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Karl Rove and his Chalkboard…will lose.

Nobody Flashes

The Trump crowds are BIGGER and more excited then 2016.

President Trump is more experienced and wiser.

The American people are wiser.

BUT…the media is downright scary. State controlled propaganda on every station. They continue to push the outright lie that the country hates Trump and loves and trusts Joe Biden and it’s going to be a CLOSE race.

Fox is especially annoying. They play his rallies, and Joe’s and then all day long they continue to act like Joe is VERY popular, and Trump isn’t.

The Bush family. The Deep state. I bet they cringe when Tucker Carson gets all those high numbers.

I must admit, I was down tonight listening to the continuous basing of our President, and the fear mongering they do every single minute: about Trump, Covid, and the burned down cities that are coming to us all, so…

So, I suggested we get out of the house and enjoy that beautiful full moon. A full moon on Halloween which won’t happen for another 17 years or so. It was so cool…the black clouds floating in front of that round white globe of surreal beauty. A moon FIT for a werewolf. (And even Pelosi)

Not many kids were out. The streets were dark. ALL our Holidays are being destroyed. A few neighbors were having bonfires in their driveways.

So when the doorbell rang around 7pm., I was shocked. We haven’t had kids come to the door in over 5 years. But, I was ready just in case.

Two young black boys, about 14 years old, one was Jason, and one was a Stephen King scary clown.

“Wow, you guys are SCARY!” Really, the masks were great.

I gave them enough Snickers to last the whole week.

Obviously they enjoyed scaring me, but as they walked away..and with a lot of joy in their voices…they yelled…

“Thank you!”

Remember, they walked up to a house with numerous American Flags and memorials to soldiers.

Even though they were my only visitors…it was a GOOD sign. Don’t believe the many video’s of all the blacks robbing and looting and burning down their own towns, there are a LOT of good blacks who are sick of it all.

Yep. As I said before, it’s the black vote that is going to put Trump back into the White House. That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Karl Rove can go BACK to his chalk board and wonder why.

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Nobody Flashes

Rudy is on Fire! Nobody tells the story of Joe Biden as well as Rudy, and look at the snob Kennedy…Looking down her nose at a great mayor, a man whose gone to more police and firemen funerals from 9/11 than any other person on the planet.

She’s almost unbearable.

And once again, Trump rallies are filled with people who love him, and Joe Biden just lies.

How in the WORLD can they say that the race is close is beyond comprehension.

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Nobody’s Fool: Nigel Farage And Sam Adams

Nobody’s Fool.

I’m rather tired tonight. Not only tired physically, but tired of hearing how Biden is winning…and the race is SO close. Tired of watching the American people stand in line in cold weather, just to see the last hope of the American dream, President Trump, only to be told by a man who has NO business running for President, that if he is not elected, the winter truly WILL be cold.

Threats are everywhere, and many of us wonder, WILL they stop the threats if an overwhelming majority get out and reelect Trump?

Farage has it right.

Because so many of us know people (like my own son) who hate the President, it’s hard to compare the polls and reporters as getting it all wrong, like they did in 2016, because this time, they have used every weapon in their propaganda arsenal to convince the millions of ignorant and young that they will bring back…lovely lives. They were counting on the virus to bring out the desperate, and it worked on many.

We know, that vast voter fraud is going on right this minute.

So, in the words of Sam Adams…it’s time. Time for patriots everywhere to prevent its ruin. “If ever a time should come…”

That time, has come.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
— Samuel Adams

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Nobody Cares About Walmart

Nobody Reports

As you all know, one of the Wal-marts in Philly was destroyed a few nights ago, and the ‘mob’ continues to destroy. As I’ve said before, I’m NOT a big fan of Wal-Mart, but right now, with all the small stores and malls that have been destroyed, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Stores are pretty much what’s left around my area. I find it funny that so far, no grocery stores have been looted.

Why is that? I thought they were all starving?

So, I made a trip today to stock up because my Wal-Mart might be destroyed in a couple of days.

The election is just a few days away. The communists —who now seem to include the democratic party and the BIG Tech guys, not to mention all the other globalists who have been on the China ride to destroying our country, are threatening mass destruction once Trump is declared the winner.

While Alex Jones swears it’s the last breath of our country, I have to wonder if he is even looking at the crowds going to see the President.

Yes, there are STILL a lot of American who will fight for their country. And we have a LOT of guns. And that includes x military men and police. As long as they don’t do Bill Clinton’s dire warnings of an EMP attack, we should be okay.

But, I don’t trust the Clintons or the deep state, do you?

But, just in case, I now go into Wal-Mart with a bit of humor. MY protection is…my choice of a mask. If you HAVE to wear a mask, you have to make sure you don’t offend anybody who is planning on looting.

(Go ahead, how can you hurt a big friendly puppy dog?) I’ll just bark and yell “BLACK LIVES MATTER! GO GET THAT TV! HURRY, THERE’s ONLY A FEW LEFT” and then I’ll run like any other dog would.

Yes, that’s me shopping at Sams today, which is right next to Wal-Mart.

The F.B.I. NOW has my REAL photo. ALL the black workers at Wal-Mart LOVE my mask, and yes, I bought it right there.

I accept treats. And NO…don’t ask me if I do any tricks.

That’s Hunter Biden department. And you can find him in the basement of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Go bother him, and ask him where he gets HIS meat.

(Sorry. I just heard Dana on FOX say that people didn’t really care about the Biden crimes…not this election.)

And THAT’s why Nobody Cares.

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Nobody Wonders: Will FOX Even ADMIT Trump’s Win?

Nobody Wonders

I couldn’t believe it. FOX all day long was saying that the Presidential races were REALLY close. Biden was leading in all the polls. And then, like a madman suffering from some kind of bi-polar episode, they would show thousands upon thousands of people standing in line in the cold for hours just to see President Trump. And then they would fade out and repeat:

“All the polls show Biden leading in all states.”

Tonight, they showed the ‘map’ of what could happen, putting Biden ahead in most states, where Trump HAD to win. Could he do it they all wondered every hour upon the hour? Anybody watching this was going “HUH?”

Then back to Trump talking, and people shouting their love.

Even Hillary could talk. Joe Biden is the worst candidate in Presidential history. Both Hillary and Joe should be in jail. And that’s why we are seeing the mass crowds of people…everybody knows it.

Hillary had managed to find a 104-year old woman who had voted for FDR who said she wanted to shoot Trump. She tweeted that on her birthday.

While Twitter was censoring most all conservatives, they let Hillary’s tweet proudly stand.

In the meantime, in Philadelphia, the BLM are once again looting TVs, out of Walmart, and sneakers, and just about anything they can get out of the store. The riots once again started because a cop was being attacked to night by a black man with a knife, the cops shot him, and “HEY! LETS GO!”

I call them Obama’s army. This mass looting started under him, and he said…nothing. In fact, Obama, for all of his eight years in office, TRIED to start a race war. Mostly, the demoncrats say it’s a GOOD thing, and they have a right to loot because they are ‘oppressed’ and besides…hey, they all have masks on now. How sweet!

So, this is the old tried and true communist ‘colored revolution’ that Soros and China are counting on to help dismantle the United States. The democratic cities all remain in shambles. It will take years for them to recover and only if conservative take them over.

That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

To anyone watching, Trump is right. There is going to be a red wave of Trump supporters on election day. And it will be the black votes that will put the democrats in the dustbin.

But if FOX cannot even admit the obvious now, and they keep saying “it’s so close.” When election day comes, when so much of the votes are rigged, will they will than say.

“Well, we TOLD you it was close!” And let’s move on folks.

Nobody Wonders: Will the ‘revolution’ of the colored communist’s takeover win next Tuesday? Will Americans join the other Western nations in their OWN revolution of taking back their own countries?

Will we get violent storms all over the country on election day?

Nobody Knows.

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Nobody’s Fool: Two this week!

Nobody’s Fool

I thought both these rants were worth posting…so much happened today that I SHOULD have mentioned our President holding three fabulous rallies in Pennsylvania, where the people were ecstatic to be there. He did this before, and it’s working again, proving he is at the top of his game.

Also, arranging for the ceremony of a conservative woman justice to be put on the Supreme court on HILLARY CLINTON’s BIRTHDAY was just the icing on the cake of a very special day.

Happy Birthday Hillary!

While the democrat’s only excuse for Joe Biden’s big criminal crime family being exposed…is RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA— THESE two men make wonderful speeches to the masses.

Enjoy! I sure did.

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Chicago, Philly, and the help of the Machine…

Nobody’s Opinion.

When I saw this video posted on Twitter a few days ago, everyone THOUGHT it was just another one of Joe’s ‘gaffes’. (See first Tweet below.)

But was it? In this video Joe admits that THIS time the fraud machine built up by the democrats was superior to the one they used during the Obama elections.

Say what?

Joe is excited!

BECAUSE Joe says the stupidest things, I wondered if Joe wasn’t speaking the truth. Think about it. How can he be so demented every time he speaks, barely getting by with two sentences, but during the debates, he manages to go for 90 minutes, looking old, but still mentally there somewhat.

Let’s go back in history a bit. It’s a fact, reported AND excepted by historians that Joe Kennedy bought the Presidency for his son JFK, by bribing the Chicago mob who went out and got the votes to put JFK in office. That’s a fact, no one disputes. The democrats have ALWAYS been in bed with the unions of Chicago and New York and most of them were run by the Mafia. Both Hillary and Obama came out of Chicago.

Another point: the second term of Obama wasn’t exactly something that was without lots of damage. I remember right after the 2012 reelection, he showed up at the Chicago campaign headquarters and gave a sorrowful speech. (See the one below the tweet.) Even though he cries a lot, I think, he was REALLY crying because he KNEW he had lost, but also was thankful that some people manage to pull off some fraud, and find the votes to get him back in office.

He knew it, and this was how thankful he really was.

I remember distinctly how I felt when I was watching this. I was thinking to myself, “WHAT? Hey! You just won FOUR MORE YEARS!” Most anybody would be smiling, happy, joyous so WHY is this man crying so hard that he has to leave the room?

Did he not expect to win?

That was what my gut was telling me at the moment.

This week, President Trump mentioned at one of his rallies that much fraud goes on in Philadelphia. Trump is watching it close because at one time, not ONE person voted for Romney. Not one. That’s almost an impossibility. Once again, Philly is setting itself for fraud. President Trump is warning us.

He is also warning us how Covid is being used as an excuse to not only get early voting but mass voter fraud with mail-in ballots that nobody will be able to verify.

And Hillary? Hillary’s popular votes all came from mostly Southern California where millions of illegals live. We can all imagine how that went.

There is also proof that the dear Muslim Congresswoman, IIhan Omar paid a lot of people to get her back into office. They admit it on video.

Tonight I just saw an ad for the Post Office, promising to deliver the votes on time. The reports of mailmen dumping thousands of ballots into trash bins is not exactly surprising. After all, they ARE union and mostly democrats.

So, when Joe brags about how well this voter fraud machine is going to be, let’s take his word for it. After all, Hillary is COUNTING on it.

This Nobody hopes, that the voters show up in multitudes beyond imagination on election day.

There is only so much fraud one can commit before it becomes a farce of crimes committed and admitted….and by the way, they KNOW Trump is going to win, so pay attention to the local elections and the House and Senate. THAT’s where they will put their biggest efforts. As was expressed so many times by Obama, “Bottom up, top down.”

That’s my Nobody Opinion. We NEED the House and Senate,,,

And one more thing….Thanks Joe!

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What Can We Expect?

Nobody Flashes

Just overnight, in my neighborhood, I saw many signs, not for Biden but for a democratic woman politician running against our FIRST black conservative. These flyers are mostly on the main streets with lots of traffic. AND, mostly on the poorest of houses which makes you wonder if they are getting paid to let those banners on their lawns.

I have seen not ONE Trump sign in my neighborhood which is no surprise because when he was elected in 2016, I was the only one with a Trump sign. And yet I knew a lot of Trump supporters.

What I DO see, which wasn’t there before in 2016, are massive displays of American flags flying everywhere on the houses. And what I do know, is that many of the blacks I meet are going to vote for Trump.

Nevertheless, we thought when Trump was elected in 2016 that the country would settle down, and get back to business.

Instead we saw the biggest temper tantrum in American History.

Hopefully, we have learned that even when he gets elected again, the hatred for him and America will not stop. It took a long time to build this much ignorance and hatred, and it will probably take just as long to correct it.

The good news is: They can’t hide anymore can they?

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High Heels and Bruises

I’ve been there many times. If you and your husband have different walking gates, and holding his hand throws you off balance, you let go.

Who doesn’t let go are the Trump haters.

Nobody Flashes: As if we don’t have enough to talk about, THIS small and silent moment says that Melania cannot hold Trump’s hand and walk gracefully without falling in 5 inch heels. ANY man who has not tried to walk in 5″ high heels has NO Idea how hard it is, especially in front of the world. I’ve seen her do this more than once. Instead of thinking she doesn’t want to hold his hand, it’s more like she doesn’t want to TRIP and have that fall go all around the world.

And what about Mitch McConnel Haters? Every democrat on the Hill is really pissed off at him for pushing through the nomination of ONE MORE CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT JUSTICE.

This didn’t even GET on the news.

Mitch McConnell asserted Thursday that he is healthy after speculation swirled over what is wrong with the Senate majority leader’s hands.

(Uh…how about that lip?)

McConnell showed up to work at the Capitol Thursday with both hands appearing severely discolored in a deep purple, with band-aids covering some of the knuckle areas.

Gee…looks like he got in a fist fight with Schumer…or was it Hillary? Maybe she’s pissed off that Amy is going to be confirmed for the Supreme Court on her birthday. Maybe she sent someone to…make it look like he just ran into a wall. Is this a sign he will resign soon?

Nobody Wonders: WHO likes to beat up the Leaders of Congress…Mmmmm? Remember, Harry Reid suffered the same fate.

I KNOW Mitch didn’t fall off his Treadmill.

So WHO is beating up the leaders of Congress? And why the old guys? Why don’t they pick on the younger ones

Anybody care to speculate?

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Debate Was Clear: Biden BIG China/Communist takeover VS Trump Making America Great Again, and Again, and Again…and…one more time.

Well, thank GOD that’s over with. The last debate. While Kristen did lob a few hard questions at Biden, she also stopped Trump for talking close to a trillion times. Or so it seemed. Her questions, as usual were loaded with Trump ‘crimes’

Nobody Wins if you happen to be following the mainstream media and don’t know what hate full questions they were.


If you’re worried that the press is going to say that Biden won, don’t worry. Sure, he had bags under his eyes, but remember, they can do all kinds of thing to video feeds now.

The substance of Trump’s sound reasoning which he expressed tonight, and his record will lead him to win.

Besides, they can’t hide ALL the videos on the billions that Biden has been making. Sure, Joe can say he didn’t take one penny from a foreign nation, but his KIDS and family did, and just gave it back to him. It’s the Washington way, and it’s WHY they spend so much money to be elected.

They, and their families get rich forever.

Did THEY pay taxes on that foreign money?

The biggest thing that came out of the debate tonight…in my Nobody Opinion is:

Biden is the lying politician he has always been. Trump is like the rest of us, honest to the core and TIRED of being treated like a nobody, when clearly, he’s one of the best Presidents we’ve ever had. And these last few days, we are all pretty sick of the corruption we are seeing coming from everywhere. And the sheer volume of corruption that our politicians get by with, by looking in camera’s and accusing Trump of the VERY crimes THEY have committed.

Truth VS Lies

When Joe looked into the camera and talked about how he FEELS the pain of the average family, he won’t tell you his party CAUSED it all. From NAFTA, to GATES and the WHO and CHINA and Facebook…they have destroyed our country…by selling themselves as pure, and our saviors. All the time getting rich, and selling the U.S. out to the highest bidder.

Biden will destroy the country, and his promises of health care for everyone, $50 dollar an hour jobs for everyone, getting rid of gas cars and replacing them with electric…I don’t think most people really want to go there.

Americans, love their freedom to drive. What Biden is proposing is ridiculous. Are you going to have to drive to Wal-Mart and plug into an electrical outlet…and wait for it to ‘charge’?

I don’t think so.

Have you got the time to WAIT at gas stations for that “charge?” What if the electric goes out?

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

I especially love the remarks Trump gave on Windmills…how they spew more pollution and kill birds. Hey, we NEED the birds.

We don’t need the party that is letting China take us over, to that they can have mansions on every continent.

Now, if you are listing to FOX news…turn it off.

There are only a handful of people that will tell you the truth, and President Trump proved tonight, he is like us.

Honest, and TIRED of crooks and criminals ruling our lives.

Sure, President Trump had bags under his eyes. Any human up against the demons he has had to face would too.

But…have no fear. He WILL destroy them all.

And the American people are going to help him.

Trump Will Get Help…From More than Just the American People

I feel more confident than ever.

I’m ready to vote, how about you?

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Nobody LOVES James Wood.


The great Obama drawing a big crowd for his VP. It MUST be getting tough out there in Biden land.

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Corporations & Tech: Who Runs the Show?

Nobody Wonders

Wow. I don’t know WHERE to start today, so much is going on. As many have pointed out, including the good Paul Joseph Watson, it’s like we are reading pages ripped out of George Orwell’s novels.

What IS becoming clearer every day, is that it seems now the corporate world is running our country, controlling everything we read and hear, and THEY are in bed with the CIA, FBI, and Justice Department. Zuckerberg became the new Goebbels, and Twitter’s Dorsey is the new propaganda minister. I’m beginning to think the CIA created both Facebook and Twitter.

So, who’s running THEM? China? Obama? Or was Trump suggesting…men in the shadows none of us would suspect. Will Ted Cruz and Barr bring them to justice?

Not before the election, count on it.

In the last four years we witnessed a former Secretary of State commit so many crimes, she made Nixon look like a man who was just clueless. Not Hillary. Even though it’s clear that the Clintons actually get along better with the Bushes, than the Obama’s they worked together to destroy President Trump.

Treason. No punishment.

The lies told during the impeachment…treason. Same.

The crimes committed by the Biden family? Treason. Justice? No, he’s running for office.

We now know that the crimes committed by the Biden family were even bigger than Hillary’s.

Frankly, I think the Clinton’s have been doing the same game all over the world as the Biden’s, and made JUST as much money, but people are just more scared of Hillary due to the fact, that people on her enemies tend to die. In fact, I’m still waiting for Hillary to ‘nudge’ him off the planet and take over.

In other news….

The World Series is being played on TV tonight, with a background of fake people piped in as though there are thousands watching. Half the fun is watching the people behind home plate. Boring. I turned it off after five minutes.

And today, Joe Buck, son of the great Jack Buck sports announcer here in St. Louis, joined with his liberal partner putting down the flying jets over a football game.

Joe Buck, isn’t HALF the sports announcer his father was. He got the gig because of his father. He bores me. Sadly, I bet you could go into any sports stadium and find a better sports announcer in the bleacher seats, that’s how boring Joe is.

But Joe, like the ROCK, like Bob Costas: like so many of Hollywood and our most beloved sports players, have all endorsed Joe Biden.

Yeah. Vote for Joe, because they have already put their money in offshore accounts, and China has promised them big careers and lots of money. Not enough money left here for any of them.

America will speak in a few days. And who knows? It seems our most treasonous Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has ruled that Pennsylvania can decide the Presidency.

I remember when Obama ran. EVERYONE in Philly…and I mean 99 percent of the vote went to Obama. Nobody even questioned that obvious fluke.

We can only hope and pray that the good Amy is true to her word, and is NOT a globalist.

You know, I once had a job running a Karaoke bar here in St. Louis, and Joe Buck came in one night with his “office” to have some fun. He walked around the bar, and hardly even sat with his people. They TRIED to get him up to sing, and I probably could have forced him…with getting the audience to BRING HIM UP… (I was pretty good at doing that.) but I didn’t want to mess with him. He looked…mean. Maybe he just didn’t want to be there, but still, you know that gut feeling you get when you don’t like someone?

I had it. I left him alone. He still looks “mean” on T.V. Sorry. Like Mike Wallace, the talent of his dad did not go to him.

Rush Limbaugh today was even more disappointed, because it’s the American people who sacrifice their lives, their kids, their tax money, and they deserve to be given a flyover. Rush was upset that Joe, who he has played golf with, turned out to be so UNAMERICAN.

Shame on Joe Buck.

Just another sportscaster that can move to China.

The flyover of our boys in the Jets are PAID for by the American people. If we can pay for millions of illegals to get health care, senators and Congressmen and women to have private jets and big pensions, and their own special health care (Not to mention 150 staffers and lawyers to do their jobs) if we can pay for all the money they send overseas to make themselves rich, if we can send our boys and girls to strange lands to fight for countries that hate us, then I think a few flyovers by our wonderful jet pilots is the LEAST they can do for us.

They don’t do much else except tax us all to poverty.

Okay, this is rant. I’m off now.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jack Hallett-Christine Williams

Nobody's Fool

I have two nominations for the Nobody’s Fool Award this week.

One will take only a few minutes to enjoy, the other will take an hour, but you WILL be amazed and learn all about the dangers that Canada and IT’s borders present to us if you are interested in that subject.

Above, is 100-year-old, Jack Hallett...a man who President Trump gave a standing ovation to at one of his rallies. But listen to him here. He was PERFECT. Just great! Joe Biden talks like a two-year-old compared to this great patriot. Jack is truly an amazing example of sheer brain power. God bless him. Seeing this started off my morning right.

And the other was Christine Williams

This woman reminds us of what REAL journalists do. She’s simply incredible and I found myself watching the whole video…you probably will too. An amazing reporter. If you can find the time, be sure and check her out. We know so LITTLE about Canada, and the Muslim threat from there. And Christine goes into detail you won’t hear anywhere else.

BOTH are Nobody’s Fool. If I had an award to give them, I would.

(Thanks to g-man)

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Gates or God?

Nobody’s Opinion

The great “minds” of the world, are the men that run the deep state that according to our President (and I happen to agree with him) are not necessity what the world needs. Despite how they convince themselves, and the secrets they share, to advance society, they do what they do because they say you need more than LOGIC.

LOGIC is not the whole answer. Logic to one man is death to another.

And here’s the REAL reason why: Let’s compare two men who shaped the world, the man who invented the computer, and the other man who brought it into every desktop.

Bill Gates VS Alan Turing

We have all seen the greatness of autistic people. In the movie, The Imitation Game, we learn that Alan is a workaholic, clearly suffers from obsessive compulsiveness, and a bit of an autistic manner. People born with this, in many cases, wonderful geniuses, come up with the inventions that nobody else can see. Their power of concentration is beyond the normal man’s ability, and their main fault is that emotionally, human wise, they tend to be laser focused on that one subject on which they are driven to ‘solve.’ Not very emotional.

Many of them, can’t even hug, or show emotion to other humans.

And THIS is where the danger lies. When logic over rules humanity.

This Nobody Thinks, there could have been autistic tendencies in both Gates and Turing. Gates used to sway back and force…he has since stop that in front of cameras.

Now, clearly the world has a problem. We are finding out that the world is being run by fewer and fewer men and women at the top. They look at the world, and to THEM, they are looking at it with Logic.

“We need a reset” they say, and Covid is the opportunity to make their great ‘reset’ of the world.

If there are too many people in the world, and not enough food, then logically, they have to get rid of many of us as they can. Or stop as many of us from being born as they can.

In THEIR minds, they are saving the planet.  

In the movie The Imitation Game, we learn that the British government has Alan Turing develop a computer that could decipher the enigma machine. A machine that the Germans used to send messages in code to everyone. When Alan solved the problem by inventing the first computer to decipher the message, the government decided (and Alan) that no one must know about the machine. They could have stopped hundreds of men who were going to be killed that day, but decided not to, so that the Germans would not find out. INSTEAD, and to me this is very important, the British government would decide what battles could be won, and what lost. In other words, like doctors on a battle field, THEY would decide who would live and who would die. They would sacrifice lives…so that the Germans would never find out their ‘secret’.

To the elites of the world, THIS IS LOGICAL. Logic should always rule.

But, to the average Joe, we ask, “What gives them the right to be God?”

We are seeing this ‘logic’ now in Bill Gates. Both he had Fauci cannot even comprehend that by releasing the virus, and then shutting down the whole world (starving people) for two years is a problem. They freely admit, many will suffer.

But in THEIR sick minds, the planet could do with less people, so it’s a good thing.


To the rest of humanity, it’s genocide.

At the end of the movie, a friend of Alan’s told him how many people’s lives he saved. Never mentioning how many lives he killed. The movie made you think that the British government, took a very hard stand to SAVE England. They did what any good doctor would do, decide who lives and who dies.

With Covid, it’s the old and infirm who mostly die. Call me whatever you want, but I believed it was designed to do just that.

They say Alan committed suicide. And it was because he was treated with hormones by the Brits because he was a homosexual. He killed himself because he was tormented and ostracized by being homosexual.

But maybe, just maybe, Alan, suddenly saw humanity.

Is it logical to kill a child after it is born just because the government says it is? Because a liberal says it’s logical?

That’s the real question the rest of us have to decide.

Whether we leave our lives in the hands of God, or Gates.

I’ve already made my choice. Now, let’s hope God helps us all out. Even geniuses must be made to see their own missing links.

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