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Dear Readers….

I’m not sick. I’m just in the middle of a project that is VERY important (At least I think so) and it’s taking up every single minute of my day.

I’m planning on getting my project done in a few days. It’s 30 years of work I have to compile so…as YOU ALL KNOW, downsizing is NOT my talent. I have to really think.

Hopefully you all have lots of good books to read, lots of spring air to enjoy, (I miss that full moon *$&$ it) and lots of hugging loved ones, COME ON, we’re not stopping that are we if we live in the same house?

I’ll be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, thank God for President Trump! The fact that he is President at this time in our lives is PROOF once again…that God knows best.

Okay, on a silly personal note, God gave me TWO new bird nests to watch out my kitchen window. Robins and Chippies! I know. It’s the little things that give me joy. I watch mommy and daddy making the nests, and working together to feed their babies. If only more humans were like the birds.

Stay healthy!

Hugs to everyone…


April 8, 2020 Posted by | Life | | 4 Comments


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