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High Heels and Bruises

I’ve been there many times. If you and your husband have different walking gates, and holding his hand throws you off balance, you let go.

Who doesn’t let go are the Trump haters.

Nobody Flashes: As if we don’t have enough to talk about, THIS small and silent moment says that Melania cannot hold Trump’s hand and walk gracefully without falling in 5 inch heels. ANY man who has not tried to walk in 5″ high heels has NO Idea how hard it is, especially in front of the world. I’ve seen her do this more than once. Instead of thinking she doesn’t want to hold his hand, it’s more like she doesn’t want to TRIP and have that fall go all around the world.

And what about Mitch McConnel Haters? Every democrat on the Hill is really pissed off at him for pushing through the nomination of ONE MORE CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT JUSTICE.

This didn’t even GET on the news.

Mitch McConnell asserted Thursday that he is healthy after speculation swirled over what is wrong with the Senate majority leader’s hands.

(Uh…how about that lip?)

McConnell showed up to work at the Capitol Thursday with both hands appearing severely discolored in a deep purple, with band-aids covering some of the knuckle areas.

Gee…looks like he got in a fist fight with Schumer…or was it Hillary? Maybe she’s pissed off that Amy is going to be confirmed for the Supreme Court on her birthday. Maybe she sent someone to…make it look like he just ran into a wall. Is this a sign he will resign soon?

Nobody Wonders: WHO likes to beat up the Leaders of Congress…Mmmmm? Remember, Harry Reid suffered the same fate.

I KNOW Mitch didn’t fall off his Treadmill.

So WHO is beating up the leaders of Congress? And why the old guys? Why don’t they pick on the younger ones

Anybody care to speculate?

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