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Pence/Ryan? Deep State Had Other Plans…

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Last night, Vice President Pence showed that he would be the calm, reassured, “PRESIDENTIAL” candidate that ALL the Rinos are looking for in the first VP debate. Try as hard as she did, Kamala looked typically weak, and Pence, remained ….calm. And…once again…more “presidential” than Trump was in the first debate.

In defense of Trump, the American people elected him because we were tired of “presidential” presidents acting “presidential” and then screwing us all.


Even I wondered what happened to Trump on that first debate. Usually, he’s right on top. Did he have the start of the virus that night? A fever? Was he taking the advice of some of his closest friends and advisors? Had he just had enough of the whole world going after him every minute of every day? Had it all been just too much for one soul, especially such a good soul as our President to take?

One man against the world? We have all watched the attacks and wondered how he took it all.

He knows the scams, and he’s only human after all. And Chris Wallace WAS totally overbearing.

To this Nobody, this whole charade is like a well-played script, written by the top war generals of the progressive parties: Soros, Hillary, probably Bill Clinton, and many minds who literally now control not only our news programs, but also all the internet. There are pictures of Chris meeting with Nancy Pelosi for Satan’s sake.

FOX, CNN, MSNBC…all globalists.

Well, almost all.

You have to remember, during the first debate between Trump and Biden, Chris Wallace was interrupting Trump so many times, Trump was on the defense the whole time, trying to ask the questions that NO reporter dare ask. We are SICK to death of hearing about CLIMATE CHANGE.

 After the VP debate yesterday, guess who got to be guests on Brian Kilmore’s radio program? Why Karl Rove, and Chris Wallace, both praising how much BETTER Pence did than Trump. Wallace trying to salvage his blatantly hostile performance.

Even Larry Kudlow today mentioned on FOX how “Presidential” Pence was. Clearly a stab at Trump. And that was the main argument of all the RINOS. They don’t like the “blunt” Trump.

And yet the man wastes no words, he’s all action. The American people love it. HE says the truth, and he says it like we would say it: with no B.S.

We have heard so many lies and B.S. in the last decades that it’s surprising all our shoes are not permanently browned by it all.

Wallace is blaming Trump for his terrible job as a moderator, and blaming Trump for everything basically, and Karl Rove is TRYING to appear non-judgmental, but REMEMBER, both Dana, AND Karl were in Bush’s top cabinet.

In My Nobody Opinion: NO advisers to ANY X President should have permanent jobs on ANY network. It’s About as close to state propagandist and unfair bias as you can get.

It’s like Putin putting his top ministers on Russian news networks. What’s the difference? I have YET To hear ANYWHERE in the universe anybody suggesting that close advisors of x Presidents should NOT be seen on a daily basis putting out their old bosses talking points, have you?

Let me know if you have.

ALSO remember, Paul Ryan is now on the FOX’s network board.

My readers know I have never trusted VP Pence. He’s an experience politician for one thing, and grew up with Paul Ryan. By the way, did you know that Ryan and Pence were setting up to run for President in 2016? They were all ready to go after Trump’s first debate…even had logo’s.

These emails suggest it. I just read this today:

See above link:

I have always thought that Pence was like George H.W. Bush with Reagan. He was the globalist waiting in the background. Reagan had no choice but to run with him.

And look what happened after Ronald Reagan…the NEW WORLD ORDER…

Pence has been almost TOO much of a Trump sycophant. Like he would BE Trump and the American people would be rest assured that Pence would BE Trump: (See the email in the link.)

Pence could NEVER be Trump. I don’t care how “Presidential” he looks. Trump is a fighter. Pence will do what the deep state says. And I’m sure, President Trump knows this.

What I’m trying to say is the only way Trump can stay alive is to keep talking to the American people any way he can…and make SURE the people protecting him, are total patriots.

It’s a hard day for us all, when all around us, our own government is using a “virus” to destroy our country, our liberties, and the very foundation of our Constitution.

We must show up in overwhelming numbers at the voting polls, and pray good people are still manning them.

Yes, and pray.

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So, the President releases proof of what the democrats were doing to him, the “conspiracy proven” beyond a doubt. Waiting for BARR was a hopeless case. So many RINOs waiting for Pence to take over.

Due to that, the progressives came back with banning Qanon from all internet sites.

Qanon points out many of the ‘conspiracies” we all have seen throughout the last 20 years.

Hillary’s ‘right-ring’ conspiracy nonsense BS continues.

Here’s a sample of that DANGEROUS Qanon.

Frankly, Nobody Wins when any American voice is sileneced.

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