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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson


Paul Joseph Watson, thank GOODNESS, has not gone to the dark side, and I don’t imagine he will be like Tucker, and bend to the will of anyone.

He makes excellent points here…the world is being locked down, demoralized, ostracized, transformed, and the big black boot of tyranny is coming as fast as it can stomp on us all.

More people will lose their lives to drugs, and suicide than to COVID. They are making hopelessness and fear a daily dose for us all.

Sadly, this tech world filled with drugs and depression, is so against human nature, you have to wonder WHY these elites want us all to destroy ourselves.

Oh wait. They would like nothing better.

You know what I dream? I dream of another criminal tribunal where all the rich elites of the world who are pushing this extreme madness on us all, and the torture of such a good man as our President, being judged and sentenced by their own citizens.

Anyway, Congratulations to Paul Joseph Watson for making such excellent video’s week after week. I never miss them. He truly is, like Rush, “On loan from God.”

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