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Take Your Bets: Nuclear War?

Nobody Knows if Putin wants Nuclear War…but he’s talking about it.

What did President Trump ALWAYS say? It’s best we get along with Putin. “Trust me.” Now, with Biden in office, as President, Putin is taking over Ukraine and threatening Nuclear War if anybody stops him. He has put the world on alert: Don’t mess with the man.


There Are Nuclear Armageddon Russian Submarines Patrolling U.S. East Coast Just 12-Miles Out Close to Their ‘Home-Base Vlad-Island Military-Tactical Complex’ Leased from Venezuela Since 2018

 Each Submarine Equipped With 50-Megaton Nukes That Vaporize Large Cities and Kills All Life from Massive Radiation in North America [US, MEXICO, CANADA] From These ’50-Megaton-Annihilators’ And from Unmanned, Uncooled Nuke Power Plant Reactor Core MELT-DOWNS, over 100 Plants With 150 Reactors Will Go Unstoppable ‘Chernobyl-Fukushima’


While Xi’s plan to take over the world in one long silk-happy- Chinese-suicide road, Putin would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons and just take the short cut. Putin knows we cannot stop the hit. Bill O’Reilly disagrees, but I’ve seen a lot of reports that says we can’t stop his newest missiles.

Then again: He MAY be bluffing.

Does he REALLY want to be China’s puppet? Does he really want to help out China? Does Putin trust China? While China is using Russia to get America into a war, Russia is now using China to scare the rest of the world into his submission.

They seem to be working together, and yes, this would NOT have happened if Trump was President.

Unlike the cold war, our idiotic politicians have done treaties thinking Russia would stop building up their nukes. Hillary even gave them our uranium. We still have the insidious U.N. in our country, sucking us dry.

But too many of our Congress are begging to get into it with Putin. When it comes to OUR ruling class, it’s all about the money. Mitt, Liz, working hard for the money. GET THAT WAR GOING.

Would Putin use nuclear weapons to destroy Ukraine? Why do that? It’s a great food resource and why do that? No, he would nuke some other thing that would bring the U.S. into a war. Maybe Poland. Maybe Chicago. Nobody Knows. Maybe Hunter Biden’s vacation houses, nobody knows. But make no mistake, he will nuke SOMETHING. It may not be the biggest, but it WILL kill many people.

Would Biden then destroy Russia? Uh…after he eats his ice cream…maybe. But I doubt it.

Whatever happens, John Kerry is NOT going to worry about the birds being incinerated.

Now, if nuclear war comes, we will all surely know WHY Hollywood made all those “END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.” Movies. One after another. Go on Netflix and pick your favorite end times movie. There are HUNDREDS of them. Like…don’t you people get it yet? YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

And now, McDonalds and KFC are drawing out of Russia in protest.

Wow, THAT will just kill them. Or better yet, save their lives. You think Putin cares about the Big Mac? NO, he’s probably watching the same FAIL VIDEOs of stupid Fat Americans falling on the ground as we are.

General Flynn made a SUGGESTION that there is a fight between China and Russia taking over the world, and he is spoiling Klaus’s Davos group New World Order plans.

It depends on if Klaus is WORKING with China. But, he makes a good point.

Meanwhile, all we seem to be able to do is eat popcorn and watch Ninja Warrior.

At least THERE, Americans can still win.

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Nobodys Have Opinions About Ukraine

Nobody’s Opinion

While President Trump was giving his usual repeat again, wash, repeat again talk at the CPAC Convention last night, Putin was upping the threat to nuclear war. Reported in the headlines of the Liberty Daily:


Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the alert status for his nuclear forces to “special regime of combat duty” as Russia and Ukraine battle for the fourth day. Putin ordered the Russian defense minister and the chief of the military’s General Staff to put the nuclear deterrent forces in a “special regime of combat duty.”


Something is too weird. Trump’s ending was full of the usual “WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, THE BORDER WILL BE SECURED, and yada yada— and it all sounded great, but what are the odds that is going to happen? I’m getting ads every half hour to get EMP protection gadgets that cost a LOT of money. And if the grid does go down, what then? Maybe I’ll be able to start my car, but will the gas stations be running? And if you stock up on stuff, you can bet somebody is going to try to steal it all.

Half the country already has been destroyed. Thousands of jobs never to come back. If you don’t see it, it’s because you are all in your homes watching movies….but not the Truckers today: They have GONE through the towns, and they will tell you…the disappearing middle class.

After all, Trump’s right hand is still supporting and praising MANY RINOS for office, while his left hand is saying “We must get rid of them.” Add to that his “the vaccine is great get it” to “no more mandates” and we all know it’s killing people.

It’s easy to get the feeling that you have NO idea who this man is anymore. Did Trump go in to protect the country, only to come out after being beat up and defeated to ‘join’ the elites so that he could survive? After all, we all know the power that the elites have. Maybe in his mind it’s not smart to die for your country if you can put off the horror show for a little while.

He is about keeping the GOP in power, or what? I’m not sure really.

As for the Ukraine: Nobody Knows what the hell is going on, except that CHINA wins if Russia can take out both Europe and the United States at the same time. Who benefits? CHINA! And Klaus, Gates, Zuckerface, or so they think. To me it seems that just like China is getting the blacks and whites to fight, they are getting Russia and the West to fight, which leaves the world to them.

It’s just smart politics.

And make no mistake: China OWNS Biden. While the United States suffered for having to get its gas from its enemies, Biden wants us to stick to the China plan: Windmills. Solar. Electric cars.


And the poor people of the Ukraine, who just want to live with their kids and walk the streets, their whole lives, are being destroyed. Where do THEY go to? Poland can’t take them all. I’m sure we will take some, because that seems to be the pattern of the elites—how do you destroy borders of nations for their one world government?

You mix up ALL nations into a big Babylon. Wars do that real fast. Obama and Bush’s war flooded Europe with Muslims who are now taking over England and France.

And by the way, where was the Queen on Canada? Where was she on the FACIST moves in Australia? Maybe amfortas can fill us in on her silence. After all, she went through the horror of WWII…what say my British friends?

Well, here’s a good English fellow who always shares a great amount of clear thinking on the matter. He doesn’t know what to think about Ukraine. After all Biden, Kerry, Obama, and the Clintons were very much involved in it before this happened. So, all around the nobodies of the world are the ones left to suffer.

Enjoy with me, the common sense of Neil Oliver. Fast becoming a BIG somebody.

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Nobody Wonders about Mitt, China, And Laser Beams

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders about a lot these days. Since RBG died, the cable news networks have been ecstatic. Everybody is so burnt out on politics, they were tuning out, going outside, enjoying barbeques…I mean “COME ON MAN!” every hour on the hour it’s reported that a guy who has dementia and can’t draw a crowd over 20 is winning every state.

And now, the democrats are threatening to burn down the whole system of government, something by the way, they have been doing for decades.  Impeachment, violence against Trump supporters, and years of not allowing ANYBODY to make a living, is on the table. Puerto Rico will become a state as will D.C. And all you rednecks in the suburbs…they are coming to burn YOUR house down too if Trump wins in November.

Yes, the upcoming fight for the Supreme Court is being advertised as the greatest fight in history.

Choose you man! Get out the popcorn! That is, if your popcorn popper wasn’t burnt up in some forest fire in California, or Portland, or New York, or by some hurricane.

Nobody Wonders, with all the fires being started by “the left” and countless of poor people losing their lives and homes, you don’t hear much sympathy for them, do we? The camera shoots of the devastation from the fire are not as important as the Wuhan virus. No, they are short.

VERY SHORT. Or…who is REALLY starting all these fires and natural disasters?

The deep state is keeping the news on the virus. It’s the only way they can continue with the global takeover of the planet. And everybody’s mind off the real threats we face.

In fact, I heard one guy on the radio claim that China will nuke us, and then we will all gladly come together to be controlled, and BEG for the state to come and help us. And then, those of us who do NOT want a world government will be…taken. It’s won’t be pretty.

I have another friend who swears that the East and West coast will be hit by a tsunami, caused by Russian submarines.

I don’t even think if we had an alien attack that the left and right would join together. No, Nancy would sacrifice us all to the aliens to destroy. And China would take them over offering them their cheap labor market to make their alien weapons.

So, all eyes were on Mitt Romney today, afraid that he would be the one to stop the vote on Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court…all he actually said was that he would vote for it.

But this Nobody Wondered if Mitt’s ‘deal’ for HIS vote was that he would insist on the woman the globalist want: Which seems to be Amy. The Catholic with 7 kids. (Or so it’s reported by some.)

And who is to say, that she won’t vote with globalists Justice Roberts?

Mitt will get his ‘revenge’ if she votes with Justice Roberts and votes against the President, when the dems take the whole thing to the Supreme Court.

Or maybe they will just skip that and come for us.

And then there’s this:

(Natural News) “Michael Caputo, an assistant secretary for public affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), warned viewers during a Sep. 13 Facebook Live session that the Democrats are planning an armed insurrection against President Donald Trump.

Let’s hope Trump was not bluffing today. A few well-pointed American lazes from space would do fine.


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Nobody Remembers the “BIG STICK.”

Nobody Remembers

Obama has left the world on edge. North Korea threatens nuclear attacks on the United States: Russia is growling, China is playing its usual stealth cards, and everyone is TRYING to ignore it, but, fact it: It’s not easy.

President Trump has taken a strong military stance once again for America, and in that respect, we remember Ronald Reagan and another former President who had a few words to say, about big…hands…I mean…sticks.

I found a few words from Teddy Roosevelt’s “Carry a big stick” speech.

Here it is:

IN 1914, Teddy Roosevelt published some thoughts on how America should react to the war going on in Europe: Germany had just invaded Belgian and they were overrun. The world watched Belgian then, as we watch the Middle East now.

Here are a few paragraphs that Teddy wrote from OUTLOOK,

September 23, 1913: “The World War: Its Tragedies and Its Lessons. “

Our first duty is to hold ourselves ready to do whatever the changing circumstances demand in order to protect our own interests in the present and in the future: although, for my own part, I desire to add to this statement the proviso that under no circumstances must we do anything dishonorable, especially toward unoffending weaker nations. Neutrality may be of prime necessity in order to preserve our own interests, to maintain peace in so much of the world as is not affected by the war, and to conserve our influence for helping toward the reestablishment of general peace when the time comes.

We can maintain our neutrality only by refusal to do anything to aid unoffending weak powers which are dragged into the gulf of bloodshed and misery through no fault of their own. Of course, it would be folly to jump into the gulf ourselves to no good purpose: and very probably nothing that we could have done would have helped Belgium. We have not the smallest responsibility for what has befallen her, and I am sure that the sympathy of this country for the suffering of the men, women, and children of Belgium is very real.  (Nobody says: Syria.)

One of the main lessons to learn from this war is embodied in the homely proverb. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

A little good can come, (peace movements) but only on condition that nations remember that as yet arbitration treaties, neutrality treaties, treaties for the erection of independent tribunals, treaties of all kinds can do nothing to save a nation in great crises unless that nation is able to defend its own honor, its own vital interests.

Under existing conditions, universal and all-inclusive arbitration treaties have been utterly worthless, because where there is no power to compel nations to arbitrate, and where it is perfectly certain that some nations will pay no respect to such agreements unless they can be forced to do so, it is mere folly for others to trust to promises impossible of performance: and it is an act of positive bad faith to make these promise when it is certain that the nation making them would violate them.

That last paragraph reminds me of Obama’s deal with Iran.

President Trump is speaking loudly and trying to carry a big stick. So is Kim Jung Un. So is Vladimir Putin.

The only country who is speaking softly are the Chinese.

Somebody said on the radio last night that the United States attacked nations who do not have nuclear weapons. Iraq and Libya to name two.

And that is why other nations want them so badly, and why that little creep in North Korea is so scared.

Whatever…when it comes to N. Korea, I’m afraid it’s going to be ‘use a big stick’ and THEN speak softly.

And I’m not sure which leader will use it first. One thing for sure: they won’t be able to blame the next war on Julian Assange.

Or…will they?



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Donald Trump Gets It Right: Bomb the Oil

Nobody Knows

Here’s something I didn’t know until yesterday…bombing

Did you know that well before the end of WWII, FDR issued a directive calling for our government to determine whether or not all the bombing we had done in the war had served any purpose? Basically, we bombed the hell out of Germany. We bombed 3.6 million dwelling in Germany alone, leaving 7.5 million people homeless. Like the Sherman scorched earth model of annihilate everything in your sight, it did win the war, but was it necessary?

At first they targeted German aircraft production. But…even though they destroyed the buildings, the Germans just moved the machines and kept on going.  Same thing with other factories.  They bombed the ball-bearing factories, but the Germans just moved the machines and kept on going. Same with bombing civilian centers, it just gave more resolve to the people.

The study concluded that the ONLY bombing attacks that proved truly effective were those that targeted oil. You just can’t synthesize oil that quickly.  Germany was defeated by depriving the Nazi’s of oil, not by bombing its cities.

Now, fast forward to today…and the war in the Middle East. While all the other candidates are talking about putting boots on the ground, and bombing whole cities and camps, only Donald Trump had the right answer. Take out their oil fields. bombing two

President George W. Bush should have gotten the oil fields in Iraq. It was Bush’s biggest mistake. It’s now Obama’s mistake because he refuses to bomb the oil tankers that are keeping ISIS in billions of dollars to continue funding this global war that will never end,  because he doesn’t want to “spoil” the environment.

But, he did bomb a few trucks carrying some oil we found out today.

Remember, this is a President who doesn’t give a damn about OUR environment, because most of the horrific fires we have been seeing destroying our beautiful forests and national parks in our country out West (not to mention whole neighborhoods) year after year, after year,…have been started mostly by Illegal’s. Notice, not much mention of that on the nightly news.

Oil is still the reason for most of this. The world runs on it, so Donald is right. Putin wants it, Iran wants it, the House of Saud, wants to keep the Kingdom on top.bombing three

And by the way, we have an endless supply of it right here in America. BUT OUR POLITICIANS WON’T TOUCH IT. Why? The fossil fuel theory is a myth…oil is a natural commodity of the earth, it’s everywhere. (Read Black Gold Stranglehold by Jerome R. Corsi and Craig R. Smith.)

And that is one of the reasons Donald Trump is being attacked by just about everybody in power.

BUT…the Rino’s continue to support their almost diabolical relationship with the Saudi Kings. Evidently they keep the world’s oil dealing in the dollar, and we fight their wars.(and promise never to compete with our own oil production) …but it’s getting old this FDR contract, isn’t it?

Donald would end the war much quicker than everybody else. He would bomb ISIS’s main money machine.

So, next time you hear all about the great bombing runs being done by France, England, and us, remember, they already know it’s meaningless. …unless of course the goal is to bring as many homeless Muslims into the West.

Then, it makes perfect sense.




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Carpe Diem Muchachos!

Nobody’s Opinion

Let’s think back: How did we get out of that messy depression that was prolonged by FDR and his New Deal spending? That’s right— we went to war!Islam attacks

Jeb Bush just said to the world, in response to the Paris terror attack, ” We should declare war!”

Well, gee…that’s a novel concept. We’re not at war yet? Tell that to the soldiers that are missing legs and arms.

When was the last time anybody declared war in the United States besides ISIS? The last time Congress declared war was 68 years ago.

The Western leaders take…”actions” now, because only Congress can declare war, and Congress doesn’t want to be put on the spot on that vote, due to the fact that it might hurt them at the voting booth, so they just let the Presidents do what they want, which is bomb any country he wants without Congress having to mess with it.

The world is sliding into WWIII, and Wall Street is excited…they see the writing on the wall, and they are looking for an out. You think the rich are rich now, wait until the globe goes to war.

Remember, President George W. Bush made a big spectacle out of his bombing of Iraq…”Shock and Awe” world…take notice…look how careful our American Presidents are when they bomb cities. (smile, applause.)

President George W. Bush made the biggest deal out of freeing Iraq from Saddam…as if after 9/11 that was our mission.  I guess after that wonderful moment when the world witnessed some Iraq’s pulling down Saddam’s statue,  Bush thought, “My work is done here.”

And yet, he knew we’d be there for…ever. George and all his cronies said as much.Obama WWIII two

George wasn’t much different from Bill Clinton, who just HAD to get involved in Kosovo. Bill killed thousands of innocents, and what was THAT about again, besides getting the headlines off Bill’s sexual orgies with Monica? Does anybody remember? The American people will never know. Our Presidents declare an enemy, and off we go.

The truth is, America and her “allies” have been over in the Middle East for a long time, long before 9/11, and while I don’t for a moment think that America had 9/11 coming, still…as backward and radical as those people are…still,  we have killed thousands of innocents Muslims. Of course, they like to hide among the women and children, and the video below explains WHY that is.

Americans don’t hear the body count on the other side, and Nobody ever thinks about it. Idiots or not, they still love their own families. They are sick and twisted, but they have Allah on their side, and who do we have? God? The Bible?

Didn’t they get rid of that?

Not that we care much.  They attacked us first: They STARTED the crusades.

Trump is right…we don’t win anymore. President George W. should have WON that war, but he didn’t. And Obama’s fights to LOSE it.

And so, Obama, feeling pity on the Muslims, withdraws, and then send arms to them, to take out Syria and what do they do?Hillary in bathroom

They decided to take out Paris instead, because the French..are such an easy target.

At the G-20 this week, Obama came out sounding all blustery and gung-ho and he was going to GET those criminals that planned the terror attack in Paris…

Bill Clinton was going to get the men who bombed the Cole.

Obama was going to get those criminals (notice all terrorist are just mere criminals to Obama) who attacked our embassy at Benghazi.

Nobody Thinks that Obama just likes to come out and say big and bold masculine statements, that don’t mean fiddly squat.

I have not been paying attention to the Paris updates, but excuse me, didn’t most of those guys blow themselves up? That leaves maybe …one terrorist left…and a woman at that, for Obama to get. Will Hillary let him? And speaking of the huggermugger wonder, she declared in her debate yesterday that she protected New York from the terrorists because she helped bring back Wall Street.

And that’s why they give her millions of dollars, she did such a GREAT job at rebuilding downtown Manhattan. That sure did show those terrorist how tough she is.

Too bad she wasn’t protecting Manhattan BEFORE the attack. What was she doing? Playing around with her email?

Clinton responded that she was representing New York in the Senate when downtown Manhattan was attacked and noted that she helped the city’s financial hub rebuild. “That was good for New York and it was good for the economy and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country,” she said, her voice rising.

We don’t know what’s going to happen with all this, but I have been saying for quite a while…we might not HAVE an election. I truly believe the rich that are in charge of this global economy would rather leave Obama in office than face a President Trump. They’d prefer Hillary, but nobody wants her. So………

Carpe Diem Muchachos!…and enjoy a sensible man while you can.

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God Bless Our Soldiers….

Nobody Reports

For those of us who have no clue what they go through every single day…..all we can do is thank GOD we have men and women who give their all for America.

God Bless them, and their families.

vet day

vet day two


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Nobody Remembers Wars and General Lee

Nobody Remembers

Suffice it to say, the world seems to be falling apart before our eyes, and America is at her weakest. I’m having a hard time watching the news lately with so few uplifting stories, how about you?

I was reading about the Civil War tonight, and how obvious it was that the Union was sure to win it: Not just because slavery was an abomination, (because it was) but because of simple logistics.Civil War

The Confederate states had a population of 5,440,467 whites and 3,521,111 slaves. A million of the white men served and 300,000 were killed.

The Union had a population of 18,936,579 and another 2,589,533 on the border states: 429,401 then slaves of whom over 100,000 served in the Union army. During the war, nearly a million immigrants added an additional  400,000 fighters to the Union.

Clearly the South was outnumbered.

The Union economy was much stronger: The Union had more factory production, of iron, coal, firearms production, wheat, corn, textiles, merchant ship wealth,  farm acreage and livestock. The North ALSO had a Navy.

The South had…cotton.

Most wars are won and lost by one side running out of money. And the South had no gold or silver supplies, and was entirely dependent on its own paper money.

Some truths never change.

Today, we find out that the Clinton’s have given the new expanding Russia, the future control of the world’s uranium, which will go to Iran. Obama is flooding our country with illegal which weakens us even further. The politicians stopped taking about the debt because they don’t want us to know what’s coming.

The plutocracy that sits in Congress, does nothing as Obama takes dictatorial power.

And America…is broke: We can’t fight another war …Bush’s war was just too expensive.

The Iraq war has cost the U.S. more than $2 trillion so far and with interest could swell to more than $7 trillion.Robert E. Lee

And our leaders are beyond comprehension:

For example, when the U.S. invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, the country’s government owed Washington approximately $4 billion dollars — partially leftover from America’s “loans” during the Iran-Iraq War.

The debt was forgiven post-“liberation,” part of a concerted push of then-governor of the war Paul Bremer. He argued it would help “boost” the fledgling free market.

Yeah, they have us all thinking about the “election.”

Anyway…once upon a time, we had noble leaders…and I was reading about one of them tonight: General Robert E. Lee:

From A History of the American People:

General Lee, the state’s most distinguished soldier, had been asked by Lincoln to become commander-in-chief of the Union forces. This was a wise choice and would have been a splendid appointment, for Lee was decent, honorable, and sensible as well as skillful. But Lee was a Virginian before anything else and he waited to see what Virginia did. When Virginia seceded, he reluctantly resigned his commission in the US Army, which he had served for thirty-two years. It seems to us quixotic but he felt he had no other options. He wrote to his sister in Baltimore and his brother in Washington DC:

“With all my devotion to the Union, and the feeling of loyalty and duty of an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relatives, my children, my home.”..General Lee

I can only wonder one day, if some of us in America will have to make that same choice again.Obama and basketballRussia and China

How many of us are being asked to forget our traditions, our flag, our patriotism, our religion, our ancestors, our freedoms, and the very color of our own skin, in order to comply with the New World Order political correct FUBAR nation of Babylon chattering slaves that the elites have in mind for us?

And while our leaders are busy destroying America—- China, Russian, ISIS, are all building their armies.

And Obama plays basketball.






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Alex Jones’s Take on SNIPER

Nobody Flashes

I ALWAYS suggest to everyone young and old, to listen to both sides and all angles of any situation, and here Alex Jones brings out a few points that we haven’t heard about the movie Sniper.

Alex talks about propaganda, and least he forgets, the United States Government has used movies to promote whatever war they were fighting since movies were invented. In WWII, all the movies were used to get the American people on board the effort of defeating Hitler and Japan.

One of the things I do agree with Alex is, is the obvious promoting of “hero’s” to fit a political cause. In the past proud tradition of the Navy Seals, WHATEVER they did during their service, they never talked about the rest of their lives. Not even to their wives.

To this day, my husband will tell me next to nothing about what he did serving in as a Navy Seal. And I don’t want  to know.

And that’s how it should be. For the protection of them all. Get it? It’s for their own protection. bundy flag 111

Obama has changed all that: He made a point to make a big deal out of the raid on bin Laden, in order to give himself the credit. If he had been a wise and true commander, he would have simply announced that bin Laden was dead. End of story. Protect the identity of the men who were there. But no…we had to make a book, write a movie…glorify Obama’s role as Commander-in-Chief…and here’s where Alex Jones’ theory should be paid attention too.

Alex makes the point that these ‘hero’s’ are used a propaganda, and then killed. And that should remind you…that almost all of the Seals that took part in the bin Laden expedition were killed in a helicopter crash. Alex should have mentioned that one. If you read up on it, it seemed staged. Every parent of those Seals say so.

I was shocked to hear that another American killed Chris in the back. And he said, if I remember right, he did it for money. (Anybody got info on this?)

The point where Alex gets a bit …strange is when he talks about Chris enjoying killing.

It’s war Alex. If his job is to kill the enemy, and that’s what he was trained to do— If he sympathizes with the enemy, how is he going to do his job?

What Alex doesn’t realize is there is an innate love of country in military men, and the highest calling for men, is to be willing to sacrifice their lives for it.

If not for the men in the American Revolution, who pledged their lives and their fortunes to bring it about our home….America would not exist.

Nevertheless, to criticize  Clint Eastwood for making a great movie?


On a good note: Love the new ‘newroom’ look, Alex.






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Obama Drew His SECOND Red Line–or..maybe third….

Nobody Wins

Boy. Am I disappointed. Everyone is so impressed about Obama coming out last night. Sounding Presidential. Sounding tough. We are going to war—To kill…all those… Islamist Jihadists (Wait….they are not Islamists…no Islam is a peaceful religion…sorry.) Nobody seems to think it’s all the usual Obama big mouth bluster.

Come on. You really don’t buy that speech do you? Remember that “You will NOT cross the red line, and you’ll keep your doctor too!” moments?

“We will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are,” Mr. Obama said. “That means I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria, as well as Iraq. This is a core principle of my presidency: If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.”

Core principle? Since when? How many men that attacked Benghazi have been brought to justice?


Never mind that Obama said pretty much the same thing about getting all the people who killed our men in Benghazi. Yes, “Make no mistake” he would get them. (at the 1.00 mark)

So, excuse me…to most Americans this was just a more FORCEFUL speech, a political speech, to please the Americans people who are scared, elections are coming.

And why should we believe anything he says?

While most people are saying that Obama just doesn’t like war, what we all forget is just how much devastation Obama has done to the military, and uh…money is tight you know.defense

Face it: Here’s what the government doesn’t WANT to tell you. All democratic Presidents downsize the military and put money into their social programs. Bill Clinton destroyed so much of the military that it took George W. Bush a while to get it back up. About 9 months if I remember correctly.

They WANT you to think our military is always right there…READY. But, I’m not buying it anymore. And you’d better believe that the other countries know we are at our weakest.

Why else to you think Putin is having so much fun?

We’re just not ready to launch much of anything. Why else does Obama keep saying over and over “Uh..Everybody else has to help out..uh.”

Obama has already delivered half our military hardware to the local police, the rest he left over there for his ISIL.

And guess what? We don’t manufacture anymore, remember? How much do you think those bombs costs in China?

There has been a dramatic reduction in the Department of Defense. With the advent of GWOT (Global War on Terrorism) it is pretty clear that the force structure is totally inadequate to handle another campaign.

For the surge of 2010 in Afghanistan, more than 60 percent of the force structure was contract labor. And never before have contractors held such key positions.

Have we all forgotten that we are basically bankrupt? What’s the debt level now?

Two years ago it was $17 trillion. Have you heard ANY politician mention it in the last two years?


After the cold war, the budgets were cut, and too many contractors were competing for an ever shrinking budget . The companies began to merge to keep afloat.

Here’s a rundown a CIA operative, Dr. John B. Alexander

The mergers included huge companies, as well as acquisition and divestment of subsidiaries. As examples, in 1994 and 1995 Lockheed Corporation merged with Martin Marietta. Northrop merged with Grumman. Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas. Raytheon merged with E-Systems and acquired Hughes, which had already been bought by General Motors.

This all happened under Clinton.

So, when we were attacked on 9/11, that sunny day in 2001, our military was practically non-existent.Air Force

Most Americans would have been happy for President George W. Bush to just go get bin Laden, but he decided to re-engineer the whole middle East.

Maybe he saw the bigger picture. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe it was all about the money.

But here we are, more vulnerable than ever before.

Our government spend billions and BILLIONS of our dollars on Homeland Security, and the NSA, and yet any fool jihadists with a nuke can walk into the country.

How in the HELL are we suppose to believe that they are protecting us?

How can we possibly believe anything any President tells us anymore?

In what world?

Until our borders are secure we are sitting ducks.

Tonight, when Obama was spitting out all that patriotic BS that you KNOW he hates at the end of his speech, I couldn’t help but think that on this 9/11, in Obama’s home town of Chicago, five firemen are sitting at home after being suspended for having the American Flag on their lockers.

They were ordered to take the flags down. They refused.

There is a Marine sitting in a jail in Mexico, and Obama won’t lift a finger for him.

All over this country veterans are dying, waiting to be seen by doctors…Obama only cares about the ones who make him look good.

And as if to add insult to every American on 9/11…Obama starts off by TELLING us that ISIS is not Islamic.

Well, they CALL themselves Islamic. They kill in the name of Allah. Just because Obama wants to make up his own definition of them, shows how insulting he can be.

Killing Infidels is in the Koran.eye of the army

And when you have the leader of your country, saying such idiotic things to the world, you have to know it’s not just us that is in trouble, it’s everybody else too.

Obama IS the most clueless and dangerous man to EVER hold that office.

So, Obama will ask for millions to bomb from Congress, and he will get it. Nobody will declare war (They never do anymore do they?) and the money will go down deep black holes, and end up somehow in the wrong hands, and then those wrong hands will kill millions with their…Allah intentions.

So, on this 9/11 day, I would personally like to send a message to Michelle Obama

“Michelle. For the FIRST time in my life, I am ashamed of my President.”

Okay. Maybe the second. (Bill Clinton was disgusting.)

We can only pray the good men and women who still make up much of this country, are watching out for us now…because we have a bigger problem.

And right about now, he’s on the 16th hole.

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Nobody Remembers the Costs of U.S. Wars

Nobody Remembers

“War. Un What is it good for, absolutely nothing.”US casualties

Remember that song? ( See Edwin Starr sing it at the end…cool song.)

I was thinking today, about how Ronald Reagan crushed Russia. We are told that, Ronald got together with world leaders, and managed to bankrupt the Bear. But, Russia did that to herself didn’t she? Ten long years of war in Afghanistan, and after that war, Russia was ripe to fall. Reagan saw his chance and took it.

America, has done much the same thing: Spent trillions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Obama has now retreated. But, according to Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, we have an even bigger problem now:

“They are  as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. This is beyond anything we’ve seen. We must prepare for everything.”–Hagel

So, I thought, in contemplation of the upcoming war with ISIS, we’d review the costs of wars and contemplate, our upcoming expenses:

These costs were based on the 2008 dollars, so add inflationary numbers to all:

American Revolution (1775-1783) $1.825 billion: Between 4,400 and 6,800 battle deaths.James Foley

War of 1812 (1812-1815) $1.177 billion: 2,260 battle deaths.

Mexican War (1846-1849) $1.801 billion: 1,733 battle deaths.

Civil War...Confederacy (1861-1865) $15.244billion: 94,000 battle deaths.

Civil War…Union (1861-1865) $45.199 billion: 140,414 battle deaths.

Spanish American War (1898-1899) $6.848 billion: 385 battle deaths.

World War I (1917-1918) $253 billion: 53,513 battle deaths.

World War II (1941-1945) $4.114 trillion: 292,131 battle deaths.

Korean War (1950-1953) $320 billion: 33,629 battle deaths.

Vietnam War (1965-1975) $686 billion: 47,393 battle deaths.

Persian Gulf War (1990-1991) $96 billion: 146 battle deaths.

Afghanistan War (2001-) $800 billion: 906 battle deaths.(could not find updated info)

Iraq War (2003-) $1.7 trillion, 3,489 battle deaths., (Now near 5,000)

And $4 trillion in interest alone.

The costs do not include veterans benefits, war debts, or assistance to our allies. Casualties do not include civilians, noncombat deaths, those wounded or missing in action.

The report concluded the United States gained little from the Iraq war while Iraq was traumatized by it. The war reinvigorated radical Islamist militants in the region, set back women’s rights, and weakened an already precarious healthcare system, the report said. Meanwhile, the $212 billion reconstruction effort was largely a failure with most of that money spent on security or lost to waste and fraud.

As we watch the new evil of ISIS threatening the U.S., many experts believe that we will be hit on our own soil, thanks to Obama’s open border policies.

So, how much will the NEXT US war cost us?

Nobody Knows. But we do know one thing:

It will cost more than all others combined.


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Nobody Remembers Ngo Dinh Diem

Nobody Remembers

HA! Obama backed the wrong man in Egypt, the place has gone nuts, and he has to come out today and acted like he had nothing whatsoever to do with it. It’s a big mess.Obama quitting

(Sigh.) Obama helped Mohamed Morsi by sending him millions of dollars (some estimates 2 billion)  and 20 advanced jets, while Morsi was saying things against the United States.  He backed a Jew hating, Christian hating, American hating, horrible thug of a man, who forced a strict Islamic Constitution on his people, and I wish I could say that Nobody Remembers this happening before, but before Morsi, there was Ngo Dinh Diem.Morsi

You remember him don’t you? He was the little squirt of a guy that we backed in Vietnam, even after Eisenhower advisers called him ‘hopeless,’ and the French prime ministers Edgar Faure called him, “not only incapable, but mad.”  That didn’t stop John F. Kennedy  from claiming  that Diem’s regime was “The cornerstone of the free world in Southeast Asia, the keystone to the arch, the finger in the dyke.’Diem

Lyndon Johnson compared him to Churchill.

Nobody Notice:—Before the Vietnam War the United States had not been ‘attacked’ by the communists of North Vietnam, unlike on 9/11, or Pearl Harbor.  But, our great leaders had to come up with something. Communism was coming after us OVER THERE if we didn’t go OVER THERE to stop it.  Sound familiar? (The Jihadist will come over here if we don’t go over there to stop it. )

My neighbor might come OVER here and steal my lawn mower if I don’t go over to his house and nail his garage door shut.

(Nobody Thinks they must teach these political guys all the lines at conferences on World BS 101.)

Why did the democrats pick Diem? He was a devout Catholic who had seen years in exile in New Jersey. (Mohamed Morsi had been a professor in California!) South Vietnam was 95 percent Buddhist….and he was all about ruling, not as a democracy but as an autocratic dictator with his family and friends in control.  Pretty much what the Muslim Brotherhood does. Rule by Theocratic Thugs.

 Nhu, his brother became the head of the secret police. And his wife was a real peach. Madame Nhu abolished divorce and made adultery a crime. She banned contraceptives, beauty contest, and boxing matches. She closed Saigon’s nightclubs and ballrooms…in Saigon. Not that the place didn’t need a bit of cleaning up, but….let’s just say Morsi would have loved her.Madame Ngu

In other words, Diem believed in divine rule, (like Morsi)  and he was divine.

One CIA guy said Diem was…”Very prissy. Very authoritarian,. Rather pompous.”

And just like a good democrat, he held an election and claimed himself victory with 98 percent of the vote….(NO doubt he learned that in Jersey)  Of course, it was a lie. He bought his own troops into Saigon to vote. He stuffed ballot boxes. We spend a million dollars a day propping up this guy.

Diem was one of the main reasons we ‘lost’ the war in Vietnam, and a whole generation of American man lost their lives. Not to mention, the millions that were killed by the communists afterwards.

But..Presidents don’t think of these things, evidently.Kennedy two

One of the worst ideas Diem had, that drove his own people into the arms of the communists , was his “strategic hamlet” program. Peasants were forced from their native villages, to move into fortified villages that were often miles from their fields or markets. It was basically forced labor. The French had given the farmers free land, but then Diem made them pay for the land they already had.  And just like Mohamed Morsi.. the things people needed— like hospitals,  schools, social services, jobs… etc, he ignored.  Many people joined the Viet Cong just to “get Diem.”

The people, like people everywhere, just wanted to be left alone.

So here’s the pattern. The United States picks some leader they think will be under their control, they send them BILLIONS, and everything under the sun, and then that guy turns around and $&% us.Kris 4

Have you noticed the pattern?

Later on, Diem’s own cabinet, noticing the suffering of the people, offered modest reforms to him. He got so mad he closed newspapers, and arrested journalists— students, calling everyone who went against him a communist.  (Morsi did this too. )

Diem continued to get billions from the United States, and funneled that money into his personal military and police to protect himself from his own citizens rather than to fight the Viet Cong.vietnam

Diem was a ‘puppet who pulled his own strings.’ Sort of like Karsi, only he didn’t wear a stupid cape.

And while Diem was playing King, Kennedy, in direct violation of the Geneva agreement sent in our military. When, troops, advisers, and 47 helicopters were already going on bombing missions, Kennedy was asked in a news conference on January 15, 1962, if the United States were engaged in Vietnam.

His one world answer was “no.”

In the meantime, Diem went in hiding and let his brother, Nhu, run the show.  And then Nhu, turned on the Buddhists. They told them they could not fly their flag.Nhu

Then , one day, Diem’s men fired upon a Buddhist crowd killing a woman and 8 children. The Buddhists starting protesting. Madame Nhu blamed the Americans.  No, Madame Nhu was not proud of her country..(.If only she could have talked to Michelle. )

On June 11, an old Buddhist protested Deim’s treatment of the Buddhists by setting himself on fire. Diem then declared martial law and sent his loyal forces to attack Buddhist temples in cities throughout the country. They arrested monks and nuns.  Morsi has done the very same thing to the Christians in Egypt.buddhist burning

When the United States threatened to stop giving Deim and Nhu money, Nhu started working with the communists. Nhu’s own general worked with the United States and they …were …uh…killed. Nobody Knows who killed them, but the jungle is a good guess. ( Or…they’re drinking champagne back in New Jersey.)

It took twelve more years, to end that war. We lost 58,286 KIA, 153,303, WIA. And millions of South Vietnamese were killed after we left.vietnam two

And so, Obama gave Morsi billions, and Morsi did exactly what Ngo Dinh Diem did. He forgot the people, and started to repress them all. Now his men are killing Christians. And Obama is condemning, NOT the Muslim brotherhood, but the military that is killing the people KILLING burning

Go figure. .

And so, will Obama keep backing the Muslim Brotherhood, as he now backs Al-Qaeda in Syria? Will the poor people in Egypt who are just trying to get the Muslim Brotherhood out of their government get a fair support from OUR media?

Is that a stupid question or what?


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Nobody Knows the Hard Dicisions of War…

Nobody Knows—

Politicians. They get in power— whatever country they lead, and none of us have any idea the pressures they face, and the decisions they have to make in times of war.

We don’t know—so much is kept from us.

I have made a new friend from Germany, who gave me a book on Dresden, and really, it gave me nightmares.

The night I laid the book down, I dreamt about going into an apartment, and right in the foyer, I saw a bulldog, panting–looking up at me helplessly, while he was holding up his front leg, which was missing the bottom half—-no paw, no foreleg…and blood from the bitten- off leg was dripping on the floor profusely. At his feet, was the head of another dog, which had been torn completely off. No body anywhere. The other dog had attacked him.

The bulldog looked up at me in complete shock, sadness and confusion. Ah —the pity. To much of the world, America IS a bulldog.


And that’s war. One side gets attacked, the other side fights back, and wins, but at a tremendous cost.

And so, our leaders have to take into account so many variables. How exactly do you fight a war or even stop it?  While Germany was burning, Hitler sent out small boys and old men to fight, rather than give up. Japan, we see, did the same. Iran, would be no different.

The leaders of England just before bombing Dresden, had a meeting.  Churchill and his generals, gave this rationalization on the price they had from the first World War, and their final decision in the bombing of innocent civilians:

The most deadly fact was not the numbers slaughtered but that all these millions were in the main young men in the prime of life who had not yet had time to marry and have families What had been destroyed was the future as well as the present. The ghastly logic withal this selective carnage of the trenches was the very worst injury which nations could inflict upon themselves and upon each other. Aerial bombardment of cities even into its most indiscriminate for, would be far less damaging. It would kill or maim a nearly equal proportion of each element of the populations the women equally with the men, the young equally with the old, the weak equally with the strong, the sick equally with the fit. From such a bloodletting there might be a recovery whereas to kill for the second time in a century the best of the young men in their prime but without issue would doom Western civilization. There would be no hope. All the combatant nations must decline.

So, while the feminists have tried to erase the men as being, not so important…, to lose your men, means that Western Civilization would disappear.

And who has the most men in the world? China. The Muslims are not far behind.  

It does make you think.

(Thanks to amfortas for the video)

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Chinese Use General Sherman’s War Advice…

Nobody Reports

I came across this in my reading today:

If you were to destroy your “enemy” how would you go about it? (With a little help from the inside!)

“If my enemy came out against us in the open country, destroy industrial establishments whenever we found them, break up the lines of interior commercial intercourse, close the coal mines, seize and if necessary destroy the manufactories and commerce of Philadelphia, and of other large cities within our reach.” –General “Stonewall” Jackson

He also said this:

“Always mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy, if possible, and when you strike and over come him,  never let up in the pursuit so long as your men have strength to follow: for an army routed, if hotly pursued, becomes panic striken and can then be destroyed by half their number. The other rule is, never fight against heavy odds. If by any possible maneuvering you can hurl your own force on only a part, and that the weakest part, of you enemy and crush it. Such tactics will win every time and a small army may thus destroy a large one in detail and repeated victory will make it invincible.”

Nobody Thinks the Chinese have studied our own history more than our own leaders have, and they are doing exactly as Sherman suggested, and without firing a shot.

What’s our weakest link?

Our politicians.


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