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Nobody Wonders: Will FOX Even ADMIT Trump’s Win?

Nobody Wonders

I couldn’t believe it. FOX all day long was saying that the Presidential races were REALLY close. Biden was leading in all the polls. And then, like a madman suffering from some kind of bi-polar episode, they would show thousands upon thousands of people standing in line in the cold for hours just to see President Trump. And then they would fade out and repeat:

“All the polls show Biden leading in all states.”

Tonight, they showed the ‘map’ of what could happen, putting Biden ahead in most states, where Trump HAD to win. Could he do it they all wondered every hour upon the hour? Anybody watching this was going “HUH?”

Then back to Trump talking, and people shouting their love.

Even Hillary could talk. Joe Biden is the worst candidate in Presidential history. Both Hillary and Joe should be in jail. And that’s why we are seeing the mass crowds of people…everybody knows it.

Hillary had managed to find a 104-year old woman who had voted for FDR who said she wanted to shoot Trump. She tweeted that on her birthday.

While Twitter was censoring most all conservatives, they let Hillary’s tweet proudly stand.

In the meantime, in Philadelphia, the BLM are once again looting TVs, out of Walmart, and sneakers, and just about anything they can get out of the store. The riots once again started because a cop was being attacked to night by a black man with a knife, the cops shot him, and “HEY! LETS GO!”

I call them Obama’s army. This mass looting started under him, and he said…nothing. In fact, Obama, for all of his eight years in office, TRIED to start a race war. Mostly, the demoncrats say it’s a GOOD thing, and they have a right to loot because they are ‘oppressed’ and besides…hey, they all have masks on now. How sweet!

So, this is the old tried and true communist ‘colored revolution’ that Soros and China are counting on to help dismantle the United States. The democratic cities all remain in shambles. It will take years for them to recover and only if conservative take them over.

That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

To anyone watching, Trump is right. There is going to be a red wave of Trump supporters on election day. And it will be the black votes that will put the democrats in the dustbin.

But if FOX cannot even admit the obvious now, and they keep saying “it’s so close.” When election day comes, when so much of the votes are rigged, will they will than say.

“Well, we TOLD you it was close!” And let’s move on folks.

Nobody Wonders: Will the ‘revolution’ of the colored communist’s takeover win next Tuesday? Will Americans join the other Western nations in their OWN revolution of taking back their own countries?

Will we get violent storms all over the country on election day?

Nobody Knows.

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