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Nobody Wins When the Elites are UNTOUCHABLE

Nobody Wins

I was still pissed off about the debate, when I wondered WHY in the world did the Comey Senate investigation was held on the day AFTER the first debate when they KNEW that everybody would be talking about the debates.

Well, Lindsey Graham did this. He waited…and NOBODY showed this anywhere but on C-Span. The REAL criminal in the illegal and treasonous coup was held on NO channels but C-Span, (I don’t get OAN anymore so I’m not sure if they showed it) while we were bombarded every single day on every single channel Russia, Impeachment, Ukraine…whatever. Every hour of every day, but NOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAYY did they want us to see what James Comey had to say about weaponizing the FBI to take out Trump.

And like Hillary, he didn’t say much. He didn’t remember much. “I don’t know” is the get out of jail free card for every democrat ever under oath.

Lindsey played his usual two-step: Declaring that the hearings were all about making sure the FISA court was straighten out.

NOT The FBI. NOT the criminals who committed the crimes against the American people. No…we’ll just fix it and get on with things.

By the way, there are many people like me, who are tired of Lindsey’s all talk and no action. ALWAYS protecting the status quo while making statements that he really is going to do something…and….never does. 

Cruz does the talking here. But notice. Comey goes Scott-ree. We are suppose to just be satisfied that we were TOLD of the crime.

That’s suppose to be enough for us. The elites are UNTOUCHABLE.

Here’s an excellent article you can read to sum it up.

In the meantime, how did Joe Biden cheat?

Nobody Knows, but there is a good suggestion in the following video.


Today everybody was talking about the debate…and Biden seemed so very up on talking…here’s another way he could have cheated.

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FOX Did Everything They Could To Help Joe

Nobody Knows

Well, tomorrow we are going to hear how Joe Biden won the debate. Suddenly, the bumbling idiot came out and acted like every politician has ever acted in our lifetime…full of BS. A surprise, but was this the plan? Have him ACT senile and then come out and surprise everyone?


What did we learn at this first debate? That Chris Wallace lied, Joe Biden Lied, and the camera’s were set to make Joe look more Presidential. Trump just looked angry.

And who could blame him?

FIRST: Joe’s head was BIGGER than Trump’s. That was camera work on purpose. He had a million dollar suit on, while Trump wore the common man’s business suit.

SECOND: CLEARLY, and without a doubt, Biden was giving the questions before the debate, never mind what Chris said, HE LIED. He had a perfect answer for every question. Jerome Corzi reported that fact, and I believe him. Joe had his notes right there to get all his “Number one: Number two: Number three:…yes he knew all the question, just like Hillary did.

THIRD: Joe KNEW where the camera was and he looked into that camera just to talk directly to the American people. Trump either didn’t know he could do that, and even if he did, he was such a cheap typical political trick that he didn’t use it. I think, he should make fun of Joe doing it. Because it was such typical cheap shot.

FOURTH: Joe blamed Trump for everything that the democrats have caused. People who have been paying attention know that THEY are to blame, but Trump should have brought up that very obvious fact…

FIFTH: It was very unfair of Chris to let Joe go first on every single question, and he reprimanded Trump way too much after lies were being told.

And last but not least, while Chris asked a few tough question to Joe, Joe was prepared to NOT answer any of them.

He called Trump a ‘clown.’ That was…unforgivable.

Every time Trump tried to point out that 80 million unsolicited ballots should not be counted, He was drowned out, by both Chris and Joe.

Biden just regurgitated the last 50 years of progressive talking points, and flat out lied about his son.

And even though, they made Trump look…tired and angry, trust me, it’s not going to effect the people out in the country whose lives have been destroyed most of their lives by the democrats and Rinos.

We KNOW Trump is right.

It’s sad, when you are the only man fighting for the country, and we no longer have a fair process of election.

But then again, Nobody Thinks our elections have been rigged for quite some time, haven’t they?

In 2016, it was the FIRST time in a long time, when it slipped away from them.


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Nobody’s Perfect: The Queen of High-Haughty Eyebrows: Nancy Pelosi

Nobody’s Perfect

She’s a prevaricator of the highest order: the Queen of slanderers, a muckraker of preposterous lies, made to order from the deep state of oligarchs determined to destroy our country, and leading the never-ending attack on the American people, is none other than the mistress who owns the visions of tearing up the constitution and our elections by any means necessary:

Nancy Pelosi. The woman who had a face lift to lift her eyebrows into unknown dimensions so she could appear to be…trusted. After 80, having to move them up and keep them there was just too much of a chore.

What was her suggestion this week? They know they are going to lose the election, but they think they have enough voter fraud with the Covid-ID, and the endless media damage they have done so far, to make the election SEEM close.

So, Nancy will decide who wins. Or, so she has given herself this right…this is how it will go:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has officially informed her Democratic Party caucus that the House of Representatives could decide the presidential election — and has urged them to focus on winning races that could decide the outcome.

The House could decide the election if no candidate achieves a majority in the Electoral College.

They can’t do that now, BUT if they win a few more seats in the House, then Nancy will pick who will be President.

Who will she pick?

Herself? Biden? Kamala? Obama? Schumer? Michelle? Or….

Drum roll please….Hillary?

Frankly, I think it would be hard for her not to pick…herself.

Darling that she is. I think she WANTS Air Force One. A bigger plane! How could she resist?

To this thought, THIS Nobody wants to give a quote written by one of our founders, Alexander Hamilton, in No. 57 of the Federalist, where he comments on the House of Representatives:

If it be asked, what is to restrain the house of representatives from making legal discriminations in favor of themselves, and a particular class of the society? I answer, the genius of the whole system: the nature of just and constitutional laws: and above all, the vigilant and manly spirit which actuate the people of America: a spirit which nourishes freedom, and in return is nourished by it.

If this spirit shall ever be so far debased, as to tolerate a law not obligatory on the legislature, as well as on the people, the people will be prepared to tolerate any thing but liberty.

Hamilton thought that term limits and regular elections would also solve this, so, HOW in the world do so many of our representatives get to stay there until they die?

Nobody Wants to Know.

Congress did NOT have to abide by Obamacare, and they can skip paying taxes, and make millions in foreign deals…and well, Hamilton would have said that WE have lost our spirit to even allow this to happen.

Will the American people get enough spirit to get rid of this tyrant named Pelosi?

We shall see soon.

But, its time we retire her to the dungeons of tyrants of history, where even her plastic surgeon won’t be able to get to her.

As for me, I’d be happy if we could tie her hands behind her back…at least for an hour. Also, I’d love to see her made to get a broom and pick up the many piles of human feces on the streets of her city, San Francisco.

THAT would be the kind of community service I think we ALL could support.


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There is NO Good in the Left, Just the Bad and the Ugly


Nobody’s Opinion

Gee…we didn’t have to wait until the debate to listen to the disgusting rants of the rich and ugly now did we?

The fact that the President will probably get another conservative on the Supreme Court is the excuse they are using to let out their full-jacket insane attacks of sheer hatred. (I’m still waiting for Romney to make a surprise attack.)

Now that Trump has nominated a pretty decent woman, The Swamp creatures are coming out of the water with big red horns out of their heads, carrying buckets of slush and dirt to throw at the man who they have decided is going to destroy their wonderful life: Last week we had ALL the major sport teams take a knee to China. Wait, I mean BLM. Then Ruth had to go and die on them all.

What a killer.

I’m surprised they didn’t say she died of the Wuhan Flu. It would have added one more death to President Trump’s holocaust right? Just ask Bette Midler who must have trouble sleeping at night, due to the ulcers she must be suffering from just the mere thought of Trump’s face.

I bet she lays in a bath tub all day, drinking vodka and talking on her cell phone to Barbara Streisand.

But I’ll get to her in a minute.

The biggest surprise was that the actor known as “The Rock” came out with biceps bursting to support Biden.

“I figured let’s kick this conversation off this way, by me officially publicly endorsing you both to become president and vice president of our great country,” Johnson says. “You guys are both experienced to lead, you’ve done great things. Joe you’ve had such an incredible career, and you’ve led with such great compassion, heart, drive, and soul. Kamala you have been a district attorney, a state attorney, a U.S. Senator. You are smart and tough. I have seen you in those hearings. And in my opinion, you’re a certified badass.”

Biden a badass? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…wait, is this before he drinks his morning Ensure or after? Was it because Biden has repeatedly threatened to beat Trump up? I’ve been waiting for one of those little girls he keeps bending over and careening to turn around and bop HIM one right on the nose. THAT would make MY day.

Oh wait…he means KAMALA is a bad ass. My mistake. Whose going to be President now? Bad ass Kamala?

Since the movie theaters are mostly owned by China now, Rock is staying WITH the money, not his many American fans. I’d put him right up there with Arnold now. The steroids’ will take their toll in a few years, and I won’t feel guilty by not paying to see anything ever that he makes. I might even feel sorry for him after his first heart attack.

Not that he cares.

And then, there’s George W.’s friends.

Former President George W. Bush’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Tom Ridge is urging voters in Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin to oppose President Donald Trump in the election.

yet [Trump] continues to cast doubt on the sanctity of the vote. He’s done so multiple times here in Pennsylvania. It’s deplorable, yet utterly consistent with past reprehensible behavior. [Emphasis added]

Ridge said the nation needs Biden to usher in solutions for “income inequality and immigration reform,” among other issues. Ridge has a long record of advocating amnesty for all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States.

Hey, I thought the guy was a dweb when he worked for Bush. The border wall is keeping illegals out, and all those gardeners soon won’t be able to find a job after they finished burning down California. And Gee…is it me? Or does Tom Ridge look just like Bush? They spent so much time together they started to look like each other.

And then there’s the INCREDIBLE ugly Better Midler. Nobody has always wondered why this woman is so nasty. Well, it’s not her fault that she was born with such a face surrounded by a world of beautiful women. She is a great entertainer….or used to be.

BUT, her mouth makes her one of the ugliest woman on the planet.

Bette Midler instructs Joe Biden to kick President Trump ‘in the nuts’ during first debate for ‘200,000 people he murdered’

Tell me, Nobody Wonders how in the WORLD can they say Trump divides people when it’s the left that say such violent and nasty remarks.

If I said this on Twitter about Biden, I’d be kicked off.

In another tweet, Midler gave this pre-debate analysis, “Looking forward to #Tuesdaydebate, when #BonecrusherBiden will lead with a couple of jabs to that big fat head, a fusillade of punches to that flabby belly, a right to the kisser, a punch to the solar plexus, and then, The KO Finisher. Take that, you #Loser.”

Uh…have you looked at yourself lately Better? REALLY?

And she blames every single flu death on him….

Tell me, most of the Trump haters are washed up entertainers, who nobody would pay to see anymore on TV, so they make their money working  for the ‘fight’ and controversy they can cook up. Being morons pays the bills and the pool boys.

It’s all about the money.

And that’s my Nobody’s Opinion.

By the way, what kind of woman talks like that?

Answer: A very sad one.

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The Silence of Praying Christians

Nobody Flashes

While all the news outlets today kept repeating the same news of Trump’s Supreme Court pick on Saturday, NOBODY showed the gathering of Christians at the mall to listen to Rev. Graham.

I didn’t see a picture of it anywhere. I had to look it up on the internet, and even there, it was underreported. Why? Probably because Christians have to pay their own way to Washington, (Soros does NOT bus Christians) and they are pulling the load for the REST of the country, and many of them have lost jobs. Their own churches are suffering from the ‘lockdowns” financially.

Still…many did show up.

Graham said…this:

“I’m just concerned that the people in this country don’t realize that the left, the socialists, want this country to look like Cuba… like Venezuela,” he said.

“The only hope for this country is God. It’s not Republicans or Democrats,” Graham said. “Only hope is God and if we as Christians don’t pray for God’s help, he may just let this country fail.”

Don’t worry Rev. Graham.

We ARE praying.

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Nobody Flashes Robert Kiyosaki

Nobody Flashes

Politicians, bankers, and the world of finance.

Robert talks about what he has learned about the world.

Enjoy…or just feel more…ignorant.

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The REAL Nazi’s Are Coming

Nobody Reports

If this is not a warning of the what Nancy, Fauci, Gates, Schumer, Bernie, and the communist party of Obama and Hillary have for us going forward, I don’t know what else is.

This young sweet couple are being arrested...for not social distancing.  In IDAHO!!

While looters, robberies, arsonists and murderers are being given weapons and signs to protest while NOT social distancing, THIS is being done to good people.

I wish we could see the faces of these cops.

This is WRONG on so many levels. And scary.

Whites, are the new Jew. They did this in the Holocaust.

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Nobody CARES About the Subliminal Message in “THE CIRCLE”

Nobody Cares

Like many Americans, my husband and I search the MOVIES ON DEMAND to find something to watch after work, and tonight, we found one with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in a movie about the tech business. What was funny is that usually a Tom Hanks movie gets a LOT of advertising, and this was made in 2017, so why it didn’t was a puzzle.

Okay. So we hadn’t heard of it. Nevertheless, it was FREE! And no better time than now to bring it to the millions of us staying home not being ABLE to go out and eat, or exercise, or ‘gather’–unless we have to put on our masks and go to Wal-Mart.

This Nobody Thinks that this movie was saved for THIS election year, and let me tell you why. The movie was about this young girl (Emma) who gets a job at the biggest tech company in the world. The company is called “The Circle”. Clearly it was intended to remind everyone of Google and Facebook.

All the employees at this company were VERY young, very idealistic, and had every need they could ever want taken care of at that job. Entertainment every night, good food, —and they were encourage to “join” the community. Basically the old hippie commune (communism with a happy face) idea.

The boss was Tom Hanks, who gets to know this girl and uses her to introduce his idea for the future for humanity. The concept of “Everyone is connected, and Knowledge is a human RIGHT” was said forcefully by Hanks, along with the notion that EVERYBODY can live life through the experience of video. There is no NEED to really go out and throw that football.

If it’s good enough for his disabled son, it’s good enough for everyone else.

You don’t need to go to that baseball game! Stay home, and PRETEND you ARE that home run hitter! 

Now I won’t give up the movie so much as to tell you, that Emma goes around recording her whole life on film and she gets MILLONS of followers, and the bosses give the idea that if EVERYONE had a camera, they could stop crimes, no secrets! Cure diseases! CURE THE WORLD OF HATRED AND CRIMES!


And THEN…the big guys come up with a “soul search” engine in which the world can find anybody with the help of the world. Clearly laws are broken when Emma’s old boyfriend is chased by drone’s and run off a cliff while driving his car.

THIS is to let you know that THEY know there are dangers to this technology….and yet.

And yet. Emma is convinced after a few days of mourning that the young minds can correct this tech—- it just needs more help.

Sort of the same argument the progressives give socialism. Just because it has never worked anywhere else doesn’t mean that it won’t work here.

“It just needs to be done the right way.”

The REAL danger of this movie at this time is that they introduce the concept that …everyone on Google, just by ‘getting’ on Google will automatically be registered to vote, and then DEMOCRACY will RULE! Every vote will count! People that don’t get on google/Facebook…well, they will be ostracized and won’t be able to USE the platform of the world.

(I use Google and Facebook because even though it’s called “The Circle” its. Google. Facebook. )

This is how they brainwash you into thinking that BIG TECH can do a much better job at ruling the world than governments. In fact, they say so in this movie.

Which makes you wonder who paid to get it made. (The globalists I bet. Do we even need to ask?)

They show the dangers of everyone being watched every minute, but at the end of the movie, if you are younger than 30, you will think: Yeah! That’s a great idea! Vote by the internet! 

Now, I would like to know, if any of my readers have seen this movie, and what did they get from it?

To me, it’s much like the TV series ’24’ . It captured the conservative, and THEN…right before the Presidential election, they put in a black President who in the script is BEYOND the most honest perfect human that ever held the office. And everyone was hoping that Obama would be THAT President.

Nobody Cares how that series alone got so many people to accept Barack Hussein Obama, and vote for him. And he was…the worst President in history. Later I found out that Keifer Sutherland, the main actor in “24” is a socialist. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh loved that series.

Nobody seems to care about this mass Hollywood brainwashing as much as I do. It’s hardly EVER written about.

Our media is CREATING our realities, and we don’t even know it.

Watch “The Circle” and wonder…like I did…is this what they have coming?

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Nobody Wonders about Mitt, China, And Laser Beams

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders about a lot these days. Since RBG died, the cable news networks have been ecstatic. Everybody is so burnt out on politics, they were tuning out, going outside, enjoying barbeques…I mean “COME ON MAN!” every hour on the hour it’s reported that a guy who has dementia and can’t draw a crowd over 20 is winning every state.

And now, the democrats are threatening to burn down the whole system of government, something by the way, they have been doing for decades.  Impeachment, violence against Trump supporters, and years of not allowing ANYBODY to make a living, is on the table. Puerto Rico will become a state as will D.C. And all you rednecks in the suburbs…they are coming to burn YOUR house down too if Trump wins in November.

Yes, the upcoming fight for the Supreme Court is being advertised as the greatest fight in history.

Choose you man! Get out the popcorn! That is, if your popcorn popper wasn’t burnt up in some forest fire in California, or Portland, or New York, or by some hurricane.

Nobody Wonders, with all the fires being started by “the left” and countless of poor people losing their lives and homes, you don’t hear much sympathy for them, do we? The camera shoots of the devastation from the fire are not as important as the Wuhan virus. No, they are short.

VERY SHORT. Or…who is REALLY starting all these fires and natural disasters?

The deep state is keeping the news on the virus. It’s the only way they can continue with the global takeover of the planet. And everybody’s mind off the real threats we face.

In fact, I heard one guy on the radio claim that China will nuke us, and then we will all gladly come together to be controlled, and BEG for the state to come and help us. And then, those of us who do NOT want a world government will be…taken. It’s won’t be pretty.

I have another friend who swears that the East and West coast will be hit by a tsunami, caused by Russian submarines.

I don’t even think if we had an alien attack that the left and right would join together. No, Nancy would sacrifice us all to the aliens to destroy. And China would take them over offering them their cheap labor market to make their alien weapons.

So, all eyes were on Mitt Romney today, afraid that he would be the one to stop the vote on Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court…all he actually said was that he would vote for it.

But this Nobody Wondered if Mitt’s ‘deal’ for HIS vote was that he would insist on the woman the globalist want: Which seems to be Amy. The Catholic with 7 kids. (Or so it’s reported by some.)

And who is to say, that she won’t vote with globalists Justice Roberts?

Mitt will get his ‘revenge’ if she votes with Justice Roberts and votes against the President, when the dems take the whole thing to the Supreme Court.

Or maybe they will just skip that and come for us.

And then there’s this:

(Natural News) “Michael Caputo, an assistant secretary for public affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), warned viewers during a Sep. 13 Facebook Live session that the Democrats are planning an armed insurrection against President Donald Trump.

Let’s hope Trump was not bluffing today. A few well-pointed American lazes from space would do fine.


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Nobody’s Fool” Mitch McConnell

Nobody’s Fool

If you missed this history lesson from Mitch McConnell, it’s worth the listen.

He lays out why all the hysterical remarks by the democrats about the vote destroying our Constitution with a vote so close to the election, is nonsense.

Well worth the watch.

McConnell is Nobody’s Fool. 

Still, this nobody is expecting Romney to upset it if he can.

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Nobody WANTS to Remember, Ruth Bader Ginsberg…Thank You Very Much

Nobody’s Opinion

Can you believe this? When Justice Scalia died, there was a few nice remarks, and then no more mention of it.

But Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies and…it’s a national tragedy. And while many are remarking how unfortunate this is happening at this time before the election, think again. This is a godsend to the democrats. They knew they were going to lose the election to Trump, so before he even jumped into the race, they started their ‘coup’. THAT didn’t work. Then came all the sexual scandals the pee-pee tape. Then they got the FBI, the CIA, and the justice department to all get in on getting him out.

Led by Hillary and Obama, nothing was off limits. Treason was committed all around.

The media did EVERYTHING they could to destroy him. All the techs used their vast monopiles to silence all his supporters. Didn’t work.

Then we ALL had to put up with impeachment. Didn’t work.

Then they played the race card. Didn’t work.

Then they released the virus. Killed a lot of people, destroyed the economies of the world, but still, the Trump supporters remained.

THEN, they made their biggest mistake. Used the virus to close down the economy, and they sent their BLM revolution to the streets…but who got hurt the most?

The blacks, who are NOW turning to the President. They’re not stupid.

If there IS a race war, they truly are, outnumbered.

What’s left? Why, the women of course!

And Ginsberg’s death has them depending on the only group left: The women’s vote.

Abortion will be banned. That’s the big fear.

It’s another fear card, blown up beyond idiocy.  “Women will SUFFER! Children will SUFFER! People will get NO health care and die!”

Why, you would have thought having Ginsberg on the court was the only thing standing between Mordor and Peace on earth, and everyone running wild in the streets….

Right on cue today, Hillary and Bill Clinton came right out and took CREDIT for having put Ruth on the bench.

Hillary, the woman who wants to get rid of the electoral college has the gall to say that putting another conservative on the Supreme Court bench will be the end of the Constriction.

Uh…say what?

NOBODY on the planet wants that document destroyed more than Hillary Clinton. How long has she been trying to get rid of the electoral college? And by the way, so did Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who thought the constitution was outdated, and therefore JUDGES should just do what they thought was best. Write their own laws. Its what democratic judges do best.

This will be their last bullet. They KNOW not many people have even read the Constitution. So, they just keep saying that Trump is destroying the Constitution.

They are counting on the ignorance of the people.

It’s up to the few remaining voices of reason to remind everyone just how much the democrats would destroy it, if the election is lost.

On the good side, one more voice on the Supreme Court that acutely follows the Constitution, is needed desperately, if the election goes to the Supreme court, because Justice Roberts will vote for Biden. And THAT, is the real scare for them.

This morning Elizabeth Warren said that if “Mitch McDonald and his henchmen.” Nominate someone to the Supreme Court all is lost.

The left has threatened to burn it all down, meaning everything, the whole country.

Guess what? We’ll be ready. Even doves have their limits.


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Remembering the Important

Nobody Flashes:

Due to the upcoming ‘war’ to KEEP America great, I always like to put things in perspective;

And that’s why I have lots of these kinds of pictures throughout my house.



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Nobody Flashes Billy Joel’s PRESSURE!

Nobody Flashes

One of my favorite New Yorkers, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite New Yorker. The words to this song could be applied to the ‘progressives’ losing their minds at every Trump Tweet.

I posted the concert, because I like how they have the stage set up. Also, Billy Joel has a special talent for putting intelligent words to music, not an easy task. I also LOVE the way he juxtapose the background repeating sequence…sort of Beethoven like.

BUT, here is the original version, which is pretty much a nightmare.


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President Trump Honors Us All On Constitution Day

Nobody Remembers…

Constitution Day.

—And our great President, who once again, does what the past four Presidents wouldn’t do.

Save the country, it’s history, and it’s people. I don’t remember either Bushes, or the Clintons, OR Obama even mentioning our great history like this.

Pelosi likes to mention the Constitution to make everyone think she’s actually read it. By the way, where is Nancy today?

Vice President Pence had one of his best speeches also.

If you missed it, you might take a few moments and reflect…:What would BIDEN do today? Answer: Nothing.

I’m hoping I get to visit the museum he is going to build to honor great Americans. What a GREAT President.

We are…so lucky to have him.


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