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Abigail Takes On the Kingdom of the Mouse

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While I creep around the internet in the morning, I came upon a piece that I think is worth posting it all. BUT….this morning on Breitbart, a piece was posted about Abigail Disney’s tweets, one of which I’ve posted here.

Disney is a part of all of our lives. Walt was a TRUE American success story, I mean come on. He made a worldwide product out of a simple cartoon mouse. That is TRUE genius.

Who hasn’t been to Disneyland or Disney World? Not many.

After Walt himself died, the park took on more of a Six-Flags theme. More roller coasters, less ‘imagination.’ Even the characters were not cuddly anymore. The ‘magic’ was lost. Oh sure, it’s still a fun place I imagine, but now, when families used to go once a year, now, it’s more like once in a lifetime. And now their movies all have more of an appeal to China than the U.S.

You might think that Abigail sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders, but I bet to differ. Sure, she probably is a liberal BUT…the reason socialism is gaining ground is truly because the rich, and that includes our politicians, have become globalists, and can now make as much money as they want. Americans have never been really jealous of those who run the companies, but somewhere in Never, never, land, the gap between the rich and the poor became almost …basically raping the people who serve their companies. Once upon a time, the gap wasn’t so large.

The republican’s should bring up this horrible discrepancy, but they don’t, because those billionaires keep THEM in office.

So, go here, and read the rest of her tweets.

I certainly thought she made some good points.



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