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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson: Climate Lockdowns

Nobody Cares

Once again, Paul Joseph Watson is ahead of the game. Here he explains what’s coming after the virus lockdowns…

THE CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS. To save the planet.

Right. Even though, the windmills kill THOUSANDS of birds. I guess that’s why they want us to eat the bugs, without the birds, bugs will dominate. The planet will be crawling with them.

What they really want to do is get rid of the humans which they think will save…themselves.

If they do this, I don’t think any walls are going to hold back the masses.

Once again: Why talk about the stupid impeachment when you can enjoy the very sharp mind of Mr. Watson?

They are not worth even mentioning.

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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson


Paul Joseph Watson, thank GOODNESS, has not gone to the dark side, and I don’t imagine he will be like Tucker, and bend to the will of anyone.

He makes excellent points here…the world is being locked down, demoralized, ostracized, transformed, and the big black boot of tyranny is coming as fast as it can stomp on us all.

More people will lose their lives to drugs, and suicide than to COVID. They are making hopelessness and fear a daily dose for us all.

Sadly, this tech world filled with drugs and depression, is so against human nature, you have to wonder WHY these elites want us all to destroy ourselves.

Oh wait. They would like nothing better.

You know what I dream? I dream of another criminal tribunal where all the rich elites of the world who are pushing this extreme madness on us all, and the torture of such a good man as our President, being judged and sentenced by their own citizens.

Anyway, Congratulations to Paul Joseph Watson for making such excellent video’s week after week. I never miss them. He truly is, like Rush, “On loan from God.”

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The New World Order is Now the Great Reset

Nobody Wonders

James Delingpole explains the ‘great reset’ here. Most of us look around and can’t believe what is happening.

I cannot believed that in my lifetime, all the TV stations are acting as if Joe Biden IS the President, while massive voter fraud has been proved, and is getting stronger every day. It’s scary. This was NOT suppose to happen in our country, and yet, the great tyranny by world ‘elites’ is being implemented with great speed.

Today, all of St. Louis county (The surrounding suburbs and cities around the city itself) has been shut down again. ALL the restaurants will close. I’m not kidding about that. Many restaurant owners were on the local radio today, furious to be told, they cannot have anyone in their restaurant. They’ve been trying to stay open at 25 percent capacity since March. And now, they are being told, along with EVERY small business, you MUST shut down. Also, we join CA in less than 10 people allowed to gather.

Oh, but you can STILL go to Wal-Mart.

This will CRUSH the whole area.

NOW… people can jump across the Missouri river (It only takes 5 minutes) and no lockdown. Remnants of the BUSH family live there, so maybe there is some pull, still, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that a ‘virus’ cannot go across a river to the next restaurant.

This isn’t about a virus. It’s about killing all the small business. Destroying whole families. And yet, there is no more money coming to them.

Many will starve. Oh sure, you can go to the local library for your kids, but how about you?

Well, FAST FOOD is open! Which is another way they can kill you.

I’ll keep this post short, because I want people to WATCH the video above. It’s a good 30 minutes.

I plan to watch as many video’s of both these guys as I can.

It’s clear…tyranny is closing in faster than we can imagine.

I never thought I’d see it in America, but it’s here.

How do you stop it?

There’s only one man to follow, and you KNOW who that is.

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Nobody Shares: Paul Joseph Watson—Ritual Public Shaming

Paul, once again, does an excellent job of explaining why, BLM is basically from the old communists cultural revolution tactics.

And I think Obama had this planned with the “people in the shadow” many years ago.

Most of us know very little about the Mao revolution, so there is some very good film here that nobody ever sees in America.

No matter WHAT happens in the elections, THIS is what has been planned.

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Paul Joseph Watson, and Other Rants

Nobody Flashes

Okay, like everyone else, I’m on lockdown, which means I’m more busy than ever before. You can ALWAYS put off cleaning when you have someplace to go..Like…Oh, I HAVE to go pick up dog treats. That’s two hours out of my day. Two hours I don’t have to clean. I do this every day.

Except now.

I’m downsizing my house. Today, I had to throw away a box of old drum equipment. I can’t seem to let go of my drum sets yet (I have two, Ludwig and a Gretsch) but why am I keeping old drumheads? It’s not like I have to play behind rock guitars anytime soon.

Why am I keeping Christmas ornaments when I threw away the big tree?

Old calendars? I have a stack of them. Okay. I got rid of all the old weather pictures, but I can’t part with my universe Hubble pics. I can see them on the internet, so why AM I keeping these? My walls are already covered with pictures. I’d have to buy a new house.

And do I really need all my credit card and utility bills from 2001? 2002? 2003?I made a pile of “Get to that later.” I found an old box full of…doorknobs.

Really. Doorknobs? Where did THEY come from? And 45’s. Don’t get me started. Hundreds of them. Probably some of them worth money.

I even kept the Jackets. I can’t bring myself to sell them. I might want to listen them. What if I win the lottery and can buy myself an old jukebox?

There IS no hope for me.

What a mess.

AND..about those mice. Remember the one in my office? She’s gone, BUT…. they’ve moved down into the basement where it seems they are actually eating Wood. Yes, they are eating my wood shelves. Go figure.  Will they mutate into vampires mice?

Anyway, that’s why I’m posting Paul Joseph Watson.

I just don’t have time today to search for a ‘happy’ video.

It’s just doesn’t seem…like the right time.

Everybody stay sane. Go ahead and throw darts at Nancy Pelosi’s picture.  Something tells me, even Bill Gates is not going to keep people from coming out in the summer sun. I mean…look at him. He hasn’t been outside since he was probably six.

No amount of vitamin D. tablets are going to make up for his lack of sun. He had better stay inside. The virus might kill him.

And…don’t even get me started on my books…..

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Paul Joseph Watson Explains Coronavirus

Nobody Cares If post the clear sanity of Paul Joseph Watson, do you?

Watch, and relax.

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Nobody’s Fool, EVER: Paul Joseph Watson

Nobody’s Fool

Once again, the incomparable man of the most direct information on anything hypocritical on the left: Now banned…but still kicking.

Here he describes the hysteria of the left about Iran, and how insane it is.

Nobody’s Fool EVER: Paul Joseph Watson. 


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Pods: Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

Nobody Flashes

I can’t help myself. Paul makes the best videos.

This one is about how easy it is to sell communism to the young, by making it hip.

Pods. If the elites could, they’d put us all in them.

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Demoralization…Want to Watch Me Pee?

Nobody Knows…

I was watching a video by Alex Jones today, ON his own website, when suddenly, before the video was over, I got a message that said my search engine would NOT support the playing of the video.


That’s enough to tell you that Alex Jones, and Paul Joseph Watson, are being banned simply because they are informing the rest of the world what is being done to us, right before our eyes. There is simply no other reason than that to ban them.

On this blog, I have written many times about how TIRED I was of watching people vomit in every single thing I watched. Now…the new thing is watching people piss or sit on the toilet…complete with sound effects. Tell me, who wants to see people vomit and pee, raise your hand?

So are those visions being stuffed down our throats? Why is San Francisco letting people defecate on its streets?

The video I was watching was Alex Jones explaining that in order to take us over, they have to demoralized the masses.

So, it’s all in the plan. Their plans to socially engineer us. For instance….

The NetFlick series called 13 REASONS WHY, was about a young girl who killed herself. As Paul says, they ‘romanticized’ killing yourself. Soon, we will be seeing movies of how you should kill yourself when you get cancer.

Nobody Knows, who is running this NEW WORLD ORDER, where we are being systematically engineered to proceed to our own destruction, but you can be sure, if allowed to continue, Alex Jones would have figured it out sooner or later.

I’ve been following him for years, and yes, sometimes he gets loud and almost hysterical, but remember, he has to compete with other stuff.

I didn’t like it when he attacked Michelle Maulkin, but then again, Nobody’s Perfect. I think he was just ignorant of her at the time. 

Now, watch this video and tell me….do you REALLY think Paul Joseph Watson is a dangerous man?

Or is the real danger, the people who are trying to censor him?

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Nobody’s Fool: Again…Paul Joseph Watson Explains the Pretty Obvious

Nobody’s Fool….Paul Joseph Watson

Once again…listen if you will to the genius of Paul Joseph Watson.

Is it any wonder they try to shut him up?


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Paul Joseph Watson Explains WHY the Rich Buy Crappy Art

Nobody Flashes

FINALLY! Somebody explained why all the museum have these horrible ‘modern’ art rooms full of boring crap.

It’s all about the money! Watson explains it all perfectly.

Now, if he’d only explain to me why we have to watch people peeing and throwing up in all our movies and sitcoms.

I swear, the actors must get paid extra every time they do it…so they write it into the script. We have Netflick, and sure enough, watch…no matter what you’re watching, the main characters always pees or throws up.

It’s gross.

If anybody could find this out, Paul could. Somebody who knows this guy, please ask him.




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Nobody Remembers Paris

Nobody Remembers


This above….is what you THINK you will see:

THIS…is the reality.

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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson “The Truth About Gender”

Nobody’s Fool:

Paul Joseph Watson, delivers another brilliant video on what has been known since the beginning of time: Men are better at sports. (And Nobody adds…girls, they also built MOST everything you have.)

There’s some really funny moments in this one, truly enjoyable.

If you like me, are sick of the women’s movement trying to make us all equal, you will love this one.

Congratulations to Paul Joseph Watson. Again.  I now believe he’s KING of the Nobody’s Fool Awards.


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Nobody Flashes Paul Joseph Watson—Because He Is Just So Great!

Nobody Flashes

I can’t think of a better rant to put 2016 in perspective, especially, since Bill Gates is worried that another flu epidemic could wipe out the population of the planet.

(Just be sure to get his vaccine.)

Hopefully, everybody’s plans for New Year’s Eve go well…I plan to stay home and eat pizza, and watch TV because I happen to get have gotten one of those flu virus that Bill Gates is talking about.

Which is a blessing in disguise, because I do have a habit of going out and midnight and listening to all the guns being shot off, (which I won’t due to my ‘flu’) and knowing my luck, I’d be sitting in my hot tub outside, (It’s old, but it works.) and some bullet would come down and hit me right between the eyes, and I would not live to see Trump’s presidency.

Not THAT would suck.

Or I could have a heart attack. I’ve pretty much just demolished a whole pack of Juicy Fruit gum.

I know. I do live a wild life.

Okay..everybody….HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR’S EVE!

(And watch out for the drunks on the roads.)

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