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Nobody’s Fool: George Carlin

Since I’m going to be presenting a few facts about the Bush family this week, I thought this skit from George Carlin would be a PERFECT warmup.

This is a great rant by Carlin, where he has the politicians ‘excuses’ and language down to such a degree, you will listen and go..”How long ago was this recorded? Nothing has changed.”

George Carlin was Nobody’s Fool…and his comedy was based on the hypocrisy he saw everywhere.

Listen, and enjoy. No doubt more than a few politicians will come to mind. (About 95%)

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Nobody Flashes George Carlin’s Opinion on Corona

Nobody’ Flashes

Here’s some good old fashion common sense…

Compare George Carlin to the current bunch of “Late night hosts.”

Watch and laugh. We all need to laugh.

I was out today. The roads were FULL of cars.

Everyone was ‘careful’ but so happy to be out.


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Nobody Flashes George Carlin

Nobody Flashes

With the government ‘shutdown’ going on today, we could all use a laugh, don’t you think?

This routine gets better EVERY year.

Enjoy! Once again, the genius of George Carlin.

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George Carlin Explains John Boehner

Nobody’s Opinion

Today, I’m, like most everybody else in the country who went to the midterm elections to help kick out democrats, am really mad about the traitors in the Republican Party who voted to fund Obamacare and Obama’s mass amnesty as SOON as they got into office.

The people sent the message to Washington that we did NOT want Obamacare, and we did NOT want millions of illegals to come into our country and rape our economy even further, but do they even care?


While John Boehner had strong words BEFORE the election to Obama, he got enough Rino’s to join in, and basically said “$&%% You” to all the Americans who voted.

In 2016, it matters not who wins Jeb or Hillary. Come on….Jeb released his emails today— Do we even care?

So this week, I’m letting George Carlin, give us all a lesson, and remind us, that what keeps happening to us again and again will continue.

Nobody says it better than George. This week–his opinion–is mine.

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Nobody Wins When You’re Down

Nobody Wins

—When you’re feeling under the weather. I had one of those days today. It was the first beautiful day we’ve had since last winter, got up to 82 degrees, so I mowed the lawn…but I lost two of the rose bushes my dad planted years ago. (They fall over my fence) It was just their time. I could only muster cutting down half of them, then I quit. I want to be tender about it…does that make sense?

No, it doesn’t.

But that wasn’t what put me in such a sad mood. Silly things can throw you off. Tonight, it was a song I was writing. A lullaby. It was for a beautiful little baby girl that has been born to another writer friend of mine who lives with his wife in South Korea. They email me pictures, and she is just the most adorable baby. I have been working on it for weeks in my spare time, and I want it to be perfect, so of course, I keep fooling around with it. baby rhino

Anyway, I realized in the song, that I was really writing a song for the baby girl I never had, and it overwhelmed me with loss. Funny I know, but certain notes on the piano, certain keys, can touch the human soul. I quit working on it because I just couldn’t stand the tears. I was actually writing a lullaby for the baby girl I would never hold….But hopefully, my friend will sing my little lullaby to her little cherub.

I can only hope I can make it singable enough. Because, I’m a nobody. Nobody will ever hear this song but this woman and her husband. Who knows if they will even like it? As Joni Mitchell once said in a song…

“Nobody stopped to hear him, though he played so sweet and high

They knew he had never been on their TV, so they passed his music by

I meant to go over and ask for a song, maybe put on a harmony

But the one-man band, by the quick-lunch stand, he was playing real good for free…”

Joni Mitchell: Not many of you remember her I bet.

So, I quit two things today. I’m not starting a half-ass remark about anything blog related tonight because I probably wouldn’t finish it.

What I can do, I did. I offered you this great video made by George Carlin, which should be mandatory viewing for all high school seniors.

I know…Fat chance.


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It’s All About the Derivatives, Stupid.

Nobody Knows—

Why the whole world is falling apart? George Carlin hadhis opinions…but I wonder what he’d say about that word that keeps getting thrown at us daily, like a dirty diaper full of poo…That mysterious word: Derivatives. Something George Soros knows a lot about, but the rest of us are not allowed to even THINK about. It’s the “n” word of the proletariat, but in the high offices of the
world, it’s pasigraphic.  All we know is that somehow Freddie did Fannie in a back room deal and we all got *&%$.

History has been forgotten here, so let’s review:

Remember when Japan hop-scotched over the United States and took our technology and beat us in manufacturing cars and computers in the late 1980’s? We invented stuff here,
and BAM…Japan took our technology over and went soaring economically.  Our companies were trying to put all their employees into worker beehives of miniature Japanese clones trying tocompete. Remember the movie “Gung Ho?” with Michael Keaton? But the real problem was…unions.

Let’s follow the money….and the mistakes:

Japan:Myself, I wouldn’t want to live there…I’d feel like an ant hive living on top of a giant Lego toy, but we watched it deflate during the 1990’s due to the “Japanese asset price  bubble”, which was wiring speculative excesses from the stock and real estate market.

 Whatever. Now, they have the biggest dept in the world at 200% of their annual growth. One in six live in poverty. The tsunami put them in the hole for another “decade” but today…they are doing well
again…according to Drudge.

Russia: Remember when the inebriated Boris Yeltin took his tanks to the parliament buildings? Thatwas after Russia had gone broke fighting their wars in Afghanistan. Viktor Gerashchenko became Duma’s man after Yeltin,  even though he was head of the bank twice before:

Many ordinary citizens had their savings wiped out by a disastrous reforms in 1991, and again when the ruble sank 30% on a single day, Black Tuesday in 1994. Gerashchenko was widely criticized for heedlessly
printing rubles and pumping almost unlimited credit into rusting ,unproductive (solar power) industrial enterprises and collective farms. –Time Magazine 1998

Wait…who did the solar power?

Bernanke Gerashchenko… Mmmm….has a nice e ring.

Russia’s prices went so high in the 1990’s that they crossed the threshold of hyperinflation. Gerashchenko wanted to nationalize the banks, set exchange rates by fiat, and subsidize industry and agriculture with rubles hot off the press. Well, we do that, even in FINLAND!

European Union…that totalitarian utopian dream of a Brussels Sprouting billions of global stock dividends is drawing to an end. The people that work,(Germans) are being asked to take care of the people that work a few days between vacations. We have the unemployed on welfare, they have Greece and Italy. They don’t spend money on defense (WE defend them) so they got into all
kind of giveaways that nobody could afford.

Where are those damn derivatives?

United States: One day, President Bush came out and said–“The boys in Wall Street gambled with a lot of money and lost, (derivative overdose was blamed)  and so now you, comrade, are going to have to bail out the world global economy. Of course, this was after the FED flew in over 40 billion dollars on a plane to Iraq, which was all given to ONE MAN…and nobody knows where the money went.

(What? Is this Vietnam’s Air America all over again? it’s one thing to fight our enemies, but do we HAVE to keep giving them billions?)

How are we exiting any different than Russia? The war in Afghanistan and Iraq have drained us, but not as much as our own politicians. Unlike Russia, we could have afforded those wars if not for..

Here we go again: Derivatives, which has left us in so much dept we can’t pay those welfare checks much longer…

Phyllis Schlafly–

What is now called the hidden welfare state (because so few Americans know about its enormity) is the fastest-growing component of government spending, and this does not include Social Security or Medicare payments. The total of these means-tested handouts is greater than what we are paying for our entire public school system and greater than what we spend on national defense.

Obama tripled that amount on welfare in his first two years.  Depending on which Al Capone official book you want to look at, it’s between…14 trillion and 4 qaud-zaillion. An American outdoes a Russian every time.

Take THAT Moscow!

And how did all this “stimulus” that got passed around to the banks and Wall Street come about?

Derivatives. There’s that dirty word again.

The world is one big gambling derivative casino for the elite.

Greenspan. “Today, there is one single integrated global stock market,” he said.

Mahathire Mohamad,who used to be the prime minister of Malaysia had to say about the world economy in 1998:

“The currency turmoil that hit southeast Asian countries in the 1997 was initially expected to last only a few months. It has now spread throughout the world. No one has really benefited except possible the currency traders and share market speculators.  The fact is that the economic disaster would not have happened if the speculators had not attacked the currencies and the share markets. Government are being blamed while the currency traders, foreign capitalist and hot money stock market raiders are being praised for their efforts to discipline these government and force them to change their ways.”

Sounds pretty much what we are hearing from the G-20…isn’t it? The same old song.

So…let me get this straight for George Carlin: Globalization was passed off as a freedom capitalistic system of joy, and since all politicians can do insider trading, they looked the other way while the
Soros, and big money Wall Street bankers (FEDs) made themselves trillions of dividend dollars by constantly propping up the stock market, playing with monopoly money taken out of thin air, no matter what it did to the rest of the world.

In Carlins’s philosophy class, that not capitalism, that’s grand theft auto on steroids.

And it’s all because of that dirty little word called derivatives.


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