read it. And in that respect, without you even knowing it, you have helped America.


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