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Nobody’s Perfect: Bill Gates

Nobody’s Perfect

The stock market was all excited today about Bill Gates wanting to buy the Chinese app TicTok. Steve Balmer thought it was a WONDERFUL idea. Right away Microsoft’s stock went up 77 billion in Market Value.

Wonder why?

 “You have got to decide, do you want to obey the laws of the countries you are in or not. If not, you may not end up doing business there.” B.G. 

Bill has not only learned the art of waving his hands around to make his point, he is working HARD with the Chinese to now, get everybody on the planet vaccinated. Never mind that the vaccine won’t always work. Never mind it might take years. Never mind it will destroy all economies on the planet. BILL is really excited about it.

President Trump isn’t. TicTok is deeply embedded spy app for the Chinese military, and Bill has been working with them for years.

Microsoft has participated in the Chinese Communist Party’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference every year since its 2018 inception, an event that bolsters collaboration between Chinese government and military-linked companies and their American counterparts, chiefly Microsoft.

The Microsoft billionaire founded and chaired nuclear power initiative Terrapower which worked alongside China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), a Chinese energy company deemed a military asset by the U.S. government. It’s also wholly funded and administered by the Chinese government.

What emerges in the news coverage of the organization is clear to anyone not signed up to the NeverTrumper removal of the President: an entity linked to Soros, Gates, the Chinese Communist Party, and NeverTrumpers – collaborating to remove a sitting President of the United States, even if he wins in November.

So, why is Bill Gates working with the Chinese to overtake America?

Pretty simple. Look at the smile on his face: He ENJOYS being able to control the world.

Bill has worked on his ‘personality’ these many years since the video below was taken. This nobody thinks, THAT is the real Bill Gates. The ultimate melomaniac. Take a look at his eyes. By the way, I really miss Netscape.

A man, who became the richest man in the world, now wants MORE money.

He IS a clear and present danger.

Bill Gates was right when he talked about the “virus” in 2015, and both Bill and his bud Fauci have warned of another on the way…IF we all don’t get vaccinated.  And there are many reasons to NOT get a Bill Gates vaccination. Better to try your luck with Hydroxychloroquine.

Look at how easily he muses about closing down all sports. It means NOTHING to him.

(What’s the matter Bill…didn’t make your Little League Team?)

This Nobody Thinks, while we all use Windows, and it’s made our lives better, (except for the continual trashing of President Trump in it’s news headlines, Bill Gates should just stay OUT of our lives. In fact, we better start trashing him now. Tomorrow might be too late.

Bill Gates, hands down, wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the decade.

And by the way…did you know that Bill’s own kids are NOT vaccinated?

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Nobody Cares About the Lies.

Nobody Cares

I just saw my neighbor outside taking her usual daily walk. She said she was scared that the country was opening too soon. There was a man who came down with the virus at her husband’s work.

“How bad did he get?” I asked.

“Oh, he was only out a few days. He’s back working now, but the store is shut down.” Still, she was afraid to go anywhere but around the block.

Stanford just did a study that said the virus isn’t even as deadly as the flu. So, it seems, they have put FEAR into the world, with great lies. At least here’s a main Italy who thinks so.

China has 100,000 workers in the North of Italy. It’s one of the reasons Italy had so many cases.

Listen to this Italian Leader talk the truth.

I wish just one of our politicians were as passionate about the lies.


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Nobody’s Fool: Danika Bueno

Nobody’s Fool

ONE MORE: I don’t wear a mask anywhere else but Wal-Mart. Mainly because Wal-Mart has more illegals in it than any other store, and I’ve gotten very sick from going there twice. Once this year, and about 4 years ago, where I caught something a lot more debilitating.

This woman, however makes a lot of sense. And sorry Fauci: THIS is science.

Thanks Danika!

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“Get Rid of all the Whites” Honored Doctor Says

Nobody Cares

This lady just suggested that all the  whites be killed. And then CLAIMS that SHE is not white. She is mad because ‘white’ people won’t get vaccines. But the immigrants gladly will, which makes them superior in her eyes.

And shouldn’t she be arrested for this suggestion? No. Nobody Cares.

I’ve been saying: The whites are the new Jews. The Jews have learned their lesson from history and gladly go along with Tyrants now.

But the patriotic white people, should just be killed. Carol Baker is beyond redemption for even saying this.

This lady is loved by Bill Gates. I suggest we start with him first if what she says is true. Bill Gates wants to make vaccines mandatory.

There ARE many who will refuse it. Me included. I’ve never had any flu vaccines. I became suspicious when they were giving them away on every corner for free. No government ‘pushes’ vaccines on you every other day without some kind of purpose behind it.

The shots don’t work. Virus mutate. It’s ridiculous to assume a COVID-19 vaccine will be different from all the OTHER vaccines that don’t work.

Besides, Bill Gates wants everybody on the planet to get one, and it will be used to control everyone. He’s actually gone off his rocker.

And THATS why, we need President Trump to be reelected.

Who else is going to protect us from this madness?

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Nobody’s Fool: Nicole Sirotek

Nobody’s Fool

This woman is so brave, and her message should be heard by every single living American. I spent so much time in hospitals with both my parents and saw so much incompetence’s and neglect I thought I was going crazy. Every day I saw insanity. Competence was so rare that I thought I was in a Steven King novel. I thought it was just me, but this tape, proves I was right.

But now, upon hearing Nicole’s emotional testamony, you KNOW that people with the virus can be cured, but are NOT being cured to push up numbers. We all think that when we go into a hospital that every nurse, and doctor are the best, but sadly, that’s not the case.

New York is the hotspot for the virus? So many deaths? Like she said, they are NOT dying from the virus.

This woman is a angel, and I HOPE that more than a few people see this video.

Is she right? Are they murdering people? Yep. And the fact that NO one will listen to this good nurse is proof.  I think they just don’t care.

God bless her, and let’s hope this gets to the President.

She’s a hero for making this tape.

Nicole Sirotek, you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for sounding the alarm: If you GET sick, stay out of NYC. As far as I’m concerned you should get nurse of the year, award.

Remember, even the black organizations would not answer her call.

Nobody Cares. 

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They Lied.

Nobody’s Opinion

Like many other ‘animals’ when spring hits the air, you just HAVE to get outside. And that includes humans. We saw this happen in California. And how sensible everyone acted at the beach. Then we saw the hammer come down from their governor.

Pretty scary stuff.

Every spring, the earth greens, the Azalais bloom in full color. The birds sing, making their nests, the bunnies come out— the earth was meant to come alive after winter. And that means humans too. We as American have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and it should be up to us to decide what risks we take in pursuing our happiness.

More people die in care accidents every year than the flu. It’s a risk. And you take it.

Every spring, my husband and I go get our flowers for our garden in the front yard, which means a day of driving around searching for the best prices on rocks, mulch, petunias, ferns, —we like to make the house look nice. To enjoy your own yard so to speak, and thank god we have one. I have noticed in that in ALL the new neighborhoods, the houses are squeezed together, so tight, with no trees, that you could hear what your neighbors were saying. We leave in a neighborhood where the trees are older than I am. And when one is cut down, it’s like losing a dear pet.

Okay, so, today was none of the most surreal days I’ve ever had in my life. We went out to buy our garden things…at. Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe’s. The BIG stores. And believe it or not, for the last month here in Missouri, THOSE stores, like ALL the grocery stores were open. Some people had masks on, but most everyone just kept their distance.

Tomorrow Missouri was to go into opening up. So, WHY in the WORLD did we find lines into all of those hardware stores? People were lined up outside, 50 at a time, waiting to go in. We are OVER The curve and they just start…now?

Now, this is NOT happening at Wal-Mart. OR any of the grocery stores. In fact, our own governor has told us that it’s up to us if we want to were a mask.

So, our curve is gone, the weather has been warm, not flu weather at all, so WTH? Why all of a sudden we all went on extreme democratic paranoid control? All this time, this has not been going on in Missouri, at all. I thanked God every day that our politicians had sense.

But then again, St. Louis and the country is democratic. So..who knows what happened. They just decided “Oh, Oregon is not opening until after July the 4th. Maybe we should be more strict.”

All the stores now have marks on the floors where you stand. And according to Faux and his co-hart Dr. Brix, the virus will be with us forever and gee…we don’t want to kill Grandma and Grandpa do we? So, are all those marks going to stay…FOREVER? Even President Trump said we may not ever be able to ever hug again?


Today, we drove for miles looking for a store that we DIDN’T have to wait outside for an hour. We only found one: Lowe’s. And it’s the last Lowe’s in the area because all the rest of the are out of business.

In the meantime Americans are being herded like cattle. You HAVE to obey or you will not get what you want. And since they closed up all the mom and pop restaurants, Food and meat will be hard to get.

Gee. Check that one off…I guess the ‘stop eating meat’ campaign wasn’t working.

Here’s a few reasons why I think this is all about getting the masses to “obey” and they are doing it with fear. NOT that this virus isn’t real, but it IS designed just to kill the very old and sick. If it was THAT dangerous, thousands of health care workers would be dead. Do you REALLY think those gloves and masks are protecting them if the virus is THAT contagious? And PLEASE. Just because, enough about the nurse or doc who are our ‘hero’s’, they are working to get a paycheck, just like everyone else. If they quit, they LOSE all their benefits. Most of them, are doing dancing video’s.

Give me a break.

No, the real hero’s are the ones being kicked out of a job, losing all their life’s work, and having to NOT complain about it. Come on. 

Shut up Mark Levine.

Driving around today, we saw a building that used to be a furniture store near our house, converted to some kind of “Plasma” place.

What? Well, that was quick.

And not far away from the airport they are building the biggest warehouse I’ve EVER seen in my life.

WHY? There ARE no businesses here. And yet, somebody is building these monstrous buildings. It HAS to be China.

They’ve been wanting to get into our airport for years. After all, Amazon is here, and most all industry is gone. We do have LOTS of Wal-Marts.

No, this globalization has been up and running for quite some time. And it’s a match MADE with China. And this virus release was part of the plan.

And here’s what’s scary. They can release another one. The next one I bet, will be a stomach flu. Why else is everyone throwing up in all the movies?

And one more thing: X President George Bush putting out a video to ‘guide’ us all through this crisis, as if HE was still President was just about the rudest thing any President has ever done. That man deserves to be shamed for what he has done to us. I thought it was classless.

Sorry George. You are NOT President anymore. STOP IT!

This virus WAS a weapon of war. A war on the American people, on President Trump, and a war to cull the herd and finally take control of the world economy, and control WHAT we can eat, and how we can live our lives. They are already doing it in China. I feel Americans are like the Jews in Germany. The horror is just to horrible to imagine. We, like sheep, stand in line and obey our TVs.

The enemy is our own politicians, and Fauci should just get a job at CNN.

Of course, if you haven’t figured out by now that this is a planned destruction, of Trump and the last remaining patriots who want borders and the rule of law, then you haven’t been paying attention.

As one man said: They have lied to us all.

Why do you keep moving the goalposts? …From “flattening the curve” to “herd immunity” to “we must have a vaccine”?
Why do you recommend closing schools and playgrounds when children have almost zero fatality risk from the China coronavirus?

WHY are you destroying our lives?

Good question. I think Fauci has some explaining to do. Better yet, how about you George?


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Nobody Perfect: Except Bill Gates Thinks He Is

Nobody’s Perfect 

Watch Bill in this video above and the tweet below (if Twitter hasn’t taken it off)  and become aware that he is SELLING you his ‘opinions’

From the book: How to Sell Yourself by Arch Lustberg

Use gestures to punctuate what you’re saying and to help the audience visualize what you’re saying. Keep using your hands and your arms to make appropriate and genuine gestures. Don’t succumb to the temptation to hide them. You’ll also discover that by varying the hand you use to gesture, you’ll help yourself vary the gestures.

Okay: Bill is waving his arms around, he looks pretty ridiculous to me. There’s nothing natural about his arm waving.  Now picture President Trump talking. Notice the difference?

What is so very annoying is that Bill is attacking the U.S. here and protecting China, who he says only made some “mistakes”. He is really pushing that the whole world must now forever more, be under complete control, just like in China. The message: China is good. We should all be more like China. Don’t kid yourself. That’s EXACTLY what he is saying, despite his arm waving.

For many years now, I’ve been listening to all the big CEO’s of all the big companies make wonderful remarks about doing business in China, compared to the United States. To them, it’s a perfect system. Cheap labor. It makes me think of the old plantation owners of the South, except these plantation owners just moved to the slaves, instead of shipping them over here.

You don’t have to pay for medical care of your employees. And you only have to get one guy’s permission to set up camp, instead of hundreds like here in the United States.

All good and well, except that destroys people’s “freedom.”

Actually, these morons think just because they are billionaires, they see the whole world as theirs to design. And like the slave owners of old, they figure that they have the right to be at the top, because in their own minds, they think they know what’s right. Bill thinks because he gave us computer software, he now has the right to give us all vaccines!

Read here about how that’s going.

Right now, instead of opening up the country, all we hear on the news is “No! NOT YET! We will tell you what to do children.”

The reality to this nobody is that they’ve been working on a virus to “kill of the old and infirm” flood the western countries with migrants, cause a sort of Tower of Babel effect, and chaos, release that virus and come in to put in their complete control of the world: the world in which a few hundred men at the top control us all. They will take cars off the road, and restrict the movements of millions. Kill them off whenever they are getting too old and annoying. MAKE THEM OBEY.

That’s important. Scare them to death and come in with being their saviors.

Bill Gates might have given us some pretty cool stuff on our computers, but when it comes to running the world, and pushing his vaccines on us in order to control every single thing we do in the name of ‘saving’ us from future virus.

And this is even more worrisome. If Bill Gates’s vaccine is mandated throughout the world, you can be sure that every year you will have to UPDATE your vaccine, just like you have to update all his computer software systems. You will do it, or lose your freedom. Those vaccines might be good for life, but every CEO knows, you can’t make money if the product lasts forever now can you? What Windows system are we on now? Windows 21?

He has already decided the United States will be ‘little China.”

I don’t know what childhood horror made Bill Gates into the megalomanic he has become, but clearly, underneath that sweet high voice and waving arms, is a man of great mental delusions, who is no different than the old slave masters of old. The only difference is: His plantation is a lot bigger.

We need to all get out and enjoy the sun, in our usual fun way. And keep saying NO to Bill Gates.

Now, see what Mark Levine says…


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Stay Home! So Nurses and Doctors Can DANCE!

Nobody Cares…

While a small section of New York may be swamped, the REST of the hospitals in the country are lying off their staff.

And yet, they just got a buttload of money.

Don’t miss the ‘big booty’.

If you got paid for NOT working, you’d be dancing too!

Want to see more? Go here.

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Sherlock Solves the Mystery: Who Killed Democracy?

Nobody Knows

Who done it? That’s the basis of every murder mystery novel ever written. From Agatha Christie to Nagio Marsh, you don’t find out until the end…but you always find out. Too bad real life isn’t like that. No matter how many detective shows, and cop shows we watch on TV, where the criminal is always caught, in real life, when it comes to politics, the game is: Sorry. You’re not allowed a happy ending.

But what if we could resurrect Sherlock Holmes to solve our mystery?

He’d start with clues. So— what do we know so far about who destroyed our economy? Was it China? Was it Bill Gates? Was it Hillary Clinton? Was it…all three?

Can we solve this mystery? Or, more to the question, are we allowed to solve this question?

Let’s be like Sherlock: Start with the clues:

CLUE NUMBER ONE: It’s pretty much verified that the virus came from a Chinese biological lab in Wuhan. A lab that the

U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at centre of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated.

The WHO (World Health Organization) of which the U.S. gives $500 million every year to, and China gives $40 million to, told the world that the Wuhan virus was not one to worry about. It did not go from human to human. We now know they were covering up for the Chinese. Right away, President Trump put that money on hold.

Because every country in the world was going by the information from the WHO, who is PAID big bucks to protect everyone, the whole world was infected. The few Chinese professionals who tried to get the news out to the world, well, they died.

CLUE NUMBER TWO: The Chinese closed down Wuhan and all its borders, which is why it did not spread outside Wuhan. What they DID do was let those people travel all over the world, after they KNEW the virus had been released. To help them spread that virus was none other than our own Nancy Pelosi who ran to Chinatown’s celebrations and told everyone to COME ON DOWN! Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York, did the very same thing.

Did they know? Sure, they did. They had gotten the message in January. We can therefore assume it was planned to spread it. And Nancy and Bill helped out. Remember, both George Bush, Bill Gates and Fauci said there WOULD be a virus, and that was years ago.

President Trump, after he stopped the planes coming in from China, was ostracized by every single democrat. He was called his usual racist names. Joe Biden leading the way. When President Trump starting saying that Hydroxychloroquine was a cure, every single democrat and health official tried to stop anyone from using it.

I’ll go further. If we can verify that China protected its own citizens from this virus, while sending those likely infected all around the world like human bioweapons … that’s an act of war.

And a much more infamous one than Pearl Harbour, in fact. At least that sneak attack targeted soldiers, not old people in nursing homes.

CLUE NUMBER THREE: Bill Gates, has the patent on this virus. He also is working on the vaccine. According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Bill Gates has been killing people all over the world with vaccines. The Gates Foundation AND the Clinton Foundation are big supporters of the WHO, and they all have people working IN this lab in China. Why else were they there?

CLUE NUMBER FOUR: Who benefits from this horror? Why, the ‘progressives’ which is just the American word for communists. China is now making money off selling masks, and other supplies: which was a typical action right out of the Alinsky playbook: Cause the problem, come in with the solution. Every democrat will attack ANYONE who says that the virus came from China. Instead, they blame President Trump for the deaths.

CLUE NUMBER FIVE: The only thing standing in the way of the globalists government is President Trump, who built America into the strongest economy it’s ever had in just three years. By releasing the virus, all his work has been destroyed. All their dreams of a global world, will come to past: they hope. And they continue to try to destroy the economy with their endless propaganda and false reports on actual health data, which has proven to be wrong. Millions of the small jobs left in America, will be destroyed forever. And Nancy is SO happy.

Future viruses will be released, they are already reporting this for fall. This will kill off as many ‘undesirables’ as they can manage. Which brings me to the last very important clue.

CLUE NUMBER SIX: This virus was made in a lab, according to the world’s top virologist who would know.
So, now that we see the obvious, the people VS the communist elites, let’s add one more thing:

CLUE NUMBER SEVEN: The protests in Hong Kong just HAD to be stopped. Hong Kong being the money engine of China. Trump had to be stopped. China is meant to be the New World Order of global government. Hong Kong was not about to give up their freedom, and China couldn’t come out and kill them all, this was a perfect way to stop the protests.

What would Sherlock say, after seeing all these clues?

The world has been attacked: Viciously, and there’s more to come, and it’s not just China, it’s our own American elites that have joined their forces and who THINK they will become masters of the universe. Guess what Bill Gates? Better get in your bunker now.

What has China said about this?

“The COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] spread in the U.S. is almost like that of a primitive society. It should not have been like this if the U.S. had the slightest science and organization,” the propaganda outlet asserted. “To put it bluntly, the U.S. is no match for China in terms of anti-epidemic organization and mobilization. The U.S. political system has been hit by the pandemic on its weak side and we were willing to show understanding for that. After all, every system has its weaknesses.”

What is fact, is that Beijing is using the virus to position itself as the savior of much of the world, sending medical equipment and doctors, building political indebtedness and loudly claiming that authoritarianism is doing a better job of beating the virus than the US and many democracies.

So, what would Sherlock’s conclusion be?

“It’s elementary my dear Watson. The virus plan has been in the making for many years, just waiting for the perfect moment to release it and take control in order to “fundamentally” take over the world.

Of course, they had a little help from their friends. The PROGRESSIVES of the Western World.

Will the killers be brought to justice

Only in the movies.


Why Did China Stop Travel From Wuhan to the Rest of China, but Not to the Rest of the World?


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Nobody’s Fool: Rep. Dan Crenshaw, From Texas!

Nobody’s Fool

President Trump retweeted one of his treats, but for the life of me, I could not get it off Twitter.

No surprise.

So, here’s the next best thing: You can still get some of his video’s on Youtube.

Rep Dan Crenshaw is becoming the next rising star under President Trump. He was a Navy Seal, so that should tell you something.

And I posted the FACTS VS Myths because I’ve been wearing a mask everywhere. The governor of Missouri said it was our own choice. So, I’m only wearing mine to Wal-Mart. Everywhere else, I’m going back to normal.

Dan is just great. We NEED more like him.  I’m going back to Youtube to watch MORE, after all, most of us are getting sick of the CABLE NEWS…it’s mostly pure propaganda.

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Nobody Flashes George Carlin’s Opinion on Corona

Nobody’ Flashes

Here’s some good old fashion common sense…

Compare George Carlin to the current bunch of “Late night hosts.”

Watch and laugh. We all need to laugh.

I was out today. The roads were FULL of cars.

Everyone was ‘careful’ but so happy to be out.


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Nobody Cares About Wal-Mart

Nobody Cares

For the first time in about 2 months, I sauntered out to Wal-Mart today. Why do I torture myself you may ask? Well, Wal-mart is the ONLY place that sells bird supplies cheaply and I have 5 parakeets.

I’ll get to my NOBODY CARES Wal-Mart story in a minute.

First, let me say that I have to travel 30 minutes to do my usual grocery shopping. I have to cross over the Missouri, which I love to do, to look at the river. BUT…what the heck? There were huge concrete barriers so high on the right that I couldn’t even SEE the river? When did they go up? I thought to myself? They had put up a ‘walking’ lane. Or bike riding lane, I’m not sure. How much money THIS cost I don’t even want to know.

Here’s the kicker. This bridge is so far away from any residential area, I bet I NEVER see a bike rider on it ever. But, since the democrats want to banish all cars from the planet, I guess they figured they’d need to put up a bike path.  They did the same thing to downtown St. Louis. They put up walking paths around the arch.

Really? They could have put up restaurants, bars, shopping stores, brought some life back to the city. Nope. Bike paths.

Okay, I’m off subject. Before Wal-mart I went to a local grocery store here called Schnucks. It’s family owned and they wouldn’t let you in without a mask. Okay. I was SO careful. They had markers on the floor to where you could stand. The checkout lines would have taken me at LEAST an hour, so I checked out myself.  I was being SOOOOOOOOOOO careful. Took off my mask, wiped everything down when I got in the car. Oh boy. I was so proud of myself.

Then I went to Wal-Mart. Everyone was trying to stay away from everyone else. It was almost laughable. Still, no toilet paper anywhere, unless you wanted to go to SAMS and stand outside for an hour. We ALL did such a great job.


I decided to check out myself. Now, usually, there is one attendant that helps everyone with the machines. She was about 4 inches from me, when she started coughing. A LOT. Sure, she had a paper mask on but have you SEEN those video’s where they say the virus can jump over 9 ft. walls go up in the air, invade Paris, and come DOWN inside your eyes?

Then of COURSE, my screen froze with the sign, “ERROR. GET ATTENDANT” or whatever those $%& machines say.

She was standing right next to me. I should have given her a brush to brush my hair.

Yes, I had to get her, even though she left to go the front of the store, she came back and started punching buttons on MY machine.

She didn’t have gloves on.


I said to her, “You sound like you have it. ” But she couldn’t speak English very well.

So, what? I had to touch the screen too. I had to touch everything she touched. So, did all the bags I put in the cart have virus on them? How do you wipe off plastic bags?

I had a mask on, and plastic gloves, but gee. You take off the gloves, and you have to put your hands on the steering wheel.

And then…my nose itched.

My eyes itched.

I was…doomed.

Oh, well.

It is what it is. And what it is IS…stupid.

I might have to drive to Michigan and join the revolution.

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What Came First: The Global Pandemic WHO, or the Global Pandemic Easter Egg?

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay, I’m about to become the biggest ‘conspiracy” yokal since JFK was taken out with just one bullet.  I’m at the point where I really don’t care if anybody thinks I’m wacko.

To me, the last decade of global social engineering, has been a bought about by a bunch of narcissistic globalists, with a written business plan. A business plan that certain people at the top of our global chain, got together and agreed upon, in secret yearly meetings around the globe, only to be tweaked in certain emergencies. President Trump winning the election in 2016, was the emergency.

By the way, if we look at this as simply a global business plan, it makes a lot more sense.

While many have said that this ‘virus’ was just a natural virus that has accidentally been released from a lab in China, this nobody thinks this nugget of power grab has been incubating for quite a long time. Years ago, in the halls of Bilderberg castles, it was decided that only a few top people would rule the world, and they convinced themselves it would be a GOOD thing. America was to become a ‘service’ economy, and China would become a manufacturing economy, and a new currency would dominate, the one all electronic, and well, these wishes were all written down, you just couldn’t find them. BUT, after NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Pacific Trade AFTA, what was next?

All very good intentions perhaps, but it got screwed up.

So, let’s talk about just one thing: This new corona virus.

From the Daily Mail

• The US National Institutes of Health, a government agency, awarded a $3.7million research grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology
• The lab is the center of several conspiracy theories that suggest it is the original source of the coronavirus outbreak
• The institute experimented on bats from the source of the coronavirus
• They were captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan
• Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it to bats to Yunnan’s caves
• The U.S. government funded research on coronavirus transmission in the lab over the past decade

This means that SINCE Bill Gates has the patents on the virus, and SINCE he is part of the WHO, and SINCE liberal Fauci has also been on that panel, and working for years on his own patents along with Gates, it’s all of the deep state’s agenda for the global world they want to fashion. The trouble is, Donald Trump was NOT supposed to become President.

The agenda has been kicked up to full speed ahead. And this virus is the fast way to get us all there.

I’m sure they are telling themselves “Well, we tried EVERYTHING to get rid of him, and we just didn’t mean to go there, but we had no choice!.” 

I once had a history teacher who said, “Always back up what you say” so, let me give a tiny reason I think this is question everyone should ask,

What came first? The chicken or the egg? The WHO, or the virus?

Now that the virus has been released, we are hearing on all of our networks how “Life as we know will now change.” AND the only stores that will survive this economic disaster are the big ones: Target, Wal-Mart, Costco,..yep, the little guy won’t survive.

Think. I don’t know about you, but for decades Wal-Mart has been closing down almost whole towns of business all over the world. At first, it was just the mom and pop stores, but then, it was the bigger grocery stores. I don’t know what’s been happening in YOUR neighborhood, but in North County, St. Louis, the only place you can shop now is Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Cosco, or Target. All the malls in St. Louis are now ghost towns.

I’m not saying big companies are bad. What I am saying is that our own politicians have given them every advantage over the little guy.

This giant leap of major companies happened BEFORE this virus. But the news is acting and repeating the propaganda that all the retail stores closing is due to this virus. We were made to believe that people just LOVED shopping online. We are TOLD that it’s the new way, and everybody loves it!

Gee, if everybody just shops at Amazon, why get in your car at all?

All through Obama, remember, the race riots were held mostly in shopping Malls. Blacks were basically given permission by the President to go ahead and loot, and the workers at these malls were told to just stand aside. The Malls usually only had one unarmed cop on deck.

(Remember recently there was a shoot out at a Mall in Texas?)

Chicken or the egg. Did people stop going to malls because they preferred to shop online? Or was it because all the stores were closing down, and they really had no choice? They were FORCED to shop online because the malls all closed down.

To me, this was ludicrous. I don’t think shopping at the mall just overnight became disgusting to most everyone. I bet you Rodeo Drive is still hopping. Not to mention how they continually devalue our dollar.

Did you like wonder why Wal-Mart or even Target had to get into the grocery business? Have you wondered why China has more Wal-Marts than the United States?

It’s one thing to have a monopoly, but there used to be anti-trust laws to prevent that sort of thing. In a real free market, one company should not be allowed to swallow up all others, and yet, that’s what our last 4 President did. They let one huge merger after another continue until most of the small businesses were wiped out. Today the largest employer is our government, and that TOO is by design.

The next step is for our government to take over the remaining corporations, and the progressives are using that bird whistle aimed at the President who they want to declare it. So, let’s say he declares it, merging the state with the companies, and then wow…what’s next?

What if something happens to him?

Call it what you like: communism, fascism, socialism, it all ends up the same. A few very rich crush the poor, and the poor die.

And they’ve got the most conservative pundits protecting big companies. Mark Levine protects big pharma. He says that we should pay the big prices for our drugs or otherwise NEW drugs will never be invented. The American citizen should go ahead and suffer if he can’t afford his medication then.

As Thomas Edison would say, “There’s always a better way, find it. “

I remember Rush Limbaugh, all throughout the Bush years, promoted Wal-Mart. He was sticking up for big companies who he said, brought us cheaper goods from China. I know this, because I listened to him every day for years. He is now promoting like crazy, Apple. Okay, I’m sure he is getting money from Apple to sell to conservatives, and there is no doubt that he loves Apple, still, most all of Apple products are made in China, with slave labor. Just a few days ago I heard him talking in awe about the many shops Apple has over there. On the one hand he is praising President Trump, on the other hand he is in bed promoting a product made in China. He sees no problem with that. It gives me pause to wonder why Rush is not more…like Trump. We NEED to bring more manufacturing back to our country.

But…he really doesn’t talk about that much. He praises the work that Apple gets done in China.

So, do we get back to what came first: The Chicken or the Egg?

THINK: The globalists want us to stop driving, stop moving, stay in our homes and ride bikes. That’s been on the agenda for God knows how long, and I say that these plans of controlling the masses have been hatched by the many globalists chickens who meet in secret at Bilderberg meetings, Harvard meeting, Brussels’ meetings, and the U.N. for decades.

Both the Bushes and the Clintons are part of this network.

And one lone wolf has put a light on their plans.

Bill Gates and Fauci want to shut down the world for 18 months. So many will starve. That’s really stupid.

Yes, a vaccine would be nice, but ONLY if it doesn’t come from Bill Gates.

Once upon a time, a man named Jonas Salk invented a vaccine for polio. He discovered it much by accident. And he purposefully did NOT patent it so the world could benefit.

This is what they do: create the problem, create fear, and then come in with the solution.

I don’t care what they say: Bill Gates is not humanity’s keeper.

Could this all be to keep President Trump from building back up what they meant to destroy?

I’ll bet my Easter egg basket on it.


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Orwell’s Resurrection.

Nobody’s Opinion

I went out today for the first time to see some friends, and mail a package. It was truly ridiculous. Somehow, I felt like I was walking through some giant scam, even though, I’m sure this virus IS a weapon made to order against the older people. It’s been reported that most of those that died in Italy were over 80. Here they say the blacks and Hispanics are dying more, but notice, they don’t mention their age.

NOBODY will admit that this virus has been twisted and updated, and more than likely–weaponized. We’ve had virus all our lives, so the question is: Why is THIS one shutting down the whole world?

They mention the Spanish flu. But that effected everyone, this one seems to attack the old and people with a medical problem anyway. Viruses not only do not care if your black or white, they also don’t care if your young or old.

But one thing is a fact: it’s the perfect platform for the liberals to finally get their “Universal Health Care” passed, in order to just finally be able to get rid of all the old, sick and useless. It’s not ANY different than what Hitler did. He was just more blatant about it.

The democrats, hide it under the guise of “compassion” and communism. NO, no crematoriums for them, just release a virus…then you can’t be blamed can you? They really do think that if you can’t contribute to society, and you get old and senile, then you should just die.

Unless of course, you are in Congress or running for Office. Then you are allowed to mess up every bodies life until you turn 105, and you get the BEST Medical care in the world. “Some pigs are just more important than others.”

So, the question is: Do we deplorables have the right to live our lives UNTIL our time is up? Or does the government have the right to decide after a certain age, you don’t have the RIGHT to live.

If you can’t contribute to society, you should not live past 75, according to that Jewish wonder, Ezekiel Emanuel:

Why do I think this virus could have been in the planning by Obama and the progressive, along with China?

That’s actually what Obama was trying to do with Obamacare: 

Ezekiel Emanuel, an architect of Obamacare and special adviser to the director-general of the World Health Organization, has been widely cited by the news media in recent days arguing that life in the U.S. can’t fully return to normal for about 18 months, estimating that’s when a Chinese coronavirus vaccine could be broadly available.

“But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.”

Emanuel posited that “for many reasons, 75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop.”

His argument for death at 75 is particularly instructive now that he’s joined 77-year-old Biden’s campaign.

Nobody ask: How old is Kissinger? How old is Pelosi? How old is Bernie? Why is Emanuel not demanding they die?

We don’t have one Hitler to contend, we have hundreds.

Can we call them murderers?

Of course not, this is communism 101 and Orwell’s resurrection.

Like I said, I went to see my friends today, all women in their late 60’s. They’ve all gained lots of weight because they can’t get out of the house, go swimming, or even to the gym, and they are miserable. Eighteen more months of that and they WILL get sick.

On the good side? It doesn’t matter how much the progressives try to keep humanity locked up, with spring blooming all around us, just how long do they think they can keep us in?

They will say “Oh, the virus will come back in August”

Right. And Nobody Wonders....why, but we all know why, don’t we?

When August comes, I suggest we all go swimming.

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