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The Virus is Globalists VS America

Nobody’s Opinion.

This Monday, I’m posting an ‘opinion’ of Alex Jones this week. It’s not on YouTube so you have to link to it. He’s been ‘banned’ by Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google, which should tell you something.

Scroll down and push the link below. His video is in the middle.

I must admit, sometimes I think he gets overexcited, but like any business, I realized he is just trying to get ratings and drum up viewers. I was going to write about Bill Gates today, but I think this video (You have to go to site to see it) will be a good introduction.

The news this Sunday is all about how the ‘left’ and RINOS believe that the Federal Government should take over. Fox, all of them are pushing this. And yet, the death rates are not adding up to the hysteria.

President Trump is sticking by the Constitution, where the states are suppose to take care of this.  A lot of “extortion’ is going on.

Alex Jones is mostly about the New World Order Government. The Globalists.

If you think the Globalists don’t exit. IF you think this is just a ‘virus’ that they are all going to save us from. IF you think that these people are not out to destroy America and cause massive deaths in order in their eyes, “To save the planet”— REMEMBER: If you don’t think they are real, our President does. At the U.N., speaking to the world,  President Donald Trump said that globalism is NOT the way America is going to go. And yet, there he is on stage with two doctors that are on the Bill Gates Foundation for vaccines board.

Bill Gates is now leading the pandemic. And trying, in his slimy way, to dictate our President’s response to it. They present themselves as being all knowing, warning us of this virus years ago…and yet.

If they have known about this, why let President Obama completely deplete our stock piles?

Fauci has been wrong with his models. Trump has been right. Fauci didn’t want Trump to stop the planes from China. As we have seen, the globalists encouraged groups to get together in both California and New York. Pelosi was in San Francisco’s China “COME ON DOWN!” De Blasio, Mayor of New York, the same. They KNEW about the virus then.

The real enemy are these elites.

Over the decades, we’ve watched while whole cities, schools, libraries, jobs, have all been destroyed  and it’s been a careful plan, implemented with the help of our last 4 Presidents.

They will use Christianity to push the final nail. The “compassion” card, which will lead to our own destruction, will come from the Pope and all the churches. Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and all the liberals were all of sudden BIG Christians.

Jesus was never about destroying people. The Romans did enough of that. That’s one of the reasons Jesus was so popular in his own time:

“The meek shall inherit the earth.” It was a promise so appealing to the Jews and to mankind. It still is.

Jesus was hope. He still is. History has shown us that evil men who gain power, never stop.

So, I’m posting this this broadcast of Alex. They have labeled him a “conspiracy” nut case, but in the end, like the rest of us, he has been researching this for years. I’ve been listening to him for years, and like President Trump, and Rush Limbaugh, the liberals want to get rid of him.

It’s a war all right. But the enemy ARE the globalist.

It’s a new world, and they control most of it.

Except…they can’t control all of it. They STILL can’t control all of our voting machines. That’s why they have to make a push for mail- in voting.

Anyway, I’m off my soapbox now.

Soros-Funded Progressive Globalists Using Covid-19 to Push Own ‘Technocratic Solutions’

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Paul Joseph Watson, and Other Rants

Nobody Flashes

Okay, like everyone else, I’m on lockdown, which means I’m more busy than ever before. You can ALWAYS put off cleaning when you have someplace to go..Like…Oh, I HAVE to go pick up dog treats. That’s two hours out of my day. Two hours I don’t have to clean. I do this every day.

Except now.

I’m downsizing my house. Today, I had to throw away a box of old drum equipment. I can’t seem to let go of my drum sets yet (I have two, Ludwig and a Gretsch) but why am I keeping old drumheads? It’s not like I have to play behind rock guitars anytime soon.

Why am I keeping Christmas ornaments when I threw away the big tree?

Old calendars? I have a stack of them. Okay. I got rid of all the old weather pictures, but I can’t part with my universe Hubble pics. I can see them on the internet, so why AM I keeping these? My walls are already covered with pictures. I’d have to buy a new house.

And do I really need all my credit card and utility bills from 2001? 2002? 2003?I made a pile of “Get to that later.” I found an old box full of…doorknobs.

Really. Doorknobs? Where did THEY come from? And 45’s. Don’t get me started. Hundreds of them. Probably some of them worth money.

I even kept the Jackets. I can’t bring myself to sell them. I might want to listen them. What if I win the lottery and can buy myself an old jukebox?

There IS no hope for me.

What a mess.

AND..about those mice. Remember the one in my office? She’s gone, BUT…. they’ve moved down into the basement where it seems they are actually eating Wood. Yes, they are eating my wood shelves. Go figure.  Will they mutate into vampires mice?

Anyway, that’s why I’m posting Paul Joseph Watson.

I just don’t have time today to search for a ‘happy’ video.

It’s just doesn’t seem…like the right time.

Everybody stay sane. Go ahead and throw darts at Nancy Pelosi’s picture.  Something tells me, even Bill Gates is not going to keep people from coming out in the summer sun. I mean…look at him. He hasn’t been outside since he was probably six.

No amount of vitamin D. tablets are going to make up for his lack of sun. He had better stay inside. The virus might kill him.

And…don’t even get me started on my books…..

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