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Nobody Cares About Wal-Mart

Nobody Cares

For the first time in about 2 months, I sauntered out to Wal-Mart today. Why do I torture myself you may ask? Well, Wal-mart is the ONLY place that sells bird supplies cheaply and I have 5 parakeets.

I’ll get to my NOBODY CARES Wal-Mart story in a minute.

First, let me say that I have to travel 30 minutes to do my usual grocery shopping. I have to cross over the Missouri, which I love to do, to look at the river. BUT…what the heck? There were huge concrete barriers so high on the right that I couldn’t even SEE the river? When did they go up? I thought to myself? They had put up a ‘walking’ lane. Or bike riding lane, I’m not sure. How much money THIS cost I don’t even want to know.

Here’s the kicker. This bridge is so far away from any residential area, I bet I NEVER see a bike rider on it ever. But, since the democrats want to banish all cars from the planet, I guess they figured they’d need to put up a bike path.  They did the same thing to downtown St. Louis. They put up walking paths around the arch.

Really? They could have put up restaurants, bars, shopping stores, brought some life back to the city. Nope. Bike paths.

Okay, I’m off subject. Before Wal-mart I went to a local grocery store here called Schnucks. It’s family owned and they wouldn’t let you in without a mask. Okay. I was SO careful. They had markers on the floor to where you could stand. The checkout lines would have taken me at LEAST an hour, so I checked out myself.  I was being SOOOOOOOOOOO careful. Took off my mask, wiped everything down when I got in the car. Oh boy. I was so proud of myself.

Then I went to Wal-Mart. Everyone was trying to stay away from everyone else. It was almost laughable. Still, no toilet paper anywhere, unless you wanted to go to SAMS and stand outside for an hour. We ALL did such a great job.


I decided to check out myself. Now, usually, there is one attendant that helps everyone with the machines. She was about 4 inches from me, when she started coughing. A LOT. Sure, she had a paper mask on but have you SEEN those video’s where they say the virus can jump over 9 ft. walls go up in the air, invade Paris, and come DOWN inside your eyes?

Then of COURSE, my screen froze with the sign, “ERROR. GET ATTENDANT” or whatever those $%& machines say.

She was standing right next to me. I should have given her a brush to brush my hair.

Yes, I had to get her, even though she left to go the front of the store, she came back and started punching buttons on MY machine.

She didn’t have gloves on.


I said to her, “You sound like you have it. ” But she couldn’t speak English very well.

So, what? I had to touch the screen too. I had to touch everything she touched. So, did all the bags I put in the cart have virus on them? How do you wipe off plastic bags?

I had a mask on, and plastic gloves, but gee. You take off the gloves, and you have to put your hands on the steering wheel.

And then…my nose itched.

My eyes itched.

I was…doomed.

Oh, well.

It is what it is. And what it is IS…stupid.

I might have to drive to Michigan and join the revolution.

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