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Chicago, Philly, and the help of the Machine…

Nobody’s Opinion.

When I saw this video posted on Twitter a few days ago, everyone THOUGHT it was just another one of Joe’s ‘gaffes’. (See first Tweet below.)

But was it? In this video Joe admits that THIS time the fraud machine built up by the democrats was superior to the one they used during the Obama elections.

Say what?

Joe is excited!

BECAUSE Joe says the stupidest things, I wondered if Joe wasn’t speaking the truth. Think about it. How can he be so demented every time he speaks, barely getting by with two sentences, but during the debates, he manages to go for 90 minutes, looking old, but still mentally there somewhat.

Let’s go back in history a bit. It’s a fact, reported AND excepted by historians that Joe Kennedy bought the Presidency for his son JFK, by bribing the Chicago mob who went out and got the votes to put JFK in office. That’s a fact, no one disputes. The democrats have ALWAYS been in bed with the unions of Chicago and New York and most of them were run by the Mafia. Both Hillary and Obama came out of Chicago.

Another point: the second term of Obama wasn’t exactly something that was without lots of damage. I remember right after the 2012 reelection, he showed up at the Chicago campaign headquarters and gave a sorrowful speech. (See the one below the tweet.) Even though he cries a lot, I think, he was REALLY crying because he KNEW he had lost, but also was thankful that some people manage to pull off some fraud, and find the votes to get him back in office.

He knew it, and this was how thankful he really was.

I remember distinctly how I felt when I was watching this. I was thinking to myself, “WHAT? Hey! You just won FOUR MORE YEARS!” Most anybody would be smiling, happy, joyous so WHY is this man crying so hard that he has to leave the room?

Did he not expect to win?

That was what my gut was telling me at the moment.

This week, President Trump mentioned at one of his rallies that much fraud goes on in Philadelphia. Trump is watching it close because at one time, not ONE person voted for Romney. Not one. That’s almost an impossibility. Once again, Philly is setting itself for fraud. President Trump is warning us.

He is also warning us how Covid is being used as an excuse to not only get early voting but mass voter fraud with mail-in ballots that nobody will be able to verify.

And Hillary? Hillary’s popular votes all came from mostly Southern California where millions of illegals live. We can all imagine how that went.

There is also proof that the dear Muslim Congresswoman, IIhan Omar paid a lot of people to get her back into office. They admit it on video.

Tonight I just saw an ad for the Post Office, promising to deliver the votes on time. The reports of mailmen dumping thousands of ballots into trash bins is not exactly surprising. After all, they ARE union and mostly democrats.

So, when Joe brags about how well this voter fraud machine is going to be, let’s take his word for it. After all, Hillary is COUNTING on it.

This Nobody hopes, that the voters show up in multitudes beyond imagination on election day.

There is only so much fraud one can commit before it becomes a farce of crimes committed and admitted….and by the way, they KNOW Trump is going to win, so pay attention to the local elections and the House and Senate. THAT’s where they will put their biggest efforts. As was expressed so many times by Obama, “Bottom up, top down.”

That’s my Nobody Opinion. We NEED the House and Senate,,,

And one more thing….Thanks Joe!

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  1. I mentioned about philly, the LDS church was building a temple there at that time, to get a temple you have to have a large population of LDS members. So no LDS members voted for the LDS candidate? that would be like no blacks voting to Obama his first time running.


    Comment by Tim | October 25, 2020 | Reply

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