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Castigating Cher and Bloviating Bette: Go Eat Some Ice Cream

Nobody’s Opinion

I guess washed-up has been singers who can’t compete with the younger booty-babes, need something to do to get attention, and here are two examples of what having too much botox can do to your mind—

Both Bette and Cher think President Trump is killing everyone. No mention here that Bill Gates, who funds the WHO gave millions to the Wuhan lab where this virus was released, should be the bunt of their anger.

Nobody Wonders…are Hollywood aging actors and attresses getting “PAID” to make such nasty remarks about the President? After all, it was just announced that the Obama’s paid Netflick BIG money so that they could produce a communist children’s show. (Or rather some global company paid it for them.) Did Tom Hanks wife really have to complain about Hydroxychloroquine, a drug which is curing hundreds of people?

Whose really killing people here?

Cher doesn’t have to worry about her next meal. Nor does Bette.

Either they are that STUPID, or they are getting very lucrative deals by mouthing off all the time.

Nobody Thinks: It’s got to be hell trying to get attention in Hollywood when you are no longer on the Hit Parade list of somebodies.

When the country comes out this summer, and the virus disappears, no doubt they will be having an ice cream pity party with Nancy.

I never thought I’d miss Sonny, but after reading all Cher’s comments you have to wonder…did she PUSH him into that tree?

Remember, he was a republican.


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